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Police Officer Shares A Trick For A Better Night Vision While Driving2m06s

Police Officer Shares A Trick For A Better Night Vision While Driving

Statistics support that fatal crashes occur four times more in the night as compared to fatal crashes during the day. Is this because there the number of drunk drivers in the night is significantly higher than during the day or is it because of the absence of sufficient illumination during the night. Both of these factors are contributing to the statistics already mentioned and there is more to it – the fact that at night, the cars from the opposite direction strikes and glares the driver’s eyes causing seconds of temporary blindness. This officer discussed a simple but very efficient way of dealing with this situation. He started by pointing out the biological response of the human eye to light during the night. When light strikes the pupils, it will constrict to control the entry of light into the eye. This is a defensive response to protect the eye from too much light. When it is dark, the pupil of the eye will dilate to allow as much light to enter. These are auto responses thus, we have no control over it. Now, when driving at night, the interval of dilating and constricting happens with seconds where the driver experiences momentary blindness. When the car at the opposite lane approaches, the pupil constricts and seconds thereafter, when the car passes, the eye is confronted with total darkness which it cannot instantly cope by dilating – it requires few seconds before it will dilate so that the driver’s eye can adjust to the darkness. Those few seconds may prove significantly fatal. Anyone who experienced driving knows that a split of a second is vital in driving as it could define the bounds of whether or not an accident will occur. This clever officer suggests this life-saving hack: When in a situation mentioned above, close one eye. This will allow you to have one eye, accustomed to darkness and thus is already dilated while the other eye is focused on the grid of the road. If you do this, when the car passes by and you are confronted with darkness, simply open that eye you closed and you can have a better vision compared to when both eyes were glared by the lights of the approaching car travelling the opposite lane. This life hack is so useful especially that there are other drivers who are not considerate – they drive with their high beam on. With that level of illumination, even if you are wearing anti-glare glasses, the eye will certainly need more time to adjust to the dark part of the road – enough time to lead a driver plunging into a ravine of certain death. Do you usually drive at night ? What precautions do you observe aside from making sure that you will not sleep while driving? Try this trick when driving at night especially if your route passes through passages that have low illumination like tunnels, winding and circuitous roads at the outskirt of the city or in uninhabited areas where there is lack of street lights. Drive safely.

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Lawnmower hack literally cuts mowing time in half2m22s

Lawnmower hack literally cuts mowing time in half

This is the fastest and cheapest way to mow your lawn in a timely fashion. Using inexpensive push mowers, this guy made a pull rack and now gets 98 inches of cut. It literally cut his mowing time in half and each of the smaller mowers only uses 1 tank of gas per cut. Genius!

Four helpful life hacks for cat owners1m12s

Four helpful life hacks for cat owners

Do you have a feline friend sharing your home? Your furry little diva is probably fairly self-sufficient. She will groom herself, use her litter box, and generally spend a lot of her time napping. That said, there are still some great ways to make caring for your kitty easier. Cats often have habits that are so unique and mysterious, but sometimes it requires a little ingenuity and a few life hacks to make coexistence with them pleasant for both of you. We all love our furry friends so much, but sometimes we need a solution for their fur and litter. We all know the struggle of maintaining these things!

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Paramedic Shows How To Perform The Heimlich On Yourself1m49s

Paramedic Shows How To Perform The Heimlich On Yourself

The world is a scary place and you never know what the future has in store for you around the corner. That is why it is important to prepare yourself for any potential situation that may occur. This is an effective and simple way to save yourself if you're alone and choking, brought to you by a Firefighter/Paramedic ACLS/BLS Instructor Jeff Rehman. Special Thanks to Lt. Mark (Mother) Sherman. “I have noted over those years that there is really no effective means for someone to rescue themselves should they be choking and nobody is there to help them,” Mr. Rehman says in the video, which has been seen more than 7 million times thus far. In the clip, he uses a basic push-up motion to create suction to hopefully dislodge the object that is blocking your throat. First, get on your knees in the push-up position, then let go of your arms, essentially letting your stomach and chest smack on the ground. The air that moves out from this technique should be enough to remove whatever is stuck in your airway. You cannot predict these things when they happen, that's why it is better to be safe than sorry. When you accidentally inhale something and the moment of sheer panic strikes when you start losing your breath, remember Mr. Rehman’s demonstration in order to help yourself quickly and efficiently by doing the Heimlich maneuver on yourself. In case you would like to know how to perform the Heimlich maneuver on your dog, check out this video demonstrated by a vet . The Heimlich maneuver, also called abdominal thrusts, is a first aid procedure first described by Dr. Henry Heimlich in 1974. It is used to treat foreign object obstructions to the upper airway. Modern protocols recommend several stages for removing airway obstructions, designed to apply increasingly more pressure. Start by encouraging the victim to cough, followed by a few slaps on the back and finish with abdominal thrusts or chest thrusts as a last resort. Dr Heimlich claimed that back slaps were actually dangerous in these situations, since these could cause death by further lodging the foreign object into the windpipe of the victim. One Yale study from 1982 persuaded the American Heart Association to stop recommending back slaps or blows, which later turned out to be partially funded by Dr. Heimlich’s own foundation. According to a doctor from Mayo Clinic and the AHA, "There was never any science here. Heimlich overpowered science all along the way with his slick tactics and intimidation, and everyone, including us at the AHA, caved in." Still, both the Mayo Clinic and the European Resuscitation Council recommend alternating between five back slaps and five abdominal thrusts in cases of severe airway obstructions. However, in countries like Australia, authorities believe that there is not enough evidence backed by science to support the use of abdominal thrusts and their use is not recommended in first aid. Instead, chest thrusts are recommended. However, if you are on your own and this happens, Heimliching yourself might be your best, if not only, option.

