Playing scare pranks on mom1m32s

Playing scare pranks on mom

They say being a mom is one of the greatest experiences a person can have. Unfortunately, it can also be one of the scariest. These moms were in for a fright when their families pulled some scary pranks on them.

Published: October 7, 20154,217 views
5 Hilarious Pranks With Plot Twists That You Won't See Coming1m03s

5 Hilarious Pranks With Plot Twists That You Won't See Coming

There are some classic prank videos where you can pretty much guess what's going to happen next. Well here are five hilarious pranks that have surprising plot twist endings that you won't see coming! These people are on a whole new level of comedic genius.

Published: March 18, 20164,004 views
The Perfect Water Office Prank18s

The Perfect Water Office Prank

This has got to be one of the most well executed office pranks that have come about in recent years. A man hides in the most unexpected places in the office by the water cooler and waits patiently for his victim to enter into the trap. And when an unassuming woman walks in to fill up her water bottle, she gets more than the bargained for.

Published: February 2, 20163,959 views
Construction Site Prank34s

Construction Site Prank

Occurred on January 24, 2016 / South Wales, United Kingdom Info From Licensor: "My friend and I were working putting a twin unit together right near were someone had dug a hole! So we thought it would be a good idea to cover it over with some thin last of wood, plastic sheet and then sand to completely hide said hole to catch our other unsuspecting friend out! Which as we think many agree, worked a treat!!"

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Mom pranks son with water bottle magic trick40s

Mom pranks son with water bottle magic trick

A mother prepares a magic trick for her son. She puts a quarter under a water bottle and puts a cover over it. She then asks her son to say the magic word. He says the word abracadabra, as she lifts the cover off and looks inside. He looks in only for her to shoot him in the face with water. That was the greatest trick of all.

Published: November 25, 20153,706 views
Mom pranks daughter on her first april fools day35s

Mom pranks daughter on her first april fools day

A mother tells a little redheaded girl about April Fools day and the nature of practical jokes as she eats her breakfast. The girl is confused about practical jokes until she tries to take a spoonful of her cheerios. It is hard and she spoon cannot break into it.

Published: November 25, 20153,338 views
8 People Who Got Got By April Fool's Scare Pranks1m53s

8 People Who Got Got By April Fool's Scare Pranks

Some people are able to be cool as a cucumber under immense pressure and emotional strain, while others not so much. These eight people are nobly facing their fears. Fortunately for them they make it out alive, but unfortunately their pride does not. You are not going to want to miss out on these hilarious reactions.

Published: March 18, 20163,121 views
A Hilarious Prank You Can Pull For Just A Penny1m13s

A Hilarious Prank You Can Pull For Just A Penny

Pranks have gotten more and more elaborate over the years which means that pranks have gotten more and more expensive! Well this genius dad was able to pull the ultimate practical joke on his son and it only cost him a penny! Don't believe us? Watch this hilarious video and find out!

Published: April 5, 20163,106 views
My Reaction When A Prank Gets Derailed30s

My Reaction When A Prank Gets Derailed

This family decides to pull the classic shaving cream prank on a snoozing grandpa. Once the prank is set up and triggered, the result is of course hilarious. At least it is to everyone except the youngest spectator there. This boy's reaction to the prank is almost too sweet to handle.

Published: January 26, 20163,097 views
Mom Pranks Son With Baby Monitor39s

Mom Pranks Son With Baby Monitor

This little kid gets scared when he starts hearing a strange voice talking to him from his room. When he asks who's talking, the voice tells him that it's his worst nightmare. What he doesn't realize is that it's just his mom pulling a prank on him with the baby monitor!

Published: April 27, 20162,858 views
Girl pranks friend with frog13s

Girl pranks friend with frog

Imagine you are enjoying a nice relaxing day at the pool, minding your own business, and suddenly you feel something land on your head. You don't think much of it at first and just casually wipe it away. Only when your hand hits the foreign object you realize it is actually a frog your friend placed on your head. This teenage girl does not have to imagine because it is exactly what happened to her.

