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Kids Make Huge Handmade Card And Surprise Grandpa For His 70th Birthday49s

Kids Make Huge Handmade Card And Surprise Grandpa For His 70th Birthday

It may be difficult to figure out what a grandfather wants as a birthday gift. As a result, family members may be tempted to repeat the same gift ideas from previous birthdays, such as sweaters and gift cards. However, there are more thoughtful, unique gift ideas that you can present to your grandpa that he will sure appreciate. Grandfathers love memories of fun times with their grandchildren. Therefore, a special birthday gift for grandpa may be one that evokes great memories. For example, a picture frame that highlights favorite times with grandpa, or one that simply says "Grandpa and me," can be a thoughtful gift. A memory book, with pictures of grandpa and his grandchildren, is another special gift that can be enjoyed by grandpa and the family for years to come. However, these grandchildren came up with a great birthday gift idea for their grandpa and decided to make him a handmade birthday card, or in this case a giant birthday sign! This precious video was filmed in June of 2016 when one grandfather received a heartwarming surprise for his 70th birthday. His reaction is adorable! Grandpa can really cherish a gift that his grandchildren have made for him. They caught him by surprise, he really didn’t see it coming. When he walked down the yard, family and friends were waiting him with a surprise birthday party. He didn’t expect them to throw him a party, or even remember his birthday! As soon as they saw him coming, his grandchildren ran to him, holding a huge sign reading “Happy birthday”. This man is pleasantly surprised by this unique way to celebrate life!

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Big Sister Disappointed With New Baby Gender Reveal1m17s

Big Sister Disappointed With New Baby Gender Reveal

Love them or hate them, "gender" reveals have become part of the course for expecting parents. Sometimes, they can be pretty epic and sometimes they go hilariously wrong. These three kids discover the gender of the impending arrival of their newest sibling, but someone isn't too thrilled with the results. Three children are sitting on a table, there is a cake for the gender reveal that they need to cut in order to find out the gender of the newest addition to the family. The big sister is obviously anxious to get a little sister, after dealing with two younger brothers, one of which is still a toddler. The other big brother is clearly excited about having another brother. Daddy is recording the video and tells his two older children, the big sister and the big brother, who each hold cake knives, to dig deep into the cake in order to find out baby’s gender. If the icing in the middle of the cake is pink that means that the baby is a girl, if the icing is blue, that means the baby is a boy. The girl makes the first cut in the cake, but no luck, the icing isn’t showing. She then goes deeper and makes a second cut near the middle of the cake. While she makes the cut, she anxiously peaks inside the cake, hoping for pink frosting. The big brother makes a cut, but he is not very excited about the icing, he is somehow distracted by his little brother screaming. It is the third cut that finally reveals the color of the icing and it is blue. The big sister announces “It is blue” with huge disappointment. The suspense is there, but the only thing to erupt from this gender reveal volcano is a big sister's disappointment. She didn’t cry or express any words of discontent, she just sadly announced that she is going to have another brother to put up with! She says “no pink, just blue” with utter disappointment. We truly feel with this poor girl and hope that she will easily come to terms with the truth of being the only girl of the siblings. Her dad says “That means you are the queen” to cheer her up, but the girl says “that is not fun”.

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 Christmas Surprise Brought This Man To Tears1m02s

Christmas Surprise Brought This Man To Tears

These kids present their dad with adoption papers for Christmas in the heart-melting clip. His reaction will bring a tear to your eye! Crystal Gaddo and her younger brother wanted nothing more than to be accepted by the man they call father for a very long time. They knew that Christmas is about giving, but this Christmas, they asked for something in return instead. The two teenagers bought their dad a long-sleeved shirt, which they used to wrap the adoption papers with! Sound a bit unusual, but the unwrapping made the whole thing even more spectacular. The dad pops the lid from the gift box, unfolds the tissue paper and removes the short from the bottom. But with the shirt out, the two petition papers were revealed and the form caught the man’s eye. Instead of looking at his shirt, he just stares down into the box, while tears start streaming down his face! “You guys!” says the man between wipes, taken back completely by the surprise! “Of course!” he adds, agreeing to take them both as his own children. Crystal and her brother could barely hold down their tears too! A tight group hug seals the deal in a true holiday spirit. Merry Christmas!

