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This Family Shaved Their Heads For The Best Reason2m40s

This Family Shaved Their Heads For The Best Reason

A family that shaves their heads together, stays together. Well this adorable family got together to shave each other's heads in support of their friend who is undergoing treatment for breast cancer. Not only is this an amazing act of love and support, but the dad and his two eldest boys also have a lot of fun in the process. First, the oldest son seems a bit nervous about how it might turn out, but when dad took the shaver in his own hands, things started flowing, or should we say, FALLING a lot smoother. A few whirs of the machine and we see three brave and bald heads, sharing the love. “We love you all” says the dad, followed by a very sweet “we care” from the middle kid and that is so sweet! Good job, guys! Breast Cancer Awareness Month , also referred to in America as National Breast Cancer Awareness Month, is an annual international health campaign organized by major breast cancer charities every October to increase awareness of the disease and to raise funds for research into its cause, prevention, diagnosis, treatment and cure. The campaign also offers information and support to those affected by breast cancer. Every kind of support is more than welcome, so many decided to show support in their own and, may we say, very brave way. People around their globe decided to shave off their tresses voluntarily, so that those who have been left without their hair due to chemo wouldn’t feel different.

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Touching Moment Of 97-Year-Old In Hospital Bed Singing Lovely  Hymn  1m13s

Touching Moment Of 97-Year-Old In Hospital Bed Singing Lovely Hymn

One of the the ups to living long is that you have seen many different times, the changes is society, the many different experiences, the many different generations and sometimes live to see another century. In these cases people have books of information on how things use to work, how times once were and all the different ways in which things have been done in the past. Many people come to realize the importance to life and the true meaning throughout their last days. The stories they tell and the secrets they keep can be truly life changing. Like most of us believe, the meaning lives in family, friends and love. Even though life is more complicated than that, at the end is all that is worth holding on to. Here we have just the right situation where this old man is coming to the end of his days and is lucky enough to have his close family by his side. They are all around his bed keeping him company and comforting him as he is getting ready for the final chapter of his life. This emotional and very real moment is caught on film by these great people bringing to you what it's like first hand experience of such occurrence. Watch as 97-year-old Grandpa Walters sings 'How Great Thou Art' while surrounded by friends and family at the Ohio Health Mansfield Hospital. Sadly, it was reported that he passed away the next morning, but you can't help but smile while watching this sweet and memorable moment.

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Grandma Fails To Grasp The Pregnancy Announcement 1m02s

Grandma Fails To Grasp The Pregnancy Announcement

This casual evening turned into something much more magical. This husband has been convincing his mom that he and his wife weren't ready for kids yet. However, it was all a con. Now that they're twelve weeks along, it is time to let mom in on the secret and break the news about their pregnancy in a very simple and yet unique way. First there were the baby gender reveal parties when expecting parents would organize a party with pink and blue everything, then throw a surprise when they were about to announce the gender of the bun in their oven. It was either colored frosting inside a cake, or colored balloons in a box. Then there were the baby announcement parties when everyone is ecstatic about the newest addition to the family. It is very refreshing to see someone do something simple for a change, when it comes to telling their parents that they are soon to become grandparents. These happy parents decided to surprise their family in a spontaneous gift presenting atmosphere, when the expecting father presented his mother with a baby clothing reading “only grandchild, big cousin” but the ‘only grandchild’ part is crossed out. The new grandmother is still in shock and doesn’t realize what the reading says. It is when everyone starts congratulating her daughter-in-law and son, when she realizes what is going on, and stops her movements for a while, frozen in disbelief. It is because no one was expecting baby news that this surprise worked its magic ! Congratulations to this couple and their family. What an exciting journey they have ahead of them!

