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Mustang Plays The Banjo With His Lip38s

Mustang Plays The Banjo With His Lip

People that get to keep a pet of a few should consider themselves lucky. First off all, no idle hands there. Pets are a handful, they need constant grooming and feeding and general taking care of. All of that aside, animals are capable of showering their owners with the deepest, most pure and sincere form of love that ever existed. No matter if they are dogs, cats (yes, even cats!), rodents, birds or horses, when an animal feels loved, respected and secure around their human companions, they are able to love them unconditionally for the rest of their existence. Not to mention their capabilities to teach us a things or two in life. No, we are not talking about stuff like compassion, fair play, and personal space. Sometimes, our pets can teach us some pretty incredible stuff. Like, how to properly strum the strings on a banjo! Heidi Rosanne Smith is the proud owner of a gorgeous Mustang named Samson. He is quite a handsome fella and very lovable too. You would think that the horse would like nothing more than to run all day, munch on his carrots and stay still while his owner is grooming him. But when one day she visited him with the intent of entertaining him, he took things in his own hands. Or should we say, his mouth. It seems that there is more than meets the eye when it comes to this raven-haired, regal-looking guy. “This is my Twin Peaks mustang, Samson! I went to play some music for him because I thought he would like it and it would brighten his day,” Heidi wrote. “He started bobbing his head and then reached over to teach me a lesson or two! He’s got both the pickin’ and the grinnin’ in the bag.” “I wanted to take my banjo down to the barn and play for Samson. I figured he would like it and he sure did! This was actually the first time he ever saw or heard a banjo. He started bobbing his head while I played then he reaches over and starts playing it himself with his lip!” Suffice it to say, Heidi was just as surprised as we are when she noticed her big, handsome horse was trying to play some of his own tunes on the instrument. What is even more surprising is that the horse seems to know what he is doing. And it sounds pretty good too. Samson was born feral at the Twin Peaks Herd Management Area of California. "The night I met him, he clung to my side and stayed right next to me," Heidi said in an interview. "Our bond was instant." Sound like a true love story. Speaking of love stories, another horse seems to have also found a connection with an instrument - a digital piano. Sapphire the horse has an extremely surprising talent. She is a genuine virtuoso when it comes to playing the keyboard. And it doesn’t matter AT ALL that she doesn’t have any hands or fingers! She can still play a lovely sonata.

Momma Black Bear And Her Cubs Play With The Backyard Hammock3m05s

Momma Black Bear And Her Cubs Play With The Backyard Hammock

No matter how hard we try, we just cannot seem to understand the fascination bears have with hammocks. Why is that? Let’s be real, hammocks are hard to learn to use. And they were invented for sleeping and relaxation, imagine that! There are grown people who avoid them any way possible because no matter how hard they try, they just cannot seem to get inside! Hoisted between two verticals, you have to steady the fabric or netting in order to place your bum in the middle and surrender yourself to the bliss that comes with a hammock. Humans have trouble with hammocks, can you imagine what it must be for bears? Four black bears stumbled across these folks’ backyard recently and instantly became fascinated with their large hammock. That thing can hold two humans, accent on “humans”. But the curious mom and her three naughty cubs wanted to see if maybe they can manage to get inside. In the end, how often do you visit your first neighbor’s backyard? Momma Black Bear was the voice of reason in this entire charade. She tried to help one little cub up the unstable rocking net. What you see happening in front of your eyes is the process of learning through trial and error. Even though momma, just like a human mom would, was holding the hammock net and even lifting cub’s bum up to the swing, the baby bear just couldn’t control the eager movement of its limbs and failed and failed. She stood on one side of the hammock net, probably in the attempt to balance it, while the bear cub did its best shot to get on it. You know what happened? It actually managed in the end! Sure, it overturned once or twice, but hey, it obviously had zero fear of the hammock! The two other cubs were running around, not as much interested in climbing in as in devastating all hopes of bro or sis to learn to use the swing. Many of the cub’s attempts were actually made futile by its siblings’ doings. The other two cubs just got bored of the hammock quickly and preferred to spend their outing in the neighbor’s backyard chasing and wrestling each other, under the watchful eye of Momma Black Bear, who had to mind not one, but three rascals in the same time! This probably means that, no matter how big, a hammock is only good for an experienced user intended to rest, not steam off. Momma Black Bear knew that very well, and it seems she brought her cubs here with the sole intention for them to let some steam off, get well drained of energy and sleep better at night. What we got, as a result, is one of the sweetest videos of motherly love in the animal world, a footage very rarely captured. What did you think about this video? Make sure you tell us more in the comments down below. If you like what you see, don’t forget to share it with others who might like it as well. It just might be the highlight of their day! Enjoy!

