Road Rage

Road Rage Stops Traffic21s

Road Rage Stops Traffic

Occurred on July 31, 2018 / Omaha, Nebraska, USA Info from Licensor: "I was heading home from work and pulled up to this intersection in Omaha. The older man had been tailing the younger man on the left side in the video for a few miles and it reached a boiling point. The older man stepped out and approached the Subaru with his fists raised while he was yelling. He seemed to be egging the other driver on. The younger man stepped out of his Subaru and pushed the older man as he was pretty close to him. Fists started flying at that point."

Published: August 3, 201819 views
Truck attempts to run SUV off road55s

Truck attempts to run SUV off road

When coming to a curve, the gray SUV overtakes the red pickup truck, which seems to upset the driver of the red truck. Coming to another curve, the gray SUV is now in front of the red truck, and abruptly slows down in front of him. The red truck quickly changes into the other lane nearly hitting the vehicle of this dash cam, and then tries to swerve into the gray SUV in an attempt at road rage.

Published: April 27, 201720,178 views
Jeep Gives Poorly Parked BMW Push In The Right Direction41s

Jeep Gives Poorly Parked BMW Push In The Right Direction

Cars bring out the worst in us . We are so impatient to reach point B that we absolutely hate the way to get there. We’re twitchy and angry at anyone standing in our way. The roads are too crowded, the cars are too slow, the red light is too long and apparently everyone forgot how to drive during those 10 minutes of your ride. If we think that traffic is bad, just you wait until you see the parking lot . Parking lots were designed by the devil! The white grids that tell us where we should park are triggering an irresistible desire to rant about the people that parked in the middle of the line. Seriously, ‘though, there are two lines and a slot in between, it doesn’t get clearer than that. We guess that this driver shared the sentiment because what he did satisfied our anger just a bit. Instant karma is always beautiful to witness, especially when it involves an expensive BMW that was lazily parked outside the lines. This Jeep knows exactly how to fix the situation, and justice is delivered! The big vehicle gets on the side of the BMW and slowly starts to push it with the front of the car. The BMW glides to the right and is placed in its correct space. Next time, the driver will make sure they park inside the lines.

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Dangerous road range encounter between motorcycle and Tesla47s

Dangerous road range encounter between motorcycle and Tesla

Traffic safety is of the utmost importance, and no matter how much in a hurry we are, we must never disrespect the other drivers and put their life in danger! There are no excuses for behaving poorly on the freeway. In this video, we can see a tense moment occurs when a reckless Tesla Model S driver cuts off a man riding a motorcycle, nearly causing an accident on the Camden/Branham/HWY 85 on-ramp in California. Not cool! All drivers should always consider other people's safety, and drive responsibly and carefully, so let's hope that's a lesson learned for the reckless driver!

Published: November 3, 20161,828,894 views
This Is Why You Never Steal A Jeep's Parking Spot 1m00s

This Is Why You Never Steal A Jeep's Parking Spot

This is what you get when you show how much you have been paying attention in class about manners and common courtesy! That yellow Jeep was waiting patiently in line for a car to come out of a parking spot, when another zoomed right it and took the spot instead! Pissed off, the driver of the Jeep seems to be parking right behind that red sedan, as if to box him in. Then he gets out and starts jumbling with something at the front bumper. What is he doing? That driver did what most of us who have found ourselves in a similar situation have wanted to do! He puts a tow hook on the sedan's rear bumper and hauls him out of there! We think we have found out new hero! It looks like there were plenty of other available parking spot on that lot, but this isn't just about finding a spot anymore. This should be a lesson! Thankfully, security cameras from the lot caught the whole thing on tape, otherwise we never would have believed our ears if someone tried to retell us this as an anecdote! Some viewers question the authenticity of the footage, others the legality. We will never find out what the driver of the sedan did when he saw his car in the middle of the road, but serves him right!

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Road rage incident turns into instant karma1m25s

Road rage incident turns into instant karma

After dropping her kids off at school, this mom's dash cam captures an intense moment of road rage in Nipomo, California on Tefft Street. It appears to have started just before the post office at the beginning of the video with the classic car on the side of the road, continuing on just before Pomeroy. Make sure to watch until the end because it appears the cops got their guy!

Police Car Runs Red Light Without Lights or Sirens: Causes Accident2m15s

Police Car Runs Red Light Without Lights or Sirens: Causes Accident

Occurred March 27, 2016 / Clearwater, FL, USA Info From Licensor: "In Clearwater beach FL on 3/27/16 I witnessed this. In the video you see a white car run the stop light prior to the cop. This car was fleeing a traffic stop miles away. Police do not chase in Clearwater so that is why he turned off his lights. He then proceeded to run the red light, with his lights still off, causing the accident. You can also see the police attempting to pick up the injured driver before EMS arrives. Driver left in an ambulance, police officer was fine. The local media only covered the SUSPECT crashing a block away. Nothing about this." - Joshua Scuddy

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Special Kind of Stupid30s

Special Kind of Stupid

Occurred April 13, 2016 / Phoenix, AZ, USA Info from Licensor: "I was driving home from work and traffic slows down. I was simply not expecting what I find coming my way on a busy highway. I attempted to give the individual a clear path off the highway. He doesn't take it." - Jeffrey James Otto Tickell

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Cop Karma5s

Cop Karma

Info: A truck with a window sticker insulting cops gets pulled over. Location: Marion, NC, USA Date: March 31, 2016

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Road Rage and Getting Assaulted8m22s

Road Rage and Getting Assaulted

Info From Licensor: " (I was) traveling to work when car driver goes on a rampage and tries to run me off the road, lucky i missed him all the time." - Rone Gonzalez Location: Homestead, FL, USA Occurrence Date: April 4, 2016 Credit: Rone Gonzalez /

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Woman hits cop cars58s

Woman hits cop cars

Location: Gastonia NC Occurrence Date: October 8, 2015 Info From Licensor: "This is the car flipped after it ran off." ----- Woman hits cop cars in Gastonia NC.

