Horrible Drivers

Drunk driver veers off lane, crashes into pole39s

Drunk driver veers off lane, crashes into pole

A drunk driver continuously tries to enter a bus lane which leads to the central bus terminal in Israel. After a few tries, the driver veers off his lane and crashes into a pole and scrapes the barrier fence. Terrible!

Published: January 18, 20181,031 views
Driver Cuts Off Cop Twice, Immediately Gets Pulled Over40s

Driver Cuts Off Cop Twice, Immediately Gets Pulled Over

Traffic rules are for everybody and they are there for a reason. Safety in traffic is highly important and the rules make sure that both you and everyone around you is protected in case of something happening that might endanger your right to be safe. However, there are drivers out there, using the same roads that you do, but do not comply to those rules that are supposed to keep us alive. That is where law enforcement steps in. A driver pulls out of the gas station in front of an unmarked police vehicle, cutting it off. The driver then proceeds into the left turn lane and then immediately merges right, cutting of the cop AGAIN! What happens next is what is known as instant karma. At the 00:26 mark, you can see the black SUV turning their police emergency lights on. This is the exact reason why there are unmarked police vehicles roaming the streets, just waiting for someone to make a careless move. Usually, when punks like this one see a police cruiser, they pretend to be abide by the law until they lose sight of the cruiser. Then it is back to their careless behavior, and that is when things get nasty! Not only did this driver behave recklessly in busy traffic, but he also forgot to use his turning signals, and right in front of the police officers! We hope he learned his lesson.

Published: November 19, 201748,459 views
Horrible Driver Hits Neighbor's Car, Casually Drives Off33s

Horrible Driver Hits Neighbor's Car, Casually Drives Off

Here's how NOT to improve friendly neighborly relations! Check it out as the car across the street backs up right into a pickup truck, pauses for a moment, and then casually drives off. Good thing this CCTV camera was rolling! People commenting on the original video have had a blast! Naturally, some confirm that the neighbor’s actions are indeed a “hit-and-run" and the she (assuming it is a woman, the footage isn’t clear on the subject) should be held accountable. Others say that the owner of the pickup truck was basically asking to be backed into, parking directly across from another driveway. Whether the driver of the dark purple Nissan Qashqai did a bigger number on his own SUV, than on the ancient and probably uninsured pickup truck is yet to be seen. Probably never. But we can take a wild guess and say that the paint from the Nissan gave the truck’s rear a gentle blush and is probably missing a few lines of color. In a somewhat similar event, an older woman had to take drastic measures when she couldn’t back off her own driveway in Luton, UK, so she called the strongest man she knew - her nephew The Turkish Hulk. Instead of causing a scene, the strongman lifts and moves the neighbor’s car away. It would seem that these petty neighbors are all over the planet!

Angry Driver Almost Gets Run Off The Road, Evades Karma By The Hair48s

Angry Driver Almost Gets Run Off The Road, Evades Karma By The Hair

Rage is a nasty thing, but road rage gets its own sub-category of nasty, because only a true self-centered idiot would put the lives of everyone around them on the road in danger, just so that they can prove some selfish point. So many accidents have been recorded due to road rage, because someone flashed them on the road and they decided to play a game of ‘chicken’, without caring what is going on around them. Not everyone gets to pay the price for their selfishness. The Toyota Platz decided it would be a great idea to swerve into the Honda Civic next to him - maybe if he hit him hard enough he could get bonus points from the passenger train! Oops - forgot about lane divider! Okay, that didn't work, so maybe I'll stop in the middle of the road now. This is a great reminder, please take care when you're on the road! Another thing that gets so much attention is tailgating, like this ‘PRINSES’ that wanted to get past a fully loaded semi on the highway, so she decided to tailgate a car in front of her to move faster. Unfortunately for the 'prinses', the driver in front of her SUV respects the law, so he opted to check her breaks instead. Not very nice, but still better than breathing down someone’s neck.

Car Has A Near Miss With Tractor On Narrow Hill Road33s

Car Has A Near Miss With Tractor On Narrow Hill Road

This close call happened on Paekakiriki Hill Road in New Zealand when a van had a surprisingly close encounter with a tractor uphill a narrow road. Luckily, no-one was hurt and the only damage was to the bank and the road marker. This road is closed to wide vehicles, so the tractor driver should not have been there in the first place. The van hit the pot-hole and slid into the bank to avoid the tractor, while everything in the back tumbled and fell out of its shelving, but luckily there was no serious damage. If you ride regularly in the countryside, you'll know just how frightening it can be when a tractor is passing just right next to you. However, when one is driving in a curved uphill road, which is also narrow, usually never imagines that a tractor will pass by. That's what happened in this video, described as "more like a head-on" than a close pass, experience. The road is narrow, the tractor is coming down from a recent curve, the driver is overly surprised and uncertain whether the road will allow them to pass safely without touching, each of them holding their line. We can't help but wondering, whether the tractor knew that this road is a forbidden area for wide vehicles, and whether it noticed the vehicle passing in the first place. Over the years literally hundreds of close passes have been reported and near misses involving badly driven vehicles, so awareness needs to be raised!

