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Thrill Seekers’ Close Encounter With Tornado Is Nothing But Incredible 54s

Thrill Seekers’ Close Encounter With Tornado Is Nothing But Incredible

Thrill seekers come face to face with a tornado between Katie and Wynnewood, Oklahoma in this extreme footage. As the video unravels, their noises of excitement and awe are becoming more and more tangible, and a mere sight at the tornado makes our stomach churn with fear. The intensity of this destructive vortex of violently rotating winds has the appearance of a funnel-shaped cloud as it advances beneath a large storm system. It sounds equally scary as it looks. We know that tornadoes are so powerful that they pick up houses like they are nothing and disintegrate them in the air. Tornadoes also pick up cars like they are toys, tossing them down the street. However, these adventurous souls seem like they are living for extreme weather conditions and real miracles of nature like this one, and their itchy feet won’t stop them witnessing the incredible. Their thirst for thrill dwarfs the impending danger of the tornado coming closer and close to their car. They are so near to the tornado that is on a direct path to their whereabouts, but the mere excitement that overtakes them is unmatched with their indifference. The sounds that the tornado makes are audible enough for us to hear. The trees creak outside and the dust is whipped up into the air, semi-blinding us as we look to the twister over the trees - a gigantic column of violently twisting air rotating in the air. We hope that these guys will do the only thing that seems reasonable here - to pack up the car, cram inside and drive like Satan himself is on their tail and no worry about speed limits at all.

Daredevil Walks Right Into A Dust Devil Tornado Just For Fun1m00s

Daredevil Walks Right Into A Dust Devil Tornado Just For Fun

Whilst driving through the Karoo in South Africa, this man spotted a dust devil and decided to pull over to film it. What he witnessed next was simply amazing and left him speechless! An unexpected and unusual sight was spotted whirling through the city of Karoo in South Africa. A dust devil travelled across a yard and a parking lot before disappearing into thin air. However, there is more to this story! In this clip, we see a man recording a video of a tiny dust devil from the side of the road. At first, we think that he only films the curious phenomenon, but moments later we spot something near the tiny tornado. A daredevil is seen hesitating to enter the dust devil. Can you believe this guy? Maybe this man captured the moment the micro-tornado formed out of twirling dust, but the man who dared to enter the dust devil stole the show and was the star shining bright in the spotlight! Creepy! Filmmaker stated that the dust devil appeared near the highway and he pulled over to capture it. However, he never expected to spot a daredevil who is courageous enough to test and experience what it feels like to be in the middle of it all! The nonchalant guy casually entered the dust devil without having second thoughts about what might happen to him! Is this man brave or crazy?! Watch this impressive footage of a dust devil swirling near a main road while a daredevil decides to join in the fun by walking directly into it? Would you ever dare to follow this man’s footsteps or is this a ‘kids, don’t try this at home’ moment? Let us know in the comments below!

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A Spectacular Drone Footage Of  An Ice Phenomenon In The Netherlands1m16s

A Spectacular Drone Footage Of An Ice Phenomenon In The Netherlands

Have you ever thought about visiting The Netherlands and seeing all its natural beauties? Well if you haven’t thought of it here are some beautiful facts and inspiration about The Netherlands that will make you buy a plane ticket right at this moment! When you think about The Netherlands the first thing that comes to your mind in Amsterdam. We know, don’t act innocent! But The Netherlands has a lot of breathtaking places that will make you want to move there. Here is one favorite place of ours: The biggest lake Ijsselmeer. Ijsselmeer, shallow freshwater lake, northern and central Netherlands. It was formed from the southern part of the former Zuiderzee by the building of a dam separating the Ijsselmeer from both the Waddenzee (the northern part of the former Zuiderzee) and the North Sea. You can look this video of The Netherlands and how they are experiencing an incredible ice phenomenon in their biggest lake. It's getting warmer and all the ice sheets at the lake are starting to shove. It’s mesmerizing! Lake Ijsselmeer, Western Europe’s largest lake, is a beautiful place to spend a few days. You can skirt the perimeter by foot or bike and we recommend you do. It's very flat and incredibly peaceful. This lake in the Netherlands gives amazing opportunity to visit old fisher villages, enjoy the sun or fight your way through heavy winds. So, did you buy a ticket for The Netherlands?

