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Mother and Son Perform An Epic Wedding Dance4m19s

Mother and Son Perform An Epic Wedding Dance

Think about all the fun people have at weddings! There are so many memorable moments and it is usually an all day event. The wedding is usually during the day and the party all night! Weddings are full of fun and hanging out with family and friends who you haven’t seen for a long time is the best part. They are a celebration of love and it is totally legit that weddings are full of joy! Weddings are the perfect place to reconvene with old friends and acquaintances, that you might not have seen in a long time. Along with all the fun, love, and food, weddings are usually filled with dancing! Dancing might be one of the most memorable and fun moments during a wedding! You can dance all night long with family and friends and have such a blast! It is only right to have a dance floor and great music at your wedding so people can dance away the stress of the day and the planning! This video is a great example of dancing and fun that takes place at a typical wedding. This young man and his mother decided to put on a great show for the wedding guests. They planned a great dance routine, and seems like they are having the time of their life! At the wedding of Allee and Jared, Jared and his mother have a nice surprise dance for the crowd. There is often the mother and son dance , as well as father and daughter dance. This son and mother combo decided to put on a show. As this duo takes the dance floor, they come in close ready for the classic slow dance. The slow dance is what usually happens in these moments at most weddings. They wait for the DJ to start their music, then they begin to dance to their slow song. This is a very cute moment between the mother and her son! Little does the crowd knows, this duo is probably discussing their master plan while they wait for the real performance to start. As they talk, the music randomly cuts out and the duo acts surprised. Some more upbeat and funky music starts and you can tell things are about to get a little more exciting! Jared digs into his pocket and whips out two pairs of black sunglasses, for him and his mother. The duo puts on their sunglasses and gets ready to boogie to some funky music! They are dancing to the popular song, “Stayin’ Alive” and they are having lots of fun. They do the classic disco moves of pointing to the ground then the sky! The duo does lots of hip thrusting and lots of pointing! You can tell that they definitely spent their time practicing for this hilarious moment. Soon after that, the song changes to another popular dancing song, “Can’t Touch This.” The mother and the son, do many popular and classic moves to a couple of different songs. The crowd absolutely loves the show that the duo puts on for them! This wedding definitely looks like so much fun and it looks like the perfect day for the couple!

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Groom Shares Emotional Dance With Mother Battling ALS4m12s

Groom Shares Emotional Dance With Mother Battling ALS

It is a heartwarming tradition to see the bride and her dad share a loving dance at her wedding. Its symbolism is quite similar to him giving away his baby girl at the altar. They almost always dance to a song that means loads to them both and people present drown in tears while watching them sway. At this wedding, however, it wasn’t the bride and her dad that brought tears to the guests’ eyes. It was the groom and his mom. At his wedding, groom Luke Rheault had planned to do a special mother-son dance with his mom Rebekah, who had been diagnosed with ALS a year before the nuptials. When the song “Hero" by Mariah Carey, started playing, Luke felt uneasy, seeing his mom in her wheelchair. So he took her by the hand and showering her with gentle kisses, he took her out on the dance floor, kneeled down beside her and they swayed together. “I wanted her to feel so special in that very moment, so I tried to make the best of it and spin her around and continue smiling with her," Luke added. “I don’t recall at any point in the wedding thinking that these might be my last few moments with my mother. So I did what felt right at the time, and I’m really glad I did because it’s a memory that has well-served its purpose." Rebekah passed away less than a year after their beautiful moment, but they will surely remember her by her smile when she danced with her boy. Video credit: Ray Roman Films.

