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This Sneaky Little Bear Decided To Go On A Dashing Adventure40s

This Sneaky Little Bear Decided To Go On A Dashing Adventure

Every spring, baby animals are born, and by the time summer rolls around, they are officially in their toddler stages. We all know what that means, they spend all their time getting into trouble and ending up in sticky situations, as this little cutie pie went on an adventure at the mechanic garage! This adorable baby bear was probably curious to see what was happening around a mechanic garage inside a Ford Dealership in Greenville, Illinois. However don’t worry he is not lost, this cub was actually brought over by a gentleman who legally raises exotic animals on a nearby rural property. Now that's a heart-warming moment! This Precious little baby bear looks really curious as he enters a mechanic store and starts looking around. But don't worry, he's just a guest here, and is not staying for too long! This adorable baby is actually brought by a man who keeps exotic animals in a nearby land. As the baby bear entered the store, other people released that it’s not a toy it’s real! They can't help but stare in surprise by this adorable wanderer! Just look at their expressions, it's beyond hilarious! I can’t imagine how many more heartwarming moments the caretakers are lucky enough to see on a daily basis. It's like watching a Disney movie come to life. How would you react if you saw a baby bear casually walking inside your local supermarket ? We would probably give this fluff ball a big hug!

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Great Dane Restlessly Waits For Cat To Finally Finish Showering31s

Great Dane Restlessly Waits For Cat To Finally Finish Showering

Katie the Great Dane grows impatient as she waits her turn for the shower. It may take some time since it looks like Sid the cat is really enjoying the water experience! We've all been there before! All those cat lovers and owners out there sure know how troublesome cats can be when it comes to taking a bath. Naturally, our jaws dropped when we saw this fun-loving cat casually taking a long deserved bath! What kind of sorcery is this? How is this even possible? The truth of the matter is, this is one rare cat that really loves getting wet. He's not moving an inch, and we're sure he's having a blast, judging by the look on his face! He's taking his time under the running water, taking a sip of water every once in a while, completely ignoring his dog friend Katie who’s impatiently waiting for her turn outside the shower ! We all want to be this kitty right now! Sid the cat enjoys his daily shower in an art gallery created by his owner. He is such a sophisticated little feline! This is too funny! Sid the cat is having the time of his life chilling in the shower. It is hilarious that Sid doesn't really care for the washing part, he certainly prefers to stick his tongue out and drink the water. This really bothers his friend Katie the Great Dane, who’s restlessly waiting for her turn. Katie is impatiently waiting for Sid to finish his long bath, because Sid really seems to enjoy drinking the shower water ! You might say that Sid is acting like a bully, taking his precious time to drink from the spray, instead of going to his water bowl and drink from it instead. But this is a free world we live in and Sid can certainly drink water wherever he pleases, and Katie has to learn to be more understanding about it. Watch and enjoy as this clean cat enjoys the nice, warm shower, while the Great Dane is waiting patiently for his turn under the running water. Such a wonderful moment! Judging by this hilarious video, Sid seems to have missed the memo that cats don't like water! Watch and laugh as he enjoys his morning shower, totally ignoring his canine companion who is standing right behind him, waiting for a turn in the shower! How adorable! Watch and laugh as Sid enjoys his shower while his owners film his adorable experience. Have you ever seen another cat enjoying standing under the running water, continuously taking sips from it. During that time, Katie the Great Dane has her head into the shower, not so patiently waiting for her cat brother to finish up his morning routine. In another video, Katie the Great Dane delivers the paper to Sid the cat . Katie has already been hard at work picking up the paper and Sid is still languishing in the shower. Too funny! What dо you think about this video? Make sure you tell us more in the comments down below. If you like what you see, don’t forget to share it with others who might like it as well. It just might be the highlight of their day! Enjoy!