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Grandparents-To-Be Receive The Best Christmas Present1m19s

Grandparents-To-Be Receive The Best Christmas Present

One of the greatest surprise announcements that a family can make is the pregnancy announcement! We think it is like a rite of passage - the babies are finally getting babies of their own! So lately expecting parents decide that the best way to announce their parents that they will be becoming grandparents in a few short months is to throw a surprise of some sort. We personally like those subtle ones, like a small riddle that has to be solved in order to understand the news that they are about to receive. This pregnancy announcement falls right into this category and the end result is just priceless! These soon-to-be grandma and grandpa got the perfect gift for Christmas, but it came in a form of a riddle that they had to solve. Their daughter prepared both her parents white mugs with a huge G printed on them. Coincidentally, someone in this family is named George, making oblivious grandma think that’s what the G stands for. But someone in the room ruins the surprise and asks out loud: “Grandma and grandpa?”, to which revelation strikes the woman and she gasps in disbelief! Grandpa wasn’t all too quick to catch up though. But when the third present comes out of the bag, a colorless glass Christmas ornament with the words “Baby West” engraved on it, everyone present starts screaming with joy! They will finally welcome their first grandchild!

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Grandma Fails To Grasp The Pregnancy Announcement 1m02s

Grandma Fails To Grasp The Pregnancy Announcement

This casual evening turned into something much more magical. This husband has been convincing his mom that he and his wife weren't ready for kids yet. However, it was all a con. Now that they're twelve weeks along, it is time to let mom in on the secret and break the news about their pregnancy in a very simple and yet unique way. First there were the baby gender reveal parties when expecting parents would organize a party with pink and blue everything, then throw a surprise when they were about to announce the gender of the bun in their oven. It was either colored frosting inside a cake, or colored balloons in a box. Then there were the baby announcement parties when everyone is ecstatic about the newest addition to the family. It is very refreshing to see someone do something simple for a change, when it comes to telling their parents that they are soon to become grandparents. These happy parents decided to surprise their family in a spontaneous gift presenting atmosphere, when the expecting father presented his mother with a baby clothing reading “only grandchild, big cousin” but the ‘only grandchild’ part is crossed out. The new grandmother is still in shock and doesn’t realize what the reading says. It is when everyone starts congratulating her daughter-in-law and son, when she realizes what is going on, and stops her movements for a while, frozen in disbelief. It is because no one was expecting baby news that this surprise worked its magic! Congratulations to this couple and their family. What an exciting journey they have ahead of them!

Incredibly Emotional And Inspiring Father-Daughter Beauty Pageant1m22s

Incredibly Emotional And Inspiring Father-Daughter Beauty Pageant

Every girl in the world sees a hero in her dad. They are the first person who teaches their daughter how a man should treat her in life. But not every girl gets to live a normal life all the way, like this little girl, who suffers from a rare, incurable disease that leaves her bound to a wheelchair and completely dependent on her parents. However, 8-year-old Kayden Meiner didn’t let her disability prevent her from participating in a daddy-daughter beauty pageant! She and her dad Dustin got dressed up as Beauty and the Beast, complete with hair and a mask for dad! The beautiful little girl got to pass in front of her congregation in her gorgeous attire, with dad right there by her side. We hope that many a father across the globe NEED will follow this dad's example and show their princesses how a Princess should be treated by her Prince. In a similar fashion a dad from Bellingham, Washington decided that it should be him to show his little daughter how a first date should look like! Aaron Dickson took his 3-year-old girl Analynne on the perfect first date, complete with a bouquet of flowers and a romantic dinner on a porch. Kudos to both dads!

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Emotional Reunion With Little Brother After Almost Two Years Apart1m42s

