Gender reveal prank ends with a bang2m02s

Gender reveal prank ends with a bang

The time had come. Ryan and Megan had chosen that they wanted to know the gender of their baby. Three months into her pregnancy and she was getting eager to know whether the new little Ferguson was going to a boy or a girl. Of course either way that little baby is going to be loved more than anything. With both sides of the family quite close this was a very exciting time. Megan's sisters had thought hard and done all the planning of the type of reveal this was going to be. Ryan and Megan wanted this to be a big surprise for them. Kelly and Dana got very creative and even had rules. Upon the game commencing the noise and anxiety rose for almost everyone in attendance. Ryan had friends from elementary school, yes his kindergarten class, and Megan had many of her close friends as well. Elsa, Ryan's step mom had prepared an incredible meal for all the guests making this a wonderful evening of friends and family. Working their way through the first stage of the reveal was fun. Soon everyone was seeing the balloons showing this was going to be a girl.... but then there was a twist. You will see the expression on Megan's face when Ryan and her are down to the last two balloons. One boy and one girl balloon. Which will have the surprise inside? One, Two, Three... Now you will have to watch the video to see the outcome. Keep an eye on the picture in picture inset and catch the SUPER EXCITEMENT of Ryan's step mom, it is classic. What a great evening this was. Many were surprised which gender the little surprise was, all because many had the same "feeling" as to the gender. Very joyful outcome with tears of joy and many hugs for the soon to be new mom and dad. Ryan and Megan, here comes the most exciting time of your lives. Bella the family dog is sure to make for a great "big sister".

Boy Has A Hilarious Reaction When Mom Tells Him She Ate All The Halloween Candies 1m22s

Boy Has A Hilarious Reaction When Mom Tells Him She Ate All The Halloween Candies

As a kid, Halloween might be one of the best holidays around! Aside from Christmas, where you receive a bunch of presents and gifts, Halloween is right up there. Kids love to dress up as their favorite superheros, television characters, or monsters, and kids really love their candy. Most parents usually take their candy away at the end of the night so they can portion control how much candy their kids eat. Usually, the kids are not too fond of this strategy, but it pays off in the long run when they don’t have problems with your teeth! Most people are familiar with some of the most popular late night television talk show hosts. One of the most popular Late Night hosts, is Jimmy Kimmel. Every year at Halloween, he does a segment in his show where parents film the reaction of their kids after being told their candy was eaten. Kimmel usually has tons of submissions and picks some of the funniest clips for the segment. There are often crying kids, angry kids, and some even very respectful although sad! This video is a submission to the segment, “Jimmy Kimmel, I Told My Kids I Ate All Their Halloween Candy!” Lots of kids wake up the morning after Halloween maybe hoping to recount their earnings and have some pieces of their candy. These two kids come into the living room for some of their candy but are told that their candy has been eaten and they are asked if that is ok. The kids already begin to grunt and scrunch up their faces. You can tell tears are on the verge of being shed and they are really getting mad and sad! As the mother continues to tell them that she was hungry, the kids are getting more upset. One of the smaller kids starts to stomp on the floor, while the other shouts that the candies were theirs! You can already see their eyes starting to water up as they are in total disbelief! The kids even run over to the candy pot to see if this is true. They get to the bucket where the candy is stored only to find it empty! This doesn’t help them at all, as they become more sad after having realized that their candies are actually gone. The kid still shouts that it was his candy and he is becoming more and more mad. As the parents tell the child that they ate the candy because they were hungry, the boy gets infuriated. He starts screaming that it was his and you can tell he is very angry and frustrated. He is starting to have a tantrum over the missing candy! The younger kid doesn’t seem as mad, but the older brother is the one who really has a problem with his missing candy! These kids definitely have some very funny reactions, and the video ends before they reveal to the kids that all was a lie. We can only imagine how relieved the older brother was once he found out his candy was not gone!

