This Prankster Teaches A Gold Digger A Lesson She Will Never Forget2m32s

This Prankster Teaches A Gold Digger A Lesson She Will Never Forget

Welcome to another excellent prank, starred and directed by Josh Paler Lin. The goal of the prank is not only to make us laugh, but as always through something similar to a popular version of a social experiment , to make us draw some very valid conclusions about human nature. Yet again, Josh has devised an incredibly well thought of scenario: a blond beautiful-looking girl is sitting on a sidewalk table. Two men approach her showing the same level of politeness and respect. The first one is your boy next door type, cool yet dressed funny. The other one arrives in style, having the look of a very well to do businessman. Who will she choose? Check out what happens when Josh Paler Lin pranks this gold digger like a boss! It's amazing how fast this woman goes from "being in a serious relationship" to "it's not that serious" in a matter of minutes! This is what they call “poetic justice”. For those unbelievably few of you who still haven’t heard of Josh Paler Lin Known, the crazy Asian prankster on YouTube, he is the guy who has accumulated more than 2.7 million subscribers. His " How does a homeless man spend 100$ " video was viewed more than 30 million times in less than 3 weeks. He used to be a background dancer in music videos, including the video for "Teach Me How to Dougie" and now he is an aspiring actor and entrepreneur. Are you still standing with your jaw open? Yes, we know.

Fake Bear Attack Sends Construction Worker Running Head Over Heels51s

Fake Bear Attack Sends Construction Worker Running Head Over Heels

Sometimes you need a little fun to help you get through the work week. One way to put some energy and pep back into the work environment is to pull a prank every once in a while. Well this construction crew did just that, and one of their coworkers found out that he could outrun a bear the hard way! A fake bear, that is. Pranks can be hilarious when done right. One cheeky worker pulled a nasty prank on his unsuspecting co-worker, ultimately startling him to a point where he runs away! We bet he has never run so fast in his entire life before! This hilarious video is guaranteed to brighten up your day. Let's hope that bear costume doesn't go to waste, and more pranks like this appear in the future! Looks like the pranker is going to have to make it up to his fellow co-worker for this nasty joke. Don't you think that a teddy bear from Amazon would be the perfect gift for him? Just joking! In certain parts of America, seeing a bear in your backyard isn’t the most uncommon sight in the world, but it’s always going to be a bit of a shock. One construction worker was in for a big surprise when he stumbled upon a bear at work. The poor man was scared out of his socks immediately after spotting the grizzly beast! Funny thing though, it wasn’t really a bear. His coworkers decided to pull a prank on him, by finding a bear costume and meeting him when he least expected it - at work! How the man reacts will have you laughing for days! The poor guy 's so scared that he runs head over heels away from the beast as quickly as possible without turning back! It's probably safe to say that he won't be coming to work for a while! Animals are amazing creatures of nature that should be treated with the utmost respect. However, there are some animals that you should not get anywhere near as you risk danger to your life. One such animal is the black bear for which we don’t know if and when they might attack. In another bear video, a real black bear appears out of the woods and slowly approaches a friendly man sitting in the porch . The ignorant animal curiously investigates his human friend, but soon decides it is uninterested. Talk about an incredibly close encounter! It is amazing to see a black bear showing utter curiosity to befriend a human friend, much to our amusement. This is the intense moment when a dangerous black bear slowly approaches a man, showing no violent nature whatsoever. However, after sniffing his body in detail, the bear soon decides that the human is not her type and slowly retreats into the woods. What a lovely encounter! Admit it, you never expected this close encounter to end like it did! With a happy ending and a new friendship! Adorable! Who would have ever thought that a black bear would be so curious to become friends with a human? Maybe it is the fact that the man was sitting still and not moving a muscle, hence, not presenting any danger to the animal whatsoever. What would you have done if you were in a situation similar to this one? Run? Hide? Faint? Scream? Pet the bear? Have you ever had any similar encounter with a bear, or had your colleagues pull your leg? Have you ever pulled a prank on someone at work? Let us know in the comments below, we are eager to know!

Published: March 2, 2016162,543 views
Epic Prank! Breaking car windows in the hood2m30s

Epic Prank! Breaking car windows in the hood

What happens when you shatter breakaway glass with a rubber hammer next to someone's car? Their reactions are just what you expect! Check out Josh Paler Lin prank these unsuspecting victims in this hilarious clip.

The Perfect Water Office Prank18s

The Perfect Water Office Prank

This has got to be one of the most well executed office pranks that have come about in recent years. A man hides in the most unexpected places in the office by the water cooler and waits patiently for his victim to enter into the trap. And when an unassuming woman walks in to fill up her water bottle, she gets more than the bargained for.

