Man Is Victim Of Broken Chair Prank19s

Man Is Victim Of Broken Chair Prank

A man decides to test out a chair to see whether it is to his liking or not. At first he seems pretty happy with the chair's plush upholstery. But when he starts testing out the chair's reclining capabilities, well let's just say that he should have quit while he was ahead.

Published: January 27, 20161,586 views
Why You Shouldn't Enhale Helium32s

Why You Shouldn't Enhale Helium

A popular party trick and cheap source of entertainment is sucking in helium from a balloon and talking with the funny changed voice. Well, this kid tried to take in as much helium as he could to achieve optimal voice changing, but what happened instead was that he blacked out!

Published: April 20, 20161,313 views
Cute brothers get pranked by parents33s

Cute brothers get pranked by parents

Two parents give both of their sons' cups of water telling them there's going to be a surprise. The boys close their eyes and are given the cups, holding them face up. They open their eyes as the parents say April Fools. The two boys are puzzled. The parents ask how will they get rid of the cups. One flat out dumps the water on the table.

Published: November 25, 20151,286 views
Gender reveal prank ends with a bang2m02s

Gender reveal prank ends with a bang

The time had come. Ryan and Megan had chosen that they wanted to know the gender of their baby. Three months into her pregnancy and she was getting eager to know whether the new little Ferguson was going to a boy or a girl. Of course either way that little baby is going to be loved more than anything. With both sides of the family quite close this was a very exciting time. Megan's sisters had thought hard and done all the planning of the type of reveal this was going to be. Ryan and Megan wanted this to be a big surprise for them. Kelly and Dana got very creative and even had rules. Upon the game commencing the noise and anxiety rose for almost everyone in attendance. Ryan had friends from elementary school, yes his kindergarten class, and Megan had many of her close friends as well. Elsa, Ryan's step mom had prepared an incredible meal for all the guests making this a wonderful evening of friends and family. Working their way through the first stage of the reveal was fun. Soon everyone was seeing the balloons showing this was going to be a girl.... but then there was a twist. You will see the expression on Megan's face when Ryan and her are down to the last two balloons. One boy and one girl balloon. Which will have the surprise inside? One, Two, Three... Now you will have to watch the video to see the outcome. Keep an eye on the picture in picture inset and catch the SUPER EXCITEMENT of Ryan's step mom, it is classic. What a great evening this was. Many were surprised which gender the little surprise was, all because many had the same "feeling" as to the gender. Very joyful outcome with tears of joy and many hugs for the soon to be new mom and dad. Ryan and Megan, here comes the most exciting time of your lives. Bella the family dog is sure to make for a great "big sister".

Hilarious prankster makes money off scaring pedestrians1m51s

Hilarious prankster makes money off scaring pedestrians

This hilarious prankster hides in a stall with his head and hands inside puppets. Innocent pedestrians get a good scare as this seemingly random stall suddenly comes to life! This was on the busy shopping street Via Del Corso in Rome. Many people stopped to watch this prankster in action, he definitely earned a few good tips!

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The Most Satisfying Pie Prank Ever34s

The Most Satisfying Pie Prank Ever

The pie in the face prank is one of the classics and has not been properly appreciated in a long time. But these guys pull one of the most satisfying pie pranks in all of history of classic pranks. This is one prank that you are not going to want to miss!

Published: April 14, 2016970 views
Ten Hilarious Pranks To Try On April Fool's Day1m46s

Ten Hilarious Pranks To Try On April Fool's Day

April Fool's day is coming up very soon which means that you need to think of a good prank quick! Well if you are in need of a few good ideas, this compilation has ten ridiculously funny pranks that are sure to give you all the inspiration you need!

