Prank Call Between Two Tech Support Agents Is A Success 3m36s

Prank Call Between Two Tech Support Agents Is A Success

Prank calls are hilarious when they are pulled off properly, especially when they are between two people from the same company! Check out this prank call made to Bell Mobility in Canada. A subscriber of the service managed to merge two different Tech Support agents onto one line and sat back as the two attempted to offer support to one another! Hilarious! This subscriber gave us a good laugh and showed off his impressive prank calling skills! Some people don't even know how to merge two different numbers. This is awesome. As the conversation between the two tech support agents continues we can't help but laugh. They have no idea idea what is going on and seem to be very confused. The first tech support agent is very confused when she hears the french speaking person on the phone, she thinks it's a costumer. The french tech support agent also thinks she is a costumer. She then tells the english tech support agent that she will transfer her to an english speaking tech support agent, but she already is one! Could this get anymore confusing? Thankfully they are able to end the call with a good laugh. They had no idea they were being pranked. This video definitely puts a smile on your face! Have you ever prank called someone before? Let us know in the comment section down below!

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Snowman Spreads Holiday Cheer By Scaring Unsuspecting Passersby2m19s

Snowman Spreads Holiday Cheer By Scaring Unsuspecting Passersby

The year is slowly drawing to a close and before Christmas comes, Halloween is around the corner. Time to put on a costume, relax and share some cheer with all of your nearest and dearest. Festive seasons are also the most wonderful time of the year to surprise somebody with a nice present, a trip or maybe a new house. With snow in the forecast, the mind turns to the innocent joys of wintertime like snowball fights, snow angels and building snowmen. Or if you're completely evil, obtaining a snowman costume and using it to scare the leaping skin off of unsuspecting pedestrians. Why not sweep somebody off their feet by putting on a costume that it apparently looks like a huge unmovable toy but it is actually a costume of a man hiding inside? It is the infamous ‘Scary Snowman’ who is back again for Halloween ! Set up outside of Style Newport on a busy pedestrian street in Newport, Rhode Island, the evil snowman scares countless individuals passing by! Check out some of the priceless reactions. Credit to 'TheScarySnowman'. Mr. Snowman jumps at the people who pass by him and stops the victim's heart for a few seconds. Hilarity is guaranteed. One would think Frosty the Snowman would be roaming the city streets to spread some holiday cheer. In reality, though, he is nobody else but Frosty’s evil twin who’s spreading some unexpected joy of unsuspecting passersby in Newport. This joker leaves pedestrians jumping in the air after giving them a sudden attacks of fright in this festive camera prank. Nobody gets angry at the Snowman in action. He looks scary but his intentions are pure - he just wants us to have some fun while watching the people yelp like little puppies. Our reaction would be probably the same, nevertheless it’s hilarious. None of the pedestrians snaps at him, they are actually having a nice laugh after realizing that a living man is hiding underneath. The video has us in fits of giggle and it is one of those that ensures to make your day! This isn’t the first time Rhode Island has been pranked by this evil Snowman , either. But no matter how many times he revisits, the laughs get funnier and funnier. Some of the innocent pedestrians are minding their own business while others seem intrigued by the strange presence. Almost all belt out when the still costume makes a sudden move. He even puzzles some with the noise of flatulence that is equally funny. Freaky also isn’t shy to take a selfie or two. We would be shocked out of my mind, what about you? Part of us says “don’t laugh”, only because we are sure we would scream our head off if a perfectly still decorative snowman suddenly lunged at us and growled. But then again, some of these reactions are priceless. What do you think about this video? Make sure you tell us more in the comments down below. If you like what you see, don’t forget to share it with others who might like it as well. It just might be the highlight of their day! Enjoy!

'Boo' prank on unsuspecting pedestrians38s

'Boo' prank on unsuspecting pedestrians

With Halloween around the corner, it's the time of year for some scary pranks! Here's a simple one which resulted in some priceless reactions. Credit: UpCycleClub.

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iPhone bending 'gone wrong' prank1m41s

iPhone bending 'gone wrong' prank

Watch as magician 'Jibrizy' pretends to bend and "accidentally" break a few iPhones during this public prank segment. Looks like a few participants completely fell for the illusion!

Published: October 17, 2014132,750 views
'Freeze Frame' photo prank4m17s

'Freeze Frame' photo prank

Two pranksters walk up to random pedestrians in Greece and ask if it's okay to take a picture with them, but instead of snapping a photo, they decide to record them posing in front of the lens. Check out some of the priceless reactions!

