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Rescued baby raccoon preciously climbs new owner32s

Rescued baby raccoon preciously climbs new owner

All babies are playful and that includes baby raccoons. Watch as this adorable little fur ball tries to catch his owner’s finger and climbs all the way up her body like a tree. He is very gentle and does not scratch his rescuer, and you can tell that she is completely used to this sort of game. This adorable baby named Elliott is a six week old raccoon rescue that always loves to be played with and cuddled. This heart warming video shows the two playing a game of fetch the finger in the barn. This infant raccoon was named Elliott after being found alone and abandoned in the middle of a road in Wainfleet, Ontario, Canada. He was so small, he was only the size of a six week old kitten. When found, Elliott was cold, dirty and scared and the Mother or any of his siblings could be found anywhere. Elliott was an orphan and needed a home and fast. His rescuers took him to a nearby farm to clean him up and give him a hearty meal. He was aloud to run free around the farm and quickly became a part of the family, feeling completely comfortable with everyone that came around. The raccoon shares a special bond with his new owners and doesn't like to be away from them. This video shows how close they are! Elliott lived on the farm, coming and going as he pleased, for about six months until the winter weather started to come in. One day, he went out and found a place to hibernate and never returned to the farm. It is nice to think that maybe he found his family or started a family of his own. We are happy to see him having so much fun in the cute video. He was lucky to find such a safe and happy home!

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Mischievous Fawn Tries To Play With Wild Turkeys19s

Mischievous Fawn Tries To Play With Wild Turkeys

Turkeys and deer together, again. These two vastly different types of creatures certainly do prefer to be around each other. Neither species predates on the other, and both instinctively know this. The worst that could happen is you may be trampled if you don’t move out of the way quickly enough. Wild turkeys, though, are surprisingly quick creatures, and unlike their domesticated counterpart, they can fly. It doesn’t look like our little four-legged friend is being territorial. It looks more like she’s socializing , but then, hey! They’re running from me! This is fun, let’s do it some more. The turkeys have young with them, so they must be really trusting of deer in their midst. Could it be there’s some kind of symbiotic relationship here, where the bigger deer provide a measure of security or even act as an early warning system? Well, the system kind of breaks down when one of them starts chasing your family around the lily patch. The fawn is still learning, however, so it could be she is wondering if the turkeys have found something better to eat. Where is her mother? Hopefully, she’s not orphaned. Maybe the other adult deer are just out of view of the camera. The scene is a tranquil one, the brief chase notwithstanding. The videographer immerses us in a bucolic setting on a farm or ranch, with a rustic old chicken coop or tool shed for a backdrop. Don’t you think this scene would make a great painting? All it needs is a rusting old car or tractor sinking into an overgrowth of tall goldenrod and jewelweed. How grand it must be, to be able to look out your window and see nature at play. It’s such a tiny segment of life on earth, yet imbued with forest magic that most of the 7.4 billion people living on this planet will never see. It’s a blessing that a privileged few have been gifted to enjoy, especially if they can quietly observe from a hidden vantage point. There’s no need to despair if you’re not one of them because the gift of nature has been shared with us. We don’t need to know and probably shouldn’t learn the precise whereabouts. It is an idyllic landscape, best preserved in this wonderful video capture. Turkeys , themselves, are wise old creatures with an instinct for survival. It is a wonder that they share the habitat so intimately with deer. Although it may look like they compete for food and resources, they really don’t. Deer eat small flowering plants that grow in the grass, and the turkeys are most likely foraging for seeds. In fact, turkeys are omnivorous, and if an insect or even small snake passes by its vigilant gaze, it will try to eat it. As there are a number of videos out recently that display similar scenes of deer and turkeys coexisting within feet of each other, it’s likely a completely healthy and natural thing, which is less of a truce and more of a community.