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Heavy Flooding Creates Spectacular Underwater Forest33s

Heavy Flooding Creates Spectacular Underwater Forest

Nature is always there to surprise us. Whenever we think of something as absolutely stunning it morphs it into something even more beautiful. This footage comes to us from the greenest parts of Brazil and it shows us the results of the fluctuations in the water levels of Rio da Prata. When it rains a lot, the Rio da Prata river runs of slower form, causing its damming, thus increasing the water level of the Olho D'Água river. Despite the flood, on the day the video was recorded the waters of the Olho D'Agua river remained crystal clear due to their conserved riparian forest and being inside a Private Reserve of the Natural Patrimony - PRNP, a type of Conservation Unit. This was a rare episode, and by the end of the day the river had returned to its normal level. We would like to inform that on this date the tour operated normally until the 1st stretch, which, although it is also above normal, all the tourists left satisfied because they experienced a different and special day in the attraction! Faced with the repercussion of the video released on February 15, in social networks, which appears a submerged track, we wanted to pass some clarification. The fact really happened at the Rio de Prata Ecological Recanto (Jardim-MS) on February 02 and was recorded during the monitoring carried out by Waldemilson Vera. Credit: Recanto Ecológico Rio da Prata

Earthquake Creates Landslide Of Rocks That Flows Like A River1m10s

Earthquake Creates Landslide Of Rocks That Flows Like A River

Monsoon season brings much needed relief from the scorching heat that is spring time in Pakistan. Monsoon rains are quite heavy by nature and can cause significant flooding. But in the spring on 2016, all of this changed for the worse. March is considered to be pre-monsoon season, but the heavy rains that affected the country, especially the northern parts, lasted over several days. According to official reports, at least 45 people have been killed and 34 injured after the heavy rain across north-west Pakistan caused the roofs of dozens of homes to collapse. The heavy rainfall was followed by an earthquake of 6.6 magnitude. The shock caused a multitude of landslides all across the country, but this is the first we see that carried chopped up boulder with it, flowing downhill like a river. This landslide happened in April 2016 in the Gilgit Baltistan area of Pakistan. The water brought down with itself large stones from the mountain, creating a "river of rocks". Gilgit Baltistan is in the northern part of Pakistan with the mountainous terrain. Landslides and earthquakes are pretty common in this part of the region. A landslide, also known as a landslip or Mudslide, is a form of mass wasting that includes a wide range of ground movements, such as rockfalls, deep failure of slopes, and shallow debris flows. Although the action of gravity is the primary driving force for a landslide to occur, there are other contributing factors affecting the original slope stability.

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Drone Footage Captures Spectacular Ice Breakup On Frozen Humber River2m50s

Drone Footage Captures Spectacular Ice Breakup On Frozen Humber River

A mesmerizing footage has emerged of a winter phenomenon featuring ice breakups on a frozen river. Check out this majestic aerial photography of the Humber River during breakup after a deep freeze. So cool! This incredible drone footage has captured the dazzling sight of what a frozen river has turned into. Watch how dramatic this river sight is as ice parts are scattered all over the place. What a marvellous phenomenon to witness! This happens due to the dynamic interaction of moving ice with the flow and with the stationary ice cover. The breakup of the winter ice cover is a seminal event in the regime of northern rivers, and in the life cycle of river and basin ecosystems. Breakup ice jams can cause extreme flood events, with major impacts on riverside communities, aquatic life, infrastructure, navigation, and hydropower generation. Watch this cool phenomena as drone captures the impressive footage of ice chunks scattered all along Humber. You can see what is left of the previously frozen river, as the entire surface of ice broke up into chunks. The chaotic mess of ice and tree branches gave us a tingling sensation. Ice jams happen when ice-covered rivers get extra water from rain or snowmelt, rising up quickly and breaking up the ice in big chunks. Predicting whether and where the ice cover of a river is going to break up as a result of increased runoff, is crucial in such concerns as environmental impact assessment of climatic and hydrologic changes, emergency flood warning and mitigation, and winter hydro-power production.

