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Dude uses human instead of dumbbell for Turkish getup exercise12s

Dude uses human instead of dumbbell for Turkish getup exercise

The Turkish getup is considered a superexercise because it trains both mobility and stability (two requirements needed for super strength) across so many joints in so many positions. It's even more impressive when you use an actual human in your workout!

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Watch these tissue engineered spinal discs mimic the real thing1m58s

Watch these tissue engineered spinal discs mimic the real thing

Goats and rats respond well to implants—lab-grown tissue may one day replace discs in people. Learn more: Read the paper ($): CREDITS -------------------- editor/animator/narrator Chris Burns supervising producer Sarah Crespi script Chris Burns Sarah Crespi Caitlin Czajka citation S. E. Gullbrand et al., Science Translational Medicine 2018 DOI: 10.1126/scitranslmed.aau0670 research photos/footage Thomas Schaer S. E. Gullbrand et al. stock footage Pond5 Videoblocks stock graphics music Chris Burns

Yoga Expert Demonstrates Awesome Headstand Workout53s

Yoga Expert Demonstrates Awesome Headstand Workout

This video was recorded by a woman that is a yoga expert and she wanted to demonstrates her headstand workout, probably part of her yoga routine. First of all what is yoga? Yoga is an actual form of working out, believe it or not! Yoga combines burning calories and meditation together. Yoga is known to have over 100 different types of practices. This technique is an old discipline that comes directly from the heart of India. It was used to improve mental and physical well being. Yoga is meant to take a break from your mind, stretch your body and open yourself to a spiritual calmness of the mind. On the other hand, yoga is not the best activity one could be doing to burn excess calories, or to lose weight. Now let’s talk about our expert that is showing us the handstand workout. It is known to be a great exercise, it feels like taking power of your body, being able to lift yourself from the strength of your arms and hands, or just rely on your head to support your whole body. It requires coordination and a lot of balance. This yoga expert is able to make full circle with her legs while being balanced on her head. It is quite impressive to see! We are sure that she could give the best advice in order to reproduce what she is doing, We cannot give that to you as we are no yoga experts but like all activities in life, it’s about learning little by little that we managed to achieve impressive things in life. After you have spent some time practising yoga, you can try doing handstands (without a wall or something to rely on) in the room, outdoors or wherever you want to put your legs in the air and get some meditation, workout and excitement in your life with the yoga practice. After doing some research, we have found that this woman actually has an Instagram page where she shows pieces of her work and we think you should totally check it out. It also says that she gives classes and we can bet that she is a really good teacher. She specializes in luxury yoga retreat, which sounds fancy and interesting, we would give it a try! Would you? Her living room seems to be adequate for such an activity as she has a small area in the middle of the living room, she has a yoga mat on the floor. Maybe she actually moved furnitures around to be able to have the space to practice yoga, but it doesn’t take that much time to set it up, unlike other activities such as painting or horse riding. Her living room really fits the vibe and spirit of yoga , it looks really pleasant. The green plants that she has on the side of the window, the sun passing through that same window before hitting the wall and making shadows for the plant. The parquet also really looks good and it just gives us a feeling of a real yoga studio that is brand new and we believe that nobody can refuse a little workout in those conditions. @tammyrara

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Helpful exercise to improve hunchback posture3m09s

Helpful exercise to improve hunchback posture

A Hunchback posture (also known as having a thoracic kyphosis, rounded back or humpback) is where the upper back is excessively rounded forward. The thoracic spine forms a curved-like appearance (which resembles the letter “C”). The position you place your body for the majority of the day is what your default posture will become. A Hunchback is also characteristic in conditions such as Osteoporosis and Scheuermann’s disease. If you have these conditions, please take extra care doing the exercises.