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Ice Cream Vendor Pranks Kid24s

Ice Cream Vendor Pranks Kid

A precious little boy was delighted to get an ice cream from a street vendor in Singapore, but he was in for a surprise. No worries though, the little guy eventually got his ice cream Turns out, the ice cream vendor had some tricks up his sleeve and decided to pull a harmless prank on the boy. The trick is the following: as the boy reaches out to get his cone of ice cream, the vendor quickly twists the cone upside down so the boy misses and is left empty-handed. The vendor repeats this move several times, and then he lets the kid have his cone, but guess what, the cone is now empty without the ice cream in it. He pulls the same trick, over and over again, filling the ice cream scoop spoon with extra ice cream every time he fools the kid. The kid is amused and enjoys the show. Finally, the kid gets his three scoops of ice cream with an extra smile on his face. The trick is so cool and entertaining that the little boy didn't mind it at all. Moreover, the boy even got a cool story to share with his friends and the vendor got a satisfied customer.

Men Pull Most Ridiculous Prank On Shoppers3m15s

Men Pull Most Ridiculous Prank On Shoppers

Sometimes you just don’t want to know all of the contents of the world wide web. Sure, we’ve stumbled upon some ingenious ideas and we’ve been able to appreciate the creativity of mankind, but as always, there are some downfalls. After a while of watching tips and tricks we’d be lying if we say that we haven’t delved into the darker corners filled with pranks and memes. Here’s one example of those contents. We leave it up to you to decide whether you think this prank tips towards the levels of genius or is just plain wrong. The footage shows us two pranksters called Andrew Scites and Justin Stuart trying to spice up the trips to the store to some unsuspecting customers . It all starts with both of them and a little baby, so you just know that this could either go really bad, or really hilarious. The jokesters are seen approaching the shoppers and telling them that they have something in their hair. Being the good samaritans that they are, they offer to help them get it out of their hair, literally. All of a sudden, a woman appears from the back of the customers and hands over a baby to Andrew and Justin. They proceed to lift it over the victims’ heads and show it to them. We don’t know if we should call this prank a success, because as soon as they see cute baby Isaac, they are smitten and they don’t even care that they just got pranked.

Fake Apple Watch prank outside Apple store3m17s

Fake Apple Watch prank outside Apple store

With the new Apple Watch being revealed in California on September 9th, 2014, 'Mim_Shake' went outside the Apple Store on Regent Street in London, England on Wednesday the 10th with an Apple Watch of his own, the iWatch, to get some feedback. Take a look and see who'd fall for believing the new 'Apple Watch' was actually just an iPhone 5 stuck to a Casio watch. Follow @Mim_Shake for more and also the best hidden cameraman in UK: @ReubenRoyal. A JumpOff.TV Production.

Dad pranks 11-year-old son (Wait for it!)27s

Dad pranks 11-year-old son (Wait for it!)

'JoshFairbanks' decided to pull off a classic scare prank on his 11-year-old son Logan, and his reaction was absolutely priceless! Should Logan make a revenge video? Credit to 'JoshFairbanks'.


"Magician" pranks volunteers with glass trick

From 'JStuStudios', "We go around with a wine glass full of water and ask people if we can show them a magic trick. Little do they know, this isn't really a magic trick. Watch as these people get very confused as they get stuck with nowhere to go as we trick them into this simple, yet hilarious prank!"

Bus commuters pranked by fake airline safety announcements2m53s

Bus commuters pranked by fake airline safety announcements

What would it be like if there was an airplane style safety speech on the bus? The team from 'SNiPERMUSIC TV' dressed up as authentic steward and stewardess', boarded a bus in London, England, brought in a megaphone, and even offered some 'in-flight' snacks and towels! Bus Etiquette: 1. Carry on items should be stowed under your seat. 2. Don't block the window seat! 3. There is no free wi-fi, talk to each other. 4. If you need to make a call, keep your voice down. 5. Avert from making eye contact with strangers (unless you intend to talk) 6. Don't give up your seat for anyone, if they made it upstairs they can stand. (top deck only) 7. There is only 1 emergency exit. 8. No smoking (unless you're a tough guy) 9. To alight, press the red button just before your stop. 10. You can not get off the bus mid-ride (unless you're a spice) 11. You must secretly film any fights, racism or people falling over. 12. Store young children in the big gap with no seats. Bus Steward: Search 'MimShake'. Bus Stewardess: Search 'JodieAnneTaylor'.

Mom pulls off the worst prank ever1m12s

Mom pulls off the worst prank ever

Is there a better way to be welcomed then with a little prank? Nope! This father hasn't had the best day at work and to top it off, his family was plotting a prank against him at home! This wife and son decided they were going to put silly string on him as well as a throwing a water balloon at him. As the mother started to spray the silly string all over him, his reaction was priceless. At first he didn't budge, he was in shock and was not expecting his family to do this to him. Once it gets right in his face, he quickly turns around and slams on the door. I don't think he is enjoying this prank very much. The prank isn't complete yet, his son has to finish it off with a water balloon. I don't think this was the reaction they were expecting from him. It's a good thing they got it all on video, this is definitely something they are going to want to watch together as a family. Such a hilarious moment! Do you want to pull off a good prank on someone? Check out this colourful <a target="_blank" href="">silly string </a><img src="//" width="1" height="1" border="0" alt="" style="border:none !important; margin:0px !important;" /> product! Hopefully the person you want to prank is in a good mood!