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Hilarious prankster makes money off scaring pedestrians1m51s

Hilarious prankster makes money off scaring pedestrians

This hilarious prankster hides in a stall with his head and hands inside puppets. Innocent pedestrians get a good scare as this seemingly random stall suddenly comes to life! This was on the busy shopping street Via Del Corso in Rome. Many people stopped to watch this prankster in action, he definitely earned a few good tips!

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Teammates Mess With Parachute Before Jump To Prank Colleague 16s

Teammates Mess With Parachute Before Jump To Prank Colleague

With friends like these, who needs enemies? A team of base jumpers decides to play a prank on one of their group through the clever use of misdirection, and a purple parachute. The scene is set with a base jumper getting ready to perform a jump off a bridge that crosses a deep canyon. Our jumper is fully equipped with a parachute, and a helmet with a GoPro camera mounted on top. Other members of the team look on, some also recording the jump using their smartphones. He looks at his teammate to ask if he is ready to go, seeking assurance that all his equipment is set up properly. A wry smile crosses his face as he asks again if everything is good to go, a sign that something unexpected may be about to happen. The teammate, holding a purple parachute in his hands, looks at the gear being worn by the jumper. He appears to be somewhat hesitant in his response, as though he is not entirely certain that he is ready to perform the task that is coming ahead. He looks at the parachute loosely strapped to the jumper, pauses to think for a moment, before giving the all clear to jump. The countdown begins and then the jumper leaps off the bridge. Just seconds after he begins his descent, however, the purple parachute that was strapped on to him suddenly comes loose, with the strap appearing to come undone, leaving his dumbfounded teammate holding on to the chute. He looks on helplessly and curses as the jumper appears to be plummeting at high speed, sans parachute , to the bottom of the canyon. Panic ensues in the next few seconds as thoughts race through his mind about what has just transpired. Did he forget to check the parachute properly before giving the all clear to jump? Did his actions lead to unimaginable consequences? Within seconds, however, it comes clear what has really happened, as the jumper opens a white parachute, and begins a gentle descent. What initially appeared to lead straight to an unimaginable tragedy, is in fact, was nothing but a harmless joke. The ruse is up as everyone starts laughing at the poor victim of the prank. Still clutching the parachute in his hands, he curses profusely at his teammates for having done this to him, but can’t help but laugh himself at falling for the trick that has been played on him. A short but amusing video showing a humorous prank on an unsuspecting victim, who must have experienced the most terrifying few seconds of this life as he watched his friend rapidly descending towards the ground. It looks like it the experience may have even more terrifying than the base jump itself. All in all, it looks like a bit of harmless fun, and an experience that the group will talk about for years to come. What do you think about this video? Make sure you tell us more in the comments down below. If you like what you see, don’t forget to share it with others who might like it as well. It just might be the highlight of their day! Enjoy!

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Dad scares daughter to tears with Grim Reaper prank1m29s

Dad scares daughter to tears with Grim Reaper prank

Wait patiently while the anticipation leads to what will be an epic scream and fright of a ten-year-old daughter and her giggling father. Not to worry, this young girl (now 12-years-old) thinks it's funny and isn't scarred at all by this encounter!

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Dad Claims To Be Tired Of Mean People, Then Pranks His Daughter19s

