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Basketball prodigy breaks kid's ankles with sick move to the basket30s

Basketball prodigy breaks kid's ankles with sick move to the basket

Basketball prodigy Enzo Lee pulls off an unbelievable move at the USBA Nationals in Charlotte, North Carolina. The next NBA superstar is right here! Nothing is better than seeing young kids play the sports and games they love and see them passionate about it. The young prodigy in the video, Enzo Lee, an 8-year-old ballplayer, shows off his serious skills in a youth basketball game. He and his team were participating in the USBA Nationals in Charlotte, North Carolina. USBA is the United States Basketball Association where young kids from elementary school levels all the way to high school can compete with their teams. Enzo obviously is a young star who won victory for his team thanks to his devastating move. This move is known as "breaking the opponent's ankles". Obviously, not literally breaking them, but the trick when a basketball player is able to trick the defender out and the defender falling it down is known as “breaking your ankles”. Enzo gave his defender a little spin and then a quick change of direction to fool his defender and make him fall to the floor. Very unfortunate for the other kid but it happens, and every basketball player will tell you that it happens to everyone eventually. Nothing to be too ashamed about. Luckily, the other kid didn’t seem to phased by the move and was able to get back up and help his team on the inbound play. This shall make the young man work harder to become a better defender. Now for Enzo, this move cleared an open lane to the basket and led to an easy score for the young hooper and his team. It is not often you see a young player with this much skill and technique. These are definitely moves that older mores seasoned ball players use. He will definitely have a future in basketball if he keeps up his training and learning. He has got some great footwork, great ball handling, and a quick change of pace. It is clear he had been working very hard on his craft and is putting it on full display in front of the whole crowd. It seems like young kids are becoming more and more talented as the days go by. With social media and the internet we are now allowed to see these young phenoms from a young age as they gain popularity whether it be by video highlights, or Instagram posts, or any other popular social media sharing device. These kids are allowed to see their idols on television or the internet much more easily now than years back when popular players like Michael Jordan, Magic Johnson, or Shaq were in the league. With a press of a button these kids can see highlights of their favorite players and see their styles, so we would not be surprised if Enzo Lee is searching his favorite player’s crossover moves and emulating them in games. This is the reason why the youth players are becoming so good since they can easily watch their favorite players and try out their moves in games. As a basketball fan, it is so amazing seeing how young players can be so good so early and watch them improve. Not to mention who doesn’t love a good crossover video, it gets the entire crowd and team pumped up and we're sure it had all the kids at Enzo’s school waiting for him to come so they could get an autograph!

Young Gymnast Shows His Talent By Doing A Usual Gymnastic Routine12s

Young Gymnast Shows His Talent By Doing A Usual Gymnastic Routine

Talent these days comes in many forms. There are those people all over the world who are good enough when it comes to singing, dancing, painting and a lot more. There are also thousands and thousands of people who are experts when it comes to sports. Yes, you read it right. Being excellent in a particular sport can also be considered as a talent for certain people. Are you a sporty type of a person? Do you know and play some sports? If yes, then consider yourself a talented one. Remember, not all people are into sports. For sure, you know a number of sports that are commonly played by so many people worldwide. Some of the great examples are basketball, baseball, soccer, golf, and tennis. Even so, do you know that gymnastics is also a sport, and its becoming more and more popular every single day? Yes, you read it right! Every day, there are more and more sports-minded individuals who are engaging themselves into gymnastics. Well, you cannot blame them since such a sport is a very challenging and interesting one. And before anything else, gymnastics was only dominated by women. But these days however, you can see a number of men who are engaging into this sport. Take this as a good example. Here, you can see a young man who is practicing his gymnastics-related moves or his gymnastics routines. He is actually preparing for the Olympics competition. This explains why he is doing his best and puts an extra effort in doing his routines. As you can see, this young and talented man is more than an expert when it comes to gymnastics. He did his routine flawlessly. If you are on the exact place where this man is practicing, you will surely put yourself in the state of awe. You cannot help but admire this young man. At his very young age, he has already proven that he is a great gymnast . If you are planning to indulge yourself in this extremely challenging sports, then you need to know some important facts about it. First of all, gymnastics requires a number of things from you such as an endurance, coordination, flexibility, strength, and agility. You need to have enough amount of endurance with you so that you can endure the hardship that you may endure while practicing this sport. Keep in mind that it requires a lot of strength to perform the exercises. Thus, if you do not have enough endurance and strength, then say goodbye to gymnastics . Another thing that you should possess is extreme flexibility. Yes, you need to be very flexible because it involves a lot of things. You will do some tumblings, splits, bending of your body and a lot more. If you are not flexible enough, then you might end up breaking and straining your own body. Just in case you don't know, there are several types of gymnastics that are recognized by the Federation Internationale de Gymnastique or FIG. Some of these are the artistic gymnastics, rhythmic gymnastics, acrobatic gymnastics, and aerobic gymnastics. Watch this if you want to get inspired and engage into the world of gymnastics!