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Super cute African penguins chill on woman's beach towel16s

Super cute African penguins chill on woman's beach towel

While in South Africa, this woman went to the beach and got to meet many cute penguins. She had the most unforgettable experience of her trip when she had the opportunity to see her favorite animal in person, the penguin. The experience became even more magical when a group of these funny birds came waddling up to her towel in the middle of a beach day. After spending several minutes exchanging pleasantries with the penguins camped out on her beach towel, the experience was punctuated with friendly goodbyes as the penguins went on their merry way. Located near Cape Town, Simon’s Town is known for being home to a huge population of African Penguins. Many people flock to Boulder’s Beach, where they can view the penguins from the wooden boardwalk that overlooks the area’s beautiful beach. But, the real treat sits just down the road at Foxy Beach. At Foxy Beach, visitors can enjoy a beach day with these sweet creatures! The woman was laying on her towel enjoying the sunshine and the beach day when a flock of penguins come running out of the water and onto her beach towel — completely stealing it from her! The gentlemen in tuxedos prance around her beach towel for a few moments. They dance around and say hello before waddling to their next stop. The penguins are hilarious and incredibly awkward on land, but when they reach the water, they are incredible swimmers and glide around like fish. They don’t mind sharing their home with visitors, but make sure to give them ample space because they can be territorial and they do bite! African Penguins are also called “black-footed penguins” for the obvious black feet. Additionally, they are called “jackass penguins” for the donkey-like call that is similar to the sound of South American penguins. These penguins are so cute, and visiting them at Foxy Beach is such a fun way to spend an afternoon beach day! This will undoubtedly be a highlight of this girl’s round-the-world (RTW) trip!

Rescued ducklings overjoyed to play and feast in pond1m52s

Rescued ducklings overjoyed to play and feast in pond

These five newborn ducklings play and splash with complete joy as they are released onto a pond during one of the most adorable rescues ever. Just hours before this, they were orphaned and alone, at risk of being eaten by predators or killed in traffic. Now they have been given a second chance and they are thrilled. Their reaction to hitting the water and finding food is heart warming. It started with a man named Mike, who traveled all the way from British Columbia for work. He owns Mercroft Construction, the company that was hired for a job in Peterborough, Ontario. When he reached his hotel, he saw five of the tiniest, fluffy ducklings wandering scared in the parking lot. He knew that not to interfere so he watched from a distance for a few hours, hoping the mother would find them. It soon became clear that their mother was not coming and the ducks wouldn't make it through the night without his help. Mike managed to scoop them all up and he put them in his room for the night while he made some calls for help. His friend Kirk, from Millbrook knew of a kind-hearted woman named Lucy who runs Wagging Tails Pet Retreat in Millbrook. No stranger to animal rescue, Lucy happens to be connected with a veterinarian who will help any creature in need. She reached out and set a plan in motion. Mike brought her the ducks and she gave them food and water until they could be delivered to Dr. Kristy. The ducks were released on Kristy's pond while she contacted Sandy Pines Wildlife Centre to see if they could help. While this was being set up, the ducklings quickly discovered how exciting it was to be on the water. They splashed, dove, and darted across the surface overjoyed at this freedom. They feasted on duckweed and algae, squeaking with delight as they did so. To see these ducks having such fun while they fill their tiny bellies warms the heart. After a few hours, they were scooped up and taken on a long journey to the rehab centre. Here, they will be cared for by the wonderful staff who will raise them along with other wild ducks. They will socialize with wild birds and will be handled as little as possible so that they can more easily be released successfully back into the wild when they are grown. Nobody knows what happened to the ducklings' mother, but these kind people have all teamed up to give them a second chance at life. At Sandy Pines, they will have the best possible chance. Rehab centres like these are only possible through hard working volunteers and staff who rely on donations. They can be reached at for information or for assistance.