Giant Panda Mom Puts Baby Back To Bed3m55s

Giant Panda Mom Puts Baby Back To Bed

It always seems difficult to get your children to take a nap, even pandas have to take the time to get their little one back to bed. The young baby panda was not happy with nap time and decided to take a stroll around Taipei Zoo, which is located in Taipei, Taiwan. It is one of the largest zoos in Asia and is the largest zoo in Taiwan. The baby panda seems to have found a way out of nap time but this doesn't last for long. Their mom, the giant panda, is able to bring back its baby, while comforting and relaxing them, allowing it to take a nap. Nap time is never avoided! How adorable is it to see this giant panda taking care of its young one? It's always nice to see the love between a mother and their young one. Pandas are native to south central china. The giant panda has striking features. It consists of striking black patches near it eyes, on the ears and across their body. Their diet consists of 99 percent bamboo! As you can tell, they don't seem to be demanding when it comes to the menu. It can be difficult to put your children to sleep, not all children are willing to stop their daily play to take a nap. It is always convenient to have something to help make our day become a little easier. Why not use some best seller night time book to help get the young one to a more peaceful nap time sooner. You can never go wrong with a good bedtime story! Large panda is an endangered species in the world of today. To ensure its survival, the protection of the large panda is currently practiced by a large number of organizations in the world. This animal is timid and therefore, despite years of study, little is known about its lifestyle and habits. Pandas with the exception of China, as single units or in pairs, live scattered around the many zoos in many different countries in the world. Therefore, it is both difficult to find a pair capable of producing offspring and ready and willing to mate for that matter. Most of the pandas living in shelters have suffered a difficult life in captivity. It is extremely difficult to create the suitable conditions to enable pandas to mate, reproduce and nurture baby pandas to adulthood both in captivity and in nature and this is why every cub is as precious as gold. The Great Panda is found on the IUCN Red List of Threatened Species and is one of the rarest, poorly studied large animals a very secretive way of life. It became known only in the middle of the XIX century, and the first panda was observed by naturalists in its natural habitat as late as 1913. In China, the great panda is declared a national treasure. Therefore, in 1995, a Chinese farmer who shot and killed a large panda and tried to sell her hide was sentenced to life imprisonment. According to the results of a survey conducted in 2004, it was found that the great panda population in the wild numbers only about 1600 individuals. About 140 pandas live in zoos.

Geese Scream In Excitement Upon Owner's Return 14s

Geese Scream In Excitement Upon Owner's Return

Do you ever think to yourself that a world without pets is the worst world possible? Imagine that someone, somewhere in a parallel universe goes about their day without a single pet to greet them in the street. It’s not a pretty sight, right? Pets are there to keep us company, for better or worse, and it never fails to amaze us the amount of influence they have over our daily lives. When we think of pets, most of the times we only think of dogs and cats and the occasional fish. But in reality, there are so many different kinds of pets that are being kept by people, it’s hard to keep track. Some find pleasure in cuddling next to a large python, some like the thrill of keeping gargantuan spiders in their rooms and others decide to stay true to the furry pets trend and opt for a rabbit or five. Whichever it may be, we can all agree that keeping a pet is the best thing that can happen to you. Pets are love and pets are life. Whether you like them or not, you can’t deny the fact that they put some rainbow sprinkles on your day, figuratively speaking. Contrary to popular belief, people opt for many different species of animals as pets, not only dogs and cats. Although, we must say that these last two have proven to be the most popular ones, it is possible to domesticate other animals too. These geese named Dooby and Mickey are ecstatic when their owner returns to them after running some errands. You'll want a pet goose after witnessing this! These pet geese just can't be happier to see owner coming back home, and their warm welcome will melt your heart! As they hear someone coming, they're quick to say hi to mommy, dancing with joy on their way to her. Just watch those moves! This is your daily mood booster, for sure! You would surely want pet geese when you see this! It just can't stop doing its hilarious happy dance in the improvised pond in the family's backyard, and the sight is simply adorable! Don't you just love when animals show their love in such a precious manner? When mommy finally gets back home after being gone most of the day, Dooby the goose breaks out in his happy dance! Awesome! Dooby the goose surely knows how to wish mommy a warm welcome after a long day at work! This energetic birdie is overwhelmed with joy once it realizes mom's finally home, and it thinks of an epic dance to show its love! As they notice someone come in, they can't help but run their little feet off toward their owner. How lucky is this owner to have such a welcome every day they come home from work. This is quite the unique set up this owner has here. It just can't stop doing its hilarious happy dance in the improvised pond in the family's backyard, and the sight is simply adorable! Don't you just love when animals show their love in such a precious manner? This gaggle gang run to say hi and tell their owner how their day went! What do you think about this video? Make sure you tell us more in the comments down below. If you like what you see, don’t forget to share it with others who might like it as well. It just might be the highlight of their day! Enjoy!