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Grandmother Has Never Had Gret Hair Thanks To One Trick2m49s

Grandmother Has Never Had Gret Hair Thanks To One Trick

A 75-year-old grandmother who has never used shampoo still has jet black hair thanks to one secret trick - washing it with COCONUT milk. Modesta has been using the natural method every two days since she was born on the remote island of Marinduque, Philippines.

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Alternative Uses Of Toothpaste To Make Your Life Easier3m35s

Alternative Uses Of Toothpaste To Make Your Life Easier

This video features nine different alternative uses of toothpaste that will come in handy in your daily life and make things easier for you. Which one is your favorite? Toothpaste comes in various flavours, brightening your teeth however is just one thing that you can do with your toothpaste. Footage shows some other alternative uses for this common household item , many of which may surprise you. Think twice before throwing your empty toothpaste in the garbage because when the tube is stretched out, there is still a lot of paste content inside it. Roll up the tube and clip it. This way the entire content of the paste will be squeezed out when you next press it! Another way to make sure that you have squeezed out the very last drop of toothpaste is to use a rolling pin and roll over from toothpaste’s bottom towards its opening. This will keep the paste content closer to the opening and this way the entire tube will be emptied! Use toothpaste to clean your phone screen. Apply some toothpaste and scrub it all over the screen, then use dry cloth to wipe it clean! Also, repeat this process for your computer screen, leave the toothpaste work its magic, and watch your screen get shiny again! In addition, use toothpaste to clean the headlights of your vehicle. Pour some toothpaste and scrub it all over the headlights with a toothbrush. Next, wash it off with clean water and wipe it out with dry towel.

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These Amazing Simple Life Hacks Using WD-40 Will Save You Tons Of Time5m20s

These Amazing Simple Life Hacks Using WD-40 Will Save You Tons Of Time

Check out these ten useful and cool life hacks using WD-40 that will blow your mind! A can of WD-40 does more than just free rusted metal parts or stop things from making irritating squeaky noises. Here are some clever uses for the fluid that you should keep in mind and put in practice. This video shows us that WD-40 fluid can be used to do helpful things like remove wax crayons from screens, clean off chewing gum from carpets and shoes, act as a carpet and kitchen cleaner to fight tough stains, add a short-term shine to leather shoes, and so much more. It is amazing how WD-40 can lubricate the stuck and tight zipper, and help it move in smooth motion. Did you know you can light a fire in the rain or in any wet conditions, because WD-40 is very flammable and can be used as a fire starter. You can also use it to remove grease or wax from any surface. WD-40 works like magic for removing your kids’ crayon drawings from any surface, and it is very easy too. If you have difficulty removing a piece of gum off the carpet, all you need is WD-40. The same method works if the gum stuck in your hair. Amazing! However, this is also the case if you need to remove some stains. If you spill some ketchup on your carpet you should soak the stain for 5 minutes with WD-40 and the stain will be easily removed. When you need to cut something, you should lubricate your scissors with WD-40 so that they manage to easily cut through tough stuff. This amazing liquid also works for cleaning and making your leather shoes waterproof, or for cleaning stainless steel appliances. Next time you need to remove dirt, rust or glue that is stuck and stained, remember to use WD-40 to clean up your stove from those dry and hard to remove spills or stickers.

