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Boats Washed Ashore as Storm Batters Southwestern Perth2m55s

Boats Washed Ashore as Storm Batters Southwestern Perth

Damaging winds with gusts up to 100 kph battered southwestern Perth on June 5, according to Bureau of Meteorology. Boats appear to have washed up on Rockingham Beach, as seen in this footage. Forecaster issued a Severe Weather Warning for Gascoyne to the Leeuwin Coast, warning people to stay away from water. The West Australian reported that high tides could erode beaches, and swells of up to five metres were expected. Credit: Jeff Miles / Perth Weather Live via Storyful

Frozen Rain Forms Ice Sheets To Replace Car Windows 12s

Frozen Rain Forms Ice Sheets To Replace Car Windows

A stunning video has emerged featuring a man breaking ice cover off his car window after a freezing rain hit Montreal! This amazing video is unexpectedly satisfying! Warnings for hazardous weather and flooding were in place for Montreal, with freezing rain falling across the state, causing for ice to form. Numerous schools were closed following freezing conditions over the weekend which dropped between 0.25 and 0.50 inches of ice accumulation across Montreal. This video shows a man sitting in the driver’s seat filming towards the car window and going all kung fu on what seems at first to be the car window. Moments later, we realize that it wasn’t a window! As the man goes attack mode on the window, smacking the glass with his hand and arm, pieces of ice scatter all over the place, and we soon realize that it is not the window glass this man is breaking! As the hand continues to hit the ice, breaking it piece by piece, he makes enough room to roll up the window of a car to replace the formed pane of ice. You must admit that this video had you startled at first, wondering how can someone break the glass with such an ease! However, it is deeply satisfying to watch as this man hits the ice sheet causing it to shatter. It sent chills down our spine! It is not uncommon for freezing rain to leave sheets of ice on drivers car windows. However, the way this video starts it camouflages the ice sheet, making the viewer to mistaken it for car window. The filmer unveiled the ice sheet by lowering his car window and felt a strong desire to punch through it with his bare hand. Freezing rain leaves ice sheet on car windows and makes for the most satisfying moment ever!

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Brave Man Captures Impressive Sight During Fierce Wind Storm51s

Brave Man Captures Impressive Sight During Fierce Wind Storm

A dangerous wind storm in Red Deer, Alberta (Canada) causes a dust storm and wind damage around the city. The wind, which is said to howl as high as 130 km (80.7 miles) per hour, was pounding parts of southern and central Alberta. The whole area was walloped by wind gusts that downed power lines and sent debris flying, as a weather system howled across large swaths of the county. The high winds are so strong that they may cause vehicles get blown off the road or some of them even flip over. These types of winds can also whip up wildfires, debris on the road, broken branches that block parts of roads and highways and they may impact people’s safety or even lead to evacuations in certain areas. It doesn’t look like the wind is going to diminish any time soon. It is a warning for people to stay inside and wait until it dies down. The idea of the man filming the video, is highly dangerous, because strong winds are not a great time to go out and look at the wind and yet film it while watching debris flying in the air. In the footage, the sky and the horizon are hardly recognizable, they merged into one fierce and never-ending line of white dust and the visibility on the highway is significantly reduced to seventy yards. If the wind goes on blowing at such speed, it will undoubtedly cause damage to trees and buildings. Windstorms may last for just a few minutes when caused by downbursts from thunderstorms, or they may last for hours (and even several days) when they result from large-scale weather systems.

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Scary Storm Surprises Drivers On Serbian Highway2m22s

Scary Storm Surprises Drivers On Serbian Highway

If you are a fan of traveling, you know that it’s quite a heady feeling to see everything blur right in front of your eyes and to just enjoy the mixture of green nature has concocted. You focus more on the visual and you tune out the dreadful noise of the bustling city. Those road trips are a good way to soothe your busy mind and to recharge your batteries. However in this case things certainly turned somewhat crazy when a dense smog in Serbia created dangerous conditions for those traveling near the city on this specific day. The visibility on the Serbian highway was as low as 2 meters, according to what we can very clearly see in this video. The intense smog was also credited with road, rail and airport delays and residents were told not to leave their homes. And why would you in such unforgiving Serbia ?! Heavy rain greatly reduced visibility for cars driving along a Serbian highway. The source of this footage said some vehicles had pulled to the side of the road amid the severe conditions; others were “gliding along,” as you can see in this video. At first it seems just like heavy winds are upon their arrival, but as the driver keeps driving forward they seem to hit the middle of this blackening wind/dust/rain storm. While driving on a highway in Serbia , a strange and intense storm passes right through seemingly out of nowhere. Can anybody explain this?!

Strange Atmospheric Sounds Recorded In Iowa2m31s

Strange Atmospheric Sounds Recorded In Iowa

There are a lot of things that we can not explain to ourselves. We are drifting in a place that is just not close enough to reach the explanation about exactly how we came to be as species, about us after we cease to exist in this form, about other lives in the Universe and on our planet and about the reason why someone would invent such a thing as a fidget spinner. But all joking aside, sometimes we just can’t stop but feel that maybe, just maybe, there is something out there waiting for us to find it. What if all of those unexplained sounds and sightings in nature are just a way of communication, a way of telling us that we shouldn’t give up on our search to find the hidden? Matthew N. captured footage featuring apparent atmospheric sounds in Davenport, Iowa. What do you think it might be? We are still not sure what those sounds remind us of, but one thing is for sure - they do sound eerie. It’s something we might hear in a scene of the Lord of the Rings franchise or the Game of Thrones series. The suspense of waiting to see the outcome after the noise has stopped is killing us, but we honestly can’t know, and we might never find out. What are your thoughts about this? Do you have any idea about the origin of this sound? Make sure you tell us what you think in the comments down below.