Wild Deer Patiently Waits In Line At A Japanese Ice Cream Shop34s

Wild Deer Patiently Waits In Line At A Japanese Ice Cream Shop

This versatile natural world of our own is quite amazing. Nature has created so many different life forms in terms of their external appearance, but also in terms of the way the manifest life itself. The fauna consists not only of fascinating predators, but also of noble animals considered herbivores. Deer is among the second category of living beings. These animals are rightly regarded as noble animals, since they could always touch the human soul in a very profound way. Since ancient times, these animals have been harnessed during the winter season, for the purpose of pulling sleds, and this was their purpose and this was the work they did for man, as they still do in some parts of the world. In Russia for example, some people dedicate their entire lives to one activity - reindeer herding. They heard deer not only for the production of meat, but also for the purpose of maintaining the population alive and in a satisfactory number. Man heading deer is the modern way of humanity paying back nature for all we have taken from it – in this case, making sure nature maintains its abundance in various parts of the world. Deer is one of the favorite species of animals of many ancient peoples. That is why these animals are often found in fairy tales, stories, and myths. They are also associated with kindness, comfort and, of course, the holiday season, especially Christmas and New Year. Only deer and no other animal on earth gets the honor to pull Santa Claus’s sleds, remember? But why is this so? The key to the whole story related to deer is they this animal, together with the dog, was one of the first animals man succeeded to tame and domesticate. It as the horse our ancestors used in distant times, when horses were not that evenly distributed on all continents. Deer served both as a means of transportation and food staple. There were special carts built for them exclusively, which were pulled by deer for the transport of different goods: household objects, yurts, the harvest, the daily catch and hunted game, etc. There were occasions when they were consumed for food, often hunters did so, not those who herded this animal on their farms. For farmers, there has always been some sort of love, respect, and reverence for the deer and it was rarely consummated. there are also evidence of the farmer or a host of a small cot far off the beaten trail warming their house in the winter months just to receive a wandering deer inside and feeding it by breaking the last crust of bread with the unexpected forest guest. Such visitations, even just sights of deer, were considered signs of good fortune ahead and a promise of family prosperity. Deer also are clever animals that teach their young safety and independence from birth. They quickly assess dangerous situations and can distinguish well-wishers from predators. When tamed, they are meek and friendly. They are known to roam freely in crowds of people and interact with them. Proof of that is the video on the top of the page, taken in Nara Park in Japan, where there are hundreds of friendly wild deer! As you can see in the video, a young deer enters an ice-cream shop and patiently waits in line to be served. This deer just wants some ice cream! He patiently waits in line but eventually gives up and calmly walks away. It's so amazing how comfortable he seems to be around humans.

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Friendly Seals Play With Scuba Divers In Farne Islands1m09s