Gorilla Tries To Figure Out How To Wear T-Shirt1m26s

Gorilla Tries To Figure Out How To Wear T-Shirt

A female gorilla found a t-shirt but is not sure what to do with it! It is adorable to watch her scurry around, flinging the fabric about, trying to make sense of it all. In the beginning, we see our distant relative shake out the shirt as if she is preparing it for laundry. It is easy to see where our instincts come from! Gorillas are a human beings’ second closest relative behind the chimpanzee. There has been extensive research done to compare our similarities and differences to establish where we came from and how we have come to be. Despite there being a plethora of theories, as extravagant as we are a result of psychedelic consumption unlocking and enlightening the ape mind, we have yet to come to a general conclusion. We know that we evolved from these past family members, but exactly how remains a mystery. Of our genetic code, 98.7% is the same among humans and gorillas. Like us, the family structure is crucial to maintain the emotional bond between beings. Aside from our hands, noses and facial structure similarities, gorillas also endure body odor and the same five sense which ground us to this earth. They communicate in an outstanding manner, between their own species and even our own. There have been numerous accounts of emotional bonds between humans and apes. Remember King Kong? Despite his barbaric size and strength, he had a soft side a created a very strong emotional bond, some would call love, towards an unexacting young woman. The connection they shared was outstanding yet not unique. Many researchers have noted the emotional depth of these animals in their studies. Most notably is Jane Goodall who is known to have exemplified how gorillas and apes use tools in their societies. Jane Goodall is a writer and scientist who has spent years of her life among chimps. She studies them, lives with them and incorporates herself as one of their society. Even more, their family. She studies them in their natural habitat so that we may know more about the wondrous they have to offer. Despite our similarities, the gorilla’s greatest living predator is us, the humans. The threat to gorilla life has increased over the last several years, much as our impact on almost every other species on earth. Gorillas are currently being hunted and poached for their meat in many parts of the world which has increased the spread of disease such as Ebola. Gorillas are also suffering because their homes are being taken away due to logging and mining industries. All over our world where gorillas inhabit, they are under threat due to deforestation and habitat loss. The gorilla in this video is clearly in captivity at a zoo where the habitat conditions have been mimicked to try to emulate their natural lives. As gorillas may soon go extinct in central Africa, a zoo may soon be the only place to view these mysterious creatures. That is until Planet of the Apes happens. Or are we only dreaming?

Industrious Beaver Builds Dam Wherever He Finds Convenient2m33s

Industrious Beaver Builds Dam Wherever He Finds Convenient

Temporarily inside because he's a baby, JB the licensed educational ambassador practices his dam-building skills with whatever he can find. He is NOT a pet, but a permanent education animal with licensed rehabbers. This is really adorable. This little beaver is running all over the house finding things he can use to build his dam . This is a natural instinct that a beaver will feel like they have to do. Natural instincts are hard, sometimes nearly impossible, to overcome, deny, or refrain. This is especially true when you’re talking about wild and nondomestic animals. This cutie is getting everything he can find, including paper, shoes, toys, bags, etc. Part way through, he finds his favorite toy and gets temporarily distracted. This toy is a ball with a rope attached together. Eventually, after rolling it around for a moment, he takes it to the dam he is building. The person filming says that the dam has been moved, so apparently this little guy is still trying to find the perfect place to put and build his dam. It looks like he has chosen the site between rooms where there is located a small staircase to place his dam. Probably the cutest part of this entire video though, is when he approaches his human foster parent. He reaches up for attention from them, and it is just absolutely adorable. The viewer can see his long nails as he reaches up. These long nails would more than likely be a tad bit intimidating for most people, but obviously JB’s foster family is not at all phased. They chuckle as they watch him scurrying around the house trying to find the perfect objects to add to his collection in building his ideal dam in whatever part of the house he wants to build it in. They have extensive experience and training caring for animals like this, thankfully for the beaver . They have obviously grown close to their new house mate. Eventually, the beaver will more than likely be released back into the wild to go and live his life however he sees fit and chooses. In the meantime, he seems to have found a great family to spend his days with. They are providing him with plenty of free reign to run and build dams and exercise. He is also privy to all of the fresh foods and appropriate dietary necessities that he could ever want or need, so he is definitely somewhere safe with people who care about his true well-being. The world needs more people like this family to help care for abandoned baby animals who would otherwise not have much of a chance at all at surviving. We are thankful to these people for taking in JB and giving him such a wonderfully safe place to grow. Hopefully, there will be more videos made in the future to give JB’s fans an update as to how he is doing. We all would definitely love to see what he is up to and how he is developing and growing!

