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Kids Plays Egg Roulette For Baby Gender Reveal3m09s

Kids Plays Egg Roulette For Baby Gender Reveal

Love them or hate them, "gender" reveals have become part of the course for expecting parents. Sometimes, they can be pretty epic and sometimes they go hilariously wrong. These three kids discover the gender of the impending arrival of their newest sibling, but someone isn't too thrilled with the results. If you are fortunate enough, you will get to experience one of the coolest relationships you will form in your life, the one with your grandparents. They can spoil you. They are master storytellers and they love you unconditionally. They can be adventurous and funny just to keep their grandchildren amused. Throughout the years you grow up and try to foster relationships between your own kids and your parents. However, it can be difficult when distance keeps people apart. These days one thing does make it easier for you to keep in touch with the people you love the most - the Internet. This particular family has actually found a very unique way of revealing the gender of their kids new sibling. Take a look as it is very creative and interesting. Might want to have one of your own someday, well, here we have a video that will definitely expand your horizons! Is it a boy or a girl? Smash an egg on your head to find out!

Son surprises dad with tickets to the Masters1m45s

Son surprises dad with tickets to the Masters

This man's father has been dreaming of walking the grounds of Augusta National for as long as he can remember. Without any luck of ever getting tickets for years, his son surprised him with an early Christmas gift. What a heartwarming moment!

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Gift-Opening Sent Baby Into Contagious Fit Of Giggles1m26s

Gift-Opening Sent Baby Into Contagious Fit Of Giggles

This sweet baby can't stop giggling at the wrapped present he recently received for Christmas. Every time he sees it, he can't help but burst out in fit of giggles! Is there anything more adorable than this baby and his contagious laughter? Don’t you ever wonder what goes on inside baby’s mind? Are they maybe thinking about taking over the world, or just thinking about the stinky diaper you’re going to have to change in a few minutes? Luckily, this cheerful tot won’t give you the stink attack, but he will sure make your day, because his giggles are the remedy to all of your worries. If that doesn’t help, just look at the laugh lines around his eyes and the way he turn red from the exertion, and, voila - a mood booster par excellence. Who doesn't love receiving presents? This adorable boy will have you laughing with him in no time, because nothing can brighten your day like a laughing baby! Take your daily dose of adorableness by watching this hilarious clip of a laughing baby. This little guy finds many things amusing, as most babies do, but when he is presented with a wrapped present for Christmas he just cannot hold it any longer and bursts in tears of laughter! Apparently this giggly baby boy finds this more than just amusing, causing him to burst out into the most adorable baby giggle attack we have ever seen! Most of the time, we can attribute babies to crying of hunger or restlessness, but it's hard to get a grip on their sense of comedy and curiosity. For example, an adult wouldn't laugh at someone presenting a wrapped gift for Christmas, but this baby does. Maybe because it's such a new concept to him, or simply because he was such a naughty boy! Babies’ small size and adorable looks can create such a large joy for many of us, and this adorable baby laughing hysterically at a wrapped present has made our day!

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Adalia Rose Explains To Her Dad What ‘Shweet-Hot’ Means7m08s

Adalia Rose Explains To Her Dad What ‘Shweet-Hot’ Means

She is the hero everyone wishes for themselves. Adalia Rose is the social media star that people can’t stop buzzing about. The petite girl is literally one in four million; Adalia Rose has Progeria, a rare genetic condition that causes a child's body to age fast. Adalia knows she is different; she sees that her little brother is way bigger than she is, she sees that she is bald. But what she doesn’t know is that her condition doesn’t promise much; the average life expectancy of a person born with Progeria is 13 years. Still, the sweet star bubbles with life, just like this short skit she made with her dad proves. The 11-year-old girl is a budding actress and she loves performing stuff with her family, showing off her creative side. In this little show, her dad is the bitchy counter girl in Adalia’s favorite cosmetics shop and when she arrives with “her child”, the counter girl gives her an attitude and Adalia doesn’t like, so she bring her down by calling her a ‘shweet-hot’. In the end, she explain to us all what ‘shweet-hot’ means. The star tell us that you can use it so many situation, like when someone is being mean at you, in an “attitude way”, like when you want to play with somebody, or in a nice way. It depends on the context really. Other than acting, Adalia Rose is also good with makeup. You have to see the lovely sunset look she gave her mom!