Published: January 7, 20162,412 views
Asking For Directions - Freestyle Rap Prank!3m01s

Asking For Directions - Freestyle Rap Prank!

Shockwave and Flytalker take to the streets of New York City to ask for (and give) directions the only way they know, by freestyling! Creators: Patrick Noth and Chris Sullivan. Brought to you by team at UCB Comedy.

Published: February 4, 20142,291 views
Aunt Learns To Defy Gravity1m19s

Aunt Learns To Defy Gravity

One of the most universal fears that people have is the fear of heights. Which is pretty understandable since we're not really meant to be too far off the surface of the earth. Well this lady certainly prefers to keep her feet planted firmly on the ground, especially after this hilarious prank that her family pulled on her!

Published: March 17, 20162,252 views
15 Fantastic Office Pranks That Will Inspire You For April Fool's Day1m41s

15 Fantastic Office Pranks That Will Inspire You For April Fool's Day

Sometimes a day at the office needs a little jolt of excitement to get that creative and productive juices flowing again. And a great way to do just that is by pulling a few harmless office pranks! Here are 15 laugh out loud office pranks that are sure to inspire you just in time for April Fool's Day!

Published: March 17, 20162,089 views
Boy Has A Hilarious Reaction When Mom Tells Him She Ate All The Halloween Candies 1m22s

Boy Has A Hilarious Reaction When Mom Tells Him She Ate All The Halloween Candies

As a kid, Halloween might be one of the best holidays around! Aside from Christmas, where you receive a bunch of presents and gifts, Halloween is right up there. Kids love to dress up as their favorite superheros, television characters, or monsters, and kids really love their candy. Most parents usually take their candy away at the end of the night so they can portion control how much candy their kids eat. Usually, the kids are not too fond of this strategy, but it pays off in the long run when they don’t have problems with your teeth! Most people are familiar with some of the most popular late night television talk show hosts. One of the most popular Late Night hosts, is Jimmy Kimmel. Every year at Halloween, he does a segment in his show where parents film the reaction of their kids after being told their candy was eaten. Kimmel usually has tons of submissions and picks some of the funniest clips for the segment. There are often crying kids, angry kids, and some even very respectful although sad! This video is a submission to the segment, “Jimmy Kimmel, I Told My Kids I Ate All Their Halloween Candy!” Lots of kids wake up the morning after Halloween maybe hoping to recount their earnings and have some pieces of their candy. These two kids come into the living room for some of their candy but are told that their candy has been eaten and they are asked if that is ok. The kids already begin to grunt and scrunch up their faces. You can tell tears are on the verge of being shed and they are really getting mad and sad! As the mother continues to tell them that she was hungry, the kids are getting more upset. One of the smaller kids starts to stomp on the floor, while the other shouts that the candies were theirs! You can already see their eyes starting to water up as they are in total disbelief! The kids even run over to the candy pot to see if this is true. They get to the bucket where the candy is stored only to find it empty! This doesn’t help them at all, as they become more sad after having realized that their candies are actually gone. The kid still shouts that it was his candy and he is becoming more and more mad. As the parents tell the child that they ate the candy because they were hungry, the boy gets infuriated. He starts screaming that it was his and you can tell he is very angry and frustrated. He is starting to have a tantrum over the missing candy! The younger kid doesn’t seem as mad, but the older brother is the one who really has a problem with his missing candy! These kids definitely have some very funny reactions, and the video ends before they reveal to the kids that all was a lie. We can only imagine how relieved the older brother was once he found out his candy was not gone!

Published: November 1, 20181,805 views
Caramel apple onion prank20s

Caramel apple onion prank

A group of friends eat some caramel apples altogether. They all take a huge bite. One by one they start spitting it out and gagging as they realize that someone tricked them and used onions instead of apples for the treat. Someone definitely had fun this mischief night.

Published: November 19, 20151,625 views