Dad Claims To Be Tired Of Mean People, Then Pranks His Daughter

Mean people, right? What is it with some that just want to feel better about themselves by pushing other people down? Usually, the advice goes that if you ever do encounter one such personality, you better just leave them be, turn your back around and have them vent out to the rocks and trees. This dad knows exactly how that feels and he had a very good point to convey in his video...if it weren’t all a prank for his young daughter. The RealMJ has a lovely little girl about the age of 5 and a really tiny baby, both of whom he loves to bits. But as any dad would go, even Mike Jordan is prone to some silly pranks, daddy-style. So it is summertime and the inflatable pool is up and running in the backyard of the family’s home in California. The girl is all dressed up in her swimming suit, having some innocent fun around the water, unaware that her loving dad is brewing something in his head. “I’m getting tired of mean people, Internet. Quit being mean . There’s no place in this world for mean people,” says MJ at the beginning of his video. He makes quite a solid point right there, but then he makes a few steps to approach his daughter by the pool and nudges her in the water! Is this the kind of mean people he was talking about just a few seconds earlier? Or some other variety? The girl obviously got the joke, because she starts laughing as soon as she gathers her wits. “Dad, why did you do that to me?” she asks, but we all know the answer to this question. Dads will be dads, with their dry humor and silly pranks. You can’t help but love them! Mike may be a prankster, but what he really loves is dancing with his older girl. This one time, when mom wasn’t home, she set up a camera to show just how dad watches over the kids . He played a karaoke program for the girl, while he was doing some chores. Dad comes from down the hall, carrying the load from the laundry machine (go, dad!), when he decided to skip the chores and do something fun with his babies instead! He starts doing the robot dance, much to his big daughter’s enjoyment, so she turns towards daddy and starts dancing with him! Amusing video of a cheeky father has emerged pranking his daughter while giving a speech on how sick he is of the hate speech spread on social media. The hilarious footage shows the man giving a serious speech on how he hates mean people, while pushing his daughter into the inflatable pool in their yard. This video serves as an important message on how hypocrisy changes people. The father is obviously joking, and only wants to play a joke on his daughter, much to our amusement. Aren’t they just the cutest? What did you think about this video? Make sure you tell us more in the comments down below. If you like what you see, don’t forget to share it with others who might like it as well. It just might be the highlight of their day! Enjoy!

Check Out This Funny Video Of An Apprentice Pranked Into Taking Wheelbarrow Proficiency Test 3m50s

Check Out This Funny Video Of An Apprentice Pranked Into Taking Wheelbarrow Proficiency Test

Calling all savvy site managers, ahead of the game HR personnel and trusted trade leaders, let’s be honest and tell how many of you had made pranks at new guys at work? However, gone are the days where you can send the new lad to the local merchants for a long weight or the new lass to the trade counter for a glass hammer. You need to up your initiation game and we’ve got the perfect run-down of apprentice prank that will make you laugh a lot! And we say a lot we mean a lot! These employees told their apprentice that it was required of him to take a wheelbarrow test around the site. He also filled out a multiple choice test! In the construction sector, it’s all about upskilling, developing your apprentice from intermediate to an advanced level. It’s an ongoing learning curve which covers all aspects of construction within the apprentices available; from bricklaying to site carpenter, the opportunities are almost limitless. However, this one is by far the the greatest prank of all time ! This poor guy had to take the wheelbarrow all around the constriction site just so he can prove that he is right for the work! Well, one major way to lessen 'new guy' woes is to make sure you learn as much as you can about your new environment and the role you will serve before accepting a position, And don’t worry about the pranks, those are just one step closer to be being part of the group!

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Guy 1m43s

Guy "discovers" amazing TV life hack

As the title implies, new discoveries about Smart devices are being made every day and this one in particular will blow your mind! No remote controls or smart phones are necessary. Just follow the extremely easy how-to tutorial layout steps to the letter. With just a few everyday household items, you too can magically shut off any television without having to leave the comfort of your cozy couch. Amazing!

