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Dreaming Dog Falls Off Couch 1m04s

Dreaming Dog Falls Off Couch

Seize the day might be a good quote to live by, but, come on - sleep is life! Boring time passes quicker, but the ultimate sweetness comes from the feeling of floating through clouds, especially if you are wrapped in a soft blanket and a big fluffy pillow… It seems that even dogs aren’t immune to sweet, sweet sleep. Animals from far and wide have been seen falling asleep while standing up and it has to be the most adorable thing you will see all day. This dog seems to be no exception! This big guy seems to have everything under control when it comes down to falling asleep and just relaxing over all, but the position in which he does is not certainly the safest one, to say the least. As its dreaming about rainbows and butterflies and chasing them on an open field, he seems to move his feet as if everything is real and not a dream. Little by little he has found him self to slowly slip of the edge off the couch which in the original place he was way to close to begin with. After just a couple of sudden movement he finds himself laying on the ground after which he immediately wakes up. The cat just sits there, being a cat and observes the scenario. Check out Izzy the Staffy dream away during nap time with the cat. Wait for the end! The cat's reaction is hilarious!

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A Dog Is Introduced To A Pair Of Horses. Wait Until You See What Happens Next.1m12s

A Dog Is Introduced To A Pair Of Horses. Wait Until You See What Happens Next.

When you think of a friendly creature, the first thing that pops to mind is a dog. They want to make friends with everyone, or in this particular case – a pair of horses. The friendly pooch tries to get the horses' attention, but after a few attempts, they still appear not really interested in interacting with him. Check out how thrilled this dog is to be introduced to a pair of horses. Although he tries his very best to make contact with them, it appears that these horses are not interested at all. Hey, we've all been there!

Zeus The African Wild Cat Says 'Mamma'10s

Zeus The African Wild Cat Says 'Mamma'

To many of us, our pets are like our children. We love them and we take care of them as they actually were the fruit of our loin and we hope that they love and imprint on us as if we were their own parents. Our pets can do an amazing job at imitating what we do and say, mostly because they want to feel like a part of the “pack" or “pride", in this case. There is a good chance that she has told him many times over to say “mamma", that the cat eventually was able to repeat it, at least to some extent. Model Morgan Lynn has a very unique house pet. Zeus is a Serval, an African wild cat, and quite glorious at that too. So when Morgan was petting her magnificent feline, it sounds like he is saying "mamma" back to her. What do you think? Can you hear it? It is not really all that surprising for human to read into their pet’s cries. Dogs have also been heard saying something along the lines of “mamma" and it is what has brought them to viral fame! This particular dog was actually kissing up to their owner so that he too can get a bite of that delicious food in her hands, by repeating “mamma" over and over !

Tiny kitten meets big dog47s

Tiny kitten meets big dog

Watch as this adorable kitten named Tootsie meets Buddy the dog for the very first time. Now that's a precious moment that will bring a smile to your face!

Check Out The Hilarious Moment When Parrot Recognizes Himself In Camera Phone53s

Check Out The Hilarious Moment When Parrot Recognizes Himself In Camera Phone

Ever since cell phone manufacturers started making front facing cameras a regular part of their products, people have been divided in accepting them. While some hate the gadget with every ounce of their being, thinking it makes them look broader and uglier than normal, others revel in the existence of a camera where you can actually see how you pose, so that you catch the best possible selfie ever! This is the first time George the African Grey Parrot sees himself in a camera phone on selfie mode. As soon as his owner asks him who is in the video, he comes over to look and then laughs when he sees himself. He then proceeds to test the camera by barking at it and trying out other words and phrases he likes to see if in fact it is him. He even plays peekaboo with the camera! When he finally comes to the conclusion that this is in fact him, he says,"Oh, it's George!" Then he starts sending even more kisses and asking for them in return, because, hey, that is one handsome Grey Parrot. What a character! Another probably very distant cousin of George is the famous Einstein. That Grey Parrot is world famous for his antics in front of the camera and as a real star, he just can’t get enough of watching himself in the mirror . The moment he recognizes his face, he starts kissing the reflection, before adoringly waving good bye. Hope these two cracked you up as much as they did us.

