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Dad Straps GoPro On Elf On The Shelf To Capture What The Toy Is Up To1m59s

Dad Straps GoPro On Elf On The Shelf To Capture What The Toy Is Up To

December has arrived - and with it comes Elf on the Shelf, sent by dear old Santa Claus to check on children across the globe. If you feel like you’ve missed out on something, here’s the big scoop - the festive toy began as a children's book in the US in 2005, telling the story of how Santa sends a "scout" elf to check whether your children are being "naughty or nice". Recently, the book moved across the great pond to the UK, where it grew into other merchandise including a figure of the book’s character. Families all over the globe have been getting Santa’s little helper to keep an eye on their little ones in the days before Christmas. It is both a great addition to every house’s Christmas decorations and an exceptional educational method. Kids know that they have to be extra nice during this period and with Elf on the Shelf, everything is in exceptional order, so parents can rest easy. But have you ever wondered what Elf is actually up to at night? One dad in Boise, Idaho decided that his entire family deserves to know the truth about how Elwood, as they endearingly call him, gets to Santa to deliver him the deets. After the kids say “goodnight” to Elwood, dad straps a GoPro camera to the toy, sitting in his designated spot on the top shelf in the living room. The next morning they find footage of the Elf waking up from his slumber, climbing down from the shelf and, camera in hand, looking for the fastest way out of the house to reach Santa! He tries the front door, but no matter how hard he tries, he just can’t jump high enough to grab the door handle. He goes back to the living room, where he sees that the window is slightly ajar, so he runs over to the foot stool, drops his heavy load and jumps out! Have you been nice this year? You have one more week to behave!

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Drunk dude passes out while waiting for pizza10s

Drunk dude passes out while waiting for pizza

Scottsdale, Arizona's Old Town (also known as Downtown) district provides a density of bars, lounges, restaurants and clubs all within short distance of each other.... thus resulting in late night scenes like this!

Chatty Cathy Engages In Monologue Announcing Her Pregnancy1m20s

Chatty Cathy Engages In Monologue Announcing Her Pregnancy

A bizarre video has emerged online of a chatty woman announcing her pregnancy tests to a guy she just met, informing him that they are expecting a baby, waving the positive test results in his face! This pregnancy test came as a huge surprise, especially for the guy standing at the door! It's always better to be safe than sorry when it comes to pregnancy tests, but this pregnancy announcement went a little too far! Watch this hilarious monologue a woman engages into, not allowing the father-to-be to have a word. She is so excited to give him the good news, but this monologue take a surprising turn after the one-minute constant talk. At the beginning of the video, we see a door open and a man waving his hand trying to say ‘Hi” when a woman on the other side of the door beats him to it and starts a monologue. She goes on and on about how happy she is to find out that she is pregnant. “You are not going to believe this, I’m pregnant!”, the woman screams leaving the man waiting outside the door, all puzzled and confused. The only thing he does is move his eyes, head and body in discomfort, not managing to utter a word. The woman continues to talk and talk, and not a single word comes out of this man’s mouth! Is he too confused to say anything or he just cannot get a turn from chatty Cathy. “I am so excited. It has been such a journey of heartache and pain and trying and trying and trying…”, she puts the pregnancy stick into his face, waving it with excitement. “I finally got that little blue line which means pregnant! It is just that the joy that I am going to feel seeing that little Jane popping out. I mean, we don’t have to name her Jane, we can talk about that, she can be Samantha, she is going to curl her little hair and she is going to be just like her mom… I have been waiting for this moment for so long and I just realized I have not even introduced myself…” and this is when we get that Hollywood twist! “I am Terran, I mean you know who I am”, the man doesn’t even get the chance to say his name! “The whole online dating thing is so funny, because when you finally meet someone for the first time for a date you don’t know if they are going to be crazy or if they would look like their profile picture… you look a lot like your profile picture….”, can you believe this woman? “Should we get something to eat, I mean, I am eating for two now, so...we’ll be really hungry, yeah! Let’s get some food…”, off the door they go. Poor guy!