Friendly Seals Play With Scuba Divers In Farne Islands

Farne Island Divers are worked by a devoted team of professionally and experienced jumpers with broad information of making a plunge and around the Farne Islands. Jumping at the Farne Islands offers one of the finest submerged encounters in the UK. Our plunging safaris cook for all levels of a jumper. For the most part, comprising of 30 Islands and rough outcrops the Farne Islands is likewise home to one of the biggest provinces of dark seals. When plunging it is exceptionally basic to encounter a cordial experience with one of their most prized nearby attractions. Farne Islands jumping is a portion of the best scuba diving in the UK there is. In the event that you want to see natural life, and specifically seals, at that point you're in for a treat. The best time to plunge the Farne Islands with seals is late September to early October. The pre-adult seals are near and the water temperature is between 12-15°C (54-59°F). As of now they are exceptionally curious and will connect with scuba jumpers. The best tip for them to approach is to set your lightness and buoy on your back. Doing this influences you to seem less debilitating and they will come up to you and even nibble at your blades. This is an amazing video of adorable friendly seals with scuba divers in Farne Islands! These wild seals act like puppy dogs as they play and swim with divers in the Farne Islands in Northumberland, UK. Incredible! Diving in the Farne Islands is always about diving with the seals. Nothing can beat close connection with extensive marine well-evolved creatures on their terms. Farne Island seals are noted for their interest and hold no dread of jumpers. Get ready to have your blades and different furthest points play snacked. How awesome is to dive with these incredible seals that act like puppies? We would be so excited to have this amazing journey! Goggle-looked "dogs" of the sea, seals and ocean lions get much lively consideration from jumpers who venture to the far corners of the planet to see them. Frequently treated much like their topside doppelgängers, seals can show a comprehension of transitivity and basic grammar and have been instructed basic traps by voyaging carnival coaches and zookeepers for a considerable length of time. Who wouldn’t like to swim with these cute seals ? If you are inspired by this video and you want to dive with the seals, Farne Islands is the perfect place to dive. The shore is regularly loaded with dark seals relaxing on the stones at low tide. Be that as it may, when the tide is high, the waters are swarmed via seals pressing through the windows of mid-twentieth-century wrecks. Come bristle to-hair with a develop bull seal – 300 kilograms, famously ungainly ashore, yet unimaginably balletic when their blades contact water – and it will be an extraordinary experience. What an amazing experience is to have a meeting so close with these seals!

Gopher baby emerges from burrow to nurse from mother1m15s

Gopher baby emerges from burrow to nurse from mother

Groundhogs are large rodents that are frequently referred to as gophers, which is actually a smaller cousin. They are all part of a group called ground squirrels. They burrow long tunnels and dens underground, which they will take refuge in at the slightest sign of a threat. They spend most of their day grazing and foraging for food around the entrances to their burrow. They are adorable creatures with their round bellies and furry faces. When they stand on their hind legs to hold food while they nibble it, they are just too cute for words. This mother gopher was sitting beside her hole after enjoying an apple slice that had been left there, along with a piece of watermelon. After filling her belly with the fruit, she stood and looked around. One of her five babies emerged from the den and decided it was time for a drink of milk. It's obvious that this gopher is a lactating mother. The baby is the cutest little furball, hardly bigger than a kitten, and he starts trying to latch on to mom for a little milk. She allows this for a moment of two and he seems to get enough before she turns away. He soon decides that if he can't have more milk, he will have some apple. The baby gopher is old enough now to eat solid food as well as mother's milk. He munches happily on an apple slice while his brother moves in for a peek at the camera. After having a few bites, he clumsily drops the apple in his burrow. He will have to hop down into the hole if he needs any more food. Baby groundhogs (or gophers) are called pups, kits, or cubs. A mother will have between two and nine young in a litter, born in April. These pups are approximately 7 weeks old at this point and have grown a full coat of thick fur. They are born without any hair and they are completely helpless for several weeks. These pups will eat constantly and will grow quickly so that they will soon be able to fend for themselves. Gophers are a nuisance to farmers as they bore large holes in pastures that can cause injury to grazing cattle, but in most areas they are harmless. Their furry little faces are completely adorable, especially when they are babies.

Rescue sheep cries when separated from owner54s

Rescue sheep cries when separated from owner

After being left an orphan when her mother was attacked by wild dogs, this affectionate sheep found a new owner to raise her and keep her safe. This began the special bond between farm animal and farmer. The bond is so strong that the sheep cannot stand when her rescuer leaves her alone. Watch as she cries out for her owner to come back and give her some love. She stands on the fence and begs for some attention! It is so sad but adorable all at the same time. We really feel for this sheep and what she has been through.

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Cat and bullfrog share totally bizarre friendship1m09s

Cat and bullfrog share totally bizarre friendship

After wandering outside after a heavy rain, Sefid the cat was found on the porch with his new best friend... a bullfrog! Amazingly, the bullfrog showed comfort sitting next to Sefid. And it seems that he will swear to protect his new friend from anyone. When his owner attempts to get near it, Sefid put his paws over the frog. Unusual friendship? Nature has lots of surprises!