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Friendly Pig Gets Endless Cuddles From A Feral Cat45s

Friendly Pig Gets Endless Cuddles From A Feral Cat

Watch this adorable video where this wild cat approaches Hank the pig that is lying on the grass, to give him many caresses with an incredible love. This cat is full of sweetness, and the pig does not get angry because of it, rather it stays calm, because it does not know if the wild cat can change its attitude at any time, because that is how unpredictable and eloquent cats are. Anyone would think twice about it, because they don't hesitate to scratch when they don't like something. Cats tend to be selective when it comes to giving love, as it is obvious that most cats are hateful most of the day, but never miss those moments in which they can be extremely affectionate. The kitten in this video shows all the love in the world to this pig , which must be surprised by the simple fact that out of nowhere comes a wild cat to caress him, and to purr on him, as the most tender thing that can exist. This cat does not take it in such a way with the humans, because it is a ferocious cat, that does not hesitate to give scratches to the one who tries to approach it very much to touch it. The cameras manage to capture that this cat does have a very noble heart, even if it becomes the rude one that hates humanity. We discovered that it is a ball of love that loves other animals, and that we enjoy seeing it, because the coexistence and affection between animals shows us that nature is only one, and there is no barrier that forbids us to embrace a small pig, even if you are a wild and hateful cat. Different studies and observations have proved that pigs are capable of dreaming, forgiving and being more intelligent than dogs, reaching an intellectual capacity equal to or superior to that of a 3 year old human child. This would summarize the peaceful behavior of these animals, which are very noble, you would have to be really evil so that they try to attack you. Pigs like to receive love and also to give it unconditionally, just like canines. We love to see this pig, as well as those who thanks to noble people, can enjoy a full life in a free place where they can fulfill their desires, sunbathe and learn from other animals, and why not receive the loving caresses of a kitten? Many times animals give us life lessons, which make us understand in their way, as there are more important things than consumerism, or absurd differences, those that can separate what by nature should be united and in harmony. It is never too late to soften your heart and get close to anyone you think needs a big hug, this is the message conveyed by this beautiful cat so captivating and loving. How adorable! What did you think of the video? We're sure you also loved it, if so, don't hesitate to like it! Share it on your social networks to reach more people. It can be the best part of your day. Enjoy it!

 Parrot Sings A Beautiful Duet With Its Human 1m21s

Parrot Sings A Beautiful Duet With Its Human

If you are one of those who think you have a great and fun pet at home, possibly seeing this video you will feel a little jealousy and envy since not everyone is lucky enough to make a beautiful duet with their pet. This peculiar Lorito sings in unison with its owner and it delights us with its high-pitched soprano tones. This beautiful bird called Polly Rhythm lives up to its name because it has the rhythm in its veins and feathers. The truth is that this parrot is a fan of music and of course, most of all, it wants to sing a duet with Susan its owner, and both of them are lovers of classical music and opera, so their afternoons are filled with incredible and beautiful melodies. How great! But how is it that these birds manage to sing like a human? The answer is simple, it is a set of qualities that parrots have that make emulate sounds very similar to human language - firstly they have a membrane called siringe (which would be the larynx in the case of human anatomy) and this membrane allows the parrot to sing two sounds simultaneously. Although other birds also have this membrane, which differentiates the parrots from the rest and allows them to "speak", they also have a long tongue that makes it easy to reproduce sounds and voices that they listen to on a regular basis. So you could say that these incredible animals have the peculiarity of emitting sounds so similar to human language that we could swear they speak when in fact what they do is imitate and duplicate sounds that they hear frequently. That is why people who have these birds as pets feel so identical to humans and create a close bond with them, since they regularly say the names of the members of the family, the most frequent phrases used at home and even the favorite songs of their owners as in the case of Polly Rhythm. What is certain and undeniable is that Polly the parrot is very talented and not only for perfectly interpreting a song but also for maintaining a proper intonation, precise rhythm and definitely shines with the performance and does not steal the role of the soprano Susan Go Duo! We are sure that after seeing this clip you will want to immediately have a beautiful parrot as a pet and to be able to teach you great things like jokes or beautiful songs and thus be able to show off to your friends and family and boas how great, entertaining, fun and incredibly talented they can be. So if you were fascinated and you were conquered by the wonderful talent of Polly Rhythm do not hesitate to share this entertaining clip, so that our singing parrot is seen by more people and can enjoy this peculiar duet that we have no doubt will win many followers. Do not forget to leave us your comments and give thumbs up for Polly the parrot. In the same way, share with your friends, acquaintances and family so that just as you, they can enjoy this wonderful talented parrot, too.