Dalmatian adopts foster kittens as her own1m01s

Dalmatian adopts foster kittens as her own

Lady the Dalmatian loves all the kittens fostered by her owner Jenny Pogue. This time, however, she has decided to take on the role of being mom! See it for yourself in this adorable video.

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Brave Baby Rhino Adorably Tries To Scare Off Safari Vehicle39s

Brave Baby Rhino Adorably Tries To Scare Off Safari Vehicle

A hilarious video has emerged of a brave baby rhino attempting to charge at a safari vehicle and scare unsuspecting tourists away. These tourists as Kruger National Park in South Africa burst into laughter when the little rhino goes full attack mode, trying to scare off their safari vehicle. Hold your horses little guy, there are no enemies on the horizon! This little guy must have gotten frightened by these tourists which urged it to go charging at them. While on a South African safari , these travelers encountered a particularly special baby rhino, but never expected to witness what’s about to happen. For some reason, the baby rhino channeled its inner beast and went changing onto the vehicle, making for both adorable and potentially dangerous moment. Observe rhino’s behavior as it pretends to charge towards the jeep, eventually losing its courage and walking away in humiliation and seeking the comfort of its mom. The baby tries it's best to be scary, but we find him nothing less than adorable! If anything, the attempt to cause intimidation made the animal even cuter and funnier than before! This brave baby rhino clearly thinks that it’s bigger than it is, as the tiny animal was caught on camera making an adorable attempt to charge at a vehicle load of tourists. The tiny ungulate beast can be seen charging at the jeep before turning in the other direction and running back to mommy. While this might be the cutest thing we have ever seen, our only concern in this kind of situation is that the mom might become protective over her newborn calf. Fortunately, in this case, she was very relaxed and allowed the baby to play and the tourists to film. What a precious moment! Would you ever go on a South African safari? Maybe you'll meet this little guy, who knows? What we do know is that this makes for one entertaining and adorable clip! What did you think of this video? Did you find this baby rhino cute? We would love to hear your opinion so please do not hesitate to leave a comment down in the comments section below! Ever wondered what to do if a rhino decides to charge you? Watch the hilarious moment when a baby rhino starts charging towards a safari vehicle full of tourists.

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Tiny tiger cub tries to roar36s

Tiny tiger cub tries to roar

This tiny tiger cub tries to let out a giant roar as he is cuddled to sleep. A newborn lion cub settles down quietly while the tiger continues to fuss in the background. Finally, the tiger cub also closes his eyes and snuggles as he drifts off. These cubs are as adorable and soft as plush toys. It is hard to believe that the tiger will grow to almost 400kg in almost no time. Snuggling with him will not be so easy then!

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Husky puppy plays with ferret1m59s

Husky puppy plays with ferret

It looks like this 2-month-old Husky puppy and the family ferret are going to be the best of friends. Look at how much fun they're having together! Credit to 'Vira'.

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Hungry opossums chow down on bananas44s

Hungry opossums chow down on bananas

Raised at a wildlife rehabilitation facility in Novosibirsk, Russia, these orphaned opossum juveniles munch on some bananas before their release. But the questions remains: Are these animals truly adorable or are they just not your cup of tea? Let us know what you think!

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Adorable Baby Nigerian Dwarf Goats Are Dressed Up As Minions 31s

Adorable Baby Nigerian Dwarf Goats Are Dressed Up As Minions

Ever Since 'Despicable Me' came out, we have fallen in love with minions. They are so cute and so entertaining to watch. Is there anything better than minions? Baby Goats dressed as Minions! It doesn't get much more adorable than this! The baby Nigerian Dwarf goats at Denmans Critters are at it again with another absolutely adorably dress-up day! Lucky for us, we get to see the precious goats dressed up as minions! You can't even tell they're goats, they could definitely use this minion costume for halloween, awesome! Baby Nigerian Dwarf goats are a breed of West African ancestry. They are popular as pets and family milkers because they are very small and don't have a lot of maintenance. They are very gentle and are easily trainable. They are also great visitor animals when it comes to visiting a hospital or a nursing home because they are small in size. They love children and like to spend time with them. These baby goats are adorable! Hopefully they enjoy their super cool costumes! Check out this video of precious baby goats dressed up as minions! Have you ever seen animals dressed up in costumes before? Let us know in the comment section down below!

