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Dog Howls And Jumps At Bowl Waiting For Food To Appear1m07s

Dog Howls And Jumps At Bowl Waiting For Food To Appear

This precious canine has his own special way of communicating when he is hungry! Meet Ally, the tough boxer dog that jumps, barks and plays with his empty food bowl when he is ready to eat! His creative way of reminding his owners that it is time to feed will charm you up! Ally is a very playful dog who loves entertaining his humans but this is also his way of letting them know that he is ready to eat! Ally is obviously upset that his bowl is empty, “What do you mean, dinner is not served, can’t you see that I am starving! Make food appear, now!”, Ally puts a spell on the food bowl. Your calm, house dog can go from zero to sixty before you blink and all of a sudden you have a frenzied, barking, jumping, biting dog that knocks the food out of your hand before you can even get it on the ground. Meal time is a great opportunity to work on your dog’s self-control and manners. Watch as this canine gets upset at the food, for not having the ability to magically appear in the food bowl. He gets frustrated and starts jumping and howling at it. The situation escalates when the dog gets pretty angry at the bowl and starts barking at it, pushing it with its paws. It is as if he trying to use a magic trick on the bowl and he fails to complete the spell. He has his own funny way of communicating with the bowl and waits for food to fall from the sky. He continues to wait for the bowl to grant him a wish and fill the empty bowl with food!

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Hungry Parrot Reminds Owner It's Dinner Time In The Most Hilarious Fashion1m10s

Hungry Parrot Reminds Owner It's Dinner Time In The Most Hilarious Fashion

Albert Einstein once said, “Logic will get you from A to Z; imagination will get you everywhere.” Einstein the parrot will agree to that statement! Much like a child having an imaginary tea party with an army of stuffed animal friends. This parrot with a huge imagination is dining on grapes, corn, and cookies. All invisible of course! Watch as Einstein smacks his beak and puts his foot up to his beak as if enjoying the tasty morsel of food. He says it’s good! Wanna grape? It’s good he says again! Continuously smacking his beak, and holding the imaginary food to his beak. Hilariously, it sounds like he’s talking with his mouth full! Like a good host, he asks if you want some bread, corn, or more grapes. He then offers up a cookie, some corn, and more grapes. Holding his foot to his beak as if the actual food was in his grasp. In the next segment he is again having an imaginary dinner party, this time on a swing in the safety of his screen porch. Dining again on imaginary grapes and corn. Finally, he saves the best for last and enjoys an imaginary nut! However, he must have dropped the nut because he said, “oops!” No worries, because he will fly away to get another as he lifts off to take an imaginary flight! Einstein is very creative! Einstein the Talking Texan Parrot is a silly, smart, and popular parrot who loves to talk and entertain! He likes to have conversations with his owners, talking and acting silly, and doing animal sound imitations. Watch him sing and dance in his video compilations! With his amazing talking abilities, and funny antics, Einstein's talking parrot's videos will keep you entertained for hours! Einstein parrot is also famous for some of his silly quotes and sayings. Online, Einstein the talking parrot is popular across many social media platforms.

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Zoo Monkey Offers Unforgettable Grooming Experience To Feral Cat1m43s

Zoo Monkey Offers Unforgettable Grooming Experience To Feral Cat

An unlikely friendship has occurred at a local zoo. Watch this monkey spends some quality time grooming its kitty friend. If you're wondering what pure love looks like, you have come to the right place! It's safe to say these two share a special bond, and it looks like this cat is getting the complete spa treatment thanks to his adorable little monkey who is doing his very best to massage all of the cat's worries away. Talk about great services! There isn't a cuter duo we have seen all week. Time to schedule our next day at the spa! A feral cat is a cat that lives outdoors and has had little or no human contact. They do not allow themselves to be handled or touched by humans, and will run away if they are able. They typically remain hidden from humans, although some feral cats become more comfortable with people who regularly feed them. Even with long term attempts at socialization, feral cats usually remain fearful and avoidant of humans. However this cat created a special bond with the captivated zoo monkey. The little Capuchin monkey seems to really dote on the sleeping feline and she seems to be very patient and relaxed throughout the entire treatment. There are numerous stories about such extraordinary friendships in the animal kingdom. In fact, that apes in the wild have been known to actually adopt felines as cuddly pets of their own. How amazing and heartwarming!