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Talking parrot destroys artichoke foraging toy1m46s

Talking parrot destroys artichoke foraging toy

Einstein the Talking Texan Parrot is a silly, smart, and popular parrot who loves to talk and entertain! He likes to have conversations with his owners, talking, doing animal sound imitations and acting silly. He also enjoys singing and dancing in some of his video compilations. With his amazing talking abilities, and funny antics, Einstein the talking parrot’s videos will keep you entertained for hours! Who says you can't play with your food! Parrots can! They love to forage, chew and destroy things. Those things might as well be homemade food toys. Einstein's owner paid $2.95 for the choke along with a red, green, and yellow bell pepper to be used later for a stir-fry dinner. She had some celery and carrots in the refrigerator. The veggies were cut into strips and wash the artichoke well, stuff the artichoke with the veggies and hide pieces of almonds, walnuts, and pistachios in the leaves of the artichoke. The owner thought Einstein would be afraid of this ridiculous looking concoction, but he wasted no time tearing it to shreds! There is no way of knowing how much he actually consumed, but he had a great time with this healthy diy toy! If you enjoyed watching Einstein destroy this artichoke, watch what he does to this pumpkin! More videos of Einstein can be found by visiting his channel page here: Einstein parrot is also famous for some of his silly quotes and sayings. Online, Einstein the talking parrot is popular across many social media platforms. Einstein's favorite places to talk at home is perched on the shower wall, in the kitchen on his drawer, and on his screened in back porch. As stated on his website, Einstein's mission statement: "To entertain and bring joy, to foster the human-parrot bond, and to convey that parrots are deserving of immeasurable amounts of patience, nurturing, and companionship." Einstein's website ( ) is designed to inform you about the care of parrots and also entertain you. As previously mentioned, Einstein is popular on many social media sites such as YouTube @einsteinparrot, Instagram @einsteinparrot, Twitter @einsteinparrot, and Facebook @einsteintexanparrot. Living with a parrot is a big commitment. Parrots live a very long time. A parrot such as Einstein can live to be 50 or 60 years old. Many larger parrots like Macaws can live to be 100 years old. They all require a lot of care, proper nutrition, training, time and patience. Parrots need a lot of attention and lots of toys and activities to keep from being bored. Parrots are also expensive, a large cage is an investment and plenty of play perches to spend their out of cage time. Specialized veterinarian care is also required. Most of all they require your companionship and a forever home. Many people decide after the first few years of parrot ownership that the responsibility is too great and the parrots become neglected and sometimes abandoned. When that happens they are sent to parrot rescue facilities to be adopted by a new family or some spend their lives in sanctuaries. It is often said, "Having a parrot is much like raising a 2 or 3 year old child for the rest of your life!"

Kayaker waves at sea lion, sea lion waves back!1m23s

Kayaker waves at sea lion, sea lion waves back!

The Lower Mainland of British Columbia is a pretty amazing place. Vancouver is the main city in this area, but the area extends from the Canada U.S border to the South, to Whistler in the North. To the West is the Pacific Ocean being Burrard Inlet and to the East is the city of Hope and the Coast Mountain range. The Coast Range of mountains also offer up some great snow skiing, hiking, and snowboarding in the winter. During the summer and actually every season of the year they also offer up amazing hiking, biking, or just plain outdoor activities in general to the locals and visitors from all over the world. With many ocean harbors the area also offers up many locations for kayaking and boating of any kind. With logging also being one of the main natural resource industries in the Vancouver area this brings in the major topic in the video you are about to enjoy. Logging which of course includes cutting of trees. After being cut, the trees are hauled into the water to then be moved about by barge or dragged by tug boats. When the logs are gathered in a bunch, called a boom, they are tied with ropes and cables. Once gathered in booms these large gatherings of logs are anchored to pilings usually near the shore until scheduled to be moved to a saw mill in the area. Sometimes taking days or weeks to be relocated, the local wildlife can sometimes take up residence on these booms as they are a safe place for them out of the water. Seals and sea lions are in abundance in the waters around Vancouver as are killer whales. As you may know killer whales are a main predator of seals, so guess who you may just find perched upon one of these log booms? Seals also love to lounge in the sun, sucking in all the warmth they can on a nice Vancouver summer day. The wildlife knows as well as the residence of Vancouver, warm sunny days are not in abundance at times, so you need to enjoy them while you can. Also while enjoying this video you will see another gorgeous creature that loves this area. They are very majestic and amazing to watch. Keep an eye out to make sure you don't miss this beautiful bird. Squamish British Columbia which is only a short drive from Vancouver en-route to Whistler is another location that is famous for viewing the bald eagles. Whistler is just one more reason to visit this amazing part of the world. Beautiful British Columbia, Canada. Come visit and see what it is all about.