Emotional Reunion With Little Brother After Almost Two Years Apart

A sibling relationship is likely to be the most enduring of our lives. The impact they have on our young and adult lives is enormous, they shape our history and our character, to a far greater extent than is usually acknowledged. Siblings are not just second editions in relation to the parents, but have a profound importance in their own right. Relationships with siblings are ineradicably fixed in our psyches. Classic sibling dynamics often depend on what position we hold in the family. Elder children can often feel usurped when a younger one comes along and these feelings of rivalry can last well into adulthood. Having a big brother is truly a blessing. Brothers will make sure that no one hurts you, physically or emotionally. He's your bodyguard and your knight in shining armor all in one package. After almost two years away at military school, Albert Ferati returns home to surprise his little brother in this heartwarming clip.He decided to come home early and surprise his little brother while he was sleeping. What a beautiful moment! Albert sneaks into the room where his little brother is sleeping and he gently tries to wake him up. The little boy opens his eyes and looks at his brother. He is puzzled and doesn’t know whether he is dreaming or this is real. Moments later, he is https://rumble.com/v3rqvl-little-sister-surprised-by-her-big-brother.htmland gives his brother a big, warm hug. It is adorable to see these two siblings get along together so well. Maybe the age difference made them grow a parent-child relationship!

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Grandpa With Dementia Remembers Perfect Harmonies To Favorite Hymn1m14s

Grandpa With Dementia Remembers Perfect Harmonies To Favorite Hymn

Mallory Headings’ grandpa suffers from dementia and has prostate cancer. He was put into a nursing home on October 18, 2017. “My grandma isn’t able to take care of him at home anymore on her own,” Mallory explained in a Facebook post. When she and her family went to visit him the next day, she decided to start singing some of his favorite hymns with the camera rolling. As described by the Mayo Clinic, “dementia generally involves memory loss… difficulty communicating or finding words.” But when Mallory started singing the old hymns, something amazing happened: Her grandpa started singing along with her. “We sang these old hymns and my grandpa still remembers his harmony!” she wrote on Facebook. Mallory told Love What Matters that her grandpa has always loved music — and especially loves Southern gospel music. “There was always music in their home,” she told Love What Matters. In the video, you can hear Grandpa coming in at the right parts to sing the song with Mallory, and it’s absolutely heartwarming to hear their voices together. Singing these songs may also help her grandpa’s memory in the long-run, too. According to the Alzheimer’s Association, “There’s growing evidence that listening to music can also help stimulate seemingly lost memories and even help maintain some cognitive functioning.”

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Little Girl Gets Emotional After Surprise Visit From Her Big Brother23s

Little Girl Gets Emotional After Surprise Visit From Her Big Brother

You can pick your friends, but never your family and that is what’s great about our siblings who are our best friends for life. We may fight and pick quarrels with them, but in the end of the day we make up because we love each other unconditionally. So when the time comes for our siblings to move away for school, they leave behind a void that no one can fulfill. We feel their absence every day and that makes us sad. That is probably why there are so many homecoming surprise videos out there, because there is no greater surprise than to see that they have come home sooner than expected and filled our heart with joy! This 6-year-old girl in Wisconsin gets a surprise visit from her big brother who has come home from Jacksonville University. What an emotional reunion! These two have such an amazing bond, the little girl loves her brother so much! As soon as she sees her brother, she runs to him as fast as she can to give him the biggest hug! She is so excited to see him. She jumps up in joy when she sees him, so cute! One high pitched scream and loads of tears later means that the surprise was a total success and everyone is overjoyed with excitement! A hug can fix anything! This video is guaranteed to brighten up your day! How can you not smile at something as precious as this? So cute!

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Hilarious cottage version of Muppet's song will leave you in stitches2m08s

Hilarious cottage version of Muppet's song will leave you in stitches

'Ma Na Ma Na' is an earworm performance that was made famous in 1969 by Jim Henson's Muppets. Follow-up versions have kept us laughing for generations and few people will not immediately recognize the tune and the words, as well as the cultural significance. It has appealed to audiences of all ages since it began. The McNab/Hiltz families were singing the tune at their Thanksgiving family weekend at a remote cottage in Parry Sound, Ontario. The cottage is situated on a remote island that has a small cottage and a hand built log cabin. They decided to get the video camera rolling and involve the whole family, including the Great Dane and the Beagle. It turns out it is these two that steal the show. The families delivered their lines from the boat, the shore, the rooftops, the kitchen and from behind trees. There were more outtakes than clips that made the final edit and the laughter could be heard all the way across the lake. The final Ma Na Ma Na is given by Doreen, the matriarch of the family. She inserts herself in the middle of the final take with her own unplugged version of the song and a twinkle in her eye. You can see that a lot of the performance is ad libbed and unrehearsed as the participants burst out in laughter at themselves and at each other throughout the recording. Join this family as they give it their best and you will be sure to be laughing along with them!

