Trick Shots

Insane trick shots using a 'tchoukball' frame2m37s

Insane trick shots using a 'tchoukball' frame

Check out this incredible trick shot compilation by Team Rebound. Using 'tchoukball' frames, they to pull off a series of impressive "TCHOUKSHOTS!". Featured song is 'Scrape the Sky' from Can't Stop Won't Stop. From Team Rebound.

Kid hits 70-foot backflip basketball shot using his legs40s

Kid hits 70-foot backflip basketball shot using his legs

This might just be the world's greatest basketball trick shot! This kid pulls off one the coolest tricks i've ever seen. As he is jumping on the trampoline, he has a basketball ball between his feet. What he does next with it, is amazing! He pulls off a perfect backflip on a trampoline, and throws the ball backwards from his feet while he is in midair. Its already hard to do a backflip in the first place, let alone get the basketball in the air at the same time. The hoop he is aiming at is 70 feet away and is a 10 foot long hoop, crazy! This doesn't intimidate him though, he still pulls off the amazing basketball trick shot! The chance of the basketball going into the hoop in nearly impossible! This guy certainly has some talent! It's cool that we are able to see the shot from many different angles. Any different way we are able to look at this shot is pretty incredible. So awesome! Check out some of these basketballs if you want to try practising some awesome trick shots. Can you imagine pulling off this trick? Wow!

Spectator hits half-court shot to win trip to Red Bull event53s

Spectator hits half-court shot to win trip to Red Bull event

While attending the Red Bull King of the Rock qualifier tournament in Serbia, Vojkan Krstic was pulled from the crowd and given an opportunity to win a trip to the World Final of the Red Bull King of the Rock at the Samasana prison in Taiwan. His task? Hit a half-court basketball shot in front of 2000 spectators. Watch what happens!

Check Out This Cool Mouse Trap Trick Shot 2m29s

Check Out This Cool Mouse Trap Trick Shot

When most people think of trick shots, they mostly think of cool shots with everyday items such as ping pong balls, soccer balls and hockey pucks. What most people do not think of is a literal trick shot. Yes, we mean a trick shot that involves literally shooting a weapon. A lot of people have not seen something like this before, that is until today! Is it possible to shoot something off the trip pad of a set mouse trap without the trap firing? 'Old Lady Shooter' puts her skills to the test and tries it out herself! The "Blue Cheese" set on the trap is actually a little blue pom pom she got from Walmart, which had to be hit just right or the trap would have fired. That shot was crazy! Did you see how sensitive that mouse trap was? Even that little weed set it off so it is amazing that this woman managed to accomplish something like this. Good for her for doing something that she loves. It just goes to show you that you are never to old to do something that you love! Her name may be 'Old Lady Shooter' but she seems like she is really young at heart! Please share this awesome clip with your family and friends as it will surely interest them and it is one clip that no one should miss!

Boomerang Trick Shots Knock Over Drink Glass1m00s

Boomerang Trick Shots Knock Over Drink Glass

Wow! 'boomerangsbyVic' definitely knows how to pull off some super cool trick shots with a boomerang. His shots are very impressive. He makes it look a lot easier than it actually is, how are you able to make such a perfect throw, allowing the boomerang to hit the tiny target? It is already hard enough to get the boomerang to directly come back to you. This guy has some serious skills! The first trick he tries to accomplish is hitting the tiny glass of orange juice that is perched upon a stand. As he throws the boomerang, it comes back around and hits the orange juice right on target, wow! How is it even possible to get it at a perfect angle? Hopefully the glass didn't break! The second trick he tries to accomplish is the same thing, but now it's with milk! On the first try, the boomerang touches the glass of milk, but it doesn't fall. On the second try, the cup falls! Nice! Isn't this entertaining to watch? Have you ever thrown a boomerang like this before? If not, nows the time to start! Check out some of these best selling boomerangs so you can try to learn how to do these trick shots as well! What other trick shots have you found interesting? Let us know in the comment section down below!

Unbelievable Pool Trick Shot Artist!3m06s

Unbelievable Pool Trick Shot Artist!

Check out these unbelievable shots from Florian 'Venom' Kohler, a pool trick shot artist touring the world, who has over 300 incredible trickshots under his belt! "I love watching Florian. He's the best trickshot artist I've ever seen. The guy is a freak of nature," - Darren Appleton World 9 and 10 Ball Champion.

COD Black Ops 2 No Scope Montage1m20s

COD Black Ops 2 No Scope Montage

It's not easy to pull of the skill seen in this video without using a scope. Watching this incredible compilation of no scoping in Call of Duty Black Ops 2.