Girl Has Christmas Meltdown After Wisdom Teeth Removal3m36s

Girl Has Christmas Meltdown After Wisdom Teeth Removal

Although formally known as third molars, their common name is wisdom teeth because they appear so late, at an age where people are presumably "wiser" than as a child. Having your wisdom teeth removed is not an easy experience. It hurts like hell, but it also can cause a laughing fit. Doctors give you a shot of anaesthetic, so that removing your teeth can pass smoothly without you feeling any pain. Well, at least during the whole procedure, because after the anaesthetic’s effects wear off and in most cases, they produce tons of funny videos of people coming out of their slumber in complete confusion! Addie had her wisdom teeth removed. Her mom had bought her a shake for her to drink, while she recovers completely from the removal surgery. Unfortunately for Addie, she now has to drink that shake that is made of blended reindeers, or at least that is what her imagination is telling her. There is no way you can convince her that it is an ordinary shake bought from McDonald’s the place where she and her friends usually go out. The Maraschino cherry that was put on top of the shake is not what her mother tells her it is, it is Rudolph’s nose! Poor Rudolph! What have they done to him… His friend Rooter has also suffered. “All this is happening and Rooter is getting slaughtered and they took his nose off and put it in my shake… And I am not pretty… and I am eating reindeer guts. And Liza did not pick up her phone…” mumbles Addie. She plans on going to the beach with her two friends Liza and Heather because there are no reindeers and they will not have to worry because reindeer do not come out unless it is Christmas and they eat carrots and she eats reindeer noses. Come on, man. It is awful! You must understand how she feels. Boy, this girl has a lot of problems to solve. It is not easy for her, no one can understand her and no one knows how she feels. Thanks to Addie’s mom for the subtitles! A must watch video! It will bring you to tears, but from laughing.

Woman Faces Biggest Fear By Letting A Tarantula Walk On Her Face15s

Woman Faces Biggest Fear By Letting A Tarantula Walk On Her Face

Arachnophobia is a serious and one of the most widespread crippling phobias on this planet. You can blame it all on our ancestors’ survival instincts for the effect it has on us. True, not all spiders are venomous, but our forefathers knew better than to tread in areas populated by these bugs. Hairy legs? Check. 8, not 6, not 4 legs? Double check. Creepy looking eyes that seem like they’re staring right through to your soul? Also check. Scares the living daylights out of you? Hella check. These are the reactions people have when they say that have this intense fear of those 8-legged creepers. They say in order to overcome your fears, you must face them dead on. There are companies out there that specialize in helping you get rid of the thing that cripples you from living a normal life. What do they do? They organize a meet up with what makes you jizz in your pants! Check it out as this woman crushes her fear of spiders by letting a massive tarantula walk all over her face! Canadian cosplayer and gamer Azzy used to be terrified of spiders, so she went to have a tarantula walk all over her face. Later she jokes that she “can live with him". No thank you…

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Husband wants spicier food, wife gives him Trinidad scorpion pepper3m08s

Husband wants spicier food, wife gives him Trinidad scorpion pepper

Dave is a very spoiled man when it comes to Kristy and her cooking. There isn't much she can't do in the kitchen and she feeds him much better than he deserves. Dave should have learned early on that complaining about his wife's food just wouldn't be a smart idea, but sometimes concepts are difficult for men to grasp. Dave enjoys the spicy food and heaps the hot sauce on for a little extra kick. But Dave got a little "saucier" than any husband should and he told Kristy that the spice could be a little bit spicier. Kristy started a plan that would take a full year to carry out. She was determined to give Dave exactly what he was asking for and maybe throw in a little life lesson at the same time. Kristy went online and found a seed company that promised a crop of some extremely hot peppers. Ghost peppers have been reputed to be the hottest pepper in the world, even though the Trinidad scorpion and Carolina reaper have nudged them out for the title. Kristy found seeds for quite an array of heat and planted a patch of peppers that would peel the paint off a car. When the time came for the harvest, Kristy told Dave his peppers were ready and that he was welcome to try them. Dave dared to ask if they were going to be as hot as she promised and Kristy issued a challenge. She dared Dave to eat one right off the plant. Dave couldn't resist and Kristy decided to film it. Dave is definitely used to hot peppers, hot sauce, and anything spicy. He eats Vietnamese peppers like a vegetable and loads the Tabasco on all sorts of foods, so he was a little cocky when he figured this would be pretty easy. He would even admit later that he thought he could eat the whole pepper and possibly a second one. With almost no hesitation, he grabs what he thinks is a ghost pepper. We will never know if Kristy suspected that it was actually a Trinidad scorpion, but Dave was on a roll and Kristy wasn't about to stop him. Dave bites into the pepper, starts to feel the burn and then figures he's got it under control. He tries to pretend it's not so bad. At Kristy's suggestion, he takes a second bite, now chewing on more than half of a raw pepper. Dave quickly finds out that the heat hadn't peaked and he suddenly knows he's in serious trouble. With no planning and no milk nearby, he runs for the garden hose and tries to stuff it in his mouth. He would eat the spray nozzle at this point and all his pride is gone. Dave rinses and repeats for several minutes but the heat won't subside. His eyes are full of tears, his tongue is on fire, and Kristy is howling with laughter. The pain has brought with it a new understanding that trying to eat a ghost pepper or a Trinidad scorpion is not so smart, and that complaining about Kristy's cooking is even less smart.