Hedgehog Family Adorably Eats Meal Together14s

Hedgehog Family Adorably Eats Meal Together

Check out these five cute hedgehogs as they settle down for dinner. Cuteness overload! These tiny spiky creatures may be the cutest little things while they eat they food with perfect politeness! Watch as they munch away adorably! With five bowls of food set out for five tiny hedgehogs, four of them crowd around one bowl, sharing their meal. The one who is the tiniest of them all sits alone, enjoying his privacy as he eats. The bowls are all color coded per pet, but they prefer to stay by one another, eating in each others company. The hedgehog is a small and spiny mammal native to parts of Europe, Asia and Africa and New Zealand. There are seventeen different species of hedgehogs. Their ancestry goes far back, having been named the hedgehog around the year 1450, deriving from the look of hedgerows on their backs and the pig like snout, making them look like a hog. Like many of the ancient mammals, they have adapted to a nocturnal way of life, coming out mainly at night and sleeping throughout the day. Hedgehogs are recognized by their spiny bodies, made up of hairs that are made stiff with keratin. These spines are not poisonous or barbed like those of a porcupine, and they do not easily detach from the hedgehog’s body. However, like a baby that loses baby teeth, a young hedgehog’s spine will fall out to be replaced by an adult spine. When this happens, it is called “quilling”. This can also happen when the animal is under extreme stress. These small creatures all have the ability to roll up into a small, tight ball when threatened and as a defence, stick their spines straight outwards when balled, using two large muscles in their backs to control the direction of the spines. When rolled into a ball, this protects their tiny faces, feet and belly which are tucked away. Hedgehogs use this defence method against common predators like owls, ferrets, fox and wolves. Hedgehogs, being nocturnal, will spend most of their day sleeping under bushes, in long grass, under rocks and most commonly in dens that have been dug deep into the ground. All species of hedgehog have the ability to hibernate during winter months, although not all of them do. It all depends on the temperature, species and abundance of food source. The cute little animals are very vocal and communicate with each other through various types of grunts, snuffles and squeals. The sounds they make depend on the species of hedgehog and with different regions and types of mammal; the sounds they make will differ. Hedgehogs are omnivores and feed on small types of insects, snails, frogs, toads, snakes, bird eggs, mushrooms, grass roots, berries, melons and even love watermelon. This makes us wonder what these five little guys are enjoying in their bowls for dinner. Either way they are incredible cute to watch as they stick their heads in their bowls and gobble up whatever it is that they are eating. Have you ever seen a hedgehog eat dinner? Tell us about it in the comments!

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Deer Arrives At A Woman's Door To Be Fed1m19s

Deer Arrives At A Woman's Door To Be Fed

Definitely if you are a faithful lover of nature and wild animals this video will enchant you, as well as leaving you surprised with the intelligence of this deer who arrives at the door of the place where the woman lives. She has fed and cared for it since it was a fawn and tries to get his attention so that it gives him some food. This beautiful specimen of deer is named Zoey. Zoey was rescued from her natural habitat when she was just a little fawn after losing her mother and since then she was cared for and nurtured by the woman until she was old enough to fend for herself. These species, although they are wild animals, have been developing a great capacity for adaptation and have become common animals, so it is increasingly common to find deer as pets or simply those that are raised where they can enjoy a great deal of happiness. The deer have shown a great sharpness and intelligence, as is the case of Zoey who despite that since she became an adult, has been released to fend for herself to lead a life as similar as possible to be in freedom in their natural habitat; even so Zoey comes back from time to time in search of some food and a little socialization. It is evident that these animals in adulthood are very constant in their habits, that is why this beautiful deer was inhabited by the woman and to be fed by her since she was very small, that is why she always comes back and tries to get her attention to receive some sandwich. The most interesting thing is that now Zoey does not attend this door alone, since she now has her own young and the rest of her flock, all invited to visit the woman at times and hopefully receive some delicious food. So if you are one of those who enjoy and love these beautiful animals, do not hesitate to share and like this video.

