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This Gate At An Abandoned Mental Hospital Creates Strange Sounds1m00s

This Gate At An Abandoned Mental Hospital Creates Strange Sounds

No matter what they tell you, everybody loves a good scary story. They make us feel alive. Everybody and their momma loves going to buildings and sites that are notorious for being haunted and have the features of a haunted site. The gloominess they posses can be really striking. Stephen Hawking has got nothing on those! It seems that the buildings of former mental hospitals are everyone’s favorite piece of the haunted cake. People who visit them like to search for proof of a haunting in every nook and cranny, hearing sounds throughout the vintage buildings and reading into them. Moans and screams can be heard far and wide, but who can explain them? When these folks went to the gates of what was once Northern State Mental Hospital in Washington state, they came across a metal construct that has seen far better days. The entire construction was covered in rust from ages of neglect. But when they flung the gate open, it started creaking, a sound that only belongs in a horror movie. But when you think how it is just rusted metal, without a speck of lubrication in its joints, the sound that comes from the gate is quite logical. Once the largest facility for mentally ill people in Washington State, Northern State Mental Hospital was a town unto itself. It was established in 1909 when the overcrowded conditions at Western State Hospital came under public criticism and saw its grand opening in 1912. When the public’s perception of mental hospitals began to change in the 70s, State Legislature cut off funding to Northern State Mental Hospital and it closed down in 1976. Some of its grand buildings have been torn down, with a few remaining for job corps projects and drug rehabilitation. While you are here, we think you should definitely check this list of 11 asylums throughout the world we wouldn’t want to be caught taking a peek at!

Do you use an iPhone passcode? Watch this!1m33s

Do you use an iPhone passcode? Watch this!

Do you have a Passcode on your Smart Phone? If you don't watch this video, you may be in trouble! Watch as magician Jibrizy puts his "Limitless" abilities to the test. Credit to 'Jibrizy'.

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Close-Up Footage Of Real Life UFO Gliding Through Macedonian Skies11s

Close-Up Footage Of Real Life UFO Gliding Through Macedonian Skies

With a universe this large it stands to reason that we are not alone, but the real reason is why would anyone want to visit Earth? Crystal clear footage of a UFO was captured over a cornfield in Macedonia. Find out about this mysterious UFO sighting caught in this clip, and decide for yourselves whether this bizarre flying object is the real deal. Check it out and let us know what you think! An apparent unidentified flying object appears to be flying over the bright skies in Macedonia, making for this bizarre and yet hilarious clip. A prank video was filmed to capture the absurdity of videos featuring shiny and glowing objects spotted in the skies all over the world by people believing and preaching they signalize visitors from another planet! Footage starts with the breathtaking nature in Macedonia, showing corn fields and bright blue skies. Moments later, as the viewer is anticipating to spot a real-life UFO flying over the landscape, we are puzzled to find out that it is actually just a matter of prank ! In addition, we see a yellow tube reading UFO, move from right to left in front of the camera! This is actually a genuine product in Macedonia. UFO is the name of the glue Macedonians use, and only happens to have the name of the UFO abbreviation that so many people are talking about these days! This witty filmmaker decided to make one prank video and leave viewers puzzled with his experiment! Were you disappointed when you realized that it was a different kind of UFO the filmmaker had in mind for starring in his video, or were you laughing out loud for the hilarious consequence in the name!? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

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Haunted piano plays by itself22s

Haunted piano plays by itself

With Halloween right around the corner, it appears some ghosts are already out and about. Check out this vintage piano from the 1920's as it mysteriously plays all by itself! That's enough to create quite an eerie atmosphere... Credit: UpCycle.Club

Scary story 'The Baby Deer' will totally creep you out7m20s

Scary story 'The Baby Deer' will totally creep you out

Are you ready for a creepy story that will send shivers down your spine? Written by Organic Creepypasta, this ghostly tale is based on a TRUE STORY that recently occurred about a mysterious baby deer that suddenly appeared in the middle of the road.

Paranormal Activity Captured On Baby Monitor24s

Paranormal Activity Captured On Baby Monitor

What a creepy moment! For those that have seen the Paranormal Activity movies, you might get a little more freaked out than some. This recording taken by a baby monitor shows a misty light float over baby Rosie in her crib. At one point the orb passes very closely to her dad. Can anyone explain this ghostly appearance?! At first, it looks like a flare, maybe from the sun’s light passing through the camera’s lens or some kind of reflection. But if you look closely enough at the beginning of the video, you might be able to see like a white mist on the left side of the crib. For a moment it looks like it’s the curtain doing it, but the mist moves opposite of the curtain! The baby doesn’t seem at all disturbed by the presence, if there is anything there in the first place. Usually, babies are able to sense if there is someone in the room with them. If they feel it is menacing they cry and scream; if it’s benevolent, they coo and babble to it. Parents all over the planet have recorded similar incidents on their baby monitors. What would have you done if that was your child and you saw this happening in real time? Let us know in the comment section.