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Black Friday mayhem captured in Walmart8s

Black Friday mayhem captured in Walmart

While doing some Black Friday shopping, 'Cooloops0509' managed to capture this insane footage of a young man climbing over an isle of refrigerated goods in order to get to the other side, while utter chaos ensues in the background. Looks like it's shaping up to be another hectic Black Friday this year!

Clever student caught teaching in very high-tech fashion57s

Clever student caught teaching in very high-tech fashion

A group of teachers in India discuss how a student managed to fit his smartphone perfectly into a clipboard with all answers available in his phone's gallery. Notice how the screensaver is completely camouflaged with clipboard's design. This is some next level cheating! A+ for creativity!

How To Pull A Loose Tooth With The Help Of A Bicycle 51s

How To Pull A Loose Tooth With The Help Of A Bicycle

Doctors advise to let the first tooth come out on its own and to save creative tooth-pulling for when your child is a little more experienced in the business of losing baby teeth. For the next one, wait until the tooth is extra wiggly and the kid agrees it should be pulled out. Grasp the tooth firmly, using gauze or tissue for grip, then twist and pull. However, you can expand your tooth-pulling creativity and take it to the next level. Pulling a tooth can be a painful experience, but this brave boy is up for the challenge. These two boys came up with a very unique way to pull the loose tooth. He attached a piece of fishing line to his tooth and attached the other end to a bicycle. The boy riding the bicycle gives a brief introduction and then starts turning the pedals and sends the bicycle speeding forward, while the other boy stands bravely and waits for the moment of truth. As the boy drives off, we can hear the fishing line make a stretch sound and the milk tooth is pulled out in no time. It is adorable to see the reaction of the boy, who’s tooth was extracted, make the funniest face as he is left in disbelief. The little boy just cannot believe that the loose tooth is gone just like that and he starts running in search for the pulled tooth, which he finds lying on the street. Kids, if you have a loose tooth that is “ready to come out” give this technique a try!

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Boy 'Transforms' Into A Motorcycle With His Halloween Costume22s

Boy 'Transforms' Into A Motorcycle With His Halloween Costume

This may be the best Halloween costume you've ever seen, a homemade motorcycle "transformer" outfit, that will definitely leave your mind blown and be a head-turner during trick-or-treat season! Transformers are popular; everybody knows Optimus Prime, Bumblebee, Megatron. That is why so many kids want to wear transformer costumes for Halloween. Of course the coolest Halloween transformer costumes are those that can actually transform. This DIY transformer costume will sure get you inspired. This kid did not want to dress up like a witch or a bloody vampire, but this his homemade Halloween transformer costume is very impressive indeed. This boy took the time and the effort to create his own transformer outfit and receive many positive comments. If you are a Transformers fan, you will love this crazy video. Watch as this kid makes a slick transition into his full-motorbike state. This boy has come up with a great idea to make his friends’ jaws drop on the floor! He took costume play to a whole different level. He dressed in black, and attached one wheel of the homemade motorbike costume to one of his legs, which enabled him to navigate the direction he wants to go and do awesome turns. The other wheel of the motorbike is attached to his hand, so that when he kneels down and makes a dog pose he can instantly turn himself into a motorbike. He easily makes all the puzzle pieces to come together. He wears a matching helmet and the rest of the costume is resting on his back. This is a very cool costume in the time when transformer mania is a topping issue. Credit to 'purcali'.