Dad Breaks Down When Son Returns Home Early From Afghanistan2m15s

Dad Breaks Down When Son Returns Home Early From Afghanistan

After being deployed in Afghanistan for a mobilization/demobilization tour for the past year, it was finally time for Mason to come home. Like every good soldier out there, Mason didn’t just up and tell his folks he was coming; instead, he asked his neighbor and fellow Veteran to set up a surprise for each of his family members, one by one. The first stop on this tour of surprise was to see his dad at work. With the cameras rolling, Mason walked into his office and knocked on his door. The unsuspecting father was in the middle of a meeting, but once he sees his son standing before him it’s clear to see that the today’s list of schedules has gone right out the window. It’s beautiful and by far one of the proudest father moments ever caught on video and one that is guaranteed to make you cry! Although it’s not shown in the video below, the soldier later surprises his sister and his mother while they were at work. Their reactions, obviously, are amazing! These videos showing soldiers returning home can melt even the coldest of hearts. AFV made the sweetest compilation of soldier homecomings - grandparents, parents, offspring and pets, everyone screams with excitement when they finally lay their eyes on a loved one coming home.

Soldier Gives Son The Best Surprise Birthday Gift1m50s

Soldier Gives Son The Best Surprise Birthday Gift

When the soldiers get deployed overseas, they don't see their families for months. More often than not, they miss big family events, like birthdays and Christmases. It is hard on both the families and the soldiers during those times. Though some of them do get to come back just in time to celebrate with their loved ones, the members who seem to be suffering the most have to be the little children. Alec has just had his birthday yesterday, but one person was missing from the party. Alec's dad was deployed for a long time, serving in the U.S. Air Force. Today's Alec's mom called him up to come on the porch of their house, because there was a present waiting for him, wrapped in a huge box! What could it be? The little man comes running, eager to open his present , when something rustles the paper from inside. Surprised but still curious, Alec rips the paper from the box and opens the flap to reveal probably the best present he will ever get! “Daddy!" We didn't even feel when tears started running down our eyes, so be sure to have a box of tissues on hand when you watch this video, because it is the most heartwarming this you will see all day! We are certain that Alec will never forget the moment when dad gave him the best birthday surprise! Now let's go play!

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Loving father's inspiring dance with special needs daughter4m04s

Loving father's inspiring dance with special needs daughter

Mike Carney lifts his 12-year-old daughter McKenzie from her wheelchair and performs a heartwarming dance set to Miley Cyrus' 'The Climb' during a summer pageant. She has been diagnosed with a type of mitochondrial disease, which is life threatening, and the family travels more than 500 miles to Florida from Georgia for specialized treatments, which she has been responding to well. Unfortunately her insurance doesn't cover those treatments, and if you'd like to help out, check out 'mckenzieshope' on Go Fund Me.

Parents Freak Out After Learning Daughter Is Having Triplets1m05s

Parents Freak Out After Learning Daughter Is Having Triplets

Baby announcements and gender reveals have become such a huge thing these past few years, the trend gave birth to a whole new industry! Lavish and elaborate parties, pink and blue everything, tons of guests - all of that just to tell the world that you are expecting an addition to the family. We are not saying that it is spoiled and wasteful thing, but we hope you will agree with us that it can be refreshing to see expecting parents keep it nice and simple. They visit the soon-to-be-grandparents and either tell them the news or throw a simple surprise, just to catch the expressions on their faces. This young couple did exactly that. They took their first ultrasound photo and went to see the expecting mother’s parents to tell them the good news. But the grandparents knew she was expecting; they just didn’t know HOW MANY she is expecting. So they showed them the photo, with each of the three babies marked with a different letter. Grandma didn’t seem to catch up on the hint right away, so the expecting mom lent her a bit of help. When the news that there will be three babies in the family dawned on everyone, the reactions were priceless! The best one has to be the brother’s: ”How did you do that?!” We send our congrats to the happy parents and hope that their lives didn’t change too much!