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Dog And Cat Engage In Friendly Wrestle Battle1m18s

Dog And Cat Engage In Friendly Wrestle Battle

The old saying that cats and dogs can't live together and can’t get along isn't true. You can have a pet dog and cat under the same roof, not just tolerating each other, but actually enjoying interacting and being part of the one family. Animals that live under the same roof form a pack and treat each other differently than they would other animals outside their familiar environment. They learn to peacefully coexist. If the cat stands its ground, normally the dog will ignore it. If the cat runs, then the rules of the game change and the cat becomes a prey. This holds true in the house, too. Cats being the drama queens they are, will often entice the dog to chase it, by slinking around or running. One of the biggest mistakes a pet owner can make is to assume that when one animal is ready to play, the other is too. Playing is an important way for alliances and socialization to take place for cats and dogs, but both animals have to be willing to take part. In this hilarious video, it is obvious that these cat and dog learned how to play together without getting hurt. What at first seems a very intense wrestling match, turns out to be just a friendly tease. In the end they're still the best of friends! It is interesting, how most dogs love to “torture” their cats, usually in a non-violent way. It’s all done in good fun, similar like the siblings torturing each other. No harm meant. It is just a power struggle. Observe the playful behavior of these two animals, they simply cannot keep their paws off each other. This video is proof that dogs and cats can live in peace, and a little wrestle game never hurt nobody.

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Loving and Hugging From Pets6m38s

Loving and Hugging From Pets

I dont care what anyone says there is nothing better than some TLC from an animal or animals! For those living under a rock, TLC is tender loving care or as we like to say loving and hugging! After watching this video compilation of pets huggin and lovin on humans and other pets, you will probably quit the internet for the day. BECAUSE THIS IS THE CUTEST VIDEO YOU WILL SEE ALL DAY. Check it out and leave your comments below!

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Rescued Baby Squirrel Nibbles On Woman’s Ear33s

Rescued Baby Squirrel Nibbles On Woman’s Ear

Hurricane Irma caused significant influx of baby squirrels because their nests have been blown out during this natural disaster, leaving many baby squirrels homeless. It's the beginning of baby season, so it's just poor timing to have a hurricane at the beginning of squirrel season. Timing is key in both the rescue and the rehabilitation. For instance, the squirrels shouldn’t get used to being held because eventually they will need to be returned to the wild. It will be months before most of the baby squirrels can be released into the wild, for the smaller ones it will take at least three months. People who found baby squirrels have been nursing them back to health. So, if you find an orphaned baby squirrel, the first thing to do is to keep the squirrel warm and feed it something. Even though there are some people who will argue that a healthy squirrel should never be kept as a pet, and that the goal should always be to return a squirrel to the wild. Whether you agree or not, the argument is well-intended and should be considered. On the other hand, there are people who argue that in some cases squirrels can be kept as pets. Take this baby squirrel for example, she bonded with her lady human so much that she became her personal ear cleaner. Watch as this cute little Marsellus snacks on this person's ear. How adorable is this? This adorable little squirrel is nibbling on human’s ear like it is eating a delicious breakfast. “He is also making a purring sound in my ear, similar to a cat”, noted this woman. This is hurricane Irma baby that were blown out of our trees. Even just a quick peek of this tiny baby squirrel nibbling on woman’s ear got me thinking about domesticating one. Pet squirrel, anyone?

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Disciplined Parakeets Take Turn On A Juicy Orange Slice1m25s

Disciplined Parakeets Take Turn On A Juicy Orange Slice

Parakeets are tropical birds, and they sure can eat like it. They need a wide variety of foods in their diet to stay healthy. It's a lot of fun to offer your bird a tasty variety of things to eat. However, you will find that your parakeet has his own taste preferences. Learn what he likes, what he doesn't like, and what his very favorites are. Parakeets enjoy eating fresh fruit. Feeding a variety of fruits each day will help meet your bird's nutritional requirements. Some parakeet favorites include apples and oranges. It's lunch time for these cute birds, and what better meal than a tasty orange? So, delicious! It is amazing to see how these parakeets love fruits and feast on the slice of orange. However, just like in a human's diet, oranges should be fed to parakeet in moderation. Fruits are high in natural sugars that can be bad for the parakeet when consumed in large quantities. Surprisingly, oranges are one of the most favorite fruits that parakeets enjoy eating. Watch these adorable parakeets take turn on the slice of orange. They are lined up and waiting for their turn to feast on the orange fruit. The story goes on and on, as they come and go in circular motion, taking delicious bites on the sour fruit. Who would have thought that parakeets like orange that much! We can learn a valuable lesson just by watching these birds, so when life gives you lemons, make orange juice and leave the world wondering how you how the hell you did it, and take advantage of the vitamin C delight in your body!

