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Husband Makes The Mistake Of Asking For A More Exotic Dinner53s

Husband Makes The Mistake Of Asking For A More Exotic Dinner

They say that the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach and Kristy knows how to get to his husband’s heart through his stomach, and this video will show you creative and incredible cook she is! Kristy is an exceptional cook, and her creations are far more delicious and elaborate than her husband, Dave deserves. But Dave is as saucy as some of the meals he gets, so he often makes comments and jokes about Kristy's cooking. Kristy knows how much Dave loves her food, and she takes it all in stride, but she also has a saucy side. She also knows that giving her husband exactly what he asks for might just be the best lesson possible. After a particularly busy day, Kristy mentioned that she had lined up sausages for dinner with some potatoes and vegetables. She was looking for something quick and easy, and she had already been cooking all sorts of tasty dishes in the days leading up to this. Dave pretended to be disappointed, and he told her that plain old sausages would just have to do if there was nothing fancier or more exotic on the menu, as he had grown accustomed to. Dave knew where things were headed when he saw the look on her face that told him she was up for the challenge and had thoughts of putting him in his place. Kristy and Dave had recently been to the Galapagos Islands and had seen all sorts of wildlife, including the giant Galapagos tortoises. He watched in amazement as Kristy constructed a large tortoise using the sausages and some bacon. She weaved the strips of bacon together to make what looked remarkably like the shell of a giant tortoise. She made a large meatball out of sausage and had sausage legs and a head. She made a little bacon tail and propped it all up with wedges of sweet potato so it would cook in the right position. After tucking the bacon underneath and finishing off a very impressive likeness of a tortoise, Kristy looked at Dave triumphantly. With a smirk, she asked him if this was “exotic enough” for him. Dave had to concede that he had never been served turtle before and that it was indeed anything but plain old sausage. As expected, sausages wrapped in bacon are extremely delicious . Kristy won the challenge on this round, but Dave made out very well too.

Scammer calls off duty cop and gets a response he never expected2m26s

Scammer calls off duty cop and gets a response he never expected

Phone scammers are constantly trying to come up with new ways to get people to give up their money. They prey on the elderly, the gullible, the fearful, and anyone naive enough to believe them. They are the lowest of the low. A popular ruse over the past few years has been the CRA scam. The CRA is the Canada Revenue Agency, which is the Canadian equivalent of the IRS. The plot is always the same and the caller is authoritative and threatening. He leaves a message that tells the victim that they have committed tax fraud and that they have failed to declare income. They have reported the matter to the police authorities and an arrest warrant has been issued. The caller identifies himself as an officer who is sending the local police to drag the offender off to jail. Surprisingly, a substantial percentage of people actually fall for the scam and they pay the caller the amount that they believe they owe the government. Conveniently, this payment can be made through iTunes, or similar internationally recognized currency. What this scammer doesn’t realize is that he has left a message at the home of “Dave”, a police officer, who has actually received many complaints about this scam and spends a good part of his week at work warning people about similar ploys. Dave decided to return the call and have a little fun with the pretend officer at the other end. He ended up speaking to “Officer Johns” of the Toronto Police. The officer told Dave not to interrupt and then he explained the alleged fraud for $2399. Much of the long-winded allegation has been edited out to shorten this video, but we can hear that Officer Johns was sending the Millbrook RCMP and the local sheriff to handcuff Dave. He doesn’t understand that there is no such thing as a Sheriff of Millbrook, or even the Millbrook RCMP. If anyone was going to arrest Dave at his home, the call would actually have come through the dispatchers of the Ontario Provincial Police and one of Dave’s coworkers would have been sent to do it. Dave pleaded with the fraudster, asking if he could explain his story to the police, but he was told that there would be no listening and no mercy. There would only be a prompt and unfriendly arrest. Being very confident that nobody was actually coming to arrest him, Dave took the stapler from his desk and began opening and closing it, imitating the racking action of a shot gun. Trying to sound like a desperate man who has run out of options, he declared that he would blast anyone who came to take him away because he “was not going to jail”. The fraudster left Dave with one last threat that the police were on the way and then he hung up. It seems obvious that he realized he had pushed Dave over the edge of reason. If you get a call from anyone who asks for money, phone your local police to verify that it’s legitimate. In almost all cases, it’s a scam.

