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Ghostly apparition of man's face appears on banana29s

Ghostly apparition of man's face appears on banana

While attempting to make a fruit smoothy, Jordan Randomness caught a ghostly image of a man's face imprinted on a bruised banana. You can clearly make out the facial features of a pair eyes, a nose, a mouth and a detailed beard. What do you think it looks like? Footage is raw an uncut. No special effects have been applied.

Security camera captures haunted garage footage1m16s

Security camera captures haunted garage footage

After their first post about the strange happenings in their garage, these people have received many messages asking for any updates. This is just a snippet of what they have captured. Listen closely and you can hear “growling” and see shadows moving in this empty room. The end is mind blowing. Possibly a portal to the otherside?

Creepy Collection Of Paranormal Activity In Family's Garage5m50s

Creepy Collection Of Paranormal Activity In Family's Garage

The video of today isn't for the light hearted, it is about paranormal activities inside of a family’s garage. The family decided to install cameras in their garage, cameras that would see in the dark and right after setting them up they received a few strange alerts. Another disturbing thing about the garage is that it is located away from the house, detached, by the back of the property. The footage can only be watching if the volume of your device is turned on, because the camera was also able to capture sound. The footage starts with a text message sent by the camera to one of the family member’s phone saying that the camera has detected someone by sound. What has happened in the family’s garage isn’t someone that made some noise, but the radio that turned on by itself. The music can be heard during the footage. Then it cuts, a little bit after the message was sent to the family’s phone. The dad of the family decides to come in the garage to know what is happening. Nothing is missing or no one seems to be hiding there so he leaves after looking inside. It is at this very moment that the whole video gets frightening, a lot of movement can be seen on the recording. First the flipper started by itself, the light turned on and it made noises as if someone had put a coin in it. We can see a little object flying in the air, something that isn't recognized but that definitely is visible on camera. We see that thing right after the flipper turned on but towards the end of he footage as well. Another thing that cannot be explained is the pool balls that rolled slightly and made noises. The strangest thing yet that has occurred during this night in the garage is the camera going off for a moment, without any explanation. It just says on screen that the camera was off or offline. Yet the family did not say that the camera ran out of battery or that the connection failed. It is something that they probably cannot explain, hence why it has been put in the final edit of the video. The truth is that those mysterious movement cannot be explained by anyone, we can only come up with theories. You should turn on the lights before going to bed tonight, just so you fall asleep without worrying too much!

Bizarre Spotting In Foggy Field1m26s

Bizarre Spotting In Foggy Field

Most of us will agree that this probably isn't real, but if you actually found yourself in this situation, how do you think you'd react? Could you keep the camera steady?

Mysterious UFO filmed flying over Leeds?4m04s

Mysterious UFO filmed flying over Leeds?

A UFO was observed over Leeds on May 27th, 2018 and described as a ball with bright white light. What can this be? The person who recorded this makes the comparison with the Death Star space station of the blockbuster movie Star Wars. But according to this person, it flew low altitude with speed up to 124 mph. Check out this video to learn more!

Unknown Object Escorted By California Police?30s

Unknown Object Escorted By California Police?

Highway Patrol in Calfornia escort this unknown object at a rapid pace through rural back roads and through the small farming town of Arvin in California during the night hours. Was it meant to be hidden, or there a logical explanation?

Government wants to create X-Men soldiers7m15s

Government wants to create X-Men soldiers

Governments used psychic spies for remote viewing. Who knows what they are still doing? A psychic is a person with extrasensory perception with paranormal gifts such as telepathy or clairvoyance. Remote viewing is performed by psychics who can observe and even manipulate things remotely. In this video with a paranormal edge, you will find out the truth that the government has concealed for years. Documents shows the high level of interest in people with psychic abilities. The army still shows a lot of interest.

Blue spheres spotted in NASA's sun images4m25s

Blue spheres spotted in NASA's sun images

A number of satellites that keep an eye on the sun have recorded an extraordinary abnormal sphere. This raises eyebrows about the unidentified flying object 'Blue Spheres', according to UFO conspiracy theorist Pamela Johnson from Mexico. But is there more to this than meets the eye?

Mysterious UFO crashes near FIFA World Cup site3m49s

Mysterious UFO crashes near FIFA World Cup site

The latest UFO sighting has been captured on camera near the 2018 World Cup match site. The UFO sighting event occurred after the victorious match of England vs. Sweden on July 7, 2018 in which can be seen a fierce ball of light followed by a loud bang. The UFO crashed near the village of Bostandyk, 128 kilometers (80 miles) from the Luzhniki Stadium, Moscow, Russia, where the match was hosted. In this video we go through the UFO footage and claims, and factually go into it to find answers.

Creepy Elf on the Shelf toy might be possessed1m13s

Creepy Elf on the Shelf toy might be possessed

You better watch out and you better not cry, because this Elf on the Shelf is really alive! This children's toy seems to be possessed as it keeps going off without anyone touching it. The toy is a Christmas favorite to most. Clearly this elf is reporting to Santa!

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