These Majestic Wild Horses Discover A New Friend43s

These Majestic Wild Horses Discover A New Friend

There’s a reason there are so many famous, old, beautiful paintings of horses. Actually, there are a lot of reasons. They are stunning creatures, these equestrian beasts. The power in their bodies, which tower above us, is unprecedented. Their long legs and muscular frames make them one of nature’s finest specimens. Horses have also been incredible human companions since, well, just about as early as the history books can take us. They’ve been a huge part of industry and travel, and they’ve even fought our wars for us. This is an amazing video filmed in the field in Iceland by a man who found himself surrounded by furry friendly horses! How majestic is that? That is definitely something that you don't see every day! What an incredible sight! This man is approached from these beautiful horses which may lead to a great friendship in the future. It’s great way to see how the horses interact with the person behind the camera as it’s known that horses receive information from the body language and give feedback. They don’t think, they feel. We guess they felt a good vibe from this person. Humans and other animals do share special bonds, and we already know that communication isn’t just about words. With the beautiful background, you can be sure that this is one of the prettiest moments ever to be experienced! Enjoy this heartwarming moment!

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Cockatoo Proves To Be Terrible Shopping Partner1m06s

Cockatoo Proves To Be Terrible Shopping Partner

If you didn’t know, there are actually 21 species of cockatoos. These parrots are all of Australasian origin ranging from the Philippines, New Guinea and Australia. The bird in this footage is a white cockatoo, also known as an umbrella cockatoo. When it is surprised, the feathers on its head rise up to form a crown, which makes it very distinctive among other birds. If their striking appearance doesn’t do the job, then their goofy appearance most certainly will. Be careful, this white beauty might just make you dizzy, either from the motion or its stunningness. The bird in the footage can be seen entering the shop in the most peculiar way. It moves its head from right to left, almost looking drunk, then carries on walking inside and twisting and turning its neck this way or the other. Some might even think that it is performing some sort of a tribal dance. Whatever it may be, one thing’s for sure, this birdie sure has the moves. If we ever tried it, we might end up with a crick in our necks and nobody wants that. This cockatoo has a real flair when it comes to whipping its head back and forth. The head banging bird dramatically throws its head around while its owner talks to it, as if it doesn’t have a care in the world. This funny bird really knows how to dance. Pickles the cockatoo acts like a spoiled toddler when he visits the pet store with his owner. Listen to how loud he is!

Adorable Pet Lamb Thinks She's A Dog43s

Adorable Pet Lamb Thinks She's A Dog

After one of their sheep was rejected as a baby by its mother, this family decided to take it in for bottle feedings. After living inside for a few weeks, she began to think she was a dog! Watch her in action! The story of how this precious little lamb found a new home full of love is actually really tear-jerking. This baby lamb was rejected by his mother so the family brought him inside for bottle feedings. Lamb Chop is a noisy little thing! I thought it was someone doing work inside the house or the floor about to give way. LOL! Nope, it’s just Lamb Chop chatting away…probably saying: “Get your butt off the couch and play with me, Dog. NOW!" What a little cutie! Noisy but cute! It's always wonderful to see how abandoned baby animals get a second chance on life, all thanks to loving and caring humans out there. This is a proof that there are still kind and good hearted people all around the globe. Faith in humanity restored!