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Toddler Has Adorable Tantrum When Her Parents Put The Vacuum Away1m12s

Toddler Has Adorable Tantrum When Her Parents Put The Vacuum Away

Usually parents have a hard time getting the kids to help around the house, but not these two! Their toddler Ramona LOVES the vacuum, so much so that she will not allow mommy to put it away! At first, it seems that Ramona’s just being silly, but as soon as mommy starts maneuvering the machine outside of the room and towards the closet, Ramona is starting to have a real-life meltdown, complete with high-pitched screeches and high-speed crawling after her favorite domestic appliance! Mom is quick to stand on her baby daughter’s side: “Well, it is a Dyson. She has good taste.” Ramona looks at the bright yellow vacuum like it a deity of some sort, touching it all over, like she’s about to bring an offering or something. Mom tries to go away with it one more time, but it seems Ramona will not be without her favorite white noise maker! Bring it back! We really hope that she will keep up this infatuation with the vacuum when she grows up and actually has to do all the vacuuming, otherwise this very precious, very hilarious home video will be the perfect source for bribery! Letting your kids help around the house is always a good idea, letting them get a taste of what it means to do chores and that it is one of the most rewarding things in the world.

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Man Has Best Reaction To Finding Out He's Going To Be Dad For First Time1m24s

Man Has Best Reaction To Finding Out He's Going To Be Dad For First Time

This soon-to-be father finds out that he's going to be a dad for the first time and his reaction is one to remember! According to user 'LeoBIckham', his wife fooled him into thinking it was some sort of joke gift from her cousins who were desperate for them to have a kid as they already have a few. They'd been trying for nearly a year hence why his reaction in the video was of such disbelief! Leo’s wife prepared a tin box in the shape of a double decker bus and placed two already used and positive pregnancy tests inside. If it were a joke, it had been a really cruel one, but the oblivious soon-to-be dad was actually pretty cool about it. “Have they got p*ss on them? They’re not for me, are they? Thank you very much.” jokes Leo, laughing to his heart’s content. But when the wife tells him to take another look, he is not one to argue. The tests are both positive, indicating that SOMEONE is pregnant and it is definitely not Leo! “Is this you? Are you joking?” asks Leo in disbelief, before throwing himself in his wife’s arms, bawling his eyes out! Finally, a baby is on the way! Congrats to them both!

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Grandparents Can't Hold Back Their Excitement During This Triplet Gender Reveal48s

Grandparents Can't Hold Back Their Excitement During This Triplet Gender Reveal

Toby Seyfang and his wife are pregnant for the first time and they have had the unique opportunity to expect not one, not two, but three babies! Although rare, it is entirely possible for women to conceive naturally with three babies. However, fertility assistance is the strongest influential factor when it comes to having triplets. IVF does not diminish the fact that these grandparents are super excited to have a whole bunch of babies at home, so when the time came to reveal the babies’ genders, the grandparents were more than eager to be the ones to reveal them. Keeping it simple, the expecting parents opted out for big black balloons filled with helium and colored confetti to announce the baby’s gender. Each grandparent was given one balloon and a pin to pop it and give a majestic feel to the reveal. Grandpa goes first, popping his to reveal pink confetti and he is really happy about getting a girl! Grandma number 1’s balloon popped blue confetti out of it, followed by more whoops. Grandma number 2 also pooped hers to reveal that baby number three is also a boy! With all those cliche reveal the babies’ genders out there, it is good to see someone keeping simple and intimate. The excitement is still there though, so congrats to Mom and Dad!