Marine Brother Surprises His Sister On Her Wedding Day 1m02s

Marine Brother Surprises His Sister On Her Wedding Day

A heartwarming video has emerged of a loving sister having the surprise of her life when her marine brother paid her an unexpected visit, on her wedding day. In a split second, the overjoyed bride bursts into tears after realizing that her brother has flew from Japan to surprise her. This is the emotional moment when siblings are reunited with the unexpected wedding surprise! Prepare for your heart to melt as this is one video that will surely warm you up! In this video we have Drew, an active US Marine who was away on duty. He managed to fly to Iowa from Japan and surprise his family at his sister Kady's wedding. That is one moment that they will surely never forget! This is one amazing video that no one should miss! This is truly an amazing moment. This wedding was already going to be very memorable for the bride, but the fact that her brother came all the way from Japan to surprise her on her special day, made it all the more better! She seemed absolutely surprised when she saw her brother. So much so that she even let out a little yelp when she saw him! Talk about sibling goals! We should thank this US marine for being such a good brother and providing his country with his service. What a heartwarming and memorable moment this is! We can see tears of joy in the eyes of everyone present. Being in the military can be very hard as you don't get to see your family as much as you would like. Therefore, if you are in the military,you should always show your loved ones how much you appreciate them by visiting them every time you get the chance! This was one emotional moment. Whenever you get the chance, you should always show your loved one how much you really appreciate them. Even the small gestures can make all the difference. Everyone loves flowers, so what better way to tell someone you love and appreciate them with beautiful flowers from Amazon !

Little Girl Greets Big Brother With Hugs Every Day After School2m58s

Little Girl Greets Big Brother With Hugs Every Day After School

Friends are the very important people who are always on our side, but we, one in one way or another, can choose them by ourselves, while brothers and sisters are given to us by what the older generation used to call "destiny". Brothers and sisters are first and foremost, part of our family, and over time they become our best friends with whom we have shared most of our lives. Relations between brothers and sisters are among the strongest. Of course, there can and will be difficult moments in our relationship, as well as quarrels, but they are also the people who, having spent most of our lives with us, know us better than anyone else. This little girl can’t wait to see her brother come home after school. Every afternoon, she waits with her mom for the school bus to stop at their driveway. And every day she eagerly waits for her brother to step off the bus so she can run and give him a big hug. And what does big brother do? He gives her a hug right back and and makes sure she steers clear of the bus, being the protective big brother he is. These two have such an amazing bond, this little girl loves her brother so much! As soon as her brother gets off the bus, she runs to him as fast as she can to give him the biggest hug! She is so excited to see him. This happens every single day he gets off the bus. She waits for him to arrive and jumps up in joy when she sees him, so cute! One time, when her brother got off the bus, she looked very sad. He immediately walked up to her and gave her a great big hug! She seemed to enjoy it very much and looked like she was feeling better immediately. A hug can fix anything! And oh my, look at her outfit, it makes this girl even more adorable. Watch the sweet compilation filmed by their mom and share their sibling bond with your family and friends. This video is guaranteed to brighten up your day! How can you not smile at something as precious as this? So cute! Hopefully, these two will continue to be each other's best buddies! We are sure this video made you walk down memory lane with your bro or sis. If you are close, but not yet there, take a look at this next one of a boy who preciously holds rainbow baby brother . For years this cute boy with ginger hair from Massachusetts would ask his mom, when they were going to expand their family. Since she had some fertility issues before, she didn’t want to raise his hopes up so she was careful to choose her words wisely while explaining to her bot that he might never have the opportunity to play with a brother. She suffered a miscarriage earlier so the family decided to accept that having another child wasn’t meant to be. After the deep conversation with her husband, they were resolved that they would be equally happy and content to live as a family of three. Mikey never stopped asking about when he was going to be around his little brother, so his mom had to be extra careful not to hurt his feelings. She would say that some families simply didn’t have the luck to have more than one child which was perfectly fine. No sooner Mikey heard this, he would always ended up crying his eyes out which was very difficult for the whole family. As sweet as he is, Mikey always found a way to console himself saying that if he didn’t have a human brother, then he had his dog, he could be his brother.