Affectionate Horse Shows Unconditional Love For His Doberman Buddy1m14s

Affectionate Horse Shows Unconditional Love For His Doberman Buddy

We know that friendship is really important throughout one's life. We can learn quite a lot from our animal friends. They love one another regardless of their differences, which is why so many different species end up becoming the most unlikely best of buds! The only thing better than one animal is two! And if those two animals are friends? Golden! Here we see a very unusual friendship that will melt your heart. In this video we have the friendly Doberman named Boss who’s best friend is Cantino which is a horse. That’s a combination you don’t see everyday, ha? They have been friends since they were babies and they have been living together over the years so they have managed to become very good friends. It’s clear that these guys have lots of love for one another and also have a lots of fun activities too. They have morning dance lessons,they give each other baths and when they have rough day massage it is! On different occasions you can spot them relax, hangout and just enjoying the time spent together. We see unusual animal friendship everyday but nothing beats this special bond between Boss and Cantino. They have unconditional love and they are not afraid to show it everyday. God's cutest creatures can make some adorable and unlikely friendships and we think we all learned a lesson that nature works in such a beautiful ways! Here's proof we can all get along if we have a good heart!

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Lost And Hungry Baby Squirrel Enjoys The Taste Of Walnut3m59s

Lost And Hungry Baby Squirrel Enjoys The Taste Of Walnut

A baby squirrel has fallen out of its nest, he doesn’t know where his mom and dad are and he is feeling lost. It’s relieving that he happens to arrive in front of these good people’s porch and their love for animals is what saves him. He is climbing up the wooden stairs and though he looks scruffy and abandoned, he is nevertheless one quite squirrel. Being so little as he is, he feels unsure of climbing up the staircase - it’s a totally different environment from what he is used to. What is more, his mom and dad are not there to help him, so he is left to his own devices. He has to climb the stairs himself and get that delicious walnut. He needs nutrients to regain his strength and be that jolly squirrel he used to be. The squirrel is so confused, he doesn’t know which way to take, is it up or down but animals have a way of getting around nature because that is what they do. Finally, he pops up the stairwell and reaches the destination where he’ll get his treat. Treats come in all shapes and sizes and this one is a nimbly tasty walnut. At first, he hesitates around the nut but once he tastes it, we are sure that he will eat it until the last crumble. He looks innocently cute with the walnut in his tiny little hands. He eats it with such a zest that it makes our mouth water. We really hope this little guy makes it and reunites with his family again!

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Cockatoo Thinks He's A Chicken, Makes Clucking Sounds2m35s

Cockatoo Thinks He's A Chicken, Makes Clucking Sounds

Cockatoos are one of the funniest animals in the world, and are foul-mouthed too. This white parrot might come off as a truly magnificent and beautiful creature, but don't be too quick to judge he has quite the temper! Check out this video of Onni, the umbrella Cockatoo , learning to cluck like a chicken. He does it like a pro, head-bob included! His owners might have expected that Onni will be a very talkative parrot and learn how to impersonate many characters, but they are very surprised when he picked up chicken sounds with head bobbing. He must have seen chickens in their natural environment, because he does it like a pro! Onni, the adorable baby umbrella Cockatoo, loves to play Peek-a-boo, stomp, and bounce on the bed with his owner before going to sleep. This night he gets ready by tap dancing and clucking like a chicken! He has a case of mistaken identity and sometimes thinks he's a chicken. So adorable! Watch Onni as he does some clucks, stomps, licks, peek-a-boos and hello's before settling down to go to bed. This will definitely put a smile on your face! Some birds are great imitators! It is very amusing to hear this hilarious pet parrot mimic a chicken , it is so adorable!

Prairie Dog Eats Vanilla Wafer From Owners Lap For The First Time47s

Prairie Dog Eats Vanilla Wafer From Owners Lap For The First Time

We all have heard of people who "fight like a cat and dog" and we have all seen the cartoon “Tom and Jerry”. According to that, all of this makes us believe that cats and dogs don’t really like each other. As always there is an exception of this "rule" and a proof of that is this video. These animals were never thought to be domesticated and bond with people, however this video proves the contrary. On average, these stout-bodied rodents will grow to be between 30 and 40 cm long, including the short tail, and weigh between 0.5 and 1.5 kilograms. These species divide into two categories. There is the black-tailed prairie dogs tend to be the least dangerous, and white-tailed prairie dogs tend to be the most dangerous, when it comes to their survival and predator instinct. These little guys are very cute and have been found to be domesticated across the world. However, don't let their cute appearance and squishy face fool you since they are fine little predators. Some people have taken the risk of domesticating one of these little cuties, however the research has been done and what is to be expected is also known. Although cute, they make challenging pets. Every year they go into a period called rut that can last for several months, in which their personalities can change drastically, often becoming defensive or aggressive. Check out this friendly prairie dog adorably tasting a vanilla wafer for the first time. Would you consider a prairie dog as a pet after seeing this?