Magnificent Cloud Formation Captured In Poland50s

Magnificent Cloud Formation Captured In Poland

The sky is one of those things that never fails to render us speechless. There is something so beautiful in the fleeting masterpieces painted on the sky’s blue canvas, we are left awe-struck. The oeuvres d’art come in different colors, from the most faint whites to the boldest reds, and it’s the most beautiful sight we’ve ever seen. The only ones responsible for this beauty are the clouds, the sun and the wind. After all, the sky is nothing but empty space in which the water condensation molds in whichever form it desires and creates different clouds. Their shape can vary and can mean many different things, they might hold large quantities of water, they might be high or low in the atmosphere and they might even be just the beginning of the harshest storms we’ve ever seen. Either way, clouds are quite the model. The wind can act an important role as well. It can stretch the water vapor into thin stripes across the sky, or it can make candy floss appear on the horizon. It can make them appear out of nowhere and make them vanish into thin air in the blink of an eye. For the colored appearance, the only things responsible are the sun’s rays. The thick beams of light can turn the black sky a bright blue, the clouds gold, and sometimes even red. Together with the dust particles in the air, it might even make the sky appear in a perfect pink haze. Either way, sky paints some serious art, and this footage is here to show it. This cloud formation appeared in Lower Silesia in Poland, and it had people in awe because of its beauty. It looked so mysterious and even ethereal. Some went as far as to believe that it was no regular thing but a work of extraterrestrials.

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Massive Avalanche In Aspen Captured On Camera1m34s

Massive Avalanche In Aspen Captured On Camera

Originally founded as a mining camp during the Silver Boom in Colorado in the mid 1800s, Aspen is now the most elite winter resort and the most popular tourist attraction in the United States. The four ski areas around the town of Aspen get an average of 176 inches of snow per year. It used to be visited by musicians and writers but nowadays they are joined by corporate executives. Named after the abundance of aspen trees in the surrounding woods, it is situated in an area in the Sawatch Range of the Rocky Mountains and the Elk Mountains, along the Roaring Fork River at an elevation just below 8,000 feet (2,400 m) above sea level on the Western Slope, 11 miles (18 km) west of the Continental Divide.. In order to control the amount of snowfall on the ski terrains, as well as to reduce the risk of naturally-occurring avalanches, the authorities use strategically placed fuel-air explosives that generate an air blast strong enough to initiate a slide in a controlled environment. It is usually done in the early hours of the morning if possible, to avoid stray skiers that neglect the warnings. These controlled blasts have been able to save many ski seasons and keep the safety on the slopes to a maximum. This footage was shot by a tourist in Aspen during one of those detonations, showing the amazing way the powder falls and settles, minimizing the risk of a naturally occurring avalanche. Awesome!

Rock Skipping Across A Frozen Lake Makes A Very Interesting Sound2m39s

Rock Skipping Across A Frozen Lake Makes A Very Interesting Sound

Nature is something that is truly amazing. If you just look around you, you can find interesting things everywhere you look. There is almost never a dull moment when it comes to nature. The person in this clip here realized this and had a lot of fun with nature in the winter time! The person stands in front of a recently frozen lake with rocks all around them. They pick up one of the rocks and decide to throw in onto the frozen lake only for the unexpected to happen. The rock bounces on the lake and creates a sound out of this world. The sound is almost like something out of a sci-fi movie! You really have to see it to believe it, or in this case, hear it to believe it! Some would even say that the sound the rock makes while skipping along the ice is just like a lightsaber from the Star Wars movies! What do you think? What did you think of this video? Have you ever heard this before? We would love to hear your opinion down in the comments section below so please do not hesitate to leave a comment! Please share this unique video with your family and friends as it will surely interest them and leave them in awe. This is one video that no one should ever want to miss!

