Funny & Cute Animals

Inquisitive baby monkey licks and nibbles camera38s

Inquisitive baby monkey licks and nibbles camera

This endearing little monkey can't hide his fascination for the GoPro camera. He licks and nibbles it as he snuggles with his mother and snacks on leaves. Even his mother is curious and looks right into the lens. The result is an extremely close look at the eyes and mouths of these adorable creatures.

Gopher pauses for big yawn in front of hidden camera26s

Gopher pauses for big yawn in front of hidden camera

This gopher can't seem to get enough sleep - or maybe he's simply bored. He's out enjoying a day in the sunshine but he pauses in front of a camera to have a big yawn before moving on. Gophers are incredibly cute but it is difficult to get close enough for such a view of their adorable faces.

Cute Seal Loves Toy Raccoon35s

Cute Seal Loves Toy Raccoon

Who would have thought that seals love stuffed animals? Well this sweet seal certainly does! And not any stuffed animal will do, this seal just really loves playing with this raccoon stuffed animal! I guess it's true when they say that seals are just like dogs of the ocean!

Published: February 8, 20175,680 views
Adorable Pot Belly Pig Birthday Party57s

Adorable Pot Belly Pig Birthday Party

Birthdays are such special days, and are best celebrated with friends, family, and of course, cake! Well this super adorable pot belly pig's birthday was definitely on that she'll remember thanks to her loving owner's birthday bash! She even got her very own cake for the special day.

Published: March 8, 20162,093 views
Curiousity Trapped The Cat59s

Curiousity Trapped The Cat

Cats are pretty curious animals, and while that can lead to some pretty exciting adventures other times, it can lead to some sticky situations! I guess this is what happens when you're not careful! Who would have thought that a tissue box could be such a hassle?

Published: July 27, 2016828 views
27 Cats Who Love Fish2m17s

27 Cats Who Love Fish

These cats are willing to do just about anything to get up close to their fish friends! If there's anything that becomes clear after watching these cats is that they really really love fish! If you were looking for a midweek mood boost, you need not look any further!

Published: February 14, 20171,038 views
A Cat Who Just Loves To Fetch37s

A Cat Who Just Loves To Fetch

Just when you think you know everything there is to know about cats, they go and do something like this and surprise us all over again! This adorable little kitty can't help but act very uncat like when it comes to playing fetch! It turns out that dogs aren't the only ones who love a good game of fetch!

Published: August 2, 20161,115 views
13 Cats Who Forgot How To Cat1m38s

13 Cats Who Forgot How To Cat

Cats are well known for just laying around and being the master of the house. But fortunately for us, these thirteen hilarious cats have completely forgotten how to cat! You won't be able to stop laughing for the rest of the day! Who's ready to go adopt a cat?

Published: January 18, 20176,021 views
Frustrated cat gets hit in face by dog's tail15s

Frustrated cat gets hit in face by dog's tail

This happy puppy is really excited to be told he is a good boy. The cat sitting next to him, however, is slightly less than thrilled. Every time the dog wags his tail, the poor kitty gets hit upside the head. Eventually the frustrated feline flees the scene.

Published: October 21, 20153,160 views
Cockatoo falls in sink after his crazy mom brushed him!1m00s

Cockatoo falls in sink after his crazy mom brushed him!

When in Rome ok jk when in the country out in Wallis,Texas on Christmas Day visiting relatives I took my Cockatoo Pickles with me to the restroom to tidy up and he loves a good brush so the rest is history oh the toothbrush holder fell in with him oopsi! Poor baby he was fine I promise! I'm not sure about the toothbrushes though.

Slomo pup fails on the jump16s

Slomo pup fails on the jump

A tiny puppy has just run away from snatching up its favorite toy. We watch her action in slow motion as she scampers away from the kitchen. She makes it into the living room where she tries to jump onto the couch. However, the poor dog does not quite make the jump.

Published: November 24, 20159,827 views
Piglet busts out some serious 1m29s

Piglet busts out some serious "dance" moves

This cute little piglet has an insatiable scratch that it just can't seem to reach. But with the addition of some sweet tunes, this funny pet appears to be tearing it up on the dance floor!

Published: October 8, 201519,747 views
This dance battle is unlike anything you've ever seen before!30s

This dance battle is unlike anything you've ever seen before!

It's not every day that you see two cranes strolling around your front yard, let alone two cranes having an epic dance battle! These two crazy birds are ready to see who has got the best moves and prove their break dancing skills! This lady is in for quite the show!

Published: June 30, 201613,785 views
Hoarder woman gets scared by possum21s

Hoarder woman gets scared by possum

Everyone has had their old teddy bear or favorite blanket that they just never wanted to throw out. Hoarders feel that way about all of their possessions. These hoarders learned their lesson when they found a wild possum living in their house! Here's a public service announcement, if you have wild animals living in your house and you don't know it, you should probably clean your place up!

Published: October 1, 20151,545 views
Kitty Protests Going Inside33s

Kitty Protests Going Inside

This adventurous kitten loves exploring the great out doors and the garage! This kitty loves the garage so much that he refuses to come back inside at the end of the day! No amount of coaxing from his mom will convince him to go back inside, and he even tells her no!

Published: April 5, 2017618 views
This Cat Is A Jerk35s

This Cat Is A Jerk

This cat is a jerk. Why, you ask? Well this cat's hobby is ruining his human's various possessions such as toilet paper. The second you let this feline into the bathroom, he just can't help but unravel all the toilet paper and create a giant mess on the floor! What a jerk!

Published: July 5, 2017853 views