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Woman hits cop cars1m13s

Woman hits cop cars

Location: Gastonia, NC, USA Occurrence Date: October 8, 2015 Woman hits cop cars in Gastonia NC

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Fw:Thinking: Reusable Rockets49s

Fw:Thinking: Reusable Rockets

In November of 2015, Blue Origin launched a vehicle into suborbital space and then returned the rocket to earth and landed it upright... Then they did it again with the same launch vehicle.

Red Mustang Crash on I-85 in South Carolina5m00s

Red Mustang Crash on I-85 in South Carolina

On a beautiful Sunday morning, September 20, 2015, while driving through South Carolina on I-85 southbound, near Exit 54, a late model Mustang driving extremely fast, tried to cut between my tour bus & a car in the right lane. Needless to say, he completely lost it and gave my passengers a thrill show, they will remember for a long time.

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Truck Tire Shreds On The Highway19s

Truck Tire Shreds On The Highway

While escorting A 240,000 GVW oversize truck at 14'3" wide and about 140' long through Missouri the trailer blew a tire and the driver had no escape route due to a vehicle directly behind and beside him. He received a dented hood and cracked windshield.

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Cop Maces Innocent Bikers!41s

Cop Maces Innocent Bikers!

Info From Licensor: "During the big ride today we had a law enforcement officer, that looked as if he was pulling over a truck, stepped out of his vehicle with mace in hand and began spraying it towards the riders with intention of causing an accident!!! This is a video EVERYONE NEEDS TO WATCH!! Law enforcement is here to protect and serve, not intentionally try to harm others... Please, share this video with others to raise awareness about these particular behavior's being displayed by many of our local law enforcement employees. ***THIS WAS BEYOND DANGEROUS***"

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Man Is Tailgating The Car In Front Of Him — Then The Other Driver Decides He's Had Enough 1m00s

Man Is Tailgating The Car In Front Of Him — Then The Other Driver Decides He's Had Enough

This dash-cam footage is from a fully loaded semi, driving southbound on highway 41 near Little Chute, Wisconsin. As it is a very heavy vehicle, smart driver’s notice his slow speed and pass it around, using turn signals on and everything. As the truck goes through an overpass bridge, two black SUVs pass the heavy vehicle in the left lane. Now, we all know what the left lane serves for. If you come across a slow-moving vehicle in front of you, use the left lane to pass it around and continue on your journey driving at the maximum speed allowed. The road in front of the semi, however, seems to be full of slower vehicles, so the first SUV probably wanted to pass them all before switching lanes, but the second SUV seems to have wanted to speed things up a bit. So they did what every respectable driver on this planet hates the most - they tailgated the car in front of them. No one wants when people “breathe down their necks", or in this case, rear bumpers. That second SUV came pretty close to the one in front, so they got what they asked for. The first SUV slams on the breaks, causing the tailgater to lose control of their car in the middle of a highway and drive through the central barrier. The rules on the road are there for all of us. We don’t think break-checking someone is a good idea, but the driver of a SUV with plates that say “PRINSES" sure got what she asked for. While on the subject of terrible drivers that want to bypass the rules of traffic and semis, we just have to tell you what happens when you try the opposite of “PRINSES” here. We hope we don’t have to tell you how big semis can be. Given they have to haul enormous amount of freight, semis have moving power that can be difficult to stop at a moment's notice, so you would be smart to steer clear of their path if you find yourself near them on the freeway. This driver, however, was "fortunate" enough to have the finger shown to him by the driver of that van, just before he tries to brake check the semi . If you ignore the rudeness, all you are left to judge upon is the guy's reasoning. What was he thinking? The finger was retrieved just before the semi's momentum nudged the driver into some sense and he slammed the gas pedal! Thank goodness for that dash cam. This other driver had it much worse and that was purely out of negligence. A semi driver had the most unfortunate thing happen to them on the highway some 2 miles outside Lewisville. They are trying to over take a caravan in the middle lane, but a silver sedan from the far right lane tries to move to the far left lane on the highway, right in front of the heavy vehicle, cutting him off ! The result is not at all pleasing. This here is natural selection at it's finest!

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Russian Road Rage Leads to Intense Confrontation19s

Russian Road Rage Leads to Intense Confrontation

Info: It's a scene right out of a movie: a group of men are in a nasty road rage argument, punctuated by angry plumes of cigarette smoke. In a show of superior bad-assness, one guy hops on the hood of the escaping car and the most stone-cold guy actually punches out the window of the moving car, still puffing angrily on his cigarette. Yikes!! Occurred: February 10, 2016 / Karelia, Russia

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Crazy Driver At The Marriott!!!2m32s

Crazy Driver At The Marriott!!!

Info From Licensor: "Driver crashed into Marriott building and video starts recording." Location: Newark, CA Occurrence Date: February 13, 2016

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Pauls Corner Idiots25s

Pauls Corner Idiots

Info From Licensor: "Saw the antics in the rear view mirror. Captured it all on the dash cam." Location: "Paul's Corner", Salt Ash, NSW, Australia Occurrence Date: January 11, 2016

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