Ghostly apparition of man's face appears on banana29s

Ghostly apparition of man's face appears on banana

While attempting to make a fruit smoothy, Jordan Randomness caught a ghostly image of a man's face imprinted on a bruised banana. You can clearly make out the facial features of a pair eyes, a nose, a mouth and a detailed beard. What do you think it looks like? Footage is raw an uncut. No special effects have been applied.

UFO filmed from airplane over Russia 41s

UFO filmed from airplane over Russia

During a flight over Russia on June 22nd, 2014, this passenger claims to have witnessed a UFO hovering and eventually disappearing in the distance. Do you think this footage is authentic? Let us know your thoughts!

Security Camera Captures A Strange Figure Attacking A Man In A Hallway 1m00s

Security Camera Captures A Strange Figure Attacking A Man In A Hallway

Don’t you just love dash cam videos? They are the gift from the gods of technology, letting us capture things we could never explain to people who weren’t with us in the car at the time of happening! Ever since they came out, the dash cam’s initial purpose is to insure you in case of traffic accidents or when some unlucky person decides to blame you for running them over. People have had their minds taken off the guilt of ruining someone's life or idea of a life with the footage their camera captured. The majority of videos we get captured by these awesome devices let us see what it looks like when someone gets served instant justice, cold and hard! Whether it is a rowdy pedestrian or a careless driver, we get to see that there is justice in the world and it will catch up on you, sooner or later. There are a lot of things that we can not explain to ourselves. We are drifting in a place that is just not close enough to reach the explanation about exactly how we came to be as species, about us after we cease to exist in this form, about other lives in the Universe and on our planet and about the reason why someone would invent such a thing as a fidget spinner. But all joking aside, sometimes we just can’t stop but feel that maybe, just maybe, there is something out there waiting for us to find it. As a man is walking down a hallway in a building, a CCTV security camera is able to capture a shadow figure attacking this individual. The man doesn't just see this shadow figure, it also starts to attack him! It looks like he is pushed to the ground by this figure, and it doesn't stop there, the figure then grabs onto his right leg and pulls him along the floor. It eventually lets go, and then the man runs away in complete panic and shock. Most people wouldn't stick around if this were to happen to them. We all know how the horror movies end. This was a very aggressive spirit, someone or something was bothering him. After watching this video, what do you think? Do you believe this is real or do you believe it is fake? Let us know in the comments below. What would do if you were in this situation? If you love all things horror, check out these books that will definitely give you quite a scare.

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Strange UFO Hovering Over France1m08s

Strange UFO Hovering Over France

This strange object was seen in early March east of Évian-les-Bains in France. The UFO hovered for a short period of time over a wooded area and slowly flew away. What are your thoughts on it?

UFO Spotted Over Ukraine1m09s

UFO Spotted Over Ukraine

A cigar-shaped UFO spotted in the sky over Korosten, Ukraine On March 6, 2014. What do you think it is? Camera effects, or is it the real thing?

Unknown Object Escorted By California Police?30s

Unknown Object Escorted By California Police?

Highway Patrol in Calfornia escort this unknown object at a rapid pace through rural back roads and through the small farming town of Arvin in California during the night hours. Was it meant to be hidden, or there a logical explanation?

Unidentified Flying Object Takes Off From Field2m32s

Unidentified Flying Object Takes Off From Field

The universe is a vast and mysterious place. There are so many unknowns surrounding it that we often look up to the stars wondering what else is out there that we do not know about. One of the biggest questions surrounding the universe is if there is other life out there besides us? There are people that will argue with certainty that there is, while as others would argue the opposite. Whether each side is true is up for debate, but it seems that this clip right here may have just answered that question! In this video, watch as a UFO that has landed in a field takes off in an instant! Even the camera people are surprised as the UFO takes off so fast! It flew away in the blink of an eye so be careful that you do not miss it! Almost everyone of us can agree that this video is fake, but that still does not mean that it is any less entertaining to watch. If it is fake, kudos to the great editing skills used in this clip. Who knows, maybe this clip is not fake and it is actually some sort of extraterrestrial life trying to make contact with us? What do you think about this video? Do you think that it is fake? We would love to hear your opinion so please do not hesitate to leave a comment down in the comments section! Please share this video with your family and friends as it will surely interest them! This is one video that no one should miss!