Large wave drenches tourist trying to get video of whales26s

Large wave drenches tourist trying to get video of whales

The Galapagos Sky is a small cruise ship that takes 16 tourists on a remote and incredible adventure to the outermost reaches around the Galapagos Islands. Embarking on a dive adventure that would lead them to Wolf and Darwin Islands to meet hammerhead sharks and whale sharks, these tourists were watching the beautiful scenery and catching an occasional glimpse of pilot whales and fin whales. One brave Canadian tourist decided to wander up front, despite the waves, to try to capture a whale breach on video. What he caught instead was the slap of a large wave that came crashing over the bow. Quickly deciding that the lower deck wasn't the best place to be in rough seas, he made a hasty retreat. He couldn't help but laugh when he realized that the boat captain had been able to see the whole episode from the bridge, and he was laughing even harder. The two of them had a very different perspective on the same event. As an afterthought, he can be seen checking that the camera is still working to make sure the salt water hasn't wrecked it. Our Canadian friend also had some explaining to do when he went back inside the ship, dripping wet to join the other tourists. The Galapagos Sky is an amazing ship, with a crew that prides themselves on service that is beyond anybody's expectations. The one week tour took these adventurous scuba divers to one of the most remote, hostile, and beautiful places on the planet. Several BBC series have been produced that describe this magical and unforgiving world. As a dive destination, it is second to none. These guests saw unique birds, marine iguanas, several different species of sharks, and the most sought after creature of all, the magnificent whale shark. Their trip to this remote paradise was truly the adventure of a lifetime.

Dudes At Beach Pull Off Hilarious Inflatable Illusion15s

Dudes At Beach Pull Off Hilarious Inflatable Illusion

The beach is a wild place in which we get to abandon the stresses of everyday life and instead focus on what makes us happy, like pretending to pump up an inflatable tube man with the help of your friends. This group seems to be having a lot of fun doing just that! In the video, a man has been buried in the sand from his knees down. His friend mimes that he’s pumping an air pump, and all the sudden the man buried in the sand seems to be inflating! Once he’s reached maximum air capacity, he does a funny dance just like those wacky, wailing, wavy, inflatable arm tube men from used car lots. Not only is this video incredibly funny, but it’s also a great example of the types of ridiculously fun things that you and your friends can do at the beach. Looking for something else fun to do using the sand? Here’s a few ideas: One thing that’s super fun to do when you’re at the beach with your friends is to dig your own fire pit! Simply grab several friends and dig a huge hole in the sand, carving out a bench-like seating area and a space in the center to put a small fire. With a lot of friends, the digging part is pretty quick. And then you’re left with the coolest fire pit around that will leave everyone on the beach jealous. Another fun thing to do in the sand is to throw a sand castle contest with all of your buddies. Try thinking outside of the box and going for something a little more artistic or funny rather than just a regular sand castle. You could sculpt your own ironic snowman out of sand, or make yourself a giant sand mermaid. And whoever wins the contest could get an awesome prize! If all of this sounds like too much work to you, you could always just try these guys’ trick yourself and attempt to inflate your friend on the beach. It’s always good for a fun time! So, the next time you take a trip to the beach side, just lay back on your towel and relax. Watch the seagulls , look for seashells, enjoy the breeze. And if you’re feeling up for it, hey! You could even bury your friend in the sand. Just make sure that you dig them up again, okay?

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How To Shovel Snow In -42 Degree Minnesota13s

How To Shovel Snow In -42 Degree Minnesota

Those who live in cold climates know that shoveling snow can be a tiring and arduous task. It can take some thought and perhaps a little creativity to lighten up the work. Here’s a short video clip of a guy who’s managed to do just that! An initial glance at the video thumbnail doesn’t reveal the true intrigue of this clip. Viewers will perhaps catch on to what’s happening when they hear the recognizable sound of ice skates. A man dressed in seemingly normal work attire is seen removing snow from his driveway with a snow shovel, while on ice skates. Ice skating reminds us of hockey and winter olympic games – both of include competition and battle for supremacy. In this case the ice skates are part of a life-long battle against the elements. Hopefully the time spent shoveling snow will is helping to improve his skills on the ice. There’s a good chance that a man with his skills on skates also participates in hockey or another ice sport. It’s worth noting that concrete and asphalt naturally retain warmth from the sun’s rays, absorbed during daylight. Ice skates don’t work well on asphalt or concrete, there must be a sheet of ice present. Temperatures in this video are reported to be as low as -42 degrees. That kind of cold is required to produce ice-skating conditions on surfaces such as asphalt and concrete. While viewing the video, one may assume that icy conditions of this type would only occur in places like northern Canada or perhaps Alaska. However, the video creators report that this clip was filmed in Minnesota, USA. Surprisingly, Minnesota has hot summers, and very cold winters – perhaps a variety of weather not seen many places elsewhere in the United States of America. While people are often shocked at below freezing temperatures on many parts of the USA , Minnesota is in fact known for below freezing temperatures during winter. Although -42 degrees is extremely cold, temperatures are reported to reach as low as -60 during the coldest snaps. Snow plays a prominent role in this video, and some northern parts of Minnesota can receive as much as 170 inches of snow! It is worth noting that the Great Lakes play a major role in the climate of Minnesota. Perhaps we can all take a lesson from the gentleman seen ice-skating while working in this video. A little creativity and a good attitude can turn the heaviest of tasks in to something more enjoyable and productive.

