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 Daredevil Jumps Off Cliff Into Shallow Water From Dizzy Height2m24s

Daredevil Jumps Off Cliff Into Shallow Water From Dizzy Height

The clip, filmed using a GoPro, shows the lad scaling the cliff’s steps using his free running skills until he is high up on it overlooking the ocean. When he gets to the very end of the cliff, he doesn’t stop there, instead he climbs over the fence and gets to a rocky terrain, surrounded by bushes and plants. He takes a few seconds to survey the height before the actual jump. He stops to catch his breath and to explore the surroundings which he is obviously not familiar with because we get the impression that this is his first time to perform a jump like this. We can hear how his breathing becomes heavier and heavier as he is obviously bubbling with excitement. While the guy goes forwards and backwards, we may ask ourselves is he reconsidering his decision? is he going to get cold feet forsaking the crazy idea to leap in water so shallow? Or is he just really studying the depths of the water and the exact spot where he is going to take the dive? All of a sudden, the daredevil plummets through the air in no more than two seconds before he reaches the shallow waters of the ocean and for a brief moment it looks like he might smack into the rocks. This intense footage makes our knees weak. How on earth did he pull that off?! This kiddo was really lucky because in a split second, things might have gone wrong. Rock jumping is an extremely dangerous activity. Cliffs are unstable in parts and a slight misstep could end in tragedy.

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Daredevils Defy Gravity, Courageously Riding Inside The ‘Wall Of Death’2m25s

Daredevils Defy Gravity, Courageously Riding Inside The ‘Wall Of Death’

A tense video has emerged of a couple of daredevils performing scary stunts while riding on the ‘wall of death’. Using a GoPro action camera, these professionals in India perform some tricks inside the ‘wall of death’, also known as 'maut ka kuan'. Their skills are unreal! The ‘wall of death’ is often times referred to a fairground sideshow in which a motorcyclist uses gravitational force to ride around the inside walls of a vertical cylinder. These daredevils show off some impressive riding skills as they manage to mount and ride around the wall. Their impeccable skills are to applaud for! Watch this tense video as a couple of daredevils decide to give the ‘wall of death’ a try as they mount with their motorbikes and give them a spin around the wooden paths. As they manage to defy gravity, they are greeted for their courageous venture! The pursuit of adrenaline rush is what keeps some people going! However, now everyone would agree to ride on the wall of death. Moments later, as they master the art of riding on walls with a motorbike, they took adventure to a whole different level as they perch on top of it, while riding in a car! Footage shows the car spinning in circles, while riding on the wooden ‘wall of death’. It seems like there is no gravity in this place! The talented daredevils make this difficult stunt seem like a piece of cake, but that is not the case! Please don’t try this unless you are trained to do so!

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Real Life Spiderman Performs Series Of Stunts In French Subway10s

Real Life Spiderman Performs Series Of Stunts In French Subway

Unusual footage has emerged of a man performing series of stunts in a French subway. Check out this guy performing various stunts to cheer up the crowd! He's amazing! Footage of the real-life Spiderman has been captured in a French subway featuring a man doing a series of impressive stunts mid-ride. Watch as this ‘superhero’ performs backflips much to passenger’s amusement! Incredible! When taking centre stage in the heart of a French subway, flying through air in a crowded tube could seem a daunting task. However, this performer was filmed twirling at the top of the subway taking his act into the spotlight, much to passenger’s amusement. Subway commuters witnessed a man performing tricks mid-ride and were amused by the unusual performance. This video captures the moment when a man engages in a series of fun stunts, much to our amusement. The video, which went viral on social media platforms, captures the man hanging from the top of a subway tube, back-flipping and performing Spiderman tricks. It is amazing how this man decided to pull a trick or two, mid subway ride, and put a smile on passenger’s face! This is the crazy moment when a man decides to show a series of stunts in a subway, and flaunt them Spiderman moves! Watch him go, like there is no gravity in the tube! Insane! Have you ever seen something like this? What would you do if you were to witness a man performing Spiderman-like stunts mid subway ride? Would this man be your hero, or would you ignore him and look the other way? Let us know in the comments below!