She Missed Her Big Sister So Much, She Wouldn't Let Go Of The Hug38s

She Missed Her Big Sister So Much, She Wouldn't Let Go Of The Hug

Growing up with a sibling isn’t always easy. Just when you start getting independent, able to do stuff on your own, you have this tiny human that wants to be by your side every step of the way and you would much rather not have them tag along. But at the end of the day siblings are the friends that never go away. They are always there for you to listen to woes and hear about your day, without any prejudice. That is why we love them so much. When the age gap between <a href=" https://rumble.com/v34231-9-reasons-why-we-love-our-siblings.html " target="_blank">siblings</a> as big, there comes a time when the older siblings has to leave for school or abroad for service. The little siblings have it the hardest, suddenly finding themselves left alone, without someone to guide them and listen to what they have to say. That is why <a href=" https://rumble.com/v3why7-homecoming-surprising-my-little-brother-after-almost-2-years-albert-ferati.html " target="_blank">reunions</a> are bitter sweet - they come back for a visit and you try your best to catch up, but the time will come again for your brother or sister to go back where they came from. This little girl has been without her big sister for a long time, so when she came back home for her birthday, the baby sister had it all planned out. She would go with mom and dad to the airport. She will bring this big Mylar balloon that says “Happy Birthday” in big bright colors. She is so excited to see her finally, that she turns back and forth, looking for her best friend. She hears someone say “excuse me, little girl” and when she turns, there is a familiar face with a bright smile and a warm hug waiting for her! We can’t remember the last time we saw someone hug so long...

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Man Sings Own Version Of 'Raise Me Up' As Last Goodbye For His Brother3m11s

Man Sings Own Version Of 'Raise Me Up' As Last Goodbye For His Brother

Before we start, we need to warn you: if you watch this clip, you better have tissues close by and lots of them. Yvonne Petersen’s son Niels died suddenly and really tragically at the young age of 24. Her family was left devastated by the sudden loss. Now, we don’t have to tell you how sad funerals can be, but nothing will be more tragic than the final goodbye to someone whose life was cut way too short. Niels’s family rested easy, knowing that he volunteered as an organ donor and they found the strength to honor his young life during the ceremony. Many people showed up to pay their final respects to Niels. As a tribute , his father and sister came out to say a few words. But when Niels’s brother wanted to say something, no one in that chapel could hold back their tears. “My son, 24-years-old, died suddenly and in a very tragic way,” the mournful mother wrote on the original video. “As a goodbye, his little sister and his father spoke at the funeral, and his little brother sang “ You Raise Me Up ” in his own version, where the second verse was dedicated to his brother.” Our thoughts go to Niels’s family and especially to his young brother. “You Raise Me Up,” was originally composed by Norwegian duo Secret Garden, but was made popular in the U.S. by singer Josh Groban.

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Mom receives birthday surprise of a lifetime4m50s

Mom receives birthday surprise of a lifetime

Sarah had not seen her mom in four months, so she decided to fly from North Carolina to Minnesota to surprise her for her birthday. Although her plan goes awry several times, she prevails in the end and shares an extremely heartwarming moment with her mom. Check it out!

Is this the most adorable duet of all time?2m31s

Is this the most adorable duet of all time?

These two sisters, who are 9 and 3 years old, sing and play guitar to their favorite song called 'Holy Spirit'. The little sister will surely put a smile on your face with her background acoustics and lip singing!

What happens when dads hook their kids up to lie detectors3m20s

What happens when dads hook their kids up to lie detectors

Every year we take a day to thank Dad for his undying love and guidance by giving him a new tie. Except this year, when we gave him the greatest gift of all: the truth. Producer: Scott Rogowsky. Executive Producer: Jake Currie. Cameras: Dan Moraru, Rafael Moses. Editors: Dan Moraru, Rafael Moses. Animation: Russell Wyner. PAs: Justice Allen, Dylan Tanella. Polygraph examination provided by Dan Ribacoff (International Investigative Group, Ltd.).

Family game comes to shocking and hilarious end59s

Family game comes to shocking and hilarious end

This family was enjoying a game and some good laughs as Uncle Greg took his turn. He had to put a device in his mouth that stretched his lips wide open. The goal was to say a ridiculous phrase that his team would try to guess. The laughs turned to sheer hysteria as the mouthpiece sprang out of his mouth and across the room. Greg's nieces and nephews, and even his mother can be heard laughing uproariously at how things turned out. Greg laughs just as much, proving the value of being able to laugh at yourself!