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Canadian reveals secret to beating the cold and climate change1m28s

Canadian reveals secret to beating the cold and climate change

The cold weather has been making headlines and causing sensation all over North America. Severe weather warnings have created panic and prompted discussions about how to survive the polar vortex that could sweep the continent. Predictions of record low temperatures and freezing winds have left us wondering if this is a result of climate change. And those who deny climate change exists are claiming that it's proof that global warming is a myth. Amid all the panic and debate, there is a sure way to prevent the cold from becoming a problem in your country. After the forest fires that swept California, President Donald Trump made the headlines with his explanation of how Finland prevents forest fires through forest management. Raking the forest floors prevents a buildup of combustible materials that would ultimately lead to disaster. Inspired by the President's insight, this Canadian came to realize that the same logic can save us all from the cold. Canadians know that the cold weather is actually caused by snow. Since there is almost always snow during cold weather, and Canada gets its share of both, there must be a solid connection between the two. It only stands to reason then that getting rid of the snow will also get rid of the cold. This is crucially important with the coming polar vortex. Obviously, the same principal applies in both situations, and forest management is the key to dealing with this. If we all rake our forests and then dispose of the snow properly, the cold will no longer be a threat to us. Disposing of the snow doesn’t have to be a problem either. It can simply be sold online and shipped to the north where it is actually needed. With all the concern over melting glaciers and polar ice caps, dumping snow on them will solve that issue too. It will be an end to the problems associated with global warming and climate change. The President isn’t too worried about climate change and with his great ideas about raking, we don’t need to be concerned either. Rake your country great again!

Travelling friends find man sleeping on horse next to road1m25s

Travelling friends find man sleeping on horse next to road

The Kalahari region in the Northern Cape province of South Africa is a special place, characterized by its vast semi-arid wilderness and farmland areas. It also hosts the lowest density of people in the country. Life in the Kalahari runs at its own pace and many will say it is a place still stuck in its own time. It is not strange to see many people still using horses or donkey carts as a mode of transport. Today this is still the only safe and reliable mode of transport available to many people in the rural areas. My friend Rudi and I were driving a long stretch of dirt road from their farm in the Kalahari to town which was an hour’s drive away. It was late Saturday afternoon and we were on our way to a social function in town. In the distance we noticed something rather odd. There was a lone horse standing next to the road in the middle of nowhere. As we came closer we quickly realized what was going on. On the back of this horse was a man lying, passed out and not moving. We decided to check it out and stopped next to the horse. At first we called, whistled and hit the hooter of the vehicle a few times to see if we might get any reaction. The obviously very loyal and obedient horse briefly looked at us but no movement came from the man. My friend Rudi decided to get out and investigate. I warned him not to go too close to the back of the horse as it might kick him. Rudi walked up to the horse and shook the man a few times while asking if he was OK. Suddenly the guy woke up, looking much disorientated and confused. His response was that he was on his way home. At the end of the video Rudi said to the guy in Afrikaans, “OK, the traffic light is green, you can go now” and off he went in a gallop on the back of his very trusty horse. It sure looked like the guy had a little too much to drink and passed out on the back of his horse while on the way home. Maybe he was just tired after a long journey and decided to take a power nap next to the road. None the less, it was one of the strangest and funniest things we have seen in a long time.