A Kid Jumps Off A Six-Storey Balcony Into A Pool1m26s

A Kid Jumps Off A Six-Storey Balcony Into A Pool

Some people never stop to amaze us with their sense of adventure and thirst for extreme endeavors. Sometimes people’s behavior is unpredictable and incredibly stunning. From brilliance to geniosity, from exaggeration to wisdom is what marks the true nature of people. The limits of doing things that may change your life are sometimes invisible, avoidable or easy to ignore. We are all different and there lies the beauty. What is important is not to lose the fun along the way. The more exciting the risk, the more appreciated it becomes. For this guy here, the initiative of jumping off a 6-story balcony into a pool is definitely worth the risk. It is probably not his first time doing it, since he behaves like a real professional in terms of dangerous undertakings. He is doing it with such an ease- like a walk in the park. Which is not. It is actually an unpredictable and delicate act on his part that we are left breathless watching it. Scary as it may be, this guy just loves it. Adrenaline rushes through his body as we can hear him breathing heavily, all excited. With a GoPro attached to his head, he is looking for a place where he can best perform his crazy idea. He runs to it, and when he finally finds his ‘perfect’ spot, he doesn’t think twice, climbs over the fence, gets ready and off he jumps. Luckily, he hits the center of the pool and as if it is not enough, he goes on climbing a wall just to join his friend who was watching all along. Warning: Don’t you ever try this!

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Brave Daredevil Jumps 25 Feet Into A Tiny Pocket Of Ocean1m56s

Brave Daredevil Jumps 25 Feet Into A Tiny Pocket Of Ocean

This is the stomach churning moment when a daredevil performs a heart-stopping leap off the top of a 25-foot-high wooden construction into a tiny pocket of water. Footage shows the brave man climbing on top of the wooden scales, looking down at the rocky surface washed with waves. Your knees will get weak when you watch this kid jump off a 25 foot staircase and land into some really surgey water. Unreal! This daredevil must have practiced jumping into tiny pockets of water, because judging by this video, he is very much experienced in tackling heights and calculating his landing. We could only imagine what went in his mind when he was getting ready for the crazy jump, standing on the edge of the wooden scales, praying to land on water. Watch as this fearless daredevil shows some amazing jumping skills while searching for adrenaline. This brave man decided to try jumping 25 feet into a tiny pocket of ocean from a high wooden construction. We sure admire his courage and skills! Only the most experienced climbers and divers who enjoy deadly challenges should attempt such jumps, because this is no joke and the deadly quest should be approached with great caution. The man took his time and calculated the situation in detail, only to jump in the most favorable moment when the tiny pocket was optimally covered in deep waves! What we found most shocking is the state of ease this daredevil has when he goes for such a deadly adventure. Walking on the edge of a high wooden construction is very dangerous and is both physically and mentally demanding, especially when you know that one wrong move might kill you. Clearly this thrill-seeker seems happy with his jump and films the entire death defying act on his action camera. Would you dare to jump into a tiny pocket of water surrounded by rocks?

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Take A Leap Of Faith And Jump From The World’s Tallest Rope Swing15s

Take A Leap Of Faith And Jump From The World’s Tallest Rope Swing

Have you heard about the Big Rush? It is located in Durban, South Africa, atop the Moses Mabhida Stadium, and it holds the title of the world’s tallest rope swing according to Guinness. Here you can jump 288 feet off the world's highest rope swing and experience a unique adrenaline rush! Adrenaline junkies can either ride a Sky Car or hike 550 stairs to reach the top, but there’s only one way down. There’s no turning back once you reach the catwalk some 350 feet in the air. Footage shows the adrenaline pumping moment when a man takes a swing and goes at speeds of up to 75 miles per hour. “Three, two, one, jump”! Watch as this daredevil steps off the catwalk and disappears into the void at Moses Mabhida Stadium. As the rope catches at about 288 feet, the man swings in a long and satisfying arc across the whole stadium with adrenaline coursing through his veins. Yelling in triumph to thousands of empty seats! Imagine stepping to the edge and marveling at the stadium workers below who look like ants crawling through the grass. Incredible! This object was actually built for the FIFA World Cup soccer games in 2010, and it’s really a work of art. Its beautiful white arches rise 100 meters into the air over the city of Durban and make for a truly astonishing view! Would you take a leap of faith and jump from this stadium on a rope swing?