Car Attempts To Tow Van And It Doesn't Go Exactly As Planned2m49s

Car Attempts To Tow Van And It Doesn't Go Exactly As Planned

Here's one good reason why you should simply call a professional tow truck! Filmed from a private apartment in the town of Solin in Croatia, a family witnessed what can only be described as two completely ignorant groups of people, who have probably passed their driving test on a hunch and never even took a good look at the images on the test, attempting to tow a van on a busy boulevard! You might think that there is nothing wrong with it, but here is the catch - when you are in need of a tow, first of all, you call a tow company, because that is what they do! Second of all, if you are feeling stingy about it and you want to tow the car with your own vehicle, you never, ever tie the tow line on the back bumper of the car that needs to be towed! Tow companies do it like that because they use a rigid connection between the truck and the car, having complete control of the towed vehicle. With a rope, the car in the back needs to steer on the road just as much as the vehicle that is towing it in the front! Well, that didn't go as planned!

Published: October 4, 201735,615 views
This Is How Belgians Teach Youngsters About The Dangers Of Texting While Driving2m14s

This Is How Belgians Teach Youngsters About The Dangers Of Texting While Driving

Each year thousands of people die behind the wheel due to texting, and most of the victims are younger than 25. It’s a frightening fact that makes you question yourself how you can convince young people not to text while driving. The answer is to prove to them it is a very bad idea: make them text while driving (while being supervised, of course)! It’s how Belgians decided to show the young people in their country that texting while driving or replying to your Facebook status can harm you and others around you, and in the worst case, be fatal. In this video you can see how Belgian learner drivers reacted when they were told they had to pass the mobile phone test in order to get their driver's license. As every potential driver gets into the car, he is told that they have just received a new ministerial circular that introduces new road safety measures. These safety measures meant the young drivers must prove they are able to use their mobile phones while driving and at the same time avoid obstacles in the road. "I didn’t invent this. Look here" the driving instructor convinces the learner drivers as they enter the vehicle. One of them had pretty funny reaction and told him: "Plenty of people will crash, I’m telling you." As the drivers start to drive, the instructor tells them what to write in the SMS. He even jokes with them that he will check if their spelling is correct. What is important in this Belgian road safety campaign are the learners reactions of them not being able to drive at all while texting a message, saying that this is dangerous. Some of them even said that if this becomes law, they will stop driving. One thing is for sure, you can’t do both things at the same time. At least that’s something we all agree with. Credit: RYDBELGIUM

Truck Crashes And Destroys Highway Sign12s

Truck Crashes And Destroys Highway Sign

A truck, that for some reason has its bed standing upright, completely destroys a massive highway sign in Saudi Arabia. What was the driver thinking?! The driver was probably oblivious that his truck was in an upright position, which is something that you really can't miss! We hope that the dump truck driver made it out okay, but the stress and panic he caused to the other drivers is something he should be worried about. Human carelessness can be great, but when you are a driver you are not only responsible for you and the passengers in your vehicle, but also for every other participant in the traffic. Paying attention on the road is of the utmost importance and it should never be taken for granted. Otherwise, the outcome could be catastrophic. Here we can see the highway sign being completely obliterated as the driver goes straight through it, disregarding the warning honks of the nearby cars. This is something that if somebody told you about, you wouldn't believe it. But here it is, on video, for everyone to see what happens when you let your mind wander while on the road. Always, always be a responsible driver! People's lives are at stake!

Driver Shows The Worst Way You Can Park Your Sedan1m47s

Driver Shows The Worst Way You Can Park Your Sedan

This is one of those confusion moments on whether or not the driver actually wants to leave their car in the parking spot or not. So, here is someone coming in on a supermarket parking and decides that its a good idea to take the first spot they see. Well, it doesn't work out the best for them to say the least. As the driver pulls up he first misses the angle and then pulls up on the curb as he is pulling in. Then goes back and forth trying to get the angle right and the position according to some confused idea of the driver. Basically, he pulls in and out for a couple of minutes until finally giving up and re parking the car at a whole different spot. Here we have a "lucky" guy with a camera that catches the entire act. This guy must have had a laugh while seeing this guy struggle for quite the while until he eventually decides to give up and park somewhere else. So, while sitting in his car and waiting for some friends to show up, this guy managed to capture this epic parking fail on camera. Have you ever seen such a bad parking job in your life?!