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 Dad Comes Home After 16 Months Overseas And Surprises Daughter At Her Volleyball Practice 1m17s

Dad Comes Home After 16 Months Overseas And Surprises Daughter At Her Volleyball Practice

Being a teenager can be hard from many aspects, which is why parental support is always welcome. But when one of your parents is off to work overseas, the difficulty increases. Not only do you have to deal with the stress of school work, but you have to deal with missing someone you love very much. This girl’s dad is working as a navy firefighter in Bahrain for over a year and a half and he missed all her activities, including her new found love for volleyball. She started playing the sport after her dad left overseas to cope with his absence. Naturally, when he decided to come back, the parents decided to keep things a secret so that he could visit his little girls during volleyball practise, something that she has been wishing for since he has been away. Her reaction is priceless. She starts crying instantly and runs into her dads arms. She can't believe her dad has returned back home, this must be one of the best days of her life. They love each other so much, what a beautiful moment. Watch their tear-jerking reunion in this emotional clip. Have you ever witnessed a beautiful moment like this before? Let us know in the comment section down below!

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Piper the Husky meets Lily the newborn baby2m07s

Piper the Husky meets Lily the newborn baby

An incredibly precious moment featuring Piper the Husky as he meets newborn baby, Lily Ann. According to his owner, "Piper was very excited to meet the baby and did a great job gently sniffing her! She was so excited that she danced a little bit!" Song: Possibilities by Alex Vaughn. Check them out on social media @ Alex Vaughn Music.

Brother Pops Out From Car Trunk To Surprise Sister On Her Birthday42s

Brother Pops Out From Car Trunk To Surprise Sister On Her Birthday

You can pick your friends, but never your family and that is what’s great about our brothers and sisters. Our siblings are our best friends for life. We may fight and pick quarrels with them, but in the end we make up with little to no losses on either side, because we love each other unconditionally. So when the time comes for our siblings to move away for school or to protect our country, the leave behind a void that no one can fulfill. We know they will eventually come back to stay, but until then, we feel their absence and it makes us sad. That is probably why there are so many homecoming surprise videos out there - there is no greater surprise than to see that they have come home sooner than expected, to rid us of the misery. This is one such heartwarming video that we love to watch over and over. This girl’s brother has been out of town for undisclosed reasons, but he decided to surprise her just in time for her birthday . Their mom was the only one who knew about the surprise, because she was supposed to take her out for a birthday ice cream treat, with the big brother hiding in the trunk of their car. One high pitched scream and loads of tears later means that the surprise was a total success and everyone can finally go for some celebratory ice cream!

Grandparents Meet Their First Grandchild For The First Time5m06s

Grandparents Meet Their First Grandchild For The First Time

Friends will come and go, but family will always be there for you. No matter how far you are from your family, their loving bond will always be with you! That seems to be the case in this heartwarming clip as these two families meet after so long being apart! John, his fiancee Claire and their 11-week-old son Niall visit their family in Ireland from Australia a week early to surprise John's parents with their first grandchild. They think they're watching a slideshow of baby announcement pictures, but just wait for the surprise at the end! This clip cannot help but to make you feel all warm and fuzzy on the inside! This has to be one of the greatest surprises that we have ever seen before! It was all pulled off so amazingly that you cannot help but to smile at the end of this clip! When they see footage of John and Claire travelling through the Irish countryside and then straight into their backyard, the grandmother knows that they are there! She jumps to look out the window, but in fact, they were behind her this whole time! Have you ever seen something like this before? What did you think of this whole surprise? We want to hear your opinion so please let us know down in the comments section! Please share this amazing moment with your family and friends as it will surely make them tear up and smile! This is one clip that no one should miss!