Daredevil Scales Mt. Huashan, World's Most Dangerous Hiking Trail27s

Daredevil Scales Mt. Huashan, World's Most Dangerous Hiking Trail

This is the stomach churning video featuring what it feels like to scale Huashan, one of China's five Great Mountains, which has a long history of cultural and religious significance. Don’t look down as this daredevil adventurer scale the dangerous Chinese mountain trail! A group of people hiked about five hours to reach the plank road and walk along the mountain at over 7000 ft of height, on pieces of wood nailed to the side of the mountain. Footage shows one daring traveller balancing precariously on a three-foot-long wooden plank, pretending to step off the path, dangling a foot above the drop. The bold hiker films himself leaning over the edge of the plank, tethered to side of the mountain only by the slim harness which is clipped to the thin wire that runs down the side of the mountain. That is crazy! The trail includes steel rod ladders, toeholds carved out of the cliff and the narrow wooden plank walks. It is very dangerous as there are nothing but planks to walk on and a rail of chains to hold on to. A slim harness keeps walkers from falling but there is no one to ensure that walkers wear their safety gear. The 7066 ft tall Mount Huashan is considered to be one of the five sacred mountains in China, and locals call it the “most precipitous mountain under heaven”. Impossible pathways have been carved all over the crags, and it is this place that has caught the imagination of adventurers everywhere. Mt. Huashan has been a place of religious importance after the Daoist temple was established at its base. Since then, pilgrims, monks and nuns have inhabited the mountain and the surrounding area. A network of dangerous and precipitous trails allows them to access the mountain’s five summits, each of which has a religious structure like the tea house on the southern summit. Together, these five summits form the points of a flower shape. In addition, the paths have been reinforced due to a recent influx of tourists, but they are nonetheless dangerous, and carry a reputation for fatal falls. Although no official statistics are kept, some say that the number may be as much as about 100 fatal falls a year.

Skateboarder Takes A Deep Dive After Bridge Stunt Goes South42s

Skateboarder Takes A Deep Dive After Bridge Stunt Goes South

While extreme stunts are both fascinating to watch and try, they are more often than not dangerous. Stunts may seem like a fun idea, but their consequences are very real, and very dangerous. The dramatic moment when a fearless skateboarder falls 139 meters from a suspension bridge is horrifying. The daredevil gets his equipment ready and before strapping it, he nonchalantly finishes off a cigarette. The guy seems so self-confident in his stunt capabilities that it makes one feel like nothing more but an ordinary man following a handful of predetermined tasks in days that all look alike. Trying to show off does not always pay off. Even in front of the camera and in the eyes of the whole Internet community. And instead of trying to talk him out of this crazy idea, his friends are totally supportive of his stunt and they happily give thumbs up. The stuntman climbs up to the top of the bridge extremely quickly and with such a calamity and confidence. His friends run to the other side of the bridge, hoping to get a better angle on his upcoming venture. Even the camera zoom can not enlarge the size of this man as he is so high up on the bridge and is about to surprise his friends. He managed to ride a small part across the bridge, even successfully keeping his balance for a few seconds. But the next image showed how he tumbled into the Nieuwe Maas waterway below as his shocked friends screamed. Somehow, this guy had the stars aligned for him that day and was lucky to avoid near death after the spectacular plummet. Was he thinking at all?