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Fun & playful parrot auditions to get adopted1m22s

Fun & playful parrot auditions to get adopted

Have you ever seen a bird audition to be adopted? "I want someone to take me home and adopt me!" That's what this small Black Capped Conure seemed to be trying to say. As a bird in the store, they have to find ways to entertain themselves and try to get adopted!

Rescued pigs are ecstatic when treated to watermelon57s

Rescued pigs are ecstatic when treated to watermelon

These adorable pigs, Hilton and Meeka, were both rescued when they had to be given up by their previous owners. Sold to them under the claim that they were dwarf pigs and that they would never grow beyond the size of a small dog, their owners believed they would make excellent indoor pets. But Hilton and Meeka grew beyond their expectations. They soon became well over 100lbs and they became more of a handful than the owners could manage. They were people pigs now though and could not be placed on an ordinary farm. And they could not be kept indoors. The pigs faced a serious dilemma with no place to go. But there was one place where these beautiful and intelligent creatures would be welcomed with open arms. A woman named Lucy Davidson runs a pet boarding haven called Wagging Tails Pet Retreat in Millbrook, Ontario. The facility is part of a huge expanse of land and a farm where many different animals have found a home. Lucy is known far and wide for her huge heart and her history of caring for animals that had no place to go. She took one look at these pigs and knew that they would love life at her farm. Meek and Hilton love their food, as all pigs do, and having been pets, they are used to people hand feeding them. They are gentle and careful and they wag their tails like happy dogs when they are given treats or shown love. The pigs were given a whole watermelon which was broken open for them. They were not used to such a treat and they looked at the melon, then at Dave who was visiting with the snacks for them. Their inquisitive look seemed to question Dave about what they were supposed to do with this strange new food. Their noses soon led them to the obvious and they began munching happily. Hilton stuck his face right in and came out with what appeared to be an enormous smile, his face dripping with juice. Dave broke open the melon and Meeka joined him. Soon, both were wagging their tails and feasting on the juicy melon. Hilton and Meeka love something else as much as snacks, and that's belly rubs. After the melon was devoured, Meeka happily dropped onto her side for a great big belly rub. This wonderful farm is home to a donkey, horses, dogs, cats, pigs, and many other animals. Each of these animals is here because they have faced a struggle or challenge, but each one has found the best home an animal could ever want!

Clumsy Baby Elephant Suddenly Falls Into A Watering Hole29s

Clumsy Baby Elephant Suddenly Falls Into A Watering Hole

Watching baby elephants in the wild during a safari is majority of the time a very entertaining and rewarding experience. Baby elephants are facing tough challenges on a daily basis which is part of their process in learning all the necessary skills they will need to survive in the African bush. During their first few years of life in the bush, these inexperienced little mammals are adorably clumsy in almost everything they do, much to our amusement. During a recent safari in the Kruger National Park these people stopped to watch a small herd of elephant drinking water. Among all the elephants was a single adorable male baby elephant that suddenly grabbed their attention. This little fellow was attempting to get a drink of water, but reaching it seemed to be an enormous challenge. The embankment of the watering hole was just too high above the water for the baby elephant to reach and have a drink. The clumsy little elephant then decides to go a little closer to the water down the embankment and manages to slide his front legs down the slope and get his trunk in the water. In this attempt the baby elephant still does not manage to get any water in his mouth to drink. As he moves down into the water a little further, the baby elephant suddenly loses his footing and falls into the watering hole with a big splash. Immediately his concerned and watchful mother is right there for support and she even lifts her front leg so her baby can get back underneath her. Maternal instinct in its finest! This incident just showed how concerned and caring elephant mothers are and never too far away to assist, no matter how clumsy their young might be. After this incident the baby elephant gave up on his attempt to get to the water and moved on with the rest of the herd. One baby elephant can weigh around 200 pounds, which is already too much for an adult human male! Can you imagine what a burden that is to tackle with? It is no surprise that the little calf lost control over its body and fell into the watering hole. Don’t worry little guy, you will get used to it, practice makes perfect! Elephants are incredibly intelligent and emotional creatures, and baby elephants need love and care to thrive just as readily as a human child does. Luckily, it looks like neither of these things are in short supply at Kruger National Park, and we hope that this baby grows up to be happy and strong. When you think of cuddly baby animals that you can hug and squeeze to your heart’s content, a baby elephant might not even be on that list. However, it would seem that not only do these tiny giants like to be pet, they would also like very much to lounge in your lap like a puppy! In another video, during a visit to a humane elephant sanctuary in Chiang Mai, Thailand, a woman by the name of Carly Nogawski has the fortune of meeting this little ball of love! Meet Nampuu, meaning ‘fountain’ in Thai, a tiny calf and resident of the Patara Elephant Farm in Chiang Mai. Nampuu was born just 148 pounds, which is more than 70 pounds under the average birth weight for an Indian elephant calf, making him widely recognized as a runt. However, what Nampuu lacks in size, he more than makes up for in love. What did you think about this video? Make sure you tell us more in the comments down below. If you like what you see, don’t forget to share it with others who might like it as well. It just might be the highlight of their day! Enjoy!