Published: February 2, 20163,959 views
Construction Site Prank34s

Construction Site Prank

Occurred on January 24, 2016 / South Wales, United Kingdom Info From Licensor: "My friend and I were working putting a twin unit together right near were someone had dug a hole! So we thought it would be a good idea to cover it over with some thin last of wood, plastic sheet and then sand to completely hide said hole to catch our other unsuspecting friend out! Which as we think many agree, worked a treat!!"

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Man Is Victim Of Broken Chair Prank19s

Man Is Victim Of Broken Chair Prank

A man decides to test out a chair to see whether it is to his liking or not. At first he seems pretty happy with the chair's plush upholstery. But when he starts testing out the chair's reclining capabilities, well let's just say that he should have quit while he was ahead.

Published: January 27, 20161,586 views
My Reaction When A Prank Gets Derailed30s

My Reaction When A Prank Gets Derailed

This family decides to pull the classic shaving cream prank on a snoozing grandpa. Once the prank is set up and triggered, the result is of course hilarious. At least it is to everyone except the youngest spectator there. This boy's reaction to the prank is almost too sweet to handle.

Published: January 26, 20163,097 views
Playing Spelling Prank On Dad1m52s

Playing Spelling Prank On Dad

The rules of English grammar can be a little tricky to grasp at times, as this man found out. But his reaction when he finally figures out this lesson on spelling is too precious to hold it against him for long. This video is sure to bring a lot of laughter to you and this family for a long time.

Published: January 21, 201628,832 views
Sleeping Man Wakes To The Sound of Super Bowl Victory24s

Sleeping Man Wakes To The Sound of Super Bowl Victory

It's not always easy to stay awake for the entirety of a football game. But you can always tell apart the true fans from the average fans. Not necessarily by whether they can stay awake for the whole game or not, but by how ingrained your team spirit is into the very core of your being. This sleepy man just proved his hardcore fan status with his reflex reaction to a touchdown.

Published: January 21, 2016243 views
Woman scares husband with huge pet snake18s

Woman scares husband with huge pet snake

When Carla asked her husband what he wanted for his birthday, he responded by saying surprise me! Carla took that notion to heart and decided to give her husband quite the surprise. We're not sure if this is exactly the surprise that he wanted. But, hey! She gave him what he asked for.

Published: January 7, 20167,785 views
Girl pranks friend with frog13s

Girl pranks friend with frog

Imagine you are enjoying a nice relaxing day at the pool, minding your own business, and suddenly you feel something land on your head. You don't think much of it at first and just casually wipe it away. Only when your hand hits the foreign object you realize it is actually a frog your friend placed on your head. This teenage girl does not have to imagine because it is exactly what happened to her.

Published: January 7, 20162,412 views
Would you help a homeless man? Social experiment PARODY4m50s

Would you help a homeless man? Social experiment PARODY

Pranks and social experiments have recently become extremely entertaining and popular on across various platforms. Some pranks and social experiments are obviously very real and others are... well others are not real at all. Credit to '4YallEntertainment'.

Published: December 28, 2015403,628 views
Loving Daughter Surprises Unsuspecting Dad For His Birthday41s

Loving Daughter Surprises Unsuspecting Dad For His Birthday

This is the adorable moment when a loving daughter sets a wonderful surprise for her unsuspecting father and gives him the best birthday gift he can ask for - the presence of a living, breathing person, whom he missed so much! Everyone loves a good birthday surprise , and this loving dad was about to experience one mind-blowing magic trick surprise on the day of his birthday! A crystal clear picture shows a girl and a man sitting at a restaurant. The girl explains how the camera settings work. She explains a voice command where different objects and people can appear into the screen. They pick a name and say it. Instantly, another girl pops up behind them, much to man’s delight, and her face appears on screen! With eyes-wide open, the man is clearly in shock and cannot believe his eyes, but when he turns he finally realizes that he has been fooled and cannot contain his excitement . The face of the girl he just imagined had appeared on screen because she was actually in the same room with them. When he turned and looked behind his back, he locked eyes with the girl in person. He instantly recognizes the girl and hugged her hello. There are so many unique ways in which friends and family members surprise their loved ones. This loving daughter tricked her father into thinking that he is looking at the camera and his voice control can make different people appear on screen. Little did he know that he was about to receive one adorable birthday surprise from his loving daughter. Namely, the girl arranged for another girl to fly in and surprise the old man on his birthday. When he finally realizes what’s going on, he cannot believe his eyes, and cannot contain his excitement!