Adventurous Mountain Climber Scales Deadly Knife-Edge Ridge49s

Adventurous Mountain Climber Scales Deadly Knife-Edge Ridge

This fearless daredevil shows some amazing balancing skills and goes in a search for adrenaline. This brave man decided to try running on a knife-edge ridge in the Bavarian mountains, up on his way to Watzmann, which is Germany's second highest peak. We sure admire his courage and skills! Only the most experienced climbers who enjoy deadly challenges should attempt such climbs, because this is no joke and the quest should be approached with great caution. There are some technical and strategic challenges, and the task of picking a pace in world of high-altitude climbing. The story of this adventurist starts with the urge of free spirit to conquer new summits and walk on the edge. Footage captured the daring jog across the ridge as daredevil runs across this pointy knife-edge ridge. The favorite climb for many people are knife-edge ridges. Knife edge is classic mountaineering. A mountain ridge is a geological feature consisting of a chain of mountains or hills that form a continuous elevated crest for some distance. The line along the crest formed by the highest points, with the terrain dropping down on either side, is called the ridgeline. Ridges are usually termed hills or mountains as well, depending on size. This breathtaking video left us speechless with all its mesmerizing wilderness setting and few ascents for the deadly knife-edge ridge, only adds to the allure of the adventure. What we found most shocking is the state of ease this climber has when he goes for such a deadly adventure. Walking on the edge of a steep cliff is very dangerous and is both physically and mentally demanding.

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Watch As This Young Boy Shows Off Amazing Bike Skills1m11s

Watch As This Young Boy Shows Off Amazing Bike Skills

Many will agree that having a great sports bike, that is also incredibly fast, gives you the opportunity of pulling all kinds of stunts, just to make people stare at you with mouths wide-open. You know that adrenaline flows through your veins each time you speed up on your bike? The adrenaline rush is what keeps you excited and makes you feel so good and ecstatic. Check out this kid pulling off some amazing wheel stunts. You think you can wheelie? Well this guy is so good, he is displaying his talent on the streets of Miami, driving insanely between the vehicles. The unknown driver shows off fascinating control of the bike, lifting its front wheel, making sharp turns on the street and all that at a very high speed. It surely takes patience, skills and enthusiasm to learn and present such finesse on the road. This guy is definitely a stunt pro, and if he is not, then he definitely should become one. He has an amazing balance and flies through the streets like they are totally empty. Unlike track racing, street racing is much more dangerous. The error limit is tiny and the price of making a mistake on the streets is very high, which means that you can easily get hurt. So don’t try racing or even showing of skills on the city streets if you are not quite ready. Empty parking lots are a great place to start practicing! Check out this young man as he performs some jaw-dropping wheelies on the streets of Miami. He makes it look so easy!

Crazy teen climbs radio tower in the Caribbean2m59s

Crazy teen climbs radio tower in the Caribbean

This teenage parkour runner from SuperStokedFilms free-climbs a radio tower on a mountain in the Caribbean. Enjoy the ride as we witness this daredevil scale the tower from a POV perspective. DO NOT attempt to re-create or re-enact any stunt or activity performed in this video! Parkour is a dangerous activity and can lead to serious injury and/or death.

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Redneck drives a duct tape car off a cliff4m58s