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Expecting Parents Pop Giant Balloons To Reveal Their Twin's Genders46s

Expecting Parents Pop Giant Balloons To Reveal Their Twin's Genders

These parents found a creative way to reveal the gender of their twins before friends and family. They each pop a big black balloon, as tension rises. Starting a family is certainly one of the most special moments in people's lives. Parents are often very excited about the sex of their baby, so they decide to make a celebration out of it by organizing this kind of gender reveal parties to share baby's gender with close family and friends. Gender reveal parties are trending among today’s expectant parents. Parents gather a group of friends and family together and reveal the baby's gender and celebrate the biological sex of the baby. Most often, these gender reveal parties include sealed boxes filled with balloons, based on baby's gender i.e. pink balloons are used if the baby is a girl and blue balloons are used if the baby is a boy. These parents tried another creative way to reveal the gender of their twins. They each hold one big black balloon. Mom has balloon A and dad has balloon B and they are both anxiously waiting to pop the balloons as family is filming and cheering with joy. First goes the mother, she pops the balloon and blue confetti start flying all over the place. Everyone cheers and tears of joy appear on parents' faces. Now is the turn of the father, he waits for a while, everyone counts down from 5 to 1 and he pops the second balloon. Pink confetti starts flying in the air! What an amazing way to find out that you are expecting a boy and a girl! Cheers to the parents!

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Brother Pops Out From Car Trunk To Surprise Sister On Her Birthday42s

Brother Pops Out From Car Trunk To Surprise Sister On Her Birthday

You can pick your friends, but never your family and that is what’s great about our brothers and sisters. Our siblings are our best friends for life. We may fight and pick quarrels with them, but in the end we make up with little to no losses on either side, because we love each other unconditionally. So when the time comes for our siblings to move away for school or to protect our country, the leave behind a void that no one can fulfill. We know they will eventually come back to stay, but until then, we feel their absence and it makes us sad. That is probably why there are so many homecoming surprise videos out there - there is no greater surprise than to see that they have come home sooner than expected, to rid us of the misery. This is one such heartwarming video that we love to watch over and over. This girl’s brother has been out of town for undisclosed reasons, but he decided to surprise her just in time for her birthday. Their mom was the only one who knew about the surprise, because she was supposed to take her out for a birthday ice cream treat, with the big brother hiding in the trunk of their car. One high pitched scream and loads of tears later means that the surprise was a total success and everyone can finally go for some celebratory ice cream!

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Friends And Family Get Surprised With A Twin Gender Reveal3m27s

Friends And Family Get Surprised With A Twin Gender Reveal

One baby is a gift, but twins, or rather, fraternal twins? There is one chance in 250 pregnancies to conceive with twins, but fraternal twins rarely happen naturally, which is probably the reason why this group of family and friends got super excited about the news. But let’s not get ahead of ourselves... When these young parents discovered they were expecting twins at their latest ultrasound, they decided to keep it under wraps until the gender reveal party. No one, not even their own parents, could know the news! So all of the guests have finally gathered and the suspense was building up to the point of cutting the cake. Voices from around the table can be heard almost chanting “it’s a boy”, “it’s a boy”...surely enough, the filling inside is a nice bright blue, sending cheers out of everyone’s throats. Well, almost everyone’s. Then the mother asks if someone was hoping for a girl, because they have ONE MORE SHOT AT GETTING IT RIGHT! What?! The looks on people’s faces with the questions “are you having twins” on their lips was kind of hilarious, but that cake won’t make it to everyone’s plates. That’s right, they bring another box with an identical cake inside...another round of suspense as the knife digs deep into the frosting and cake, until the piece comes out with PINK filling! Isn’t that amazing? Boy and girl twins, what could mom and dad ask more?

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Twin Baby Announcement Makes A Perfect Christmas Present For Dad 1m31s

Twin Baby Announcement Makes A Perfect Christmas Present For Dad

Usually both parents are present for the ultrasound when the baby’s gender can be confirmed, usually between week 16 and 20. Then a glorious gender reveal party is planned, where they show their loved ones if they are expecting baby girl or boy. Unfortunately not all dads are able to attend the ultrasound exam with their brave spouses, like this dad was away on a business trip. Luckily for him, his wife had the perfect idea to tell everyone, hubby included, the gender of the baby they will welcome sometime in spring. Only, it wasn’t the baby’s gender that was the surprise - it was the number of babies! This family knew that they were having one baby, but when Daddy-to-be missed out on the ultrasound he had no idea it would be the most surprising gift ever! Take a look at his reaction! One very simple, modest but elegant way to announce you are expecting ‘a double whammy’. The dad got it right off the bat, but the rest of the family present for the reveal didn’t take it so calmly! Tears and screams everywhere! Despite the women’s ecstatic screams of joy, the dad still can’t believe it. Good thing mom put two onesies in the bottom of that box, to confirm the news!

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