Touching Moment Of 97-Year-Old In Hospital Bed Singing Lovely  Hymn  1m13s

Touching Moment Of 97-Year-Old In Hospital Bed Singing Lovely Hymn

One of the the ups to living long is that you have seen many different times, the changes is society, the many different experiences, the many different generations and sometimes live to see another century. In these cases people have books of information on how things use to work, how times once were and all the different ways in which things have been done in the past. Many people come to realize the importance to life and the true meaning throughout their last days. The stories they tell and the secrets they keep can be truly life changing. Like most of us believe, the meaning lives in family, friends and love. Even though life is more complicated than that, at the end is all that is worth holding on to. Here we have just the right situation where this old man is coming to the end of his days and is lucky enough to have his close family by his side. They are all around his bed keeping him company and comforting him as he is getting ready for the final chapter of his life. This emotional and very real moment is caught on film by these great people bringing to you what it's like first hand experience of such occurrence. Watch as 97-year-old Grandpa Walters sings 'How Great Thou Art' while surrounded by friends and family at the Ohio Health Mansfield Hospital. Sadly, it was reported that he passed away the next morning, but you can't help but smile while watching this sweet and memorable moment.

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Dad gets surprise puppy for Christmas1m54s

Dad gets surprise puppy for Christmas

So for this Christmas, this family decided they would crank the holiday spirit up to 10, and make their dad go full blown child for the rest of the world to see by getting him the dog of his dreams!

Dying Man Sings 'The Dance' From Hospital Bed2m55s

Dying Man Sings 'The Dance' From Hospital Bed

Marc Wright had been battling cancer for three years. He had been a firefighter for over 30 years, battling blazing flames all over the Columbia, Missouri area. But after a colon surgery and an extensive chemotherapy, Marc discovered that his cancer had moved to his liver, two lymph nodes and his lungs. He passed away on January 29, surrounded by loved ones. On his deathbed, Marc was surrounded by his family and friends. Unwilling to give up just yet, Marc had but one more wish - to sing Garth Brook’s classic “The Dance”, accompanied by a friend and his acoustic guitar. According to his loved ones, Marc loved to sing. With some divine intervention, Garth Brooks was shown Marc’s video and had some amazing things to say about Marc and his singing skills. We are sure that Marc would have been honored to receive such high praises from his favorite musician. Marc had been a firefighter since 1988, at the age of 17. He worked his way up to Lieutenant and earned a certification as an emergency medical technician at 19, getting hired as an EMT for Boone Hospital Center. He returned to firefighting in 1992, where he served as lieutenant, captain,. Battalion chief and division chief. Marc retired in February 2017. The leading cause of death among firefighters is cancer, according to National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health. Most firefighters suffer from cancer of the respiratory system, followed by GI, such as the large intestine and kidneys.

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Investigative Dad Solves Mystery Of Who Cut Dog’s Hair2m33s

Investigative Dad Solves Mystery Of Who Cut Dog’s Hair

A funny video has emerged of an ingenious dad investigating his way through a family crime! Apparently, one of his two children is guilty of cutting the family dog's hair, so in order to get to the bottom of it, this clever dad decided to use his own polygraph! Footage shows two siblings sitting at the back seat of the car while dad warns them that there are fingerprints on the cut hair of the dog and that the police will tell him to whom they belong. Having heard that they have been red-handed, the siblings are left for words and try passing the blame. They both say that they are not guilty as charged and the dad asks them to confess over a couple of times! The big brother seems to have a little insight on how this process of checking evidence for fingertips works, so he decisively says “It wasn’t me!”. The little sister is not that easy on the word and she refuses that she cut the hair, but starts crying and still denies that she did the crime. “It wasn’t me!” says the guilty girl and continues to cover up her crime. Confessing to one’s guilt is sure a difficult thing to do. However, taking this new evidence into perspective, it's not long before the guilty party speaks up! The girl realizes that she cannot get away with it, so she says that she did it, but when dad asks her why, she says that she doesn’t know! How adorable! Parents of spirited children know that getting them to confess once they’ve done something wrong is near to impossible. They would get out of their ways to get away with the crime, and they will take the truth to their grave if they can! Watch how this girl lies when she is confronted by dad, she denies, denies and denies. Even when faced with the crime, she refuses to admit to what she has done. However, this father found a neat method for getting the truth out of his child and it definitely worked!

Kids Surprised With New Home After Being Homeless For A Year4m45s

Kids Surprised With New Home After Being Homeless For A Year

"At this time last year, my family and I were homeless. We had to stay in basements, our car, a garage and an actual homeless shelter. It was a nightmare to say the least. It was devastating for my daughters especially. In January of this year, my husband and I were finally able to find a place that would accept us. So we moved into a very small 840 square feet apartment with 2 bedrooms - all four of us. We were thankful to have a place to call home, especially one that was bigger than a garage, but it was still tight for all of us. The girls shared a room and constantly argued. They desperately needed their own space. After all, they're pre-teens and only 9 months apart in age. So for this entire year, my husband and I worked diligently to make things better for our baby girls." "Here is the video of us revealing a huge surprise to our girls just a couple days ago. They thought that we were helping our friend, Dorothy, move into her new house. My husband told the girls that our friend asked that we take pictures or a video so that she could have some before and after shots of her new home - that's the only way I could take video without the girls getting suspicious. Please be aware that this home is a work in progress and needs a little love so don't judge us when you see one of the closets...lol. My husband and I worked hard for this moment and we are all over the moon. Grab a tissue and be inspired."