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Kitten cuddles with sleepy Dalmatians46s

Kitten cuddles with sleepy Dalmatians

This kitten named Squirt has known Dalmatians Louie and Lady since she was born, as she was fostered for the humane society in their caring household. In this adorable video, watch as she lays back and enjoys a precious cuddle with the two dogs as they laid down for a nap.

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Parrot performs his version of 1m00s

Parrot performs his version of "Singin' in the Rain"

The song “Singin' in the Rain” is a classic and Einstein the parrot's owners usually whistle this song to him during his showers. This is Einstein’s unique version of the song. Before he begins, the lighting is adjusted as he gets ready to perform! He is off-key at times, but that doesn’t stop him as he belts out his favorite song!

Curious Polar Bear Cub Experiences Snow For The First Time1m22s

Curious Polar Bear Cub Experiences Snow For The First Time

A video has emerged featuring a polar bear cub being introduced to snow for the very first time. This tiny creature hasn’t had any previous experience with snow and he sure likes it! Augo is a ten-week-old polar bear cub living at the Aalborg Zoo in Denmark. Watch as this adorable polar bear cub frolics in the snow and learns how to have a good time! Footage shows momma bear and little cub playing in the snow. Frockling in the snow, the young polar bear cub is inspecting snow and he seems to like it. Watch as the chubby animal explores the white, frosty snow and goes rolling in it. Precious times! One would think that polar bears are introduced to snow the moment they are born. A polar bear in the wild will be born into ice and snow and will have to struggle to survive the harsh arctic weather and the melting polar ice caps. However, polar bears who are born into captivity, usually have to wait before experiencing their natural habitat. Watch the baby bear sitting and patting the snow while making a cute squawking noise. Obviously, this cutie pie enjoys the white stuff underneath his paws and it is love at first sight! How sweet! This video of the fluffy animal frolicking in the powder melted our hearts away! The curious cub is seen holding on to a rock as it surveys the white wonderland before walking around to touch, feel and smell the snow and play with it. Watch as the cub gets familiarised with the outdoors and becomes a real polar bear.

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Excited Mini Pig Sprints Across Room For Belly Rubs22s

Excited Mini Pig Sprints Across Room For Belly Rubs

There are almost 7 and a half billion people living in the world right now, and we are pretty sure that at least 6 billion of them absolutely love any sort of scratching, rubbing and just about any kind of pampering. So why would animals be any different? We’re used to seeing cats brushing the legs of their owners in attempt to instigate a bit of pamper love, dogs smiling from ear to ear when their belly is scratched, but this video is a bit different. One of our micro pet pigs gets a belly rub and it is absolutely adorable! Watch as the mini piglet rushes in to cuddle with owner. It rolls over for a belly rub and is sent to dreamland! Cuteness overload! Instead of the common pet, this video shows a pet piglet running at full speed into the room to receive his daily dose of love. He runs straight through the room, sliding on the carpet and landing in front of the legs of his owner. He gets so excited when he hears the call, he just can’t hold his happiness in. Have you ever seen a pig this excited? What a curious little fellow! Pickle the Mini Pig brightens up our day with a wrinkled smile and joyful eyes. It is adorable how he sprints throughout the house and enters the room in full speed, just to serve his body to the owner in need to be showered with attention. This overly affectionate piglet is craving for love! You would never think that a piglet can enjoy a thorough rub so much, but just as it happens to be, this one does. And he enjoys it a whole lot! His smile will definitely make you burst from the cuteness overflow. Guaranteed!