Unsuspecting Dude Gets Pranked During Wooden Spoon Game3m27s

Unsuspecting Dude Gets Pranked During Wooden Spoon Game

A group of friends decided to prank a member of their crew by cheating in one of their favorite games. The aim of the game is to hold a wooden spoon in your mouth and use it to smack the opponent with it without using your hands. With a little help, this prank is pulled off flawlessly. Watch the video and see for yourselves! This is the hilarious moment when an unsuspecting man is losing at a game of wooden spoon smacking, and cannot believe how the other opponent has so much strength to pull from his mouth and teeth. Adorable! Footage shows, two men sitting at the table each holding a wooden spoon in their mouths. The aim of the game is to smack the opponent with the wooden spoon on its head the harder you can without using your arms. When the game starts, everything enrolls smoothly and competitors start using their mouths to maneuver the wooden spoon and smack the opponent the harder they can. However, one of the men has agreed with a third party to help him get a head start in the game, by using a third wooden spoon to hit the unsuspecting opponent from the side, but make it look like the competitor did it. Once the third wooden spoon is unleashed, it makes a loud noise, bouncing off the head of the unsuspecting man, who jumps with pain and disbelief for what had just happened! Apparently, he cannot believe that the other competitor used his mouth and teeth to the extreme, much to inflict him that much pain that is only plausible if a hand is involved. However, the honest man continues to play, without noticing that the whole crew is on this prank and he still doesn’t have a clue on what is happening! After a long game of wooden spoon smacking, the unsuspecting man uses his own wooden spoon to inflict a little bit more pain to the opponent, given he is in so much pain, from all the previous attempts the prankster pulled. In the end, the third man lays the pranking wooden spoon on the table, and the look the unsuspecting competitor has on his face after realizing he has been pranked is priceless! Have a good laugh!

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Easter Will Never Be The Same For These Siblings22s

Easter Will Never Be The Same For These Siblings

Holidays are a time when you gather around a table with your closest family and enjoy their presence. It’s a peaceful time full of laughter, bad jokes and good food. What it shouldn’t be is an opportunity to create bad memories that would follow you for the rest of your life. Watch these kids get freaked out as a creepy Easter Bunny approaches them. The boy says that "That's not the Easter Bunny !" and he’s right. That’s his father performing a really bad prank, posing as an evil bunny and scaring and scarring his children forever. Not funny, Dad! The siblings are so spooked by the appearance of the bunny, they start running away and screaming at the top of their lungs. Bunny costumes have the same potential to be frightening as clown costumes. Just a slight alteration of the design might make the overall look more sinister and appear as if it came out of a horror movie. Bunnies and clowns aren’t supposed to be scary, but recent depiction of them in popular culture has made them the epitome of evil. Just think about Frank from Donnie Darko and Pennywise the Dancing Clown from It. Civilization has a way of attributing certain mystic characteristics to ordinary animals and objects. It is a way of making life more intriguing and explain a lot of events that would otherwise be considered unexplainable.

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Guy Notices Something In His Frozen Pool, Then Breaks The Ice  1m21s

Guy Notices Something In His Frozen Pool, Then Breaks The Ice

Winters can get excruciatingly cold especially living up north. The winters are merciless when the temperatures drop way below the zero. Starting from lakes, to creeks, to all the small water resorts always seems to freeze. This can for bring many problems into one society. Such as pipes freezing and bursting, leaving many people without water for days. Sometimes, the cold, even has an impact on the electrical wires that run through the town and generate electricity for it. All and all, winter can be really scary and dangerous and it is specially important that we remain in doors and keep warm. However for this guy its all about fun and games. As him and who ever is filming this video walk out into their backyard and to the pool, they realise that their pool is completely frozen. The guy mentioned that earlier he saw something beneath the frozen waters of the pool that he just could not identify beforehand. So, as anyone of us would do he went, took his ice pick and started jabbing it into the ice. North Carolina obviously has some intense winters, and this one was surely no exception - I mean, just look at how deep that ice cover is! The whole pool was one big icy pond, and this guy made it his mission to find out what lies beneath the thick ice. It took him some effort and hard work to find out what's lurking in the unknown. As you can see in the video, he's gentle enough as to not hurt the giant rubber duck that probably remained on the pool's surface since last summer (hey, no questions asked), and as he jabs away, the suspense grows. Now we get to a point where we're on the edge of our seats - what can it be? What creature is going to emerge from that tiny hole that barely fits this guy's hand? Frankly, the end is a real twist. Who saw it coming? Nobody, not even us! As the video comes to a conclusion, we see something pinkish emerging from the icy waters - a hand. And it's alive! I definitely wouldn't have placed my bets on a hand in the frozen pool. The situation got really tense as he was digging through. And to make it worse, the ice wouldn't break through for a longer while. To be frank, it actually gave him a bit of trouble. However, he stuck by it and after a while of stabbing and poking he managed to break through. You will definitely not expect as to what he finds inside. Check out what this dude finds hiding below the frozen ice in his backyard pool. Let's just hope that he managed to warm that hand up when he got back in the coziness of his house. What were your guesses? Did you expect the end to be like that? Share this video with your friends, it might just turn out to be a cool guessing game. And yes, pun intended.