Woman Gets Emotional After Meeting Granddaughter For The First Time1m55s

Woman Gets Emotional After Meeting Granddaughter For The First Time

This is the heartwarming moment when loving grandmother meet her granddaughter for the first time after she was unexpectedly brought to her as an epic surprise. Once she realizes what's going on she instantly begins to cry. Such a emotional moment! This grandmother is going going to remember this moment forever! Adorable footage shows grandma Kathy meeting baby Maiya for the first time and trying to hold back the tears that come running down like a waterfall. What a precious moment! Anyone who's had the honour and the pleasure to meet and spend time with their grandparents is very lucky and sure knows how Kathy is feeling. This adorable lady goes from ecstatic to emotion all in one minute. The moment Kathy walks in the room and sees baby Maiya wrapped in a white blanket she screams for joy and cannot contain her excitement. She didn’t know that baby Maiya was visiting and had the surprise of a lifetime. Watch as she screams and holds her head, left for words! Kathy becomes red in the face and has to sit down. This came as a real shock and Kathy didn’t see it coming! Moments later, she is sitting on a chair and holding her tiny granddaughter for the first time! Immediately after, Kathy gets a teary eye and bursts into tears! This adorable lady looks at Maiya with loving eyes and pure heart. This little baby is already loved! Judging by Kathy’s look, her nana will love her to the moon and back!

Epic Gender Reveal and Surprise Twin Announcement3m26s

Epic Gender Reveal and Surprise Twin Announcement

It's our best kept secret! We found out we were having twins at our first ultrasound appointment, 3 months before the gender reveal party. None of our family or friends knew about the twins. We decided to surprise everyone with a twin announcement right before we all found out the twins' genders. It was so much fun seeing the shock and surprise on everyone's face!

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Kids Get Hysterical Over Surprise Christmas Puppy1m37s

Kids Get Hysterical Over Surprise Christmas Puppy

It's that time of the year again! Many gifts, many memorable moments and lot's of time with the family. This season is especially exciting due to the popular Christmas Day followed by The New Year. Which means, many happy children along with their not so happy parents due to the money they have to spend over the holidays. However, it is always a joy to be the reason for someones smile and happiness. Some parents have gone down the classic way of getting their children something that they have been dying for over the last year. Some even take them for a trip some place they have been eager to see. But for some, its just the companionship and extra care and love is what this Christmas brings to their door step. In this video we have prepared for you quite the treat. Here we have two very lucky kids that have been granted the wish of owning something very special. For these children Christmas was not about clothes or objects or even trips abroad. These girls have been asking their parents for something just a bit different. So, let us set the picture. Its a cold and very snowy day in this neighborhood. The house is set with all the Christmas decorations along with the most important addition which is of course the Christmas Tree. Its quiet and everyone is enjoying their days with no responsibility and no things to do. All of a sudden, as if Santa is coming through the door, the dad in this family opens the door just a crack. Just enough to let this cute furry cloud of love prance his way into the living room and into the hearts of these little girls. As soon as the kids see him, they go hysterical! Take a look at as Kendell and Shea finally get the puppy that they have always wanted and their heartwarming reaction!

Cute toddler had a priceless reaction when she saw snow for the first time34s

Cute toddler had a priceless reaction when she saw snow for the first time

A baby’s first is always fun thing to experience with them. Every kid will respond differently to their first ever experiences; some will be uncomfortable to the point of screaming, others will love it abundantly! Parents hold their babies’ firsts close to heart and a whole industry has surfaced to help them in collecting those moments. In the digital era, it is just enough to have a good quality camera on your smartphone, because it is always on hand to record those segments in time that will never happen again. Mom took baby Iris to experience her first snowfall and had her phone camera on ready to capture her adorable baby daughter’s reaction. Unlike some tots, who scream and run away crying from snow, Iris welcomes the white fluffs of frozen water like they were the cutest kittens she has ever laid eyes on. When mom calls her name, she turns around to release a squeak of joy for the camera with the sweetest baby smile on her face. She laughs and holds her hands out to capture one of those flakes. Mom gives the green light that she can actually eat the snow, to which she puts her finger in her mouth, probably with a snowflake on it, then goes on running with her mouth open to catch as many of those tasteless, delicious flakes as she can! Boy, oh boy!

Grandma gets emotional surprise, meets granddaughter for first time3m10s

Grandma gets emotional surprise, meets granddaughter for first time

This mother and her 5-month-old baby girl go on a last minute road trip from Los Angeles to Wenatchee, WA to see Grandma Debbie for Mother's Day so she could meet her granddaughter for the first time. When they arrived to her neighborhood, they called her up via Tango and pretended to be home just taking a walk. They continue to talk to her normally, meanwhile they sneak into her home. Grandma Debbie is so touched and speechless, tears of joy take over as she gets to hold her granddaughter for the first time ever!

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