Wife catches husband red-handed with 37s

Wife catches husband red-handed with "other female"

Kristy and Dave were on vacation on San Cristobal Island in the Galapagos. It's a beautiful part of Ecuador where the pace is relaxed and the surroundings are beautiful. On an evening walk along the beachfront, Kristy decided to go to a nearby souvenir store. She left her husband, Dave unsupervised for a few minutes as she did so. He was sitting on a park bench beside the beach with the understanding that she would not be gone long. But in five minutes, a lot can happen. Moments after she walked away, a large, female sea lion waddled across the sidewalk and decided to climb up on the bench not far from Dave. This is not unusual behavior for San Cristobal sea lions. They live in complete harmony with locals and the tourists, often sleeping on sidewalks, quiet roads, gutters, and on any bench or table that is located near the beach. They spend a lot of their day and most of their nights sleeping. They can be found in flower planters, under shrubs, on unattended boats or anywhere that a sea lion thinks makes a good spot for a nap.

Man Prepares For A Trip By Running On A Treadmill With Luggage16s

Man Prepares For A Trip By Running On A Treadmill With Luggage

This video is one that is just a great watch because it is something that almost everyone can relate to. Most people who have ever traveled anywhere by plane have had that terrifying moment where they think they will miss their flight. Sometimes when a flight is delayed, this creates a real problem for travelers. If your plane pulls into the terminal later than expected and you have a connecting flight, you can be put in a real foot race. People traveling are often seen literally running full speed through airports because of this problem. They may only have five or ten minutes to get to their next flight. This may not seem like a huge stressful problem, but it definitely can depend on other circumstances. This is an issue when those five or ten minutes have to be used by running through the airport if the traveler’s connecting flight is on the other side of the airport. The flip side of that situation is when people are laid over for hours and hours between connecting flights. That problem is sometimes equally as frustrating. The man portrayed in this video has figured out exactly what he needs to do to make his pace of walking from one gate to another as fluid and as easy as he possibly can. He is preparing for his trek through the airport by running on a treadmill. Wait though… he is not just running on the treadmill for normal exercise. As viewers will see in the video, he is carrying his luggage right along with him while running on the piece of exercise equipment! This is actually an extremely clever solution that most have never considered doing before. In addition to that, it is hilarious! Even the most avid runners can struggle when they have to catch a connecting flight at the airport. This is because most of the population is not necessarily used to running with baggage! You may be able to run nonstop for miles and miles at the best of conditions, but can you do it while dragging fifty or hundred pounds of luggage right along with you? Most people cannot affirmatively answer that question. No matter how well a person is prepared physically, dragging all of the belongings along with them would be exhausting and taxing for just about anyone. It looks like the man in this video has created a solution to that problem. Surely, he will inspire many other people to do the same. Next time you have to make it to another gate for a connecting flight in an airport and only have a few minutes to get to the boarding place, you may wish that you have had prepared in the same way as this man! While the video does not give any insight into the man’s trip and how it went, viewers everywhere hope that this traveler will give an update in the near future. This is a creative solution to a common problem that has never been seen before.

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Russians dress as 1m37s

Russians dress as "human bus" in attempt to get across vehicle-only bridge

Local security in Vladivostok, Russia, caught four people disguised as a bus in an attempt to cross the city's Zolotoy Bridge, which is closed to pedestrians in 2015 for safety reasons. The existing walkway on the bridge is too narrow and there have been attempts to jump off the bridge. Many locals have protested the decision to ban pedestrians from accessing the bridge. The bridge opened in 2012 is the fastest way to get to the downtown on foot than going through traffic and potentially getting stuck in congestion. The four ingenious Russians came up with a technically feasible solution to overcome the walkthrough ban by dressing up as "human bus" to cross the bridge. However their happy journey came to an unfortunate end when a suspicious patrol agent decided to pull them over and asked for license and registration.