Employees Prank Doctor With Water Breaking Prank36s

Employees Prank Doctor With Water Breaking Prank

When people are expecting a child, they find the whole thing so romantic and fairytale like They pick out the clothes, the color for the room, the furniture, toys, then names… it all can be very sweet. That is, until the moment of truth arrives. The mom’s water breaks and it is time for the new member of the family to come out into the world. The moment can spark a full blown panic among people, and by people, we mean the dads. Moms have nine months to prepare physically and mentally for what lies ahead. But dads feel the rush of adrenaline when they understand that their life as they knew it thus far is over and they had absolutely no way to prepare for the tiny member of their family. Reactions depend on the dad’s character. Some fall in shock, others panic and black out completely, mumbling world and tripping over their own feet. This doctor did what he knew best - he ran as far away from the <a href=" " target="_blank">expecting mom</a> as possible. Only it wasn’t her due date yet. The team at Comella Orthodontics in Rochester thought it would be funny to <a href=" " target="_blank">prank</a> Dr. Comella with Catrina's water breaking! He never looked back, he just ran! “Oh no, her water!” the women can be heard shouting, while the doctor shot up from his chair and ran, holding his head in his hands. When he saw how everybody else was rolling around on the floor laughing, he stood where he was, asking: “Are you serious? That’s not even funny!” says the poor doctor, while the ladies were struggling to catch their breaths. Was it funny? We’ll let you decide.

Dad Pranks His Kids With Terrifying Chucky Doll54s

Dad Pranks His Kids With Terrifying Chucky Doll

Dads are terrible at making jokes. Whether it is telling one or throwing a prank , it seems dads can never fine tune their attempts at making us laugh. It is either that or they all have just a terrible sense of humor. Could be the latter. One dad felt it super important to put a real-size Chucky doll inside his closet, then call each one of his three kids to come and help him kill a spider inside. Let’s see how that turned out. He starts with his son, the youngest kid in the family, who doesn’t even find it weird that dad won’t kill the freaky spider on his own, but would much rather have him brave out there and do it. The kid opens the door and looks around, but the doll with the bright red hair doesn’t seem to push any of the kid’s buttons. When the boy finally notices Chucky between the hangers, with his devious smile, the kid just retreats slowly, not turning his back to the doll once. Clever kid. When his older sister gets called in to help, her reaction is the polar opposite of her brother’s. As soon as she sets eye on the demonic doll, she lets out a scream of terror, followed by the realization that her dad has a terrible sense of humor. The oldest daughter seems to have had just enough of experience with her dad’s jokes, so she is hesitant to open the closet door. When her dad does it for her, her eyes widen in surprise, but as soon as she realizes it is just a prank, she still throws a shoe at the “spider”. We are really sorry about this, kids.

Brother scares the life out of his sister!10s

Brother scares the life out of his sister!

Siblings are the best! Sure, you get your occasional rivalry and some jealous outbursts, but at the end of the day, everyone will admit that they are glad they had a sibling or two in their life. They teach us some of our first very important lessons, like sharing, patience and the ever-so-important watch-your-back routine, like the girl in this video learned! According to big brother Matt, he's spent the last 2 years tormenting his sister Reid . This clip is no exception as he scares her half to death! Siblings will be siblings! Love your siblings, kids, because even when they are angry with you, they can’t help but love you in the end! :)