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UCF Police Department Employees Struggling To Catch  A Snake49s

UCF Police Department Employees Struggling To Catch A Snake

Let's face it - police officers are true heroes in many cases, but they are also only humans, like all of us. That being said, they have absolutely every right to have fears, just like us. And we're only saying this to prepare you for this unique video that features a snake and police officers. Police at the University of Central Florida shared a video of an officer failing to keep his calm but succeeding in driving away an invading snake. The UCF Police Department posted a video to Facebook showing a police officer attempting to drive a snake out of a university building. We see a woman with an umbrella as she pokes the snake, after which the snake tries to leave room and heads toward a door that's blocked with boxes. The officer starts screaming after spotting the serpent, along with a string of profanities. The snake heads for an outside door, while the officer recovers fast enough to chase it while shouting: "The door! Somebody open the door!" For a few moments, the officers lose track of the snake, but one of them quickly sees it again and opens the door, allowing it to escape. Even officers get a little scared sometimes! Credit: UCF Police Department

Pregnant Woman Breaks Down Crying Over Disney's Dumbo1m58s

Pregnant Woman Breaks Down Crying Over Disney's Dumbo

A pregnant woman, 22 weeks in, loses her emotional control over the song "Baby Mine" from Walt Disney's animated classic, "Dumbo". She found the song while making a playlist for their future child. The husband is clearly having a field day with this sight, since men can’t really understand what in the world is going on in their wives’ heads with all those hormones soaring through their bodies. But that song truly is emotional and you don’t necessarily have to be pregnant to feel a little tingle in the back of your throat. Ironically, those soaring hormones are a pregnant woman's best friend -- and her baby's lease on life. Human chorionic gonadotropin, or hCG (which rises sharply in the first trimester, then dips and levels off around four months), keeps the embryo firmly implanted in the uterine lining. Progesterone and estrogen (which increase throughout the nine months) help sustain the pregnancy and cause the buildup of nourishing blood vessels. "This hormonal bath, which is so beneficial to the baby, is sometimes very hard for you to take," says Lucy Puryear, MD, director of the Baylor Psychiatry Clinic, in Waco, Texas. hCG, for example, may cause morning sickness, and estrogen and progesterone are often linked with moodiness and tearfulness. It’s not just the motherly stuff that makes pregnant women bawl their eyes over. This expecting mother could not control her tears of happiness as she passed the Symphony bars in her local Smith’s shop. And of course, she got zero support from her husband!

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Police officer gets crowed pumped up during football game1m39s

Police officer gets crowed pumped up during football game

Just when it looked like SRO Taschner was breaking up the fun during the Appleton East football game, expectations changed! Full Credit: Appleton Police Department

Burping Conductor 'Moo-Zart' Puts On Symphony For Delighted Cattle1m40s

Burping Conductor 'Moo-Zart' Puts On Symphony For Delighted Cattle

Here is something that you don't see everyday. You'll be sure to let out a chuckle or two. For some cattlemen, they can have a tough time getting the cattle to listen to them, making it difficult to contain them. This is certainly an unusual way of getting their attention, but clearly it works! Check out what happens when this dude "serenades" a herd of cattle with his impressive (and disturbing) burping skills. They just can't get enough! You’d be surprised at first when you see the man opening up a bottle of Coca Cola, but then it will all make sense. When he begins belching as loud as he can across a field, all of the cattle in the area flock straight to him. They actually like it! Maybe it is the fact that that burp sounds a lot like the moo that the cows make. Kudos to this guy. Sure, for most people burping is a gross action that they would not want to do in public, let alone post in on the internet, but this man seems to burp with a whole lot of confidence. You have to admit, his burps are pretty impressive! It is pretty cool that he can burp on command like that!

Bees Swarm Calm Street Vendor In China1m16s

Bees Swarm Calm Street Vendor In China

Watch as this street vendor prepares a batch of Mochi cakes despite the presence of thousands of deadly bees swarming the area as the rolling pin plots its course through the soft rice cake. A knife makes short work of the scraps and a layer of sugar and black sesame is wrapped tightly in the blanket of gooey rice goodness. It is shocking how this street vendor keeps so calm and minds his own business, while bees are all over the place trying to get a piece of his cake. He wears rubber gloves and has protective clothing, so he doesn't mind the bees at all and keeps it cool. He is busy as a bee, blending in with the surrounding, and doesn't let bees obstruct his work and be bad for business. If any bee comes to close to the cake, he politely removes it or quickly shakes it off, and keeps up the good work. Many claim that this small stand at the base of Phoenix Mountain, Dandong, sells the best Mashu in all of Dongbei, China. Would you dare trying this specialty and forget the bees, because you can never know whether some bee got wrapped inside the cake.

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