Funny & Cute Animals

Wild rabbit makes nest in garden bed24s

Wild rabbit makes nest in garden bed

Every summer these people have at least one wild rabbit hanging out in their backyard garden. The rabbits have become familiar and friendly with the people and don't usually run away. Last summer this one even made a home in one of their garden beds!

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Great Dane reprimands kitten for attacking plant25s

Great Dane reprimands kitten for attacking plant

Max the Great Dane is a working dog, but here he works on trying to have a nap on the sofa. The problem is that his kitten friend Jack is having the time of his life destroying the plant on the table. Watch Max verbally discipline Jack from eating the plant with effective results!

Kitten uses dog's tail as chew toy24s

Kitten uses dog's tail as chew toy

Notice how this Border Collie turns to look at his kitten friend and wags his tail to keep her interested in playing. These two are the very best of friends and they do absolutely everything together.

Chinchillas may be the cutest pets of all time42s

Chinchillas may be the cutest pets of all time

Chinchillas are native to South America and similar to squirrels... Except way cuter! Here we see an all white one named John adorably walks on his two legs as he chases a tube of cheese. Where can we get one of these?!

Sleepy tiger cub plays with a stick32s

Sleepy tiger cub plays with a stick

The big dilemma in every child's life: to sleep or to play? This adorable Golden Bengal Tiger cub is clearly sleepy, but that won't keep her from trying to get that annoying stick!

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Mischievous Fawn Tries To Play With Wild Turkeys19s

Mischievous Fawn Tries To Play With Wild Turkeys

Turkeys and deer together, again. These two vastly different types of creatures certainly do prefer to be around each other. Neither species predates on the other, and both instinctively know this. The worst that could happen is you may be trampled if you don’t move out of the way quickly enough. Wild turkeys, though, are surprisingly quick creatures, and unlike their domesticated counterpart, they can fly. It doesn’t look like our little four-legged friend is being territorial. It looks more like she’s socializing , but then, hey! They’re running from me! This is fun, let’s do it some more. The turkeys have young with them, so they must be really trusting of deer in their midst. Could it be there’s some kind of symbiotic relationship here, where the bigger deer provide a measure of security or even act as an early warning system? Well, the system kind of breaks down when one of them starts chasing your family around the lily patch. The fawn is still learning, however, so it could be she is wondering if the turkeys have found something better to eat. Where is her mother? Hopefully, she’s not orphaned. Maybe the other adult deer are just out of view of the camera. The scene is a tranquil one, the brief chase notwithstanding. The videographer immerses us in a bucolic setting on a farm or ranch, with a rustic old chicken coop or tool shed for a backdrop. Don’t you think this scene would make a great painting? All it needs is a rusting old car or tractor sinking into an overgrowth of tall goldenrod and jewelweed. How grand it must be, to be able to look out your window and see nature at play. It’s such a tiny segment of life on earth, yet imbued with forest magic that most of the 7.4 billion people living on this planet will never see. It’s a blessing that a privileged few have been gifted to enjoy, especially if they can quietly observe from a hidden vantage point. There’s no need to despair if you’re not one of them because the gift of nature has been shared with us. We don’t need to know and probably shouldn’t learn the precise whereabouts. It is an idyllic landscape, best preserved in this wonderful video capture. Turkeys , themselves, are wise old creatures with an instinct for survival. It is a wonder that they share the habitat so intimately with deer. Although it may look like they compete for food and resources, they really don’t. Deer eat small flowering plants that grow in the grass, and the turkeys are most likely foraging for seeds. In fact, turkeys are omnivorous, and if an insect or even small snake passes by its vigilant gaze, it will try to eat it. As there are a number of videos out recently that display similar scenes of deer and turkeys coexisting within feet of each other, it’s likely a completely healthy and natural thing, which is less of a truce and more of a community.

Gorilla hides from his own birthday party1m36s

Gorilla hides from his own birthday party

The staff at the Twycross Zoo in England went all out to make Lope's 5th birthday something special. Paper ribbons, decorations, big painted signs and egg boxes all decorated with love and hidden treats. There's also a birthday cake made out of boxes filled with popcorn. Just one thing is missing... the birthday boy himself! He just watches all the other gorillas enjoy HIS presents!

Siberian tiger cubs enjoy playtime together1m26s

Siberian tiger cubs enjoy playtime together

These six-month-old Siberian tigers absolutely love to play. These games may appear adorable, but you better stay out of their way when they do. These cubs are already very strong and no human would stand a chance! Credit to 'nademedeiros'.

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Orphaned baby ducks get introduced to water58s

Orphaned baby ducks get introduced to water

These ducklings get their very first chance to do some swimming. They were hatched after their mother was killed. A teacher and her students raised them from hatchlings as a class project until they were old enough to go to a nearby farm. Look at how happy they are to be in the water!

Fluffy goslings frolic under protective parents' watch49s

Fluffy goslings frolic under protective parents' watch

Canada geese are loyal partners, mating for life. They are also fiercely protective parents. These young geese are safe under their parents' watch. A full grown goose can be as ferocious as a big watch dog. The goslings have not sprouted feathers yet, and their wings are merely cute, fluffy stubs. Even their uncoordinated sprints after each other are adorable. They will eat constantly and grow in size and strength, just in time to follow their parents south on their annual migration.

Playful otter loves the water hose49s

Playful otter loves the water hose

Even though this neo-tropical otter can swim any time he wants, there's nothing he likes more than coming to the gate during cleaning time to get sprayed by the water hose!

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