Dad Documents Premature Son's First Year of Life6m57s

Dad Documents Premature Son's First Year of Life

Prepare to get a box of tissues ready as this video will make you emotional. This video sums up Ward Miles' first year of life. He was born prematurely, and had to overcome some incredible obstacles. His father Benjamin Scot Miller decided to commemorate his first year with this touching video. He would like to thank all the doctors, nurses, and staff all over the world that make it their life's mission to help babies get better! Follow him @3enjamin5cot. Song: 'Happiness' by The Fray. This video is truly amazing and will bring a tear to your eyes. Life will always have its ups and downs but if you just push through the hard moments, anything is possible. This is a video that no one should miss as it is heartwarming, inspirational and amazing all in one. May baby Ward Miles have a long and happy life! With Ward growing up so fast, he is going to need to get more baby clothes soon! He really does look like such an adorable and happy baby! Share this heart-warming video with friends and family! http://benjaminscot.com/

Mother Reunited With Her Twins After Giving Them Up For Adoption 18 Years Ago59s

Mother Reunited With Her Twins After Giving Them Up For Adoption 18 Years Ago

Giving up one’s children for adoption is never an easy thing to do, but things don’t always turn out the way you have planned them. Kim Harris wanted nothing more that for her rather large, unconventional family to be happy, healthy and well taken care for. But after a few divorces and eight children to take care for already, she had to make a really tough decision. So when her newborn twins Dakota and Danielle turned 8 months old, she gave them up for adoption. The mother wanted her babies to have the best life possible. Giving them up broke her heart, but she knew that opting for an open adoption will set them with a family that will be able to provide for the twins in a way she never could. Updates on Dakota and Danielle came regularly at first, but eventually fell through and she depended heavily on those updates. That is when one of Kim’s older children, Stephanie came in. She searched through Facebook for her brother and sister, finding them eventually and striking up communication. Then, a day after the twins would have turned 18, Stephanie got news from her baby sister that they had a surprise for them, just didn’t know where to send it... One road trip later, Kim’s front door rang with the surprise right out front - Dakota and Danielle were right outside to reunite with their biological mother, after 18 years apart. It was one of the happiest moments of Kim’s life. Danielle and one of her biological sisters, Aly were even expecting their own babies at just around the same due date. The whole family kept in touch after this reunion, up until the very last moments of Kim’s life. When she passed away from pancreatic cancer, it was the first time all of Kim’s 10 children would gather in the presence of their mother. Though Kim’s life was bittersweet until the end, the moment she reconnected with her youngest babies was a moment of pure bliss.

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Whisper Challenge Gets Emotional When Girl Finds Out She Is Going To Be A Big Sister6m40s

Whisper Challenge Gets Emotional When Girl Finds Out She Is Going To Be A Big Sister

Every kid wants to have a baby sibling at some point in their life. Little kids have been known to nag mom and dad for a baby brother or sister, in the hopes that their wishes will come true because mommy and daddy love them very much. So naturally, when a kid finds out that they will finally have a best friend all of their own, things can get a bit emotional... These parents put their daughter through the Whisper Challenge in order to inform her that she's going to be a big sister. Just wait for her heart-melting reaction. When the girl started to play the Whisper Challenge, she had no idea what she’s about to find out. The Whisper Challenge is a fun guessing game where one person puts headphones on and turns up the music. The other player has to “whisper” a message, while the person with the headphones guesses what’s being said simply by watching the other person’s mouth move. It is really a very entertaining game indeed and it is also a very creative way to surprise family members with special news. That is probably why these parents set their big girl to play the Whisper Challenge in an attempt to announce that they are finally pregnant. After a dozen of horrible guesses followed with laughter, this girl finally understands the word " baby " and realizes that she is going to be a big sister. She immediately gets teary-eyed and is overwhelmed with the big news. Parents tell her that she is going to be a great sister and hope that those are tears of joy. It is always surprising to hear that a new member is going to join the family.