Rescued baby Giant Anteater is a messy eater!1m00s

Rescued baby Giant Anteater is a messy eater!

This adorable 6-month-old rescued anteater lost her mother when she was very young and had to be rescued and hand-raised, which means getting bottle-fed to ensure she grows up healthy. However, she hasn't quite figured out how to drink it without getting formula everywhere! Isn't she adorable?!

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Smart deer learns how to get treats from pockets1m18s

Smart deer learns how to get treats from pockets

Faline is a very friendly deer. She was orphaned when she was only a few days old. Her mother was struck by a car and killed and she was found helplessly huddled in the grass, completely unable to fend for herself. She was taken to a rescue center that was able to provide her with the care that she needed to grow healthy and strong. Faline was eventually allowed to run free and she can now care for herself, but she is very accustomed to humans. Fortunately, she lives on such a large expanse of land in a protected area that her trust for humans will not be a problem for her. Faline frequently comes back to the sanctuary and recognizes the humans who cared for her and the people who frequent the sanctuary. Once she has learned trust, she eagerly comes close and seeks out affection and treats. Faline quickly learned where humans store their food, such as corn in a pocket and she discovered immediately that she did not have to wait for the corn to be brought out. She figured out that she could stick her nose right in and gobble up the corn. Faline enjoys the best of both worlds with her freedom and her ability to come back to the people that she is familiar with. Ideally, deer and other animals are raised with minimal human interaction so that they can be truly wild upon release. Faline was so young when she was orphaned that this was not possible. Attempts were made to have her fully independent but she has never let go of the connection with the rescue center. Occasionally, other deer that are completely wild will visit the rescue center. They seem to be curious about Faline's trust in the humans, but they will not approach closely. Faline is a beautiful example of how compassion and caring can make all the difference for the survival of a helpless animal.

Curious gopher steals GoPro, carries it into her den46s

Curious gopher steals GoPro, carries it into her den

A very large mother gopher and her five adorable babies were seen grazing and enjoying some fresh air on a warm spring day. Who could resist putting a camera near their den to try to catch these furry creatures on camera? But moments after the camera is left unattended to record them, the mother becomes curious. She struts over and looks right at the camera and has a good sniff. She nibbles at it and rolls it over in the grass a few times. She then picks it up and turns it over and over in her paws, closely examining it. After a few moments of looking the strange object over, she picks it up in her teeth and carries it to her hole. Fortunately, she decides to grab the housing in such a way that the camera provides a view of the journey across the grass to the opening of her den. The camera drops into the hole and sits for a few moments facing the opening. She returns and drags it further in, at which point it is too dark to see. This gopher has found a grassy field at the side of an industrial area in Peterborough, Ontario. She is raising a little family of five baby gophers. Looking closely at her underside in later footage, she is clearly a nursing female. The people who work beside and pass by this field have been feeding her fruit and vegetables and an occasional cookie every day. She has become comfortable enough with people that she will often venture from her hole, looking expectantly at people to see if they are willing to toss her some treats. The babies are extremely adorable. They also eat grass, fruit, and vegetables, but they are still young enough that they can be seen nursing on their mother occasionally. This devoted momma is raising a beautiful little family.