Strange Creature Spotted In The Forests Of Oregon 2m22s

Strange Creature Spotted In The Forests Of Oregon

Every now and then, photos and videos of mysterious creatures appear through the Internet and people love to debate about them. Here are six mysterious creatures caught on camera. From a giant Icelandic worm to a strange creature that washed ashore after hurricane Harvey. Enjoy! As technology improves and humans encroach ever further into the natural world, it is easy to assume we know everything about the Earth. But scientists admit there are still millions of undiscovered species out there - and some creatures recorded throughout history have yet to be explained... No matter how advanced our science is, there are still things on the face of this planet that cannot be explained. On the other hand, there are things that are obviously staged by attention seekers. This video could be either of the two, but we will let you decide. We're not even sure if the person who got this on camera suddenly came across whatever this is, or carefully stood aside, in the hope that the situation will unfold. Whatever the motivation behind this, it surely deserves certain attention. Especially since the footage is of low quality, one might believe something really creepy is happening in the woods! Fake or real, it's up to you! The quality of the video is grainy (on purpose or not), but you can clearly see a creature in the distance with ape-like features. The beast looks like it is searching for something; is it food or just another one of it's kind? The camera then switches to the left towards a man riding his bike in the direction of the beast, but by the time he reaches the place - the creature is gone?! It may sound controversial, but similar activities have been reported in the Oregon Woods before. The footage may just be a distraction for the public, while the government sends Mulder and Scully to investigate. Whatever the truth may be, this is certainly worthy of a look. In addition, this is one very mystique, strange creature, having in mind that this is the only specimen that have ever been discovered on camera. Namely, there are no information published about such specimen. So, hardly anything is known about this species. In fact, it doesn’t even have an official common name yet. Let’s call it the "crouching man" with a strange color and body shape! Sometimes it is just nice to get out on the lake or even go for a long walk in the forest just to relax and take your mind off of things. The wilderness brings us closer to who we are and the quietness just seems to calm our soul. Long walk are not only healthy but also proven to be stress relievers. However after seeing this video many things can come to ones mind and maybe even change their perspective about those "long relaxing walks". This is one of those video that will definitely put you on the fence as to whether or not you should visit any for for that fact as long as you live. Take a look! Have you ever found yourself in a scary situation out there while camping or hiking in the woods? Share your story in the comment section below, we'd love to hear it!

Bizarre Spotting In Foggy Field1m26s

Bizarre Spotting In Foggy Field

Most of us will agree that this probably isn't real, but if you actually found yourself in this situation, how do you think you'd react? Could you keep the camera steady?

Amazing Close Footage Of A Flying Saucer In Virginia29s

Amazing Close Footage Of A Flying Saucer In Virginia

Do you believe in life on other planets? Do you believe in aliens, spaceships, Star Wars and perhaps they visiting our planet? On one hand, it could be naïve to think that we humans are the only intelligent life-form in a potentially infinite universe. On the other hand, there is little actual evidence to support claims of life on other planets. The concept of <a href=" " target="_blank">extraterrestrial</a> life, and particularly extraterrestrial intelligence, has had a major cultural impact, chiefly in works of science fiction. So, what do you think? Is there life on other planets? And are they visiting us? This video was taken in Virginia, USA! A <a href=" " target="_blank">flying sauser</a> in the sky captured on camera so close, that you can see all the details on this UFO! What're your thoughts on this clip? Are you a believer when it comes to UFOs? Unidentified flying objects (UFOs) are things seen in the sky that cannot be identified or explained. What’s your explanation for this video! We may not be alone! That is the first thing that comes to our mind when we watch this video! What are your thoughts? This isn’t the first time people have thought there was a UFO visiting them. There are many cases and videos of UFOs visiting Virginia. This footage truly is unbelievable! It’s not something you see every day! You can put this video in the file of thing you don’t see every day and discuss with your group of friends what do you think about alien life!

Flying Creature That Looks Like A Dragon Flies Over England56s

Flying Creature That Looks Like A Dragon Flies Over England

For anyone to believe in such conspiracies as dragons they must be very certain of their existence, better yet to have seen one. Here it seems like another fine cludy day in England when a jolly person has happen to carry a camera and film something very very unusual. People can sometimes, if lucky enough can find them self at the right spot just at the right time. Like this fella in this video, he has happened to be walking down the street on a very regular day and spot something really 'mysterious' in the sky. What else to do but take out your phone and film this spectacular scenery. If you happen to be a skeptic and not believe in such out of this world creatures, you might want to think again. As this guy claims he has seen and even caught a dragon flying ove his home cuty in broad day light. This situations don't happen very often so here is you chance to see it for you self. Some might say it's photo shop and some might even have known for long that such things exist. Ether way, we will leave it to you to decide and share your thoughts in the comments. For anyone who doesn't believe dragons exist, think again! Spotted in Truro, England.