Friendly Elephant Gives Tourist A Big Fat Juicy Smooch 9s

Friendly Elephant Gives Tourist A Big Fat Juicy Smooch

Elephants are incredible creatures. Their long trunk is one very unique nose that has many specific functions. It is similar to an octopus tentacle in terms of the dexterity. It gives elephants a high degree of manipulation with objects which is very useful for them because they are skilled tool-users. Elephants even have an artistic side, they have been taught to paint with their trunks and have presented their beautiful artwork, which is truly amazing! Elephants are such loving and caring animals, and they love to socialize with people. They communicate by touch, sight, smell, and sound. Elephant intelligence has been compared with that of primates and cetaceans. They appear to have self-awareness and show empathy for dying or dead individuals of their kind. This gentle and loving elephant even learned how to kiss humans. Watch as this elephant approaches this woman and slowly plants a big, wet kiss on her cheek. We are able to witness the amazing bond between this elephant and the female tourist. The elephant is instructed to share a big, wet kiss with a nearby tourist. The tourist is standing still and waiting for the elephant trunk to touch her cheek and present her with wet smooches. How adorable! The most amazing part comes after the kiss, when the elephant makes the kissing sound and gives one original kiss-smooch and leaves the tourist with unforgettable experience. Nothing quite like an elephant kiss… This video truly shows how amazing elephants can be, and how big their heart. They know how to give affection and spread love. Elephants are very caring animals and they are great parents too!

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Piglet Has Ants In The Pants And Twerks Like Crazy33s

Piglet Has Ants In The Pants And Twerks Like Crazy

If you ever come across the Aldor Acres family farm in Aldergrove, British Columbia you should pay them a visit and meet their talented barnyard animal who ain’t afraid to show its talent. Funny moment was caught on camera and this piglet sure made our day. We were left for words after the performance. This short video of a newly born piglet dancing like crazy will definitely cheer you up. The little fellow is filmed twerking his bottom against the fence and dancing in its own rhythm. Who knew that piglets could dance and shake their bottom like this! This dancing piglet is the star on the farm and everybody enjoys his performance. Watch how piglet’s happy feet are restless and bounce off the wall. The Aldor Acres family farm was started 26 years ago with the cultivation of pumpkins. Back in 1988, owners Albert and Dorothy (AL-DOR) put a sign and a jar at the end of the road and started selling pumpkins on the honor system which is usually something that does not have strictly enforced rules governing its principles. Little did they know, it would become a hit. They soon began giving tractor drawn hayrides to the pumpkin patch and providing an educational, hands-on farm experience for guests. October brings 20 acres of pumpkin patches and 5 acres of petting zoos and animal displays which was the attraction for Brent, Elsas and Sandy's visit this day. "What a fun afternoon at the farm" Elsa and Sandy said.

Rabbit gives bearded dragon big fat kiss9s

Rabbit gives bearded dragon big fat kiss

Tex the rabbit and Rango the bearded dragon normally don't interact much, but luckily in this clip we get to witness the two interact. Watch as Tex give Rango a big kiss! They love each other!

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Dog Trapped By Cat35s

Dog Trapped By Cat

Rosy, a mature doggo, lives in a house with two additional pups and three cats. So that is three dogs and three cats! Naturally, the dogs like to team up to pick on/ annoy the cats and vise versa. The humans of the household were sick of the never-ending bickering. When the momma human realized both the cats and the dogs had separate spaces, she blocked off the cat space with a door the dogs will not be able to fit through. THAT DIDNT STOP ROSY FROM TRYING! Check out this hilarious video and share your comments below!

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Pet Psychic: Dead Possums and Peanut Butter2m58s

Pet Psychic: Dead Possums and Peanut Butter

Its Halloween and time to get spooky! Pet Psychic Rachel reads Bev the dog and discusses her many issues with her owner Carly. Her issues include her love of food and killing possums. Bevs stats: Bev was found on the street, has major food issues, and she might be a serial killer. Would you ever take your pet to see a psychic? Check out the video and share your thoughts in the comment section below.

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Bunny Plays with Balloon Until It Pops!26s

Bunny Plays with Balloon Until It Pops!

This playful bunny has everything in life that she loves. Her favorite blankets, plenty of space to roam and a new toy! This adorable bunny plays with a red balloon in the kitchen until it pops! Poor thing got so scared when the balloon popped but clearly, she was having fun while it lasted.

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Angry Feline Goes After A Musical Birthday Card34s

Angry Feline Goes After A Musical Birthday Card

This kitten is not a fan of singing birthday cards! The video starts with the kitten wrestling the open (singing) birthday card on the bed when she finally closes the card and the music stops she calms down! For all of our entertainment, the human opens the card again! The music starts and so does the cute kitten. Do you celebrate your cat’s birthday? Well if you’re planning to give your feline a present, maybe you should skip on the singing card. Why? Watch the video and see how this cat reacts to the singing birthday card, she simply hates it and wants to destroy every single piece of it! Her humans don’t know why she hates it so much. Maybe she’s annoyed by the sound it makes. The second she hears the famous chicken dance melody she seems annoyed. Some people appreciate music while others not so much, and it seems that the same goes for the animal kingdom. This hilarious footage, shows the ultimate cat-attack! A fluffy cat is sitting on the bed and is desperately trying to figure out where the noises are coming from. She uses her teeth, claws and feet to make the horrible sound stop! Humorously, the angry feline is biting the card and sinks its teeth into the paper. Her owners can be heard laughing out loud, trying to realize why the cat is so frustrated at the card. Maybe she hates music and wants to turn it off!