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Investigative Dad Solves Mystery Of Who Cut Dog’s Hair2m33s

Investigative Dad Solves Mystery Of Who Cut Dog’s Hair

A funny video has emerged of an ingenious dad investigating his way through a family crime! Apparently, one of his two children is guilty of cutting the family dog's hair, so in order to get to the bottom of it, this clever dad decided to use his own polygraph! Footage shows two siblings sitting at the back seat of the car while dad warns them that there are fingerprints on the cut hair of the dog and that the police will tell him to whom they belong. Having heard that they have been red-handed, the siblings are left for words and try passing the blame. They both say that they are not guilty as charged and the dad asks them to confess over a couple of times! The big brother seems to have a little insight on how this process of checking evidence for fingertips works, so he decisively says “It wasn’t me!”. The little sister is not that easy on the word and she refuses that she cut the hair , but starts crying and still denies that she did the crime. “It wasn’t me!” says the guilty girl and continues to cover up her crime. Confessing to one’s guilt is sure a difficult thing to do. However, taking this new evidence into perspective, it's not long before the guilty party speaks up! The girl realizes that she cannot get away with it, so she says that she did it, but when dad asks her why, she says that she doesn’t know! How adorable! Parents of spirited children know that getting them to confess once they’ve done something wrong is near to impossible. They would get out of their ways to get away with the crime, and they will take the truth to their grave if they can! Watch how this girl lies when she is confronted by dad, she denies, denies and denies. Even when faced with the crime, she refuses to admit to what she has done. However, this father found a neat method for getting the truth out of his child and it definitely worked!

Dad Opens Christmas Gift To Find His Long-Lost Daughter  3m21s

Dad Opens Christmas Gift To Find His Long-Lost Daughter

An emotional dad gets all choked up when he opens his Christmas gift and finds his long-lost daughter hiding in the box. It is sad to hear that Terra and her father haven't had the opportunity to celebrate Christmas together for the past 25 years due to various reasons, mostly because they are living on opposite sides of the country. Terra hasn't been able to spend Christmas with her daddy since she was only four years old and it was time to change that! She thought it would be a great idea to hide into a box and set a big surprise for her father, making up for lost time, and she was right! Her dad thinks that she's back in her city on Christmas Eve, and he has no idea what's in the box. Terra's uncle is explaining that this special gift is both Christmas and 60th birthday present for her dad. The old man doesn’t have a clue what’s about to happen and is left for words when he finally opens the box! How’s that for a surprise? In a heartwarming family reunion , this father presents the most adorable reaction after he opens his early Christmas and birthday present! Watch as he opens up the “present,” having no idea that his holiday is about to get a thousand times better. With the holiday season just around the corner, gifts are the one thing on everyone’s mind. Finding the right gift for each person can be a very difficult task, but when it came to picking out something for her dad, Terra knew exactly what to do. He could have never guessed what’s hiding in that box! What a precious moment! The moment Terra emerged from the box, she hugged her father, who stared at her in disbelief. The two locked in a long embrace while the rest of the family clapped. This girl gave her dad the best Christmas surprise ever. It is heartwarming to see someone go to so much trouble to make their father’s Christmas extra special!

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Stunning Dance Duo Performance By Father And Daughter 2m05s