Dad and Stepmom React to 130lb Weight Loss47s

Dad and Stepmom React to 130lb Weight Loss

After losing 130 pounds without telling his family over the past year, this is the reaction he got from his dad and stepmom after seeing him at Christmas for the first time since working off the weight!

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Mom can't hold back tears after surprise Mother's Day gift2m46s

Mom can't hold back tears after surprise Mother's Day gift

Mother's Day, the day we appreciate the one's who raised us, took care of us, loved us, and more importantly, brought us into the world. It can be an emotional time for some. After opening her card, this mother received a gift that she will absolutely love. When this mom realizes she's just received tickets to a Gwen Stefani concert for Mother's Day she absolutely loses it! Children and significant others alike take this day to show some love and appreciation to the one that does oh so much for the family. The endless responsibilities do not go unnoticed, although sometimes it may seem like they are. Without mothers, lives of billions would be drastically different, and we're all better off with them on our side. You can really tell that this mother really appreciates the tickets to probably one of her favorite artists. We all know that she's really going to enjoy her time there! Check out the heartwarming moment that is sure to brighten your day.

Syrian woman teaches Canadians how to make traditional bread3m21s

Syrian woman teaches Canadians how to make traditional bread

Syrian refugees have been facing the hardest time in their lives for the past years, and we're all aware of the hardships they have to endure on a daily basis. Those kind of circumstances can really bring down the human spirit, but this woman won't let it. A Syrian mother, who has recently arrived in Canada, teaches her new Canadian friends how to make saj, or Syrian bread, in the traditional method over an open fire. The women communicate with English, Arabic, gestures and giggles. When two cultures come together the results can be beautiful... And delicious!

Grandparents-To-Be Receive The Best Christmas Present1m19s

Grandparents-To-Be Receive The Best Christmas Present

One of the greatest surprise announcements that a family can make is the pregnancy announcement! We think it is like a rite of passage - the babies are finally getting babies of their own! So lately expecting parents decide that the best way to announce their parents that they will be becoming grandparents in a few short months is to throw a surprise of some sort. We personally like those subtle ones, like a small riddle that has to be solved in order to understand the news that they are about to receive. This pregnancy announcement falls right into this category and the end result is just priceless! These soon-to-be grandma and grandpa got the perfect gift for Christmas, but it came in a form of a riddle that they had to solve. Their daughter prepared both her parents white mugs with a huge G printed on them. Coincidentally, someone in this family is named George, making oblivious grandma think that’s what the G stands for. But someone in the room ruins the surprise and asks out loud: “ Grandma and grandpa ?", to which revelation strikes the woman and she gasps in disbelief! Grandpa wasn’t all too quick to catch up though. But when the third present comes out of the bag, a colorless glass Christmas ornament with the words “Baby West" engraved on it, everyone present starts screaming with joy! They will finally welcome their first grandchild!

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 Kid Throws Ball At Little Sister, Receives Instant Karma35s

Kid Throws Ball At Little Sister, Receives Instant Karma

Younger kids won’t admit to it, but sibling are awesome! Everyone comes to realize that once they grow out of the pettiness of their childhood days. Sure, we used to fight all the time when we were kids over the silliest of things, although most of the times it was because “you’re not my mom”! Even the most harmonious of siblings fight sometimes, because it is the circle of life. The older one might try to tease the younger one, which will result is an argument that initially begins from the premise that they are equal, “so how dare you pull my pants down” and similar embarrassing instances we would rather not talk about… Bottom line is, karma follows you everywhere! You can’t hide from its sweet presence and sooner or later, it will hit you. Just like it hit this girl’s older brother, as he tried to be all high and mighty, when in fact he was just clumsy and hasty in his attempt to show greatness in front of his sister, with dad right there! So what does he do, after his sister teases him that he is too big for the boat? He walks up behind her and tries to hit her on the head with his ball, but misses and hits the floatie instead. The ball ricochets back and he tries to catch it, losing his balance in the process and almost falling face down in the water! Dad caught the whole thing on film and started laughing his socks off! “Ah, classic! I’m so glad I caught that on film!” We are too, dad!

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