Published: December 19, 201533,243 views
Son Waits Eight Years To Play The Same Xbox Prank On Dad4m23s

Son Waits Eight Years To Play The Same Xbox Prank On Dad

A son waited for eight years to get revenge on his prankster dad, and it was worth the wait. Namely, when this boy was 16-years-old he was given what he thought was an Xbox for his birthday, but when he removed the wrapping paper he found something different. A treasure hunt led him to his real present, and he was actually given the keys to his first car, Honda Civic, instead of an Xbox, which wasn’t that bad after all. However, this boy remembered this prank , and wanted to pull the same Xbox trick on his dad, years later. The boy remembers "I was elated and very grateful for the car, but until I saw it I was still a little disappointed that the box did not hold an Xbox. When presented with the car, I went to the trunk to see if the Xbox had been placed in there. I assumed they had still purchased an Xbox since they had the packaging box. However I later realized that my parents had merely bought the packaging on Ebay without the console inside. I purchased my own Xbox a few months later and the car served me well for several years." Years later, this boy decided to play a revenge prank on his dad for Christmas so he and his brothers went on a mission to trick dad. He added: "We decided that as a form of revenge, we should reenact the events of my 16th birthday, but with him as the unsuspecting victim ." So eight years later, he bought his dad his own console so that he can join him and his brothers in online gaming. As a form of revenge, they set him up with a reenactment of his 16th birthday and pulled the same trick. Maybe his dad didn't get a car, but he finally got the xBox he wanted, which was found hidden in the boot of his son's first car. Talk about karma!

Published: December 28, 20153,457,396 views
Dad and daughter pull christmas iPhone prank on mom57s

Dad and daughter pull christmas iPhone prank on mom

The holiday season is full of surprises, both under the tree and inside stockings. This Mother is in for a holiday surprise when her daughter unwraps a new cell phone. Everything is great, until we see her Mom's hilarious reaction. Clearly, the gift is a surprise to both of them!

Published: December 18, 2015834 views
Husband scare pranks wife over and over22s

Husband scare pranks wife over and over

When your loved one has a quirk or a tick, you generally will do what most people do and exploit it to no end. That's what happens to this woman. Several times her husband jumps out and screams aahhhh. She jumps backwards and screams in response every single time.

Published: December 10, 20157,893 views
Mom pranks son with water bottle magic trick40s

Mom pranks son with water bottle magic trick

A mother prepares a magic trick for her son. She puts a quarter under a water bottle and puts a cover over it. She then asks her son to say the magic word. He says the word abracadabra, as she lifts the cover off and looks inside. He looks in only for her to shoot him in the face with water. That was the greatest trick of all.

Published: November 25, 20153,706 views
Mom pranks daughter on her first april fools day35s

Mom pranks daughter on her first april fools day

A mother tells a little redheaded girl about April Fools day and the nature of practical jokes as she eats her breakfast. The girl is confused about practical jokes until she tries to take a spoonful of her cheerios. It is hard and she spoon cannot break into it.

Published: November 25, 20153,338 views
Girl tricked by balloon cake prank22s

Girl tricked by balloon cake prank

This cake was definitely too good to be true. Although its size was impressive, it sadly was not meant to last long. As this girl cuts into it, it almost looks like she produces a slice. However, the deeper she digs, the cake popped spewing icing everywhere. Grandpa thought it was so funny he jumped for joy.

Published: November 25, 20154,548 views
Cute brothers get pranked by parents33s

Cute brothers get pranked by parents

Two parents give both of their sons' cups of water telling them there's going to be a surprise. The boys close their eyes and are given the cups, holding them face up. They open their eyes as the parents say April Fools. The two boys are puzzled. The parents ask how will they get rid of the cups. One flat out dumps the water on the table.

Published: November 25, 20151,286 views
Caramel apple onion prank20s

Caramel apple onion prank

A group of friends eat some caramel apples altogether. They all take a huge bite. One by one they start spitting it out and gagging as they realize that someone tricked them and used onions instead of apples for the treat. Someone definitely had fun this mischief night.

Published: November 19, 20151,625 views
Sleeping man on motorcycle gets scare prank25s

Sleeping man on motorcycle gets scare prank

Many practical jokes come about when the victim is asleep. This one is no exception. When a man falls asleep on his motorcycle, no doubt someone comes in to mess around. Quietly, she tiptoes around him to start it up. That wakes him up immediately.

Published: November 10, 20155,397 views