Stunning Dance Duo Performance By Father And Daughter

It doesn't get much cooler than this! 7-year-old Kimani and her father Bryan, perform a perfectly synchronized dance routine, to Zendaya's song 'Replay'. These two certainly have the moves! There talent can be seen from a mile away! This father daughter dance duo is impressive! They are definitely having a blast while dancing to this song, why wouldn't they? They look like professional dancers, it's already hard enough learning dance moves, but to synchronize their moves, that's awesome! At 7-years-old, the majority of us couldn't dance like Kimani, she definitely knows how to move to the beat! I think I see a future professional dancer, so cool! These moves are fantastic! The moves work perfectly with the song, this is some impressive choreography. What a great video! It definitely puts a smile on your face. What a priceless moment this is. These two have a very strong bond, they love each other so much! Check out 'teamcushandbbaybop' and 'mrcush tub' for more! Now this is talent! Watch as a 7-year-old and her father perform a perfectly synchronized dance routine. According to her father, it was his birthday and he was having a bad day, but his little girl convinced him to have some fun and pull off this dance. Check out 'teamcushandbbaybop' and 'mrcush tub' for more! Check out some of these catchy tunes if you want to start your own dance party! Time to show off your moves just like this amazing father-daughter duo, so cool! What other cool dance duo's have you seen? Let us know in the comment section down below! These two dancers move like water transformed by music, flowing in graceful arcs, limbs in constant motion, painting a picture sound alone can never achieve. They bring a wordless interpretation of the beats, in a way the audience can understand no matter what language they speak. In that way their dance isn't simply movement, but the most honest form of communication. Isn't that how we humans are, saying what we think we ought but showing how we truly feel in our art? Moving like ribbons in the wind, this father and daughter look timeless. They float and twist weightlessly across the room, poised and balanced like they are made of silk. The girl looks like she's floating more than anything, like she twirls without effort in a serenity we people crave. They both look so passionate, they live for this type of art. It takes a great strength to make such an activity as graceful as they do. We could read a thousand books and take in less than they compact into one performance. When the girl hears the music it is like liquid adrenaline being injected right into her blood stream - not so strong as to freak her out, but just enough to make her tingle and start to move his body. What dо you think about this video? Make sure you tell us more in the comments down below. If you like what you see, don’t forget to share it with others who might like it as well. It just might be the highlight of their day! Enjoy!

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These Folks Turned A Family Photo Into A Pregnancy Announcement1m27s

These Folks Turned A Family Photo Into A Pregnancy Announcement

Family get-togethers are the best thing you a person can do. Everybody gathers around, no matter if it’s over a simple family dinner or just a quick coffee and they get to catch up with one another. It is also the best way to convey a message to everybody in one sitting, or perhaps some wonderful news . Like this couple did and boy, did it go swell! Erin Carmichael had some incredible news to share with her family and together with her husband they coined a perfect plan to catch everyone off-guard. At their latest family dinner, gathered with their parents and other loved ones, they decided to suggest a nice photo op with their remote controlled digital camera. You know, the ones where you have this tiny remote control that you have to press a button for the shutter, but they don’t seem to always catch the signal. Anyway, they set everything up and Erin’s husband has the remote. He gives the countdown before everyone says “cheese” but that dang remote doesn’t work. Let’s try that again. Nope, that doesn’t work. Everyone is in their good spirits, laughing how terrible he is in handling his gadget. But when he asks them for a third shot, he tells them to say “Erin’s pregnant ”. Now, what really fascinates us is how well this distraction worked. First of all, we believe that only one of the relatives caught the message and actually said those two words. The others mumbled something unintelligible and stood there in confusion. “Are you serious?” says one of the moms and Erin’s answer seals the deal. So much screaming in one room should not be allowed! Congrats Erin!, on both the idea and the new addition to the family.

They Are Elated To Become Grandparents Although It Takes Them A Few Seconds To Get It3m11s

They Are Elated To Become Grandparents Although It Takes Them A Few Seconds To Get It

It seems like the internet is full of baby and gender reveals, and it won’t stop anytime soon. It’s only understandable, because people’s creativity when it comes to these announcements gets better and better by the second. Everyone wants to have the best and most innovative reveal and the reactions are downright hilarious. Some relatives get it right away, some take their sweet time to understand that they are going to have a new addition to the family, but each time it is downright funny. At times it is crucial to lower the volume because grannies tend to get too loud when they scream in exhilaration, but other than that, baby reveals are adorably emotional. This expectant mother surprises her husband with a baby bib stating ‘I look up to daddy’ in their kitchen towel drawer. It takes him a few prompts to see it, but he is then in absolute shock. The couple was struggling to conceive for a time now, but it turns out that they finally got their chance. A few weeks later they had their parents over and gave everyone gifts for helping out with their housewarming party... or so they thought! Their reactions are simply priceless!