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Cat Gets A Stern Look By A Dog Because It Is Playing With Its Toys16s

Cat Gets A Stern Look By A Dog Because It Is Playing With Its Toys

Koi the kitty is an opportunist that loves to steal his canine buddy's toys whenever he gets a chance. Watch the cat’s reaction as he realizes he has been caught! This video footage is priceless. Wait until you see the cat’s reaction to being caught red handed with the dog’s toy! When Koi the fluffy tabby kitty finds his puppy brother’s toy, he goes crazy with excitement, rolling around on the floor, chewing on the toy like a maniac. He would never be this rough with one of his own toys, and relishes in the fact that the dog will never know if he played with it! As he is excitedly rough housing with the stuffed animal, using his back paws to try and destroy it, we see the puppy come to the glass door behind the cat. Koi doesn’t even notice at first and keeps rolling around with the toy like no one is watching. The look on the dogs face is completely hilarious! You can tell how unimpressed he is and when he is allowed to come back inside, he is going to teach the cat a lesson for touching his things. The unaware cat just keeps on playing right in front of the dog without knowing it. He is busted before he even has a clue! Koi just keeps on playing and playing while being watched from afar. The dog is plotting from the backyard and once he gets let inside, it is on! You can almost see the thoughts going through the pup’s mind as he calmly stares at the cat through the window. “I will get you feline! Just wait until I get back inside!” The funniest part of the video is when Koi the cat finally realizes that he is being watched by the dog. His reaction is hilarious and he takes one glace through the glass sliding door and see the dog! Koi jumps high up in the air with all four paws off the ground and takes off like a rocket. He leaves the beloved stuffed animal behind and takes off as fast as he can before the pooch can get the better of him! After the cat cowardly runs away from the staring canine, the dog just stands there looking down at his toy as if to determine if there was any damage done or not. The cat beat the stuffed animal up pretty good and he needs to make sure that there are no holes or rips from the kitty’s sharp claws. Have you ever taken someone else’s things to use and hoped you didn’t get caught? We have all had moments like this guilty kitty where we got busted with something we shouldn’t have and try to hide from the confrontation! This cat was definitely trying to avoid the dog and was scared of what he would do to him if let in. He bolts before he finds about and our guess is that he quickly went to hide under a bed in fear.

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Baby elephants overjoyed to play in river1m17s

Baby elephants overjoyed to play in river

Baby elephants are simply adorable. They are clumsy and awkward, yet beautiful at the same time. These elephants and their mothers are crossing a river but they stop for some serious playtime as they do so. They are overjoyed to be bobbing and diving, completely submerging in the river. They bump and push each other playfully and they disappear under the surface, only to pop back up again. The elephants are able too keep their trunks above the surface like a snorkel, breathing comfortably as the rest of them is completely under water. They also disappear completely at times, including their trunks. It's very likely that the weightlessness created by the water gives them a feeling of freedom, allowing them to move easily and gracefully, despite their enormous size and weight. Elephants are very social creatures, living in herds that range in size from eight to one hundred, made up mainly of females and their young. Adult males become more solitary and will live on their own, or with a herd of females, but competition for breeding rights deters them from existing in close proximity with other adult males. These elephants are Asian Elephants, often referred to as Indian Elephants. Very different in temperament and behavior, they closely resemble African Elephants in appearance. The most obvious difference is that Asian Elephants have much smaller ears than African Elephants do. Elephants are commonly taken from the wild and raised in captivity due to their strength, making them ideal for physical labor, but such a practice is extremely inhumane and is being discouraged around the world. Similarly, using elephants for circus attractions or for riding on is also an extremely unethical practice. This subjects the animals to a very unnatural life, exposes them to potential abuse, and creates a complete lack of trust in human beings. With elephants being as intelligent as they are, and as social, keeping them in captivity for any reason other than conservation or rehabilitation is no longer acceptable. Poaching and habitat loss has created such a reduction in their populations that scientists and animal conservation facilities are working hard to restore elephant populations and assist them in living a protected life as they deserve. Anyone wishing to see elephants close up can support sanctuaries and conservation centers, such as wilderness safaris, where elephants can exist naturally and without the confinement of zoos. To see these beautiful and majestic creatures playing with each other and showing complete joy like this is heart warming. This is how wild animals should be!