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These Cats and Dogs Are Best Friends Forever1m47s

These Cats and Dogs Are Best Friends Forever

Cats and Dogs are different. But surprisingly they are friends! They do all the things BEST friends should do. They spend time together they take care of each other watch Netflix together and go on vacation! If you lose your key they will let you in! And after a long day of following each other around cats and dogs know how to relax and cuddle! These adorable furry pals prove you dont have to be the same as your besties!

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Puppy Chases The Cowboy On His Halloween Costume19s

Puppy Chases The Cowboy On His Halloween Costume

Meet Gordy! His family (known to Gordy as THE HUMANS!) bought him the perfect Halloween costume. Gordy dressed up a bull with a cowboy on his back! Not only is this costume perfectly cute, it also perfectly matches his personality. Gordy is known for being energetic and he will do anything to make THE HUMANS! laugh. With the cowboy strapped on his back Gordy runs in circles, throws his body around exactly what you would see if you were going to watch bull riding! Puppy Halloween costume PERFECTION!

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Cat’s Hunting Engine Revs On Toy Train25s

Cat’s Hunting Engine Revs On Toy Train

It’s just fun for the cat to chase things. Cats’ hunting behavior evolved to be prompted by different stimuli. That’s a survival mechanism that triggers pounce-and-attack to put food on the feline table. Several things trigger the urge to hunt. Sounds and sight can stimulate cat-attack and trigger predatory behaviors. This cat likes to knock the toy train off the track, and occasionally gets his tail stuck under the train, but he never experiences any pain, he just likes to play the game! A toy train can be as simple as a pull toy that does not even run on track, or it might be operated by clockwork or a battery. By the way, many of today's model trains might be signed as toy ones as well, providing they are not strictly scale ones in favor of a robustness appropriate for children or a reasonable manufacturing. Rory, the family cat is clearly the king of the home and often likes to sit right in the middle of a toy train track when kids are playing. It doesn’t take long before Rory playfully stops the train from moving, on several occasions, one of which prompted eventual destruction. When the toy gets stuck on Rory’s tail, the cat freaks out and starts spinning around!

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Nothing But Pig Videos4m05s

Nothing But Pig Videos

Pigs are cute! Dont believe me? Check out this compilation of nothing but Pig videos! Some of the Pigs you will meet Lulu who refuses to move from in front of the fridge, Spotty the adorable baby pig who plays with workout equipment, Zoey the piggy who steals food and my personal favorite the baby pig dressed in a sweater while playing with a puppy! Check out the adorable comp and comment below! Which clip was your favorite?

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Ram STEALS Food From Family23s

Ram STEALS Food From Family

Attention everyone we have a clip of a family trip to the Safari Park. Surely nothing could go wrong here, its not like we have seen videos of Zerbras popping their head in the car, a Buffalo stealing food or Lions that nearly opened the car door. Wait, we do? Well check out this video and add it to the list of highly entertaining Safari Park clips. A Ram puts its head in a car window and tries to steal food from a family at a Safari Park.

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This Bird Barks Like A Dog42s

This Bird Barks Like A Dog

Ready to have your mind blown? For the full experience you should watch this video twice. First time you watch it, close your eyes! This way you can fully understand how accurate the title is. This Bird can bark like a dog. Second time your watch the video, open your eyes and fully experience the visual of a bird barking EXACTLY like a dog. Pretty funny and amazing right?

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Cats Are Weird2m14s

Cats Are Weird

Cats are weird, we all know that! But have you ever seen a cat react to their own reflection in the mirror? I will tell you this much, it never gets old to watch curious kittens and cats reflect on their reflections. This hilarious video compilation if full of weirdo cats reacting to themselves in the mirror. Scratching, clawing, hissing, running away, running back and forth, and running straight into the mirror!

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Meet The Smartest Dog In The World36s

Meet The Smartest Dog In The World

Are you prepared to meet the smarted dog in the world? Meet Suzy! She is able to fetch specific toys that her owner asks her to bring. Zebra? Check. Big brown teddy bear? Check. Spotted rabbit? Check. Koala bear? Check! I have to say, this is pretty impressive! Does your dog do any impressive tricks? Check out the video and sound off in the comments below.

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