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Son Gives Dad The Surprise Of A Lifetime4m44s

Son Gives Dad The Surprise Of A Lifetime

This was definitely a very special day for one lucky dad. His son was able to sign all the paperwork to purchase his dads favorite childhood car, a 1953 Hudson Hornet. This wasn't an easy task, it was difficult trying to find a 1953 Hudson Hornet that was available to purchase. His son had looked through multiple search engines to find the car, eventually finding the one. It took a lot of effort but it was 100 percent worth it. He explains in the video that his dad has done so much for him and always believed in him no matter what. There was no better way to repay him then finding him his favorite car. Always give back to someone you love. His dad initially thought a car blogging website was coming to interview him about cars, what a surprise he had waiting around the corner! As they are all outside, the garage door starts to open and we can see the car inside it. When his dad turns around, his reaction is priceless. He is speechless and doesn't know what to say. He doesn't believe that it is actually his car. What a beautiful moment for this family! He even starts to get emotional as he hugs his son. So heartwarming. We even get to see his dad take a drive in his favorite car , he is so happy, awesome! Do you love learning about cars? Check out some of these best selling books on classic cars , awesome! Maybe you can even find your own antique car to drive around in one day! Do you have any heartwarming moments you want to share? Let us know in the comment section down below!

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Little Girl Confesses To Stealing Cupcake, Then Flees The Scene 42s

Little Girl Confesses To Stealing Cupcake, Then Flees The Scene

It is so adorable how toddlers can’t seem to make up a lie, simply because they are not even familiar with the concept! One adorable tot was confronted by her dad when he found out that the batch of cupcakes has been violated in the kitchen and the perpetrator is yet to be found. When dad asks her if she knows that there have been several cupcake thefts in their kitchen recently, the toddler doesn’t even bat an eyelash and admits that it has been her all along! Dad is in shock and tells her that now she has to go to jail for her crimes. Stealing is a serious felony and it cannot go unpunished, no matter how cute the felon might be. When the notion of incarceration reaches her tiny toddler brain cells, she darts for the other room and Officer Dad starts chasing the criminal, barely missing her with every circle! How is she so fast? Must be the sugar from the cupcake. Dad gets completely immersed in his role as a police officer, using codes and calling for backup, which throws the felony suspect into a laughing fit that will squeeze a smile out even from a rock! They say cupcakes are muffins that believed in miracles! A cupcake is a little cake heated in a glass molded thwart or paper holder and ordinarily frosted. Cupcakes appear to be remarkably suited to our cutting-edge sensibilities. Originally, cupcakes were baked in heavy pottery cups. Some bakers still use individual ramekins, small coffee mugs, large teacups, or other small ovenproof pottery-type dishes for baking cupcakes. Isn’t that amazing? They're parcel controlled, convenient, simple to make in clumps, open to heaps of enriching methodologies, scrumptious and can be reasonable to make. They are delicious and tasty, also they look amazing! No wonder this girl stole the cupcakes! Do you love cupcakes? We sure do! We love them in all shapes and colors. Well, if you do, here is an amazing recipe on how to make simple lemon capcakes ! Cupcakes are easy to make and yummy. You can have them in various flavors – vanilla, lemon, chocolate, almond, red velvet… You can also use any frosting you like – buttercream, cream cheese …Simply delicious! Include a couple of drops of coloring shading and you have extravagant looking cupcakes. Complete them off with desserts, sprinkles, fondant toppers, sparkles, marshmallows or anything you or your visitor like. In the event that you need to have all cupcakes appearing to be identical, we prescribe utilizing a biscuit plate. On the off chance that you don't have one, leave enough space between them, ensuring they are not contacting each other. Sometimes you eat a salad and go to the gym, other days you eat cupcakes and refuse to put pants on. It’s called balance! Live, love and bake cupcakes! Be sure to share this clip with your friends, because they must not miss this adorable chase and this amazing cupcake recipe!

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