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Talking with Turkeys10s

Talking with Turkeys

Info From Licensor: "When I went to my uncle's house in the country side in Kosovo this summer, I noticed the Turkeys in his yard. I decided to make a sound similar to theirs, and to my surprise they responded every time." Location: Kosovo Occurrence Date: July 16, 2015

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Big beaked pelican reaches for forbidden fish31s

Big beaked pelican reaches for forbidden fish

You've heard of forbidden fruit, but have you heard of forbidden fish? This unexpectedly adorable pelican is just looking for a free lunch, but for some reason, cannot wrap his beak around it. Try as he might, we've got a hunch that he is probably not going to get too far.

Published: November 6, 20151,635 views
15 Hilarious Animal Fails1m06s

15 Hilarious Animal Fails

It's nice to know that humans aren't the only ones that can be clumsy at times! Just ask these fifteen hilarious animals that end up taking some not so graceful slips and tumbles! You won't be able to keep from laughing out loud at these epic animal fails and blunders!

Published: May 30, 20173,351 views
Hamster performs most adorable pull-ups ever9s

Hamster performs most adorable pull-ups ever

This little hamster knows that he needs to stay in shape in order to live a healthy life. Therefore he can be seen here doing some of the cutest pull-ups you'll ever see!

Published: April 18, 201622,534 views
Amusing monkey casually swings from a tree41s

Amusing monkey casually swings from a tree

Nikko, the white-handed Gibbon, hilariously swings from the branch of a big tree on Gibbon Island at the Oakland Zoo in California. The chimpanzees in the neighboring enclosure can be heard screaming in the background. Look at how funny Nikko swings from the tree!

Published: January 1, 201618,721 views
Cute Dogs Play In The Leaves41s

Cute Dogs Play In The Leaves

It turns out that as much as we love to jump into giant leaf piles, so do our furry companions! These adorable pups just can't help but hop around in this wonderful pile of fall leaves. This super cute clip will make you wish that fall will come sooner this year!

Published: July 26, 20165,443 views
Cat Turns The Lights Out on Moth30s

Cat Turns The Lights Out on Moth

This curious cat is determined to catch this evasive moth that is flying around the kitchen sink, no matter what it takes! Even if that means causing a little accident of his own in the process! Looks like its lights out for this little moth who flew a little too close to the cat.

Published: July 7, 2016416 views
Curious hedgehog closely investigates camera33s

Curious hedgehog closely investigates camera

This adorable hedgehog is quite inquisitive as he wanders a laundry basket and investigates the camera watching him. Watch as he noses and scratches at the camera. He also makes funny faces, furrowing his brow at the end!

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Cat Is An Unhappy Elf31s

Cat Is An Unhappy Elf

This cat is not feeling the holiday spirit despite his adorable elf costume! His owners thought that it would be fun to have their own little elf for the holidays, but the cat seems to disagree. I guess there is such thing as an unhappy elf! You won't be able to stop laughing at this adorable sight.

Published: July 20, 2016441 views
Short Dog Problems39s

Short Dog Problems

It turns out that while short people problems are very real, so are short dog problems! This adorable French bulldog is trying desperately to reach the toilet, but just can't get the altitude he needs! What's a dog to do when he's gotta go use the bathroom?

Published: September 21, 20161,113 views
Kitten Loves To Wrestle With Dog30s

Kitten Loves To Wrestle With Dog

These two unusual friends are here to break the stereotype about the cat and dog animosity! While this feisty little kitten does love a good wrestling match with her canine sibling, at the end of the day she loves him more than anything! Talk about a sweet friendship!

Published: September 20, 20161,653 views
Dog Gives A Little Boy A Wedgie38s

Dog Gives A Little Boy A Wedgie

This cute kid and his adorable dog are locked in a strange version of the game tug of war! How so? Well in this game of tug of war, the dog decided that his kid's underwear would make the perfect thing to pull on! Let's just say that this kid got the most interesting wedgie.

Published: July 27, 20161,301 views
Black cat gets trapped in magic table16s

Black cat gets trapped in magic table

This derp of a black cat unwittingly stepped on the wrong table. In fact, it was not a table at all, it is a clothes drying rack. The kitty begins to slowly slide through the spokes, getting caught in the clothing like a net. It is so funny that we love seeing our pets acting stupid.

Published: October 1, 20153,823 views
Cute Collie Pup Can't Keep Up39s

Cute Collie Pup Can't Keep Up

This small collie puppy may be tiny, but that doesn't stop him from trying his very best to keep up with his dad! Unfortunately for the little pup, he ends up going for a tumble when he tries to help dad win a game of tug of war with the human! It's okay little guy, you'll grow up big and strong in no time!

Published: June 15, 20171,388 views