Playful kitten puts dog's patience to the test2m23s

Playful kitten puts dog's patience to the test

Julia the kitten absolutely loves to play with Jack the family dog, who displays for us an impressive level of patience. Although Jack is known to chase and hunt wild cats in the area, he is extremely protective of his new best friend.

After mother's death, baby bunnies get second chance41s

After mother's death, baby bunnies get second chance

As he was taking the volleyball court at the barracks in Camp Pendleton, CA, this guy came across a dead rabbit (fully grown). As he continued raking he found a small hole with 4 tiny rabbits in it. He grabbed a box put a few old shirts into it and picked up the bunnies. He then researched how to raise them and what to feed them, making a nice box for them to live in and bottle feeding them until he could ween them to eat the local foods. After a couple months they were brought to a wildlife rescue because they were starting to jump out of their box!

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Baby monkey's first bath is adorable!4m07s

Baby monkey's first bath is adorable!

It's time for Willow the 2-week-old Capuchin to take her first bath. At first she seems a bit nervous to the new experience, but eventually she takes it all in. Adorable!

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For Anyone Wondering If Rabbits And Squirrels Get Along In The Wild, Check THIS Out! 14s

For Anyone Wondering If Rabbits And Squirrels Get Along In The Wild, Check THIS Out!

It's extremely rare to see animals of different species in the wild try to play games with each other. Well that's the case between a baby squirrel and a young bunny rabbit in this clip! Amazing! If you're looking for a heart-warming moment to brighten up your day, look no further! Watch as a friendly squirrel adorably attempts to befriend a little bunny. Here we see two unlikely friends spending some time together to get to know one another, except one of them is too scared to make the first move. Footage shows a friendly squirrel approaching a little bunny on the streets, trying to make acquaintance. The squirrel is making the first move, but apparently it is way too open and direct that she scares the shy bunny away. It is adorable to watch the bunny hop one step back every time the squirrel takes a step forward. Hilarious! Pets tend to form an amazing bond with not just their owner, but the other pets as well. Here is one proof of a cute pairing. You can tell that they're all going to be best friends forever. Now the squirrel wants to get in on the action, but looks like the bunny minds her openness. We bet you have never seen such an adorable friendship in the making ! This playful squirrel has found herself a new best friend, and believe it or not, it's a bunny! Wandering around the yard, squirrel finds something strangely moving around, when she realizes it's a bun! So she immediately wants to befriend it! It looks like she's begging this little guy to play with her! Bun needs some persuasion before he accepts the challenge and starts playing! Isn't this just the cutest thing you have ever seen? Who knew that a squirrel and a little bunny could form a special bond!

One-Eyed Pitbull Meets Baby Chick38s

One-Eyed Pitbull Meets Baby Chick

Pets are amazing animals that make our lives better! For the long time that we have been on this planet, pets have been faithful companions that aided us and made our lives easier. Now, we have pets as they are valuable members of our family that bring us so much love and amazing memories. Sure, they can be a lot of hard work to raise, some might say it is even like raising a child, but the challenges are heavily outweighed by the positives. Dogs are one such companion that are known for the love and funny memories that they bring! It seems that one such memory was created here in this video with this dog and chick! Now this is an absolutely precious moment! Watch as this adorable baby chick, tries her best to befriend this big pit-bull. The chick chases the dog around the room, trying to play with her and become her friend! The pit-bull however does not seem like she wants to be friends with the chick and it actually a little bit scared out it! Talk about adorable and hilarious! Aren't these two just cute together? Have you ever had multiple pets in the same house before? We would love to hear your opinion down in the comments section so please do not hesitate to leave a comment! Please share this video with your family and friends as it will surely make them smile! This is one video that no one should miss!