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"Almost" snow captured on camera in Los Angeles

Sierra, a 7 year old who lives in Los Angeles, has always dreamt about snow at her house. In a freak isolated burst of weather, she got her least in her mind. The hail was actually softer and really did resemble snow. It was enough to make her ecstatic about the majestic occurrence. Don't forget about her giant Newfoundland puppy whose coat is perfectly equipped to handle and enjoy extremely cold weather. They both seemed to know it was a rare and special event. What a wonderful world!

Incredible storm in Germany knocks over massive trees with ease33s

Incredible storm in Germany knocks over massive trees with ease

Eight people were killed in Germany as Friederike, the strongest windstorm in 11 years, whipped through on Thursday. A trail of wind damage was left in its wake with roads and railways littered with debris. In some parts of the country, the wind reached an astonishing speed of 130 km/h, putting old trees to the ground as they were sticks. Watch this clip captured on a road in NRW, West-Germany, where the wind managed to lay down tree after tree, blocking one of the main roads in the area. Luckily, no one got hurt this time. This kind of storms are very unusual for this part of Europe, this being the second this month, that clears through the area, leaving a lot a damage and chaos behind.

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Storm brings expected 1m26s

Storm brings expected "most snow on Earth" and treacherous conditions

January 19, 2018 was expected to be the beginning of a weekend of record storms for the Province of British Columbia, Canada. As quoted from a Weather Network report, "Parts of British Columbia are expected to receive the MOST SNOW ON EARTH over the next few days." Ahead you will see some footage recorded in the towns of Tofino and Ucluelet on the West Coast of Vancouver Island. Crazy!

Check Out What It Looks Like To Shop For Meat At -56 F1m35s

Check Out What It Looks Like To Shop For Meat At -56 F

Temperatures in the Siberian region of Yakutia (Yakutsk) have dropped to minus 80 degrees Frahrenheit, causing people's eyelashes to freeze. Check out this fish market during minus 49 degree weather! Unreal! Don’t wanna go to school because it is too cold outside? In the village of Oymyakon, the students are expected to attend classes until temperatures hit - 62 Fahrenheit! Can you imagine the cold? Oymyakon is considered to be the coldest permanently inhabited settlement in the world, where the temperatures have just hit to a record -80 Fahrenheit. Yay, no school! So don’t complain about how cold it is, because it is not THAT cold. To give you a graphic representation as to just how cold it was, people’s eyelashes would start to freeze together into icicles ! The official weather station at the ‘pole of cold’ registered -74 degrees F, but the new electronic thermometer claimed the weather was -80 degrees, right before it broke down! Still, some locals say that the temperatures have gone beyond that, reaching to a -90! It is so cold outside, that the entire market is the frozen goods aisle! Because the soil is terrible for growing plants, the locals feed on fish and meat alone. That is the only thing they sell at the market, frozen solid fish in the form of popsicles that people bring home and cook until it is thawed. It is the world’s coldest village .

Massive Snow Storm Completely Covers Russian City3m26s

Massive Snow Storm Completely Covers Russian City

Now this is definitely something you don't see every day. Check out this amazing footage as user 'vladimir1991' managed to capture a snow storm completely covering the city of Krasnoyarsk, Russia. We have a great view of this massive storm approaching, it is frightening, but also interesting at the same time! These people from Russia are not phased at all by the massive snow storm coming their way. They look like they are very much used to these occurrences. With temperatures reaching as low as -15 Celsius, which is 5 degrees Fahrenheit, and spring warmth arriving as late as the second half of April (can you imagine that?), it is a safe bet to say that this is a normal sight for the people in Krasnoyarsk. However, watching the massive cloud of frozen water vapor, snowflakes and sleet approach the men on the pier, like a torrent out of a Hollywood disaster movie, really makes you thank Mother Nature for letting you live where you do and not in freezing Russia! At least they get to witness a very cool sight! It is quite intimidating watching the storm slowly creep its way closer to the people. You don't want to get stuck in that snow storm! Have you ever seen a storm as eerie looking as this? Let us know in the comment section down below!

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Ice storm catches British Columbia city by surprise49s

Ice storm catches British Columbia city by surprise

December 28, 2017 was the start a tough couple days for Abbotsford in British Columbia, Canada. The Greater Vancouver city was hit hard by an unexpected ice storm the evening of the 28th. Although the local weather has been near or just below the freezing mark, the last couple days have been slightly warmer, hovering around zero. Tens of thousands of local residents were without power the following day, Friday, and roads were treacherous. This footage recorded by Dave Johnson shows the damage done to trees and power poles near his home. More than 41,000 BC hydro customers were in the dark Friday after freezing rain coated much of Abbotsford and other nearby towns in a layer of ice. Police and fire departments were urging residents to stay inside and not drive unless absolutely necessary. What a mess Mother Nature dealt out this week!

Ice skating on the frozen streets of Holland40s

Ice skating on the frozen streets of Holland

You can't drive right now in Assen, Holland, but you can definitely go ice skating. And best of all, it's free! See it in practice as this girl does a couple laps to prove that these roads have a really thick layer of ice on them!

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