Guests at traditional Amazon village eat monster grubs2m16s

Guests at traditional Amazon village eat monster grubs

Chontacuro grubs are enormous larvae of a weevil that burrows into palma trees in the Amazon basin, in Ecuador, Colombia, Peru and Brazil. They get their name from the Kichwa words “Chonta” for the palma tree that they inhabit and feast on, and the word “curo” which means worm. Several indigenous tribes along the rivers consider them a staple part of their diet, and even a delicacy. They are valued for their nutritional properties, adding a generous portion of protein and fat to a diet that is high in vegetables and fruits. Aboriginal peoples believe that chontacuro have healing properties, curing infections, asthma, gastritis, and arthritis. Ecotourists on a visit to a traditional village were given a rare and educational insight into the culture of the indigenous people. Margot and Erika demonstrated methods of farming, fabrication, and food preparation, including the famous chontacuro grub. They explained how the palma trees are farmed to yield fruit, chontaduro until the trees reach four years of age. The fruit is less edible at this point and the trees are cut down. The trunks are left on the ground, an invitation for the enormous black chontacuro beetles to come and lay their eggs inside. After four months, the trunks are hollow inside. They are cut open to harvest more than 40 grubs each which will have grown to 5-8cm in length (3 inches). The hollowed trunks are then used for construction of huts and other structures. Margot and Erika offered the raw grubs to the Canadian tourists and gave them a close look at the wriggling insects. Not surprisingly, the Canadians politely requested the cooked version, choosing grilled grubs from wooden skewers that had been cooking on the fire in the hut. The cooked grubs resemble pale shrimp kebabs. The grubs have a tough rubbery exterior that requires serious chewing. The inside holds a greasier texture with a taste similar to shrimp basted with bacon fat. The heads are crunchy and unremarkable in taste. While the overall taste wasn’t as bad as imagined, none of our Canadian friends requested second helpings. Plantains, boiled yucca, and fish were served with the grubs, along with ahi, a spicy salsa type dish that has a very pleasant taste and an impressive level of heat. Villages like this one welcome tourists for an opportunity to share their culture and learn their ways of sustainable harvest. The villagers also offer the opportunity to purchase unique and beautiful crafts made of locally sourced materials. This mutually beneficial arrangement offers a chance to understand the people and it provides an alternative to the lucrative, but destructive oil mining that would otherwise be necessary. Ecotourism provides a positive and sustainable means of income without displacing indigenous tribes, changing landscapes and destroying habitat. If you ever get a chance to try a food as unique as the chontacuro grub, why not close your eyes and give it a try?

Scary Chucky Doll Rides Around On A Robot Vacuum50s

Scary Chucky Doll Rides Around On A Robot Vacuum

Halloween is right around the corner and people are getting out their scariest decorations and their scariest costumes. Halloween is definitely a polarizing holiday, either you love it or you hate it. If you are easily scared and you don’t like dark and spooky atmosphere, or just you are not a fan of candy, then Halloween is definitely not for you. If in fact, if you love watching horror flicks, dressing up in the scariest or funniest things you can imagine, eat tons of candy, and love haunted houses then you’re lucky! Halloween is all about getting together with your friends and family and exploring your dark and spooky side. People dress up as their favorite villain, superhero, movie monster, and more, to go and explore the city at night and do trick or treat! The most important part about Halloween are the decorations, costume , and movies that get played! People love decorating their house with skeletons, webs, and ghouls and scary movies are played all day long. Some of the most popular Halloween scary movies usually deal with killers that torment the main characters of the movie. One of the most popular Halloween movie villains is Chucky, the killer doll. Most people are aware of this creature and even though Chucky is a doll, he is quite terrifying! Just one look at him makes you shudder, with scratches all on his face, disfigured head, and wielding a knife. Chucky first appeared in the movie, “Child’s Play” where Chucky the killer doll is trying to transfer his soul to a human body so he can wreak even more havoc! There aren’t too many things scarier than a serial killer doll for children! This video captures the perfect essence of Halloween, combining scary decorations with the perfect movie villain. This person took decorations to a new level with their Chucky doll. If you have ever been to a Halloween party you most likely have seen someone dressed up as Chucky or maybe a Chucky doll in someone’s house. This person decided to put their Chucky doll on a Roomba! A Roomba is a robotic vacuum cleaner that is self-operating and roams around the house and does the vacuuming. It is a round small device and needs no one to control it and just moves along the floor cleaning it up. With the Chucky doll standing on the Roomba, it looks as though the doll is moving around on its own. This is perfect for scaring people or perfect for a party. The Roomba is small enough so people will not notice it and they will only see the small Chucky doll roaming around the living room! How scary! Even scarier is that this Chucky doll is one with a knife in hand and one that has voice lines. Imagine being at a party and you turn around and see the Chucky doll with a knife walking towards you and talking to you! This might be a party that you will be leaving early from! The Chucky doll has an absolutely terrifying laugh and even moves its head back and forth. This person must be a huge Halloween fan and is definitely ready to scare some people! @jazzparrino

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Man eats both of world's hottest peppers at once, relies on internet's advice for remedies5m52s

Man eats both of world's hottest peppers at once, relies on internet's advice for remedies