7 Simple Useful Tricks With Plastic Cards6m51s

7 Simple Useful Tricks With Plastic Cards

Who knew plastic cards could have so many uses? Here are the absolute 7 best ones! Get ready, because this video is going to shock you! Who had a clue that plastic cards had this many uses? We know that we had absolutely no clue! Videos like this make us see everyday things in completely new ways. The first use of the plastic cards is one that is somewhat fairly known. Most people have heard that you can unlock a door with a plastic credit card, but we don’t think most have seen this specific way of cutting the card. It seems that cutting it in the way shown in the video makes it a little easier to unlock a door. The second use is the one that really blows the mind. The video maker shows how to make an actual working, battery-powered fan! Oh yes, it really does work! Now, of course, it is a little bit more complicated than the other uses, but if you are the kind of person who tends to do well-manipulating technology and such, this is probably for you. Personally, we think it might be a bit easier just to purchase a 99 cent fan, but we have to admit that creating one in this way is pretty impressive! In the end, young people especially really enjoy making a project like this in one of their science or physics classes. To all the teacher s out there, teaching these subjects, maybe this can inspire a new project idea for you! Use number three shows how to make a stand for a phone or other small device. Now, this is really something that everyone can use, and it is simple enough for anyone to create! This video also shows how to create a guitar pick from a plastic card. Not everyone is a guitar player, but we can imagine that this little trick might come in handy. If you need a replacement pick in a hurry in the middle of the night, but no store is open for you to have the ability to just go and purchase one, this could be really helpful. We don’t want to spoil the rest of the plastic card use ideas for you, so you’ll have to watch the rest of the video to see them all! Do you have any ideas for even more creative uses for plastic cards? If so, do place your comments below! Share your ideas with us! Did you like this video? Do you want to see more like it? Then you are in the right place! Rumble gives small creators opportunities that other sites do not. No longer do you have to wait until you have a specific number of subscribers or views or watch hours in order to make money! Create a Rumble account, and join the movement! It is the easiest platform to share high-quality video content. Simply upload your video in the same way that you would on any other site, choose your management package, and let us do the hard work for you!

Six Simple Drilling Tricks Necessary In Everyday Living3m40s

Six Simple Drilling Tricks Necessary In Everyday Living

Life hacks allow people to get task from their everyday life done faster than it meant to be done. It doesn’t require much work to implement those easy life hacks to your everyday life. Now we would like to talk about the video, because it is specific to the drilling life hacks. So now what does this means? It means that for the life hacks shown in this video you need a drill. A little bit more material is required as well as a drill, for exemple, screws and a marker, but we think it is common in every household. The first life hack that is explained in the video is to shred cheese. We all have this machine to allow us to shred cheese right above our warm dish but it doesn’t always work, the cheese gets stuck on the side of the machine and you need a little bit of force to be able to shred the cheese in little pieces. That’s when the life hack comes in, the video shows how to attach the drill to the back of the machine, with a few screws, and you can now shred your cheese by with your drill. Just press the button and it will make the machine speed as fast as the drill is, which guarantee nice shredded pieces of cheese. The second life hack featured in the video has the same function as the previous one, just that this time it is faster to just attach a whip to the end of the drill to be able to whip any cream without much arm effort. During this video, the life hacks are well explained and shown to you, from how to prepare the drill and the other tools, until the person shows as well the final result. For example, the one with the bottle of wine is well explained because the type of screw required is clearly visible and identifiable and how to get the cork out of the bottle as well. The other hacks shown in the video are really practical and allow to save a lot of time but I would like to go over simple security measures while using such hacks and a drill. First of all, make sure to be close to an outlet to be able to connect the drill. Another thing that I believe is really important is that the drill used for those kitchen hacks should be new and not have been used previously to work around the house, just to limit the spread of microbes and viruses. This came to our mind as we were watching the different life hacks of the video and especially when the one about the apple came. It might be really easy, fast and practical but the drill is in the middle of the apple during the life hack, hence why it needs to be cleaned properly or brand new. Any children watching this video and thinking about using those life hacks should be supervised by an adult at all times.

Quick Trick To Peel A Hard-Boiled Egg In Few Seconds28s

Quick Trick To Peel A Hard-Boiled Egg In Few Seconds

Sometimes peeling a hard-boiled egg can be a bit annoying. The shell gets stuck and breaks up into little pieces that have to be picked off separately. Luckily, this video shows a trick that will have your hard-boiled egg peeled in less than 5 seconds! We all know that it can be really annoying when you have to spend time peeling a boiled egg , because most of the time only little pieces of the shell come off one by one and it is a time-consuming process. Well, this video presents a neat trick which will help you to avoid all that and have your egg ready in just few moments! Peeling a boiled egg isn't as annoying as you think when you know this nifty cool trick. All you need is a glass, an inch of water, and a boiled egg! With this trick, you can peel your egg in only seconds!! All you have to do is place your boiled egg in the glass , place an inch of water and shake the glass with the egg for a few seconds. Covering the glass with your hand is a good idea so that it doesn’t fall off the glass, and we don't want the egg to go flying! After shaking the egg in the glass, pour the remaining water from the glass out and check on your egg. By now, the shell should be very loose and should come off very easily when you touch it. Voila, this trick saved you some time and nerves and you have an egg that barely took anytime to peel. Hooray! Try this out yourself and let us know how it goes!