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Spectacular New Year's Eve Aurora display in Alaska3m06s

Spectacular New Year's Eve Aurora display in Alaska

Winter in Alaska is a magical time, and one of the things that makes it most magical are the northern lights, or Aurora Borealis. In Alaska, the aurora is only seen from August until April, because there is too much daylight to see it during the summer months. But during the long, cold, and dark winters, there are guarantees of marvelous displays nearly every night of the week. As long as the weather is cooperative, those closest to the Arctic Circle stand the best chance of seeing it. The reason being helps to explain the science behind the aurora. Our sun is a giant ball of fire, which is very active with constant explosions of energy that send particles out into space. Headed in all directions, including toward earth, these particles are electrically charged. As these charged particles travel past, they are drawn to earth&'s magnetic poles. They form a ring of waving color at both the north and south poles of the earth, so those closest to the poles are more likely to see it. In the northern hemisphere, they are called Aurora Borealis. In the southern hemisphere, they are called Aurora Australis. The wonderful colors "dance" as the electrically charged particles are excited by the magnetic energy of the earth. It's sort of like a water droplet dancing on hot oil in a pan. Sometimes there will be 'green rainbows', which are bands of green which arc across the sky and appear not to move. Other times, when the particles are more excited, the ribbon whips and moves something like water flowing over rocks in a stream, or like the tail of a kite in the wind. It is no wonder people throughout history have described these displays as magical. Alaskans are very fortunate to see aurora more frequently than many others in the world, and yet it still holds an excitement and appeal for even those who have witnessed them many times. There are over 6,000 images in this video display, which were taken on a very windy New Year's Eve in 2015 outside Delta Junction, Alaska. You will see trees dart back and forth while the aurora moves above them. Sit back and enjoy the wonder and magic of the Aurora Borealis, as it ushers in a new year!

Meteor Sightings Over British Columbia & Alberta Caught On Camera40s

Meteor Sightings Over British Columbia & Alberta Caught On Camera

Numerous residents say a ball of flame streaked across the night sky in British Columbia, causing a bright flash and a loud boom as a suspected meteor blazed through Earth’s atmosphere. One resident recounts the sighting of the meteor as a "green-colored streak that split into two and spread across the sky, and then just completely went out."

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Great American Eclipse captured in breathtaking footage1m37s

Great American Eclipse captured in breathtaking footage

Get ready to witness the most spectacular astronomical phenomenon to occur within our solar system. After chasing a small section of blue sky, escaping the thunderstorm that these people found themselves in, they finally found a clear spot near Lexington, Missouri where they watched the eclipse enter and exit totality. This experience simply cannot be explained with photographs, videos, or words. The moment the flash occurred, and the black hole of a moon appeared, they became overrun with the feeling of humility. The scale and beauty of this event will definitely change the way one looks at the world and the cosmos. In addition, this person was able to witness the eclipse with his mother and father. His father had waited nearly 50 years to witness this spectacle and watching it together, in addition to the power and beauty of the eclipse, made them both grow emotional. Near the bottom of the image, where the light is most prominent, you can see the varying topography of the lunar surface!

Stunning drone footage of Niagara Falls in the mist1m51s

Stunning drone footage of Niagara Falls in the mist

Niagara Falls in the early spring, as seen from the US side, showcasing its raw power and natural beauty. The spring thaw brings a large volume of water, which is released in its entirety during the day. This volume of water generates a large column of mist that makes the waterfall dreamy and mysterious. Early light brings warm tones and the mist generates rainbows when illuminated. This video presents the falls in from a viewpoint rarely seen by humans, allowing you to get close and personal with the flow.