Redneck drives a duct tape car off a cliff

Save up to 33% by buying online! #FiberFix is 100 times stronger than Duct Tape and softer than nothing. Limited time only, buy one of our Manly Man Fix Kit packages and get a huge discount!! Special recognition goes to the FiberFix founding team. It was an honor to work with them and to have their trust and collaboration to bring this film advertisement to reality. The FiberFix Founders are: CEO: Eric Child COO: Reed Quinn Co-founder: Spencer Quinn Co-founder: Chris Quinn Co-founder: Derek Rowley Created by the Harmon Brothers agency. CAST, WRITERS, CREW, CONSTRUCTION AND ENGINEERING CAST: Actor and Manly Man: Jason Gray Sexy Plumber: Jeff Blake Tough Woman: Alicia Washington Tough Woman: Marisol Peterson Tough Woman: Stacylyn Bennett Hand double: Jonah Rindlisbacher WRITERS Lead Writer: Matt Meese Contributing Writer: Mallory Everton Contributing Writer: Dave Vance Concepting: Benton Crane, Daniel Harmon, Jeffrey Harmon, Jordan Booth CREW: Executive Producers: Theron Harmon, Jeffrey Harmon Director and Creative Director: Daniel Harmon Co-Director: Matt Meese Assistant Director: James Dayton Producer: James Dayton, Jamestown Films Co-Producers: Patrick Newman, Benton Crane Director of Photography: Tyler Stevens 1st AC: Max Carter Crane Operator: Bobby Fisk B Cam Operator: Tel Stewart B Cam 1st AC: Sam Wilson C and D Cam Operator: Shane Rickard C and D Cam 1st AC: Sasha Blume Drone Operator: Patrick Newman Drone Camera: James Dayton GoPro Tech: Braden Storrs DIT and Scripty: Kaitlin Snow Seamons Gaffer: Phil Shepherd Best Boy: Brian Shepherd Sound Mixer: David Adamic Art Director and Set Designer: Dillon Ellefson Set Decorator: Cody Fairbanks Assistant Set Decorator: Skyler Almond Propmaster: Wray Featherstone Construction Foreman: Layne Robinson Scenic Artist: Tyler Astrope Lead Editor: Kaitlin Snow Seamons Special Effects / Stunts Leads: Ryan Roundy, Mike Roundy, Roundy Special FX FX Technicians: Chuck Roundy, Chris Romrell Production Assistants: Jake Burns, Mandy Harmon, EMT and Safety: Brian Tanner Hair and Make-up: Vanae Morris Costuming: Anna K Findlay Lead Editor: Kaitlin Snow Seamons Editing Advisors: Jeffrey Harmon and Matt Meese Visual Effects Supervisor: Tyler Stevens Colorist: Tyler Stevens Sound Design: Jake Edvalson Pick-up Product Shoot: Shane Rickard, Jonny Vance, Tyler Stevens ENGINEERING AND CONSTRUCTION - CARS AND ROLL CAGES Engineering and Testing Lead: Benton Crane Roll Cage Design and Construction Lead: Deveren Farley Roll Cage Construction: Kendall Nielson, Madsen Stuart, McKenzie Nellesen. Company: Interior Iron Additional Testing: Jordan Booth, Brett Davis, Tanner Bean, Royal Rose Electrical Engineering / RC Design: Tanner Bean Car Body Work and Painting: Dan Stevens crew. Company: AutoApe Vehicle Transport: Brett Davis Wrecker and Removal: Dan Stevens Team Leads FiberFix and Duct Tape Wrapping Team: Mandy Harmon and Jonah Rindlisbacher BEHIND THE SCENES BTS Camera Operators: Jonah Rindlisbacher, Brett Stubbs, Christian Sanchez BTS Lead Editor: Jonah Rindlisbacher BTS Writing and Advisement: Kaitlin Snow Seamons, Tyler Stevens, Jeffrey Harmon, Daniel Harmon, Theron Harmon, Benton Crane Interviews in order of appearance: Dan Stevens, Dillon Ellefson, Deveren Farley, Eric Child, Dave Vance, Daniel Harmon, Benton Crane, Matt Meese, Jason Gray, Jonah Rindlisbacher, Tyler Stevens OTHER PRODUCTION Location Scouting: Benton Crane, Ryan Roundy, Jamestown Films, Mandy Harmon, Patrick Newman, James Dayton. Casting: Daniel Harmon, Matt Meese, Theron Harmon Casting Agencies: Talent Management Group and Urban Talent Management Location: Ronald Spratling, Jr. and Ronald Spratling, III FiberFix Brand Manager: Tyson Anderson Graphic Design, Website Design, Packaging Design: Brett Crockett Web Development: Brett Stubbs Distribution and Optimization Launch: Brett Stubbs, Abe Niederhauser, Jonny Vance, Theron Harmon, Benton Crane, Jeff Harmon, Brett Crockett Huge thanks to everyone! This has been one for the books! Try FiberFix today at Check out the Behind The Scenes video. Yes, this was a real test!