Sea Lion Jumps On Guy's Boat And Makes A Friend40s

Sea Lion Jumps On Guy's Boat And Makes A Friend

Did it ever happen to you that you see someone, instantly like him or her and immediately hit it of being best friends? This is an impressive almost karmic experience people rarely live to go through, but if you do then you know what we are talking about. Look what happened to the man in the video at the top of the page. A sea lion jumped aboard a man's kayak and decided that he found his new best friend. The man was surprised but very accepting that he found a companion. You can clearly see the love in this sea lion's face as he cuddles up next to his very comfortable new pal. There are even kisses shared! Mind you, this is not a circus-trained sea lion and there is no fish given as a reward to this unusual act! You have seen your dogs cuddle up to their owners; you’ve seen cats do that sometimes too. We think it is about high time that you see a sea lion pup do the same! Vincent Fejeran was fishing on his kayak near the Coronado Bridge in San Diego, California when this sea lion pup jumped in the back of his kayak and snuggled up to him, refusing to leave for almost an hour. The baby animal was so comfortable around Fajeran, it even stayed for a few pictures and this adorable footage! The clip shows the adorable little animal resting its head on Fejeran’s shoulder as if they are long lost best buds. “Anybody looking for a seal? I seem to have acquired one,” Fejeran jokes in the video. He mistook the small mammal for a seal, when in fact it was a sea lion. He says that the young refused to leave, even when he kayaked back to shore. He was, however, able to lure him back into the water, where it belongs safe and sound. Good job Ferejan! If you find sea lions as cute as we believe them to be, take a look at this next video of a sea lion who likes to steal kisses from partner . The now 17-year-old Patagonian sea lion male arrived from the French Riviera in April 2015 to live in the Dudley Zoo in the West Midlands, England. He seemed to have had a disagreement with his female partner because he was getting the cold shoulder all morning. However, with a little charm, he is able to win her over in this adorable clip. And mind you, this is not only made for the audience’s applause because sea lions are very particular animals if they do not want something, then in no way will they be forced to do it. This is a genuine sign of affection coming from the heart. Adorable! It is no wonder sea lions behave like this. They are very sociable and not even the least shy animals. They can spend long periods of time in the sea, but in the mating season and the time of the birth of the pups, they return to the land. At this time they form large colonies, the males participate in battles for the territory, the winner of which receives under his protectorate all the females who are in the conquered area, whom he furiously protects. What dо you think about this video? Make sure you tell us more in the comments down below. If you like what you see, don’t forget to share it with others who might like it as well. It just might be the highlight of their day! Enjoy!

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Adorable Baby And Puppy Go For A Spin To Get Snacks14s

Adorable Baby And Puppy Go For A Spin To Get Snacks

They say that it's pretty easy to teach your dog how to perform tricks. It just takes a little patience and a lot of snacks. While this man was teaching his pup how to do a twirl, his cute little baby decided that it would be fun to join in and have fun! This is one adorably talented duo! Teaching your puppy to do new tricks shouldn’t be that difficult, but it sure takes some patience, but how does one teach a baby to do new tricks? Well, it turns out that you just need a puppy that does twirls to get the baby going. This funny video shows a white dog who has perfected the dance move twirl in order to get some tasty treats. His owner holds a treat above him and the dog spins around and around, like a record! We can see that the baby is amazed by this performance and decides to give it a try! The baby starts spinning for a while, and then probably gets dizzy and stops. What an adorable duo! When this man was teaching this trick to his dog he probably didn’t expect that the baby will go along. Look at them go, the baby is really getting a kick out of watching his doggy friend spin and mimics the dog by starting at his own twirling pace. Having seen so many videos of babies and dogs, we can draw the conclusion that babies and dogs go together like a duck on water. Nothing is more precious than seeing them playing, sharing and caring for each other. It’s very funny when you see one of them throwing tantrums while the other one getting the zoomies - it is pretty much the same thing. Babies and dogs are perfect companions and their energy can never be exhausted, they can jump and have fun all day long because their engine works on the basis of perpetuum mobile. The duo in our video shows exactly that - a dog and his little human friend doing the crazy stuff around in circles. Who’s going to persevere more? Having in mind that the one is imitating the other and that dogs apparently have no notion of being dizzy, the baby is the one who’s going to give up the spinning game first. But that’s perfectly fine since the spinning game was meant for the dog and not the baby, the baby just took part because he loves to imitate his best friend in whatever he does. The baby will get the treat anyway, but the dog has to do a few tricks before he can have whatever tasty the owner is going to give him. We kind of can’t help not falling in love with these two munchkins as they certainly made us grin from ear to ear, especially the way the baby feels dizzy and has to stop so to come to his senses before he starts spinning again. Let’s hope they both got some treats after this one, because they pulled out a great performance!

