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Westie tries to teach goats how to play soccer1m40s

Westie tries to teach goats how to play soccer

Romy is a 18-month-old Westie from the countryside in the south of France. She has two friends, Saline and Téquila , 7-year-old goats who she plays with, and even tries to get them to learn the game of soccer!

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Extremely playful baby tapir loves chasing the birds1m00s

Extremely playful baby tapir loves chasing the birds

A baby tapir from the Chester Zoo in England comes outside with its mom. He still got all his stripes, which he will lose when he's about 6 month old. He goes to investigate the mud puddle instead of using their nice clean pool. When he gets out of the mud puddle, all the mud is running down his legs, making the ground very slippery for him and the poor baby slips back in the puddle. He doesn't seem to mind and comes back for some more mud treatment. When he had enough he suddenly jumps out of the puddle runs like crazy along the grass and then he has fun chasing off all the magpies in his enclosure. Who would have known a tapir can run that fast? Such a cutie. When his parents decide to go back in again he runs after them with such speed that he can&'t seem to stop himself and bumps into dad, making him slip.

Watch This Man Preciously Cuddles A Foal In His Arms!19s

Watch This Man Preciously Cuddles A Foal In His Arms!

Why is nature so beautiful? Why does a short walk amidst nature have such a calming influence on our mind? Why does the sight of flowers, butterflies, rainbows and animals fill our hearts with joy unspeakable? While evolution and science can explain many facts of our daily existence, the answer to this profound puzzle lies a little beyond the reaches of present day science, and in the realms of the super-conscious. Nature is beautiful because it is a manifestation of everything that is fervently pulsating with life on this planet. In the midst of nature, our minds become calm because we feel the pull of this joyful cosmic consciousness. Although many people have been advocating an approach to nature based on its intelligibility, we are far from tying down the giant that is nature with our minds. Emerson writes that the perception of the inexhaustibly of nature is an immortal youth. Although we shall continue to try to uncover nature’s secrets, let us also continue to take pleasure in our immediate encounter with it. Let us continue to be awe-struck, like the child on the seashore, or clambering up a tree. Let us hold onto that experience, and fight for the environment that makes it possible, both for the child in each of us, and for those that come after us. Humans have this funny characteristic of associating certain human qualities with animals in the wilderness. One explanation why we do this is in attempt to make these highly unpredictable wild animals familiar to us. So the lion becomes heroic and brave, the donkey is stubborn, the wolf is a loner, the fox is tricky and the cat is extremely curious. Sure, they exhibit some of these behaviors and traits, but it is more likely than not their natural survival instinct kicking in, rather than any human-like behavior on their part. This means that a cat can be stubborn, a wolf can be curious and a fox can be brave, no matter how we stereotype them. We have long lived with the saying “curiosity killed the cat” but it appears that cats aren't the only ones who enjoy curious enough to chase red laser dots. In fact watch as these playful fish go right into action! Their owner is extremely entertained by their antics as they mindlessly follow the fluorescent red dot appearing in their makeshift habitat. They often hit a dead end or the rocks in their pursuit, but that doesn’t stop them from trying to catch it. However, ever since the beginning, humans have had the need of animals to ether get around, farm work, carry their loads from one place to the next and naturally they have adapted to being close with one another. Specifically in this case even too close. However that cannot be. Once you see the love and bond these two share it is bound to melt your heart. Take a look and be amazed as to how love comes in all shapes and forms. Too Adorable!

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Parrot And Owner Share Very Special Bond1m23s

Parrot And Owner Share Very Special Bond

Einstein and Jeff have always had a special relationship. The bond that they have involves a great deal of trust. This is important with a parrot, as a parrot will bond for life in the wild. They depend on their flock mate for safety and survival. Einstein will allow Jeff to put him inside and up through his shirt. This would not be possible with a parrot that doesn't trust you. The parrot would bite you very hard and inflict injury! Einstein loves to nibble and preen the very fine hairs on Jeff's face. This behavior is very much like a parrot preening and taking care of his flock mates feathers as parrots often preen each others head feathers. Does Einstein think of Jeff as a big parrot without feathers? Yes, I believe he does! Einstein the Talking Texan Parrot is a silly, smart, and popular parrot who loves to talk and entertain! He likes to have conversations with his owners, talking, doing animal sound imitations and acting silly. He also enjoys singing and dancing in some of his video compilations. With his amazing talking abilities, and funny antics, Einstein the talking parrot’s videos will keep you entertained for hours! Einstein parrot is also famous for some of his silly quotes and sayings. Online, Einstein the talking parrot is popular across many social media platforms. Einstein's favorite places to talk at home is perched on the shower wall, in the kitchen on his drawer, and on his screened in back porch. As stated on his website, Einstein's mission statement: "To entertain and bring joy, to foster the human-parrot bond, and to convey that parrots are deserving of immeasurable amounts of patience, nurturing, and companionship." Einstein's website, is designed to inform you about the care of parrots and also entertain you. As previously mentioned, Einstein is popular on many social media sites such as YouTube @einsteinparrot, Instagram @einsteinparrot, Twitter @einsteinparrot, and Facebook @einsteintexanparrot. Living with a parrot is a big commitment. Parrots live a very long time. A parrot such as Einstein can live to be 50 or 60 years old. Many larger parrots like Macaws can live to be 100 years old. They all require a lot of care, proper nutrition, training, time and patience. Parrots need a lot of attention and lots of toys and activities to keep from being bored. Parrots are also expensive, a large cage is an investment and plenty of play perches to spend their out of cage time. Specialized veterinarian care is also required. Most of all they require your companionship and a forever home. Many people decide after the first few years of parrot ownership that the responsibility is too great and the parrots become neglected and sometimes abandoned. When that happens they are sent to parrot rescue facilities to be adopted by a new family or some spend their lives in sanctuaries. It is often said, "Having a parrot is much like raising a 2 or 3 year old child for the rest of your life!"

Wild cockatoo and friendly cat are best buddies44s

Wild cockatoo and friendly cat are best buddies

Cats are normally wary of cockatoos as they can have a devastating bite, and cockatoos generally steer clear of potential predators. However in this unlikely scenario they really are best friends and spend time with each other just sitting next to each other and occasionally stirring each other up!

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Fearless cat unfazed by overly-aggressive Doberman53s

Fearless cat unfazed by overly-aggressive Doberman

Kruz is a 5-year-old Doberman Pinscher who enjoys chasing cats but never harms them. The newest addition to the kitty group has come to the age that all kitties get to and is in heat. She loves all attention at this point and is a puzzling creature for this playful Doberman.

Hamster eats tiny spaghetti for first time, wants more1m03s

Hamster eats tiny spaghetti for first time, wants more

Watch this cute clip of Butterbean the Djungarian hamster and his first time eating spaghetti. He eagerly eats his pasta and looks for more of this tasty treat! Many of the best hamster treats are in your fridge already. They are healthy alternatives to the unhealthy treats designed for hamsters that are sold in pet stores. Look up credible sources that list of healthy foods for hamsters and double check that specific to you hamster's exact breed. Many fruits, veggies, dairy products and even small amounts chocolate are on the approved lists of treats your tiny hamster friend will love!

How to tame a totally wild cockatoo30s

How to tame a totally wild cockatoo

Australian Sulphur Crested Cockatoos can be friendly, however they don't start off that way and can inflict some serious wounds at high speed! This person has come up with a few techniques to help them get used to you quickly. Warning: Try at your own risk!

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