Daredevil Climbs Ridiculous Heights To Jump In Pool1m00s

Daredevil Climbs Ridiculous Heights To Jump In Pool

Have you ever seen a video where as soon as you saw it, your stomach dropped and you have an anxious feeling in your body? That seems to be the case in this video right here as this guy attempts something that will surely make even the bravest of people a little bit nervous. Check out how high up this daredevil climbs a ladder before jumping into the pool far down below. During the whole ordeal he keeps very calm and not scared. Kudos to him for being really brave! Just when you thought that he has climbed high enough, he shatters that thought and climbs even higher! How can he even do something like that? Doesn't he get scared? What we do know is that this makes for one entertaining video! That dude has some serious skill, jumping in that tiny pool from such a height! How did he not plat flat on the surface of the water? Our brains are turning to mush just by trying to comprehend that. Have you ever seen something like this before? Would you even attempt to do something like this? We would love to hear your opinion so please do not hesitate to leave a comment down in the comments section! Please share this video with your family and friends as this is one clip that will surely keep them on the edge of their seats! This is one clip that no one should miss!

Fearless Daredevil Slides Down Extremely Tall Skyscraper18s

Fearless Daredevil Slides Down Extremely Tall Skyscraper

Many of us find pleasure and comfort in relaxing and maybe taking a walk on the beach and enjoying the little things in life. Some of us prefer something more extreme such as skiing, snowboarding. And for some of us that like the utterly extreme sports, we might consider bungee jumping, skydiving and even going out to wind surf. But come of us find pleasure into things that bring adrenaline and scare, such as something you would find in this video. Here we have some random person that has decided to put their life on the line, climb up a very tall skyscraper and slide down the slanted roof of the very tall building. We cant guarantee you will have the nerves to watch such a daredevil video but if you feel that your guts can take it, be our guest. This kid is not only amazingly brave, but also may not have any value over his own life. Lets start with the climb that is unfortunately not shown on this video. How much of a crazy person would you have to be to not only climb up but not consider coming down less then a thousand time on the way. So, after he makes it up, which is clearly shown in the video, he walks on the very far left of the roof where there is no barriers and only the aluminum roof that is very much slanted towards the ground. Guess what, he barely sits down, slides along the edge and even takes a tumble, thank god its toward the middle of the roof and not toward the edge. Needless to say this guy is crazy! Take a look at his unforgettable adventure down the roof top!

Daredevils Take On The Deadliest Road In The World5m06s

Daredevils Take On The Deadliest Road In The World

To get behind the wheel and go out on an open road can feel like a nice journey to relaxation for people nowadays. But there are some places around the globe that you simply wouldn’t dare to visit by yourself, especially not on a motorbike. This stretch from Killar to Kishtwar, between the villages Ishtyari and Tyari, is one of the most dangerous, scary, and exciting stretches of roads in India (and perhaps the world). This deadly road definitely fits only the most confident adrenaline-seekers. We are not saying that the view is not beautiful from up there, but it seems awfully dangerous for most people. In this video, the guy named Singh was filming the whole journey through the road. Even though Singh and his friends appear very confident and calm while driving, you can see that when they tackle corners they use their feet to have more control. Another impressive sight is the waterfall they pass through. It pours from the cliff above them and Singh describes it as ‘mystical’. Singh said that they wanted to do something different this year, so they chose a route that is more dangerous. He also said that they had to remove all the luggage because of the sensitivity of the area. There is risk factor always, but if you drive carefully you can do it without any problems- said Singh. Check out this GoPro footage from a dirt bike as it takes us on a tour of this crazy and beautiful place. Would you dare to drive this path with a bike? Maybe walking and chatting isn’t such a bad idea after all.