Horse Practices New Tricks He Has Learned57s

Horse Practices New Tricks He Has Learned

This horse is hysterical! As the owner Jessie attempts to train her horse’s new tricks, the gentle giant gets confused and finally rolls around on the hay-covered floor. Did you know that you could train horses tricks much like a dog? You train your canine companion to "sit.", "stay." With horses, you may command them to lift their feet, bow, lay or hug! This video is a comedic combination of all of the above! Horses may be compared to dogs or children. Their expressive personalities and behavioural characteristics let you know when they're happy and when they are angry or sad. Teaching tricks to your horse is a fun way to properly train them and help the animal maintain emotional control. Horses are known to be highly intelligent yet sometimes stubborn. If you do not share a close connection with the animal, they may not always respect your commands. Horses love to be around their human friends, but require some instruction as they desire to please your orders. They need gentle yet secure training that should start when they are young to ensure the best obedience results. They enjoy positive reinforcement and guidance. If you are able to teach your horse tricks then it is clear you have established a relationship of mutual respect. Humans that have chosen to indulge in the pastime of horse riding find great joy in the experience. Horses provide a gentle comfort with their calm demeanour yet giant size. Teaching your horse to hug is a wonderful experience. Horseback riding provides a one-of-a-kind experience of adventure and exercise, enhancing the human core-strength. Horseback riding may also improve human muscle tone, posture, endurance, balance and coordination. Most notably, horse-riders attribute the enjoyment of their experience to the mental escape being with such a beautiful animal provides. When you are in the company of such a large yet graceful being, you can't help but adopt their natural instinct of living in the moment and truly enjoying life. You can't help but laugh at the silly things they do and smile at their goofy big teeth and their grins. Have you ever fed a horse an apple? It's simply hilarious! It is a very special gift to share your life with an animal companion. Horse lovers and riders claim that one will never understand unless they share that same connection of teamwork riding such a large animal. The way you move together is outstanding. The way the horse responds to your commands. The way you trot through the woods or open fields, without direction or an end in sight. There is a reason horseback riding has withstood the test of time! Teaching your horse tricks is another added bonus to add to your relationship. At first, the training and tricks may seem too complicated. Eventually, the horse will start to understand your commands. Or even make up their own little routine like the horse in this video! Whatever the outcome, you are bound to be pleased! So satisfying!

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Parrot Asks Google Home A Question And Gets A Clear Answer21s

Parrot Asks Google Home A Question And Gets A Clear Answer

This video portrays a beautiful African Gray Parrot, and an obviously very intelligent one in that it asks Google Home a question… but that’s not even the best part! The parrot actually gets an answer from the device! Google responds clearly and accurately answers the question. Why is this impressive? Well, when you watch the video, you’ll hear the bird ask the question, and it almost sounds as if a human is saying this in the background. However, of course it is not a human; it is the parrot . Many parrot species can talk, but often times the “words” still do not sound quite right. The bird is mimicking the sounds he or she has heard from their human or humans. Parrots do not always or necessarily understand the concept of “words,” but they are excellent and reproducing sounds they have heard. The parrot in this video, though, has a voice so clear that the Google device has absolutely no trouble at all hearing and understanding the bird’s voice well enough to give a full and accurate answer. This particular types of parrots are incredibly intelligent, and arguably possibly the most intelligent of all the parrot species. Some are known to have learned to reproduce up to 300 or more words. The birds can also be taught specific concepts and objects or actions that link to words, almost as if they understand the word in the same way that humans do, even though their understanding is actually much different. One particular member of this species was studied extensively and worked with and taught by psychologist Irene Pepperberg at several universities for a total of thirty marvelous years! This bird showed that the species is much more intelligent than science realized at the time, as the bird (named Alex) was able to learn colors, numbers, textures, and many other things. He learned to “count” to tell his handler how many items she was holding at a given time. He could also determine what “matter” an object was and answer on cue correctly. This study opened new doors to science in remarkable ways. The parrot in this video definