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Disney Unveils Super Cool Wall-Climbing 'Gravity Defying' Robot1m31s

Disney Unveils Super Cool Wall-Climbing 'Gravity Defying' Robot

Disney Research Zurich and ETH have collaborated to design a super cool, gravity defying robot. This remote-controlled machine has the ability to drive around on the ground and then transition fairly seamlessly to moving vertically along walls with the help of some very cool engineering. The Robot is aptly named VertiGo, and has one very unusual feature that allows it to travel in a second dimension usually reserved only for flying vehicles. With the help of two drone propellers built into the body of the machine, it can provide enough thrust to keep itself glued to the wall as it drives around seemingly defying the laws of gravity. As the machine approaches a vertical surface, it slowly drives its front wheels up the wall, and as its orientation changes, the angle of the propellers also change to compensate for the weight of the vehicle. It can then drive around on the wall as though it were still safely on the ground since the propellers provide enough thrust to keep the wheels securely stuck to the wall. To facilitate this kind of unusual locomotion, the machine has to be extremely lightweight and so the designers had to come up with some very cool engineering to allow it maintain its orientation without smashing to the ground. The main chassis is constructed using carbon fiber with a very cool honeycomb design to increase the strength and durability of the vehicle. Many of the parts have also been 3D printed to save weight and maximize strength. The designers even went as far as using mostly plastic screws to assemble the machine in order to save every ounce of extra weight. It’s hard to say what the designer’s intentions for the main use case of this robot will be, but the technology is very cool regardless. With the rising popularity and usefulness of drones being increasingly apparent these days, it’s easy to see from this machine how the techniques that allow those aforementioned flying machines to be so stable and agile in flight, can be taken and implemented in new and original ways to other methods of travel. The scalability of this design is questionable however, because as the size of the robot increases, the propellers have to move more and more air to maintain its orientation, and as you can see by the magically floating mattress in the video, it already has to push a lot of air. Window washing seems to be the only thing that immediately comes to mind as far as usefulness of this technology, but even then, considering how lightweight it needs to be to maintain its wall-crawling orientation, high winds could be a serious problem while driving up the side of a massively tall skyscraper. As lightweight as it is, we still think it could do some damage falling from such a height. All joking aside though, this technology could have some very innovative way to deal with emergency situations such as fire and bomb threats. Its incredible mobility could be used to scout out locations and situations where humans would have a very hard time determining the best way to proceed.

Published: May 16, 201620,739 views

"Smart Home" allows Siri to control lights, music and coffee!

For about $150 you can turn your home into a fully automated voice command center! Check out this demonstration of how you can adjust the lights, play music, and even make a cup of coffee just by commanding Siri to do it! And if you don't feel like talking to your phone you can use your tablet to function as a dashboard to control everything. Awesome!

Published: May 10, 201699,588 views
Wingtra drone is helicopter-plane hybrid2m01s

Wingtra drone is helicopter-plane hybrid

The Wingtra aerial robot takes off like a helicopter but flies like a plane to complete autonomous data gathering missions or deliver a small payload. Matthew Stock reports. Credit to Reuters.

Published: April 26, 20161,873 views
No more curtains thanks to smart windows1m51s

No more curtains thanks to smart windows

Researchers at Harvard are developing the next generation of windows that utilize nanotechnology to transition between clear and cloudy with the flip of a switch. Ben Gruber reports. Credit to Reuters.

Published: April 13, 20167,922 views
PS4 to PC remote play setup & review4m57s

PS4 to PC remote play setup & review

A new update is available that allows your PlayStation 4 to connect to your PC for remote gameplay access. 'Booredatwork' shows us how it can be setup while reviewing it at the same time.

Could this mega-copter carry people?1m37s

Could this mega-copter carry people?

A team of Norwegian students and researchers is seeking permission to use their record-breaking megacopter to carry a person, potentially rivaling the likes of Hoverbike and Snowstorm. Jim Drury reports. Credit to Reuters.

Published: March 31, 20161,863 views
Samsung Galaxy S7 hands-on review3m02s

Samsung Galaxy S7 hands-on review

The Samsung Galaxy S7 is finally here and we get our first hands-on approach at the MWC 2016 in Barcelona. Are you excited for the next generation of the Samsung Galaxy?

Growing vegetables via your smartphone1m25s

Growing vegetables via your smartphone

A fully automated indoor farming system that its developers say is capable of growing pesticide free vegetables via your smartphone is unveiled at CES 2016. Ben Gruber reports. Credit to Reuters.

Published: January 14, 201616,258 views
CES 2016: Samsung Galaxy Tab Pro S hands-on review3m10s

CES 2016: Samsung Galaxy Tab Pro S hands-on review

At CES 2016 Samsung introduced its first Windows 10 Galaxy Tab product - the Galaxy Tab Pro S. It's a super slim Windows 10 tablet powered by an Intel Core M processor. 'Booredatwork' breaks it all down for us in this review video.

World's First Passenger Drone Unveiled1m37s

World's First Passenger Drone Unveiled

Now here is a product that every person has almost certainly dreamed of owning; a personal transportation vehicle that evokes images of a future where traffic jams are no longer an issue. This video, shot from the floor of the 2016 CES convention in Las Vegas centers on a passenger size drone being developed by a Chinese company called Ehang. The vehicle will operate completely autonomously, with no input needed from the passenger to get from point A to point B. Co-founder of the company Derrick Xiong explains that since the passenger will not be in direct control over the flight of the vehicle, it will require no specialized license to operate. This sounds scary at first, but it will be much safer in the end to have computers controlling the navigation of these vehicles. It will utilize a wide variety of sensors and computer components to control all flight operations and navigate to and from destinations completely autonomously. The only interface in the drone will be a singular tablet, which will give the passenger control of take-off and landing locations, and the ability to adjust the climate controls inside the vehicle. At the time of the video, the vehicle is capable of transporting one person to an altitude of roughly 11500 feet in the air, with a cruising speed of around 63 miles per hour. This coupled with the life of its internal batteries will allow the vehicle to fly around 20 miles non-stop, and stay in the air for around 23 minutes. Not a huge range considering how far some people commute to get to work every morning, but with more efficient batteries this thing could definitely start to get a much longer flight range. For those of you concerned with the safety of such a new type of transportation, Ehang says that in the event of an emergency, they will be able to remotely control every vehicle in their fleet individually, in order to override faulty commands or to safely land the vehicle in case of technical malfunction. The drone has 8 propellers instead of the typical 4 propeller design to help with redundancy; in a situation where one of the rotors stops functioning the second rotor will spool up faster to compensate and still allow for a controlled descent. All that said, at a price tag of between two hundred and three hundred thousand dollars, you won’t be seeing too many of these out in the skies anytime soon. Add to that the safety concerns of relying solely on computerized navigation automation to control the vehicle with the passenger being completely helpless in the case of a malfunction, and the general annoyance to the public once there are a bunch of these out there flying around. To be able to generate enough lift to fly a vehicle of this size you have to displace a lot of air (think of a helicopter), and it is very noisy to do so, so the neighbors might not be super happy about one of these taking off and landing twice a day from your backyard.

Published: January 8, 201612,819 views
Paper airplanes go high-tech at CES1m18s

Paper airplanes go high-tech at CES

The humble paper airplane has been converted into a live streaming drone that can be controlled with a virtual reality headset. Jim Drury reports. Credit to Reuters.

Published: January 8, 2016720 views
Apple iPhone 6S Smart Battery Case review3m13s

Apple iPhone 6S Smart Battery Case review

Apple has just released its freest battery case for the iPhone 6/6S. This new product will help boost and increase the battery life for the iPhone 6S up to 24 hours. But what do you think of the design?

Tech review: Samsung Gear S2 smartwatch6m31s

Tech review: Samsung Gear S2 smartwatch

The Samsung Gear S2 classic will most definitely turn heads. The circular interface and rotating bezel give you effortless navigation so you can quickly access the things that are most important to you. This intuitive interface lets you easily access important notifications, texts, and updates from your phone with just a glance at your wrist. Plus, with easily customizable watch faces and a premium 20mm leather watchband, you can create a watch style that is uniquely yours. The built-in S-Health app tracks your steps, your heart rate, and even gives you a nudge when it's time to get moving. And with built-in wireless charging, it's easy to keep the Gear S2 classic powered up.

Tech review: Turtle Beach Sandtropper gaming headset3m11s

Tech review: Turtle Beach Sandtropper gaming headset

The Turtle Beach Sandtrooper for Star Wars: Battlefront is a feature-rich universal gaming headset for fans and collectors. These individually numbered, limited edition headsets feature an authentic design that fans can customize with swappable speaker plates depicting different characters and iconic franchise moments.