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Dinosaur prank scares unsuspecting victims2m25s

Dinosaur prank scares unsuspecting victims

The crew that brought us the Scary Snowman last year are back again to haunt our dreams, but this time, it is something we all though is ancient and long extinct! The Prank Bros teamed up with KHAEntertainment to pull off this epic dinosaur prank. Using a nest with eggs in it as bait, a mother dinosaur jumped out of the bushes every time pedestrians got too close. Some of the reactions were absolutely priceless. There is a split second where every single person that fell victim to this heartless prank suspended all rational thought and believed that dinosaurs are back again. It's Jurrasic Park, people! Thankfully, that T-Rex mask is too ridiculous to look real, not to mention the pair of human legs on the bottom, even though they are clad in black. We are surprised that not one of those people that came across on their bikes or roller blades fell over! But the best victims have to be the two gentlemen who just stood there as the dinosaur emerged, looked at it for a moment and burst out laughing! Did you like this prank? Then check out the other clips on TheScarySnowman's channel! Filmed on the Bike Path in Barrington, Rhode Island. Check out Prank Bros Original Pranks and KHAEntertainment for more great content! Look up and follow 'TheScarySnowman'. Music, Intro: Enerjohn.

Pregnant girl smoking in public - How would you react?4m47s

Pregnant girl smoking in public - How would you react?

Check out this social experiment from 'Mike Oxfloppin' which casts some attention on tobacco awareness. With the help of one of his "pregnant" friends, they manage to capture people's reactions after she asks them for a lighter for her cigarette. Hopefully, this video will raise awareness on the potential negative effects of tobacco during pregnancy. How would you react in that situation?

Making people paranoid with a pringles can3m05s

Making people paranoid with a pringles can

Prank culture is out of control. Rob Anderson set out with a can of Pringles and a fake hidden camera to see how many people he could make paranoid about getting pranked. How do you think you would react?

Pulling Stuff Out of People's Hair 'Prank'3m58s

Pulling Stuff Out of People's Hair 'Prank'

Sometimes a prank can be so simple, it's brilliant. JStuStudios pulled off a pretty effortless joke on several people at a grocery store. It worked so well, the ease of the execution may be funnier than the premise itself!

College Pranksters Dunk on Unsuspecting Students2m49s

College Pranksters Dunk on Unsuspecting Students

Check out this priceless prank starring Cabot Phillips, Timmy Steffens, Christian Glackin and Hudson Phillips. They decided to around campus at Liberty University and dunk on random, unsuspecting students. Everyone who was dunked on agreed to let them use the footage for the video. All editing and producing was done by Jon Milograno. Special thanks to the Gill Family, Andrew Smith, and Justin Kintzel. All music was found at "Royalty Free Dubstep."

Water Bowl Prank Totally Backfires56s

Water Bowl Prank Totally Backfires

Don't you just love it when a prank backfires like this? Watch how this situation gets turned around after a water bowl prank is attempted. From Kane Foster.

Trolling Random Car Drivers2m45s

Trolling Random Car Drivers

Take a look at this hilarious car prank from JeRKs. A really simple and genius way to totally confuse car owners. Check out more from JeRKs TV.

Published: March 4, 201461,875 views
Valentine's Day Prank Gone Horribly Wrong1m02s

Valentine's Day Prank Gone Horribly Wrong

After filming a Valentine's Day video and getting only female reactions, this guy decided to get some reactions from the male population. Unfortunately this prank goes horribly wrong after approaching two bouncers. Tough crowd! Credit: YouTube Channel - AverageBroTV

Katy Perry's 'Roar' Sung Badly In Public2m59s

Katy Perry's 'Roar' Sung Badly In Public

We're all guilty of terribly singing our favorite song in public when we get carried away in the tune. This just means that we enjoy the music so much, that we just don't care about anything else in our surroundings. This guy had exactly that in mind when he made a hilarious prank by singing Katy Perry's 'Roar” in public. Take a look at this entertaining prank from 'mikeoxfloppin'. Most of us have probably thought about doing this at one point or another. Walking around in public singing your favorite song, terribly!

Asking For Directions - Freestyle Rap Prank!3m01s

Asking For Directions - Freestyle Rap Prank!

Shockwave and Flytalker take to the streets of New York City to ask for (and give) directions the only way they know, by freestyling! Creators: Patrick Noth and Chris Sullivan. Brought to you by team at UCB Comedy.

Published: February 4, 20142,291 views
Petting Invisible Animals Prank3m27s

Petting Invisible Animals Prank

How would you react in this situation? Mike Oxfloppin walks around a shopping center petting and interacting with invisible animals. Unsurprisingly, shoppers were a little spooked out by it!