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St. Mary's Academy Crusaders vs. Midway Denton Eagles (2002)38m56s

St. Mary's Academy Crusaders vs. Midway Denton Eagles (2002)

"Quite simply, the Eagles have treated state titles like some people treat Lays potato chips. Once they get one, they're ready to have another. And another. And another. ... Midway was so dominating last year that in many games the reserves were hitting the field in the second quarter." (The Capital-Journal | Friday, August 31, 2001) Then we showed up...

Patriots bring home the Lombardi Trophy1m31s

Patriots bring home the Lombardi Trophy

"That game was real hard... and that's number five. Hell ya, that's number five," shouts New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady during a rally at Boston's City Hall following the team's Super Bowl victory parade. Credit to Reuters.

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Miraculous full court shot wins championship game!7s

Miraculous full court shot wins championship game!

With the game tied and only 1.8 seconds left on the clock, Jack Hlavin heaves up a one-handed full court shot to win the championship game for the third year in a row. You're definitely going to watch this multiple times in a row!

Snowboarding 6000 feet 1m33s

Snowboarding 6000 feet "In the Clouds"

Adrian "Wildman" Cenni shreds up the clouds 6000 feet in the air at speeds over 80mph. Pushing the limits of imagination once again with common snowboarding tricks and mesmerizing views! Facebook: Credit: Wildman Cenni.

Team USA meets Times Square1m20s

Team USA meets Times Square

Seventy-five Olympic athletes with Team USA join First Lady Michelle Obama in turning New York City's Times Square into a playing field. Havovi Cooper reports. Credit to Reuters.

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DNA Analysis Could Help Improve Your Workout1m43s

DNA Analysis Could Help Improve Your Workout

Have you ever been working out and started wondering if you were doing the correct exercise? Or maybe you asked yourself if the exercise you were doing or planning on doing is even the right one for you? Now there are new studies out there that can actually test your DNA and run tests on it and see which workouts are the best and how to best optimize training. Although this is used for athletes , I’m sure any gym goer can use it to see how to best spend their workout time and how to maximize their body’s potential! This could be a big help for all people trying to get in shape, stay fit, and even athletes that are going for gold medals! New study suggests athletes using DNA-matched training improved their performance almost three times more than those on mismatched programmes, Edward Baran reports. In this video, Greg Rutherford, is the man who is getting his DNA tested. This video was before the 2016 Olympics, in which Rutherford is training for the long jump. He was the reigning long jump gold medalist from the London games and was training to achieve gold once more! The test Rutherford took was called DNA Fit. DNA Fit uses algorithms on your DNA to see how best to train one’s body. Depending on a person’s genes, some workouts might work best for some people than others. This technology would decide which exercises you should be focusing on for training. DNA Fit takes a cheek swab to test and in roughly 10 days the data is given back to you. This detailed report will tell the person what type of training to focus on such as high intensity or low intensity, or even how sensitive their body is too different food groups. These can include carbs, sugar, sodium, alcohol, etc.! Wouldn’t this be amazing! You always hear about how certain things are bad for you but it would be great to see how these different foods or drinks directly affect your body! Studies have actually suggested that using DNA Fit to shift your diet or workout routines, have made quite a difference within athletes. In fact, it has improved their performance by almost 3 times! University of Central Lancashire, a public university in England, conducted the study on 67 young athletes over the span of 8 weeks. The company that did the tests even said that average everyday people who go to the gym could also see their performance as well. This even works well with gym goers who have trained and think they have reached a plateau. This happens when your usual training is not giving the results that it once did and you aren’t getting the same feelings from your workouts. DNA Fit could help with this as it will analyze what’s best for your body and help give the workouts needed to maximize your potential. Check out this great video featuring a different technology that shows how to help achieve better results in an efficient way. This would be a great product if available to everyone for a small price, and especially since results of the test are available in a little more than a weeks’ time! Credit to Reuters.

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