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Amazingly adorable raccoon cafe in South Korea33s

Amazingly adorable raccoon cafe in South Korea

This cafe in Daegu, South Korea is home to about 5 raccoons and 2 dogs. They are very well taken care of by their loving owner and they are extremely tame and affectionate towards humans. They have lots of room to play and a special room to hide when they want some space. The cafe is even more special as it features two albino raccoons. To get in, you have to buy at least one beverage. Other than this there is no entrance fee! Wouldn't you love to chill out with a delicious beverage and watch these guys play?

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Gorilla Tries To Figure Out How To Wear T-Shirt1m26s

Gorilla Tries To Figure Out How To Wear T-Shirt

A female gorilla found a t-shirt but is not sure what to do with it! It is adorable to watch her scurry around, flinging the fabric about, trying to make sense of it all. In the beginning, we see our distant relative shake out the shirt as if she is preparing it for laundry. It is easy to see where our instincts come from! Gorillas are a human beings’ second closest relative behind the chimpanzee. There has been extensive research done to compare our similarities and differences to establish where we came from and how we have come to be. Despite there being a plethora of theories, as extravagant as we are a result of psychedelic consumption unlocking and enlightening the ape mind, we have yet to come to a general conclusion. We know that we evolved from these past family members, but exactly how remains a mystery. Of our genetic code, 98.7% is the same among humans and gorillas. Like us, the family structure is crucial to maintain the emotional bond between beings. Aside from our hands, noses and facial structure similarities, gorillas also endure body odor and the same five sense which ground us to this earth. They communicate in an outstanding manner, between their own species and even our own. There have been numerous accounts of emotional bonds between humans and apes. Remember King Kong? Despite his barbaric size and strength, he had a soft side a created a very strong emotional bond, some would call love, towards an unexacting young woman. The connection they shared was outstanding yet not unique. Many researchers have noted the emotional depth of these animals in their studies. Most notably is Jane Goodall who is known to have exemplified how gorillas and apes use tools in their societies. Jane Goodall is a writer and scientist who has spent years of her life among chimps. She studies them, lives with them and incorporates herself as one of their society. Even more, their family. She studies them in their natural habitat so that we may know more about the wondrous they have to offer. Despite our similarities, the gorilla’s greatest living predator is us, the humans. The threat to gorilla life has increased over the last several years, much as our impact on almost every other species on earth. Gorillas are currently being hunted and poached for their meat in many parts of the world which has increased the spread of disease such as Ebola. Gorillas are also suffering because their homes are being taken away due to logging and mining industries. All over our world where gorillas inhabit, they are under threat due to deforestation and habitat loss. The gorilla in this video is clearly in captivity at a zoo where the habitat conditions have been mimicked to try to emulate their natural lives. As gorillas may soon go extinct in central Africa, a zoo may soon be the only place to view these mysterious creatures. That is until Planet of the Apes happens. Or are we only dreaming?

Diver's unique experience with playful seal59s

Diver's unique experience with playful seal

While at Treasure Island in Laguna Beach, diver Anthony Armer came across a seal relaxing close to shore. According to Anthony, most seals he encounters while diving have been extremely playful and curious, and this one is no exception. We hope it stays this way!

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Rescue sheep cries when separated from owner54s

Rescue sheep cries when separated from owner

After being left an orphan when her mother was attacked by wild dogs, this affectionate sheep found a new owner to raise her and keep her safe. This began the special bond between farm animal and farmer. The bond is so strong that the sheep cannot stand when her rescuer leaves her alone. Watch as she cries out for her owner to come back and give her some love. She stands on the fence and begs for some attention! It is so sad but adorable all at the same time. We really feel for this sheep and what she has been through.

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Sleeping baby hyena caught dreaming30s

Sleeping baby hyena caught dreaming

Hyenas are generally known as vicious creatures, but this cute little one will hopefully fix that perception. Check it out as this two-month-old Striped Hyena dreams of something pleasant after playing around all day. Filmed in South Africa.

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Silly horse loves to splash in the mud50s

Silly horse loves to splash in the mud

Henry the American thoroughbred-cross/Irish Draught horse just loves stomping in the mud puddle and simply can't stop. The 17 year old obviously knows the health benefit of mud baths!

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Monkey extremely excited for rescued kitten addition42s

Monkey extremely excited for rescued kitten addition

This monkey couldn't be more excited about the kitty her human rescued after being dumped out on the street to fend for himself. She is totally infatuated with him and can't leave his side, even if it's just to watch him sleep. Love is not bound by the species that we are!

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Parrot sings his rendition of classic country song1m47s

Parrot sings his rendition of classic country song

Max recites his clever version of part of the old country song "Oh Lord It's Hard To Be Humble". He switches out some words toward the end and when he refers to "Emma", the family dog who has since passed away. He also showcases his amazing skills by doing a short sing-a-long!

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Cockatiel flirts with owner's cockatiel socks17s

Cockatiel flirts with owner's cockatiel socks

Jin is a 1-year-old male bird who falls in love with everyone and everything, especially his owner's cute cockatiel socks. This video was shot in the living room, where he flies freely during the day.

Helpful bunny assists girl with homework17s

Helpful bunny assists girl with homework

Watch as a fluffy little bunny keeps this little girl on task with her homework. Whenever she puts her pencil down it is sure to immediately return it to her, making sure she keeps working. Hilarious! Credit to 'boomerangsbyVic'.

Supervising parrot oversees cleaning chores39s

Supervising parrot oversees cleaning chores

Cleaning is a big part of parrot ownership and Einstein will let you know it. He’s a great supervisor and has even invented a song to make it more fun. As instructed, don’t forget to shake your butt, too!