Published: March 16, 2016949 views
Dad Claims To Be Tired Of Mean People, Then Pranks His Daughter19s

Dad Claims To Be Tired Of Mean People, Then Pranks His Daughter

Mean people, right? What is it with some that just want to feel better about themselves by pushing other people down? Usually, the advice goes that if you ever do encounter one such personality, you better just leave them be, turn your back around and have them vent out to the rocks and trees. This dad knows exactly how that feels and he had a very good point to convey in his video...if it weren’t all a prank for his young daughter. The RealMJ has a lovely little girl about the age of 5 and a really tiny baby, both of whom he loves to bits. But as any dad would go, even Mike Jordan is prone to some silly pranks, daddy-style. So it is summertime and the inflatable pool is up and running in the backyard of the family’s home in California. The girl is all dressed up in her swimming suit, having some innocent fun around the water, unaware that her loving dad is brewing something in his head. “I’m getting tired of mean people, Internet. Quit being mean . There’s no place in this world for mean people,” says MJ at the beginning of his video. He makes quite a solid point right there, but then he makes a few steps to approach his daughter by the pool and nudges her in the water! Is this the kind of mean people he was talking about just a few seconds earlier? Or some other variety? The girl obviously got the joke, because she starts laughing as soon as she gathers her wits. “Dad, why did you do that to me?” she asks, but we all know the answer to this question. Dads will be dads, with their dry humor and silly pranks. You can’t help but love them! Mike may be a prankster, but what he really loves is dancing with his older girl. This one time, when mom wasn’t home, she set up a camera to show just how dad watches over the kids . He played a karaoke program for the girl, while he was doing some chores. Dad comes from down the hall, carrying the load from the laundry machine (go, dad!), when he decided to skip the chores and do something fun with his babies instead! He starts doing the robot dance, much to his big daughter’s enjoyment, so she turns towards daddy and starts dancing with him! Amusing video of a cheeky father has emerged pranking his daughter while giving a speech on how sick he is of the hate speech spread on social media. The hilarious footage shows the man giving a serious speech on how he hates mean people, while pushing his daughter into the inflatable pool in their yard. This video serves as an important message on how hypocrisy changes people. The father is obviously joking, and only wants to play a joke on his daughter, much to our amusement. Aren’t they just the cutest? What did you think about this video? Make sure you tell us more in the comments down below. If you like what you see, don’t forget to share it with others who might like it as well. It just might be the highlight of their day! Enjoy!

When Your Dad Is A Giant Troll1m15s

When Your Dad Is A Giant Troll

What is it with dads and pranks? They just can't seem to help themselves when they see the perfect opportunity to pull a prank. And as it turns out, dads are great at finding those golden opportunities, such as this one. This trolling dad pulls the classic never ending shampoo prank.

Published: March 17, 2016903 views
Dad and daughter pull christmas iPhone prank on mom57s

Dad and daughter pull christmas iPhone prank on mom

The holiday season is full of surprises, both under the tree and inside stockings. This Mother is in for a holiday surprise when her daughter unwraps a new cell phone. Everything is great, until we see her Mom's hilarious reaction. Clearly, the gift is a surprise to both of them!

Published: December 18, 2015834 views
Mom and son have unusual cleaning routine30s

Mom and son have unusual cleaning routine

It can often take a little bit of effort to get your kids to help clean. This family added a unique cleaning ritual to their itinerary. It involves a marker, some water and sliding across the floor. Sadly it does not work as well as they would have liked but props for creativity.

Published: November 3, 2015786 views
Car dent note prank2m39s

Car dent note prank

Check out this prank from RobbyTv where he leaves a note on people's car saying I left a dent and have no money. Make sure to watch till the end for a happy surprise.

Published: July 26, 2016688 views
Guy 1m43s

Guy "discovers" amazing TV life hack

As the title implies, new discoveries about Smart devices are being made every day and this one in particular will blow your mind! No remote controls or smart phones are necessary. Just follow the extremely easy how-to tutorial layout steps to the letter. With just a few everyday household items, you too can magically shut off any television without having to leave the comfort of your cozy couch. Amazing!

7 Hilarious Pranks That You'll Want To Try On April Fool's Day1m17s

7 Hilarious Pranks That You'll Want To Try On April Fool's Day

These people have got the right idea for getting ready for April Fool's Day! These seven hilarious pranks are sure to get you in the pranking mood and even inspire your very own practical jokes to pull on the big day that's coming up! Don't forget to grab a camera and get it all on tape!

Published: March 30, 2016543 views
Tesla Summons Feature Prank on Our Teenager25s

Tesla Summons Feature Prank on Our Teenager

Occurred on May 15, 2016 / Norwalk, CA, USA Info From Licensor: "I wanted to prank our son as he is a prankster with us being the victim all the time. We added the Summon feature on our Tesla and did not tell him so he had no idea when the car started to move. He thought he had inadvertently made the car come out of gear." - William Morrise

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