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Baby Cockatoo Is Surprised By A Cardinal On The Deck1m00s

Baby Cockatoo Is Surprised By A Cardinal On The Deck

Onni the baby umbrella cockatoo is shocked to find a little visitor on the deck of his home! He has never seen a red cardinal before and goes into action to alert his owner about the tiny bird outside. While the excited cockatoo is trying to tell his owner all about it in his own hilarious way, the little bird decided to fly away. The excited baby cockatoo gets louder and louder trying to convince his owner that a glorious and scary feathered being was out there. It's as if he thinks his mom doesn't believe him that a dangerous red little devil was just lurking outside. And when his mom tries to tell him it’s a red feathered little fella like himself, he gets quite argumentative! Apparently, Onni was freaked out by the little red bird and will not accept the fact that they are from the same class of species! By the way, Onni is a common Finnish name that means “luck" and “happiness", which is exactly what this little guy is. The white cockatoo, also known as the umbrella cockatoo , is a medium-sized all-white cockatoo endemic to tropical rainforest on islands of Indonesia. When surprised, it extends a large and striking head crest, which has a semicircular shape similar to an umbrella, hence the alternative name.

Parrot loves to sing in the shower 2m55s

Parrot loves to sing in the shower

Rocky loves to sing and his favorite place to sing is in the shower. When Rocky wants someone to sing, he will wave his leg furiously back and forth and scream until his demands are met. He likes to hear music just as much as he likes to perform. Rocky is a rescue parrot, and before he came to his current owner he lived with a sweet lady who thought Rocky would be better off in new home because he was very aggressive towards her, so it had come to a point where Rocky had not been out of his cage for ten years. Maybe the lady he lived with liked to sing in the shower!

Dog Lovingly Babysits Cute Baby Goats39s

Dog Lovingly Babysits Cute Baby Goats

This is Betty, a Pyrenean Mountain Dog. All she wanted to do this day was use the soothing shadow and take a nap on the ground. Little that she knew, her baby goat friends had quite different plans. Careful where you put those hooves, little ones… Baby goats are the most loving, easygoing creatures. They love Betty like she is one of them, like a goat mom. They are together all day and every day. Their favorite pastimes are cuddling, napping, and chasing each other around – but, even when playing, Betty never, ever stops caring about their safety. We all love our pets, and feel in our bones that this love is returned multi-folds. However, can cats and dogs fall in love other animals, too? Can the expressions of love we evidently notice in our pets, really just be simple instincts that help them get a treat or something else they want? There is cold, hard scientific research to back the ‘love theory’ up. Claremont Graduate University, Paul Zak has been doing a series of studies based to the “love drug” - oxytocin. Zak went to an animal refuge to test whether animals could feel love and friendship for other animals. His study focused on two young males who would often play and simulate fighting with each other. They were two different species: a dog and a goat. The the pair was left to interact freely in an enclosed area, and, he took their baseline blood samples and drew again after the playdate. The dog’s oxytocin levels increased by 48 percent, showing the strong friendship he feels t for his goat buddy. But it seems the goat is actually in love with the dog — he had an increase of 210 percent! To sum up, what you saw in the video were some true and beautiful mixed family moments.