Dashcam Footage Shows Confused Driver Causing A Pile Up On The Highway1m01s

Dashcam Footage Shows Confused Driver Causing A Pile Up On The Highway

Dash cam video from an extremely distracted driver captures the moment she completely totals a white 2016 Ford Focus SE Sport by slamming into the back of it, causing a pile up on the highway. She was driving a Ford Explorer at around 60 mph, completely unaware that the cars ahead of her were at a complete stop! Footage displays the terrifying moment when a reckless driver crushes her vehicle into stopped traffic and results in collision! This lady was obviously distracted because she drove straight into a row of parked cars at a high speed for no apparent reason. Did her car slip on the road? Was she driving too fast? Perhaps she was texting? Regardless of the reason for her reckless driving, she definitely needs to be more careful because she poses the risk of serious harm. The scary scene unfolded on a highway when an alleged distracted driver plowed into the back of stopped traffic at around 60 mph, triggering a chain-reaction crash and the whole thing was caught on camera. There is no information about any victims or serious injuries, but hopefully, nobody got hurt. It's easy to pin the blame on this woman and her distracted driving, but it's also a sobering reminder of how quickly things can change in an instant. At 60 mph, you're covering more than a hundred feet per second. Fiddle with the GPS for a bit too long, and suddenly an obstacle that was a quarter of a mile away is closing fast! Driving is not a joke, always remember to keep your eyes on the road!

High speed tank crash in Minsk, Belarus52s

High speed tank crash in Minsk, Belarus

While on the way to rehearsal for the Republic Day Parade in Minsk, Belarus, this T-72 tank loses control and crashes into a street light at a dangerously high speed. How crazy is that?

 A Year's Worth Of Security Footage Captures Dangerous Driving In Chilliwack, British Columbia 8m31s

A Year's Worth Of Security Footage Captures Dangerous Driving In Chilliwack, British Columbia

This is crazy. Some people really take advantage of the fact that some places are rarely visited by the police. This security camera footage captures an insane intersection in Chilliwack, British Columbia, where we see some pretty ridiculous and reckless driving. Its safe to assume many of them didn't know there was a camera watching them. This is ridiculous. As we watch the video, it is shocking to see how many people are irresponsible on the road. How did these people even get their license? Some of these drivers are insane and have no patience. Calm down! It is already bad enough when you pull off inappropriate driving stunts when no one is around you, but doing it around other cars and people, how could you risk losing your life, or even causing the death of someone else's life. These cars need to be more patient and let pedestrians cross. One truck almost ran over people crossing the street! Always look before you start driving! Another driver even drove backwards into an intersection, at that point, you're basically asking for something to happen, so sad. Check out this video compilation of security footage that captures "questionable" driving. Has you seen anyone show questionable driving on the street? Let us know in the comment section down below.

RV takes out stop sign and drives away38s

RV takes out stop sign and drives away

A large RV in Chilliwack, British Columbia attempts to reverse in an intersection, but not before completely knocking down a stop sign. It then continues to drive off as if nothing happened. Hope it's a rental!

Transport for London employee's epic driving fail1m50s

Transport for London employee's epic driving fail

Transport for London is a local government body responsible for the transport system in Greater London, England. With 700 private hire drivers in the public every single week, it's only a matter of time before something like THIS happens!

Horrifying Moment Speeding Teen Driver Absolutely Pulverizes Cyclist26s

Horrifying Moment Speeding Teen Driver Absolutely Pulverizes Cyclist

Nightmarish footage shows the moment when an unsuspecting bicyclist was mowed down by a speeding teenaged driver in a gruesome hit-and-run that took place as the teen tried to elude a police officer. In the video, which was captured by a surveillance camera and released by the local police, a car driven by 19-year-old Benjamin George can be seen zooming down an empty street when 34-year-old Jacek Szafranski suddenly comes into frame while riding his bike. George plows directly into Szafranski, sending him pinwheeling like a ragdoll ten feet into the air before crashing to the ground. The victim can later be seen unconscious on the sidewalk. Within minutes, first responders arrive to the scene. According to police, George had managed to slip away from a police car that had been trailing him by zipping down side streets, running through red lights, and nearly striking a pedestrian in the process. Szafranski, who was on his way to work, miraculously escaped the collision with his life. He suffered a fractured left ankle, three broken toes, a collapsed lung, and cuts to his head, thigh, calf, and foot. Authorities found that George was already on bail for a dangerous driving incident that took place just two weeks earlier. He was sentenced to five years in prison.

Insane POV footage of rush hour in Vietnam1m52s

Insane POV footage of rush hour in Vietnam

If you're stressed from the traffic in your city, check out this ridiculous footage of a Honda Dream 110 darting through vehicles in Vietnam. Although the Vietnamese people are accustomed to this kind of mess, it's strange for everyone else, including us. There is no fixed rule for the time the traffic jams start happening, but it is the worst during the rush hour when everyone is in a hurry to get to work or come back home. Apart from peak hours, the time between 9 am to 10 am and between 3 pm to 4 pm is also filled with long lines of vehicles, mainly motorbikes, struggling to get out of narrow streets. When it rains, the traffic jam gets even more horrible with the joining effect of flooding. Taxis are extremely hard to catch or wave during the downpour. However, it only takes about 30 minutes on average for a standstill and 2 hours to get through the worst, which is not really bad compared to that of other countries. Still, just by watching this video you can tell that if you are not a local, Vietnamese traffic would be a hellish, confusing nightmare for you. Utter chaos, don't you think?

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