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ATV Goes Off Road And Off Ramp31s

ATV Goes Off Road And Off Ramp

There are just some things in life that should be left to the professionals. For example, transporting an all terrain vehicle onto the back of a truck! This man found out the hard way that sometimes, DIY is not the best course of action. Calling a professional towing company would have saved him a lot of unnecessary time and pain!

Published: February 18, 20167,755 views
Excited Pup Will Do Anything For His Ball34s

Excited Pup Will Do Anything For His Ball

This sweet pup loves nothing more than getting to go outside and play fetch with his favorite ball and his favorite human. So much so that he's willing to do anything for his human to throw the ball and start the game! Watching this little guy get ready to play is the cutest thing ever!

Published: October 18, 2016701 views
Derp dog sleeps with tongue out29s

Derp dog sleeps with tongue out

This cute doggy is going to wake up with a dry mouth. This is because he sleeps with his tongue sticking out of his mouth. The canine is a very sound sleeper too. Even when the tired pooch's owner touches and lightly tugs on his tongue, the sleeping pup never stirs.

Published: October 23, 20151,878 views
Raccoon struggles to climb table1m00s

Raccoon struggles to climb table

A raccoon is captivated by the blinking red light of a newly installed security camera. He tries to lift himself onto a table to get a better peek. After several attempts, the exhausted critter admits defeat, but oddly enough is able to climb up the side of a post to the roof with absolutely little to no effort. The ironic part? He ignored the trash cans! Credit to 'jordanrandomness'.

Blind old Great Dane kicks grumpy cat off her bed53s

Blind old Great Dane kicks grumpy cat off her bed

Briva is a 12 year old Great Dane who loves to lie by the fire on her dog bed. She's had this spot for several years and the cat knows it's hers. But Mitzy is a bossy cat and she pushes her luck occasionally. She seems to understand that Briva is almost completely blind and she will actually swat Briva in the nose, knowing that Briva is not as feisty as she once was. Briva has just been to see the veterinarian for a minor surgical procedure on her leg. She's in the mood for a a little rest and recuperation but when she walks over to her favorite spot, there's Mitzy. Briva stands patiently and Mitzy knows that the patience will soon run out. Mitzy lets out a little wail, hoping that Briva will walk away. Briva lets out a deep bark that tells Mitzy who is still the boss. Mitzy thinks for a moment and then decides to take the couch instead. Triumphant, Briva claims her bed, settles down and begins her afternoon nap. Briva is not only bigger, but she has seniority in this family. She has been around longer than Mitzy and definitely ruled the roost for the majority of that time. Mitzy would never have dared try the standoff over the dog bed when Briva was a few years younger. Mitzy is a saucy cat who terrorizes the family beagle. She boldly walks right up to him when he is eating. She pushes his head out of the way and eats his kibble right under his nose. Buddha whines or stands looking sorrowful until his people realize he needs rescued. They will shoo Mitzy away and let him eat in peace. Mitzy seems to know the pecking order enough to make her exit without a problem.

Einstein the Parrot invents a new word24s

Einstein the Parrot invents a new word

Einstein invented a compound word all by himself. The word "screathers" is a combination of the words "scratch" and "feathers". His owners did not teach him this word. He clearly understands the word and its origins!

10 Cute Cats Who Got Too Curious1m37s

10 Cute Cats Who Got Too Curious

It looks like these adorable cats had a whole lot of fun! These adorable cats found new ways to entertain themselves and their animal siblings by playing around with some new and exciting toys! You can always count on curiosity to keep your brain turning and your creativity flowing!

Published: February 22, 2017636 views
Curious wild turkey spots hidden GoPro36s

Curious wild turkey spots hidden GoPro

A rafter of wild turkeys, 24 in all, enjoy the spoils of a bird feeder after it was raided by a deer. One young turkey in particular is rather curious when she spots a GoPro camera hidden in an old stump. She inquisitively looks at the unknown object and gets up the courage to start pecking at it. Fortunately for her, it doesn't peck back!

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Squirrel does not like you touching his food24s

Squirrel does not like you touching his food

Dinnertime is a sacred occasion that many seem to be losing touch with. This squirrel believes in his traditional values and wants to eat his pecan in peace. However, his family seems to keep teasing him because the noise he makes when someone gets close. We hope he does get to enjoy his pecan because many know all too well not to threaten someone when they're eating.

Published: November 5, 20152,733 views
Camel Too Close For Comfort31s

Camel Too Close For Comfort

This family's day at the zoo just got a whole lot more interesting! Just when they thought that they couldn't get any closer to the wonderful animals at the drive through safari, this lady found out just how close her encounter would get! Let's just say she's not a huge fan of camels anymore!

Published: August 18, 201616,251 views
Playful baby coatis thoroughly investigate GoPro59s

Playful baby coatis thoroughly investigate GoPro

These playful baby coatis come out of the jungle at the edge of the resort every morning and evening. While they look for food they discover a GoPro camera that has been set up to record them. They begin rolling the camera around on the lawn and biting it in a game-like fashion. They even peer into the lens to provide us with some entertaining close-up footage!

Oliver The Piggy Has The Zoomies Outside!27s

Oliver The Piggy Has The Zoomies Outside!

Oliver the Piggy is running around playing outside and has the zoomies. This cute hyper little piggy is having the time of his life! Filmed in Riverview, Florida.

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Dog fails at trick in slomo9s

Dog fails at trick in slomo

No one ever said dog tricks are easy to learn. Imagine if someone tried to explain a simple task like shaking hands in a language that you couldn't understand. From time to time you pick up on one word, which just turns out to be your name. Puppies deal with this nonsense all the time! Check out this adorable canine act like a derp when it fails to catch a treat out of her owner's hand.

Published: December 3, 20153,178 views
Kitten Is BEST FRIENDS with Adorable Kid33s

Kitten Is BEST FRIENDS with Adorable Kid

Meow. Meow. Meow. Meow. Meow. All of the meows. Little human meows and tiny kitten meows. Check out this adorable clip of a kiddo casually sitting with his best kitten friend. The two of them meow cutely to each other. Almost as if they have their own language!

Published: October 26, 20171,710 views


This cockatoo is on high alert! For what, we can't really say but if this cockatoo is making all this ruckus it must be important! This alarmed bird would fit right in at a firehouse or police station, letting the authorities know when there is a red alert!

Published: March 17, 2016844 views
Giraffe fight is anything but epic26s

Giraffe fight is anything but epic

These giraffes wanted to put on a show for the elementary school students during their zoo field trip, but with those long necks and skinny legs, their scuffle turned into a slow motion game of who can swing their neck hardest. Zoo animals are so amusing and these giraffes aim to please!

Published: November 12, 20151,953 views
Small Dog Steals All The Kisses34s

Small Dog Steals All The Kisses

This adorable little dog is so happy that his mom is home! But as soon as she walks over to give her husband a kiss, this pup wastes no time getting right in between them to make sure that he gets all the kisses! This pup is not about to share any of her kisses!

Published: November 22, 2016629 views