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Dog Befriends Wild Otter And They Engage In Playtime1m59s

Dog Befriends Wild Otter And They Engage In Playtime

Best friends don’t have to look anything alike to make a great team. You might have a dog and a cat that get along, but most of our readers don’t have an otter for their dog to hang out with. If you did though, you just might find dogs and otters make awesome friends. The animal kingdom never ceases to amaze and inspire, enjoy these wondrous pals that put aside all differences to spread some love. These interspecies friendships prove that anybody can get along if they really put their minds to it. This proves that animals can be much better than humans sometimes: they just don’t care about differences of species or size, animals will be loyal to their friends for life. If you still think that they are not able to form friendships and feel deep emotions, we are sure you will change your mind before the end of this video. From rhinos and lambs, cats and owls, giraffe and ostrich, the world of animals is full of surprises. Every friendship is unique and different as this video proves it. Living on the island of Borneo, an amazing bond has formed between a dog and a wild otter. Just look at their unusual game of tugging, biting and rolling all over the floor while their owner relishes in the silly sight. Check out how these two friends play together with no limits. They are amazing. It seems like the dog has the lead and the supremacy over the otter, and he rules the game. The otter can’t find a way to take a breath just for short so to get energized again and be able to return the fight and be on the equal grounds with the dog. The feline doesn’t let him go a step away from his paws no matter how hard the otter tries. In fact, the otter finds this game of pulling, pushing and rolling amusing because he himself feels the bliss of the bond. We can even hear the otter let sounds of weakness as he isn’t able to take the situation in his own hands. Regardless of that, they both enjoy their playtime and it looks like their activity will stretch endlessly. If not anything else, the dog is mostly gentle with his friend, his bites are friendly and not violent, and the otter’s role in this game is just to show resistance so that the game would be more successful. Animals, too, have set the rules for certain games, don’t they? It is only at the end that we see the dog lets go of the otter but the poor one misses their antics and follows him faithfully wherever he has gone to. Oh doggy, don’t leave your friend like that, show some mercy and take the crazy rolly-polly to another place, but don’t give up entirely because it was so funny watching you both. If humans can learn one thing from animals it should be their ability to see past the exterior and find common ground and even friendship in others despite their origins, their skin color, their status or reputation. Animals are capable of opening their hearts across species boundaries and in effect, beautiful and unusual animal friendships and even a sense of familial love can emerge.

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Curious Sea Lions Catch A Ride On Speeding Boat1m50s

Curious Sea Lions Catch A Ride On Speeding Boat

Have you ever been on a vacation and a seal pup decided to catch a ride on your boat? Yeah, we neither, but we did get to see what it looked like for these people! Isn't this one of the most insane things you've seen out on the water? Out in the open ocean, you never know what you're going to see. While boating off the coast of Cabo, Mexico, these tourists got a big surprise after one sea lion decided to jump on board and catch a ride! They found it incredibly funny and entertaining. What an awesome moment! The curious aquatic mammals probably thought there will be some easy snack on that boat, or maybe they just wanted to catch some sunlight and a quick trip for a few feet. Whatever their thought was, it really made these people’s vacation. When dealing with wildlife, it is extremely important that you take extra precaution. You never know what they can be capable until it is too late. It is best to avoid any possible danger that you might be in the presence of. Thankfully, these people weren't in any real harm. In the end, everyone had a good laugh and continued on with their day. What would have you done in this situation? This big fellas are huge and can be scary, but they also have some sort of adorableness to them. Let us know in the comments. Check out this awesome moment out on the water.

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French Bulldog Battles Bully Cat For Bed Again2m26s

French Bulldog Battles Bully Cat For Bed Again

We have said this once and we will say it a thousand times more. Cats are just plain jerks! They will never give up on claiming what they believe is rightfully theirs, even if it means stealing it right from under the noses of others. Czika the cat is one perfectly typical example. She found Pixel the French Bulldog’s bed when it was unoccupied and she took it over! Doesn’t even matter that the puppy can back and wanted to reclaim it! So Pixel tried with all of his tiny might to chase the usurper out and take back what is truly his, but the cat doesn’t even want to hear about it. The puppy is circling the bed with the cat in it (mind you, she’s not even lying in it, she just sits there) and wants her to get off and what does he get in return? Slaps in the face, that’s what! She even hisses at him! They could be playing, but it all looks so...violent. What is it that makes cats go into tyrant mode? This isn’t the first time Czika has done this. The first time , Pixel tried to pull the bed from under the cat and failed miserably. The second time he tried offering her squeaky toys in return, but when that didn’t work, he tried pulling the bed from under her and it worked! Now she’s back again? Bully cat!