Dog and kitten share incredible bond1m29s

Dog and kitten share incredible bond

Pet owners prepare your heart for melting as this animal duo will warm you up. Koda, a rescued ginger kitten, has created a beautiful friendship with Keelo the Golden Retriever. These two spend all their time together and have thus formed an incredible bond. They play together and a very calm towards each other, not like some other dog and cat duo's out there. They truly share an amazing bond that can't seem to not melt your heart. What a precious friendship they have! Credit to 'trishadlp'. Doesn't this video just melt your heart? Both pet owner's and non pet owners both manage to find this video adorable and cute that they cannot mange to look away. Who knew the age old enemies of cats and dogs could become such good friends? We could all learn a thing or two from this adorable and amazing duo. Growing up together, these two animals must go through a lot of toys. Their owner should by them cat and dog toys on Amazon to play with. Who know, they might even share! Do you have any funny pet stories? Let us know in the comments!

Published: April 24, 2015769,037 views
Pet ferret challenges husky to play fight2m20s

Pet ferret challenges husky to play fight

Watch as a husky dog and pet ferret get involved in a harmless play fight! According to their owner, the ferret is a full male in a breeding season, and recognizes the female Husky as a "friend". Credit to 'Vira'.

Published: November 19, 2014768,791 views
Dog And Cheetah Are Still Best Friends Years After Meeting As Babies4m59s

Dog And Cheetah Are Still Best Friends Years After Meeting As Babies

If you’ve seen all the dog-and-cat relationship videos that we have here on Rumble, then get ready to meet the ultimate canine-feline relationship! Meet Raina and Ruuxa, a Rhodesian Ridgeback and a cheetah , who’ve been together since they were babies, practically making them siblings. Ruuxa means “spirit” in the Somali language and the big cat lives up to his name. Raina, which means “guardian”, among other meanings, really took to caring for her odd little brother, especially since Ruuxa was battling with a genetic disorder. He has a valgus deformity, where his front legs were growing faster than they should, cause them to deform. Ruuxa was lucky enough to have had the support from San Diego Zoo Safari Park veterinarians and after a surgery for his abnormalities, he is able to tackle his sister like her equal. Cheetahs are born blind and rely heavily on their mothers in the first few months. If the mother doesn't have enough milk, she will abandon her young to the mercy of the predators. That is why Ruuxa has relied on his sister and she was by his side during the entire surgery. Today, young Ruuxa is a happy and healthy young cheetah with all the energy in the world and zero limitations. This is certainly in part to the enormous support he received from his best friend Raina. Connect with San Diego Zoo Safari Park. Facebook - Instagram - Twitter - Tumblr - Pinterest - Vine - Credit to 'San Diego Zoo Safari Park'.

Boston Terrier Comes Face To Face With A Cow... Hilarity Ensues. 1m09s

Boston Terrier Comes Face To Face With A Cow... Hilarity Ensues.

This is the hilarious moment when a friendly pooch tries to invite a dairy cow to play together. However, the bulky bovine seems to be ignoring dog’s attempts to befriend her! It's a tense moment when Miss Piggie the Boston Terrier meets Suzanne the dairy cow, demanding to play chase! They might look like unusual pet buddies , but it is safe to say that this budding friendship is meant to last. The playful puppy unsuccessfully tries to win their little game of hide-and-seek, but the dairy cow follows his every move. When you think of a friendly creature, the first thing that pops to mind is a dog. They want to make friends with everyone, or in this particular case with a dairy cow. Introducing two animals of different kingdoms can be quite the challenge, but if performed properly and carefully, it can be a very rewarding experience. This family had a very unique opportunity to introduce their dog to a dairy cow! Footage shows the playful dog engaging in play mode with the dairy cow, starting the game of chase on the green field. The friendly pooch quickly befriended his cow and now they are inseparable, or so does the dog think! The friendly pooch tries to get cow’s attention, and after a few attempts the cow seems to be somewhat interested in interacting with him. The adorable pooch is in extremely good mood as he runs and plays around the grass field, inviting the cow to join in the fun! Check out how thrilled this dog is to be introduced to his new bovine friend. Although he tries his very best to make contact with her, it appears that the cow is not that interested to make his acquaintance after all.

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