Last year Dave set out to eat a ghost pepper but the whole thing went horribly wrong in every way possible. He decided that he could do better this year because he was armed with a list of remedies for the heat, all suggested by people commenting on last year’s video. Dave’s misadventure started with a challenge issued by his wife, Kristy. Dave had playfully complained that her cooking wasn’t spicy enough for him. Kristy is a clever woman, so she ordered seeds for every hot pepper she could find and began growing them in her garden. Dave is a very spoiled man and Kristy’s cooking is actually far better than he deserves, but he couldn’t back down now that he had made his unfortunate statement. Kristy’s plants grew and the harvest was impressive. When the peppers ripened, Dave took his video camera to her garden and went in search of the infamous Bhut Jolokia, the Ghost Pepper, and he wolfed down a raw one fresh picked from the plant. But as he ran for the hose and stuffed it into his mouth for relief, Kristy realized that he had actually eaten a Trinidad Scorpion pepper. She couldn’t contain her laughter and she alternated between sympathy for her suffering husband and triumphant laughter as he admitted that she had out-spiced his taste buds. The video of Dave and Kristy’s pepper challenge (Husband wants spicier food, wife gives him Trinidad scorpion pepper) received serious attention on the Rumble Viral YouTube channel and the internet provided Dave with encouragement and advice in the form of 2,500 comments. Much of it was aimed at helping Dave deal with the spice through simple remedies like sandpaper, alcohol, tomatoes, yogurt and milk. With renewed confidence and hundreds of tips from supporters, Dave told Kristy that he was going to eat more of her scorpion peppers and ghost peppers. The internet had also informed Dave that the Carolina Reaper was the world’s hottest pepper and there should be no celebration until he took on the hottest of the hot. Kristy had made Dave a selection of delicious sauces that tipped the Scoville scale and Dave was determined to train for another round with a raw pepper fresh from the garden. This year, Kristy grew Carolina Reapers and the Trinidad Moruga Scorpion pepper. Depending on what source you believed, both were believed to be the world’s hottest pepper. Because this was hotly debated, Dave decided the only way to handle this was to eat one of each. And he was certain that the remedies suggested would make it all very bearable. Dave got half of each pepper in his mouth, chewed them and swallowed them and waited for the heat to build. It didn’t take long until Dave realized that again, he had bitten off more than he could chew and his whole head was on fire. He turned to the suggested remedies one by one and quickly found out that the well-intentioned advice he had received wasn’t helpful at all. He tried them all in succession, leaving the milk until the end. It was only then that he found any relief. Dave didn’t plan as well as he thought because he had a bag of milk and no scissors to cut it open. There was no time to waste so he chewed through the bag and began gulping it down. Dave’s solution on the first attempt last year was to spray the hose into his mouth and he eventually resorted to that here as well because even the milk wasn’t putting out the fire. Reluctantly, Dave admitted that he had met his match and asked Kristy to stick to growing jalapenos next year. Dave has learned many things from his experience. He now knows not to challenge Kristy and her cooking (finally). He knows not to try eating two of the world’s hottest peppers at once, and he knows that not everything you read on the internet is true.

Scottish man thinks newscaster is drunk again39s

Scottish man thinks newscaster is drunk again

Stuart likes watching the news, like all of us. And like many of us, he occasionally encounters challenges with technology. We've all been there at one time or another. When his new TV PVR plays the news back on slow motion, Stuart's impression is that the newscaster has been drinking. His family are watching the news with him and they also know that something is wrong with the broadcast. Listening to the meteorologist explaining the coming weather, we can easily see how he got that impression. Her speech is slow and draggy, as if she has become very intoxicated before delivering the weather forecast. Family members in the room immediately begin laughing and they explain that the show is on slow motion. With a straight face, Stuart continues to watch. At this point, his daughter asks him if the weather lady has been drinking. He concludes with confidence that they are "pissed as farts", a Scottish expression that means she is completely intoxicated. Stuart has a sense of humor that never stops. It's impossible to know if he accepted their explanation or remained convinced that he was correct. Either way, his family are enjoying a hearty laugh at the dialogue. Able to find the humor in any situation, life with Stuart is a constant laugh. His charming accent and deadpan delivery makes everything even funnier. In fact, the Scottish accent has been called the most amusing accent there is, often making a mildly amusing situation cause for a complete belly laugh. Stuart doesn't mind being the source of amusement and he's got the ability to laugh at himself, along with everybody else. His quick wit and serious expressions keep everyone constantly in stitches.