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Police Officers Lay Down Amazing Beat During Elevator Ride1m27s

Police Officers Lay Down Amazing Beat During Elevator Ride

Police officers are responsible for keeping law and order in the society. Every day they face with very difficult tasks battling corruption, drugs and violence, and for that we're eternally grateful to them. They are heroes and have been responsible for the positive outcome of otherwise dangerous situations. And it's not like they only care for people. Many brave and kind-hearted police officers have lent a helping hand to animals of different shapes and sizes and rescued them from danger. They are truly selfless people with big hearts, and yes - they make all the difference in the world. But when they're not on call, police officers have an entertaining side as well. Take for example the officers from the NZ police department who decided to create a sick beat to make their boring elevator ride more interesting. At first there are only two, but as the elevator gets filled with people, the beat gets even sicker and everyone participates, either by dancing or by clapping. They seem to be having a very good time, and it's very heart-warming to see that at the end of the day, they are just regular people as we are. Well the police officers from the video obviously have a musical talent as well, so that's a huge plus! If you find elevator rides boring, then maybe you should try this entertaining technique, it will surely brighten everyone's day!

Drone goes haywire, climbs and plummets to earth1m30s

Drone goes haywire, climbs and plummets to earth

Phantom 2 drones were known for their ability to take off with a mind of their own. Called "fly aways", most Phantom owners know the feeling when their high priced electronics rapidly ran off with their GoPro attached. If you are lucky enough to find the drone afterwards, you end up with a damaged copter and footage of what it all looked like. Luckily, this drone crashed before reaching the nearby forest. It plummeted into a snowbank and became buried. If the blinking lights had not given away its position, it may not have been found until the spring thaw.


"Bae" cancels plans, girlfriend has a freak out

Has bae ever canceled plans at the last minute? Don't worry, you're not alone. Texting you right before you're date saying he can't make it is a big no no. Thoughts of trust run through your mind. You assume that he's a liar and a cheater. You have a freak out because you've already taken the time to get ready and do your makeup. You know you'll be a hot mess if you breakup but you can't stand the thought of talking to him right now. Enjoy the emotional rollercoaster that is this video.

Hilarious sour candy challenge is harder than it looks1m44s

Hilarious sour candy challenge is harder than it looks

Ten year old Tommy issues a challenge to his friend, Dave to stuff their faces with sour candy. Dave is new to this and he follows Tommy's instructions without figuring out exactly what this is all about. Neither of the two have ever eaten so many sour candies at once and it proves to be more difficult than it sounds. Tommy and Dave make a hilarious attempt to down the candies but their laughter makes it even harder. They end up gagging and giggling more than chewing and swallowing!

Kid Wakes Up From Surgery, Hilariously Describes His Experience7m54s

Kid Wakes Up From Surgery, Hilariously Describes His Experience

We've all seen an anesthesia video or two in our time. This one is definitely up there for one of the funniest ones around! From climbing up the Statue of Liberty to thinking his father is a banana, this kid delivers a hilariously commentary about his experience after waking up surgery. It's absolutely fantastic! No wonder he had a mishap, the boy has been all over the place! He ran into California, then he ran into New York, then he climbed Lady Liberty, then he fell off, then his arm hit the ground...poor fella. This poor kids broke his arm and had to go in for surgery. You can only believe how scary surgery is for such a young person. Once the anesthesia took over, you can be sure that the fear was gone. Once they turned the lights off he started to calm down, but his delusions remained. The kid must have been super hungry, because everywhere he turns, he sees fruit. First his Dad was the banana, then his cast was a banana, bright yellow as it was, and he tried to take a bite off it! The n his finger is an apple, but dad says no, so now his dad is the apple, not his’s a rave in the little guy’s head, one we hope never to get into. This hilarious recap of his of his experience is one that will definitely tickle your sides and draw out a few giggles. According to the nurse attending the rascal, he is probably seeing double from the anesthesia, which just confused him further. Check out this hilarious kid after he wakes up from surgery!

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Tiger Escapes Caretaker's Car And Takes A Stroll Down Busy Highway1m27s

Tiger Escapes Caretaker's Car And Takes A Stroll Down Busy Highway

Do you have a pet of your own? If you, you are probably inseparable! Eating, drinking, going to the bathroom, a walk around the block, these are all the things you do together. How about going on a little trip to the neighboring country? If your pet has a passport of its own, crossing a border is easy. You just have to make sure that the animal is nice and secure in its crate, for its own and everybody else’s sake! But what if you own a grown tiger and you have to take a car trip across a border? Now that should be quite an adventure! For the folks who were traveling from the United Arab Emirates towards Saudi Arabia, the day was like none other. Someone forgot to put a leash on their pet tiger, letting the big cat roam around the busy border crossing! As the glorious animal set itself loose, it took a stroll between the cars, making everyone bolt their car doors tight and whip out their smartphones, because this is a video that should not be missed. They just had to make sure that they will live to tell the tale of the Arab tiger who went for a stroll without a leash! Tigers are among the big cats that are now forbidden to be kept as pets in UAE. The wealthy citizens of the oil-rich country who will tame these wild animals to keep as pets face a $136,000 fine or jail. Just stick to your tabbies and calicos!

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A Mother Asks Her Daughter About The Mess She's Made. Her Response? Priceless!50s

A Mother Asks Her Daughter About The Mess She's Made. Her Response? Priceless!

Everyone knows that dog is man's best friend, but who know they'd be baby's as well? You can already tell that these two are the best of friends. Best friends often get into a little bit of trouble when they're together, and that's exactly what happens here! This little baby girl adorably figures out that Esther the bulldog loves toilet paper, and then hilarity ensues! It seems as if Bean the baby was playing with the toilet paper, and then Esther decided to get in on the action, after being given a taste of the delicious toilet paper. Once the toilet paper unraveled, a mess took place all over the washroom and the hallway. When confronted about the mess, Bean adorably denies her wrong doing, and blames it on the dog. How funny! Children always do the darnedest things. Whether it's sneaking candy, or feeding the dog toilet paper, they'll always deny there role in the crime, but it's okay because it makes for a hilarious moment! Bean the baby gets busted playing with toilet paper and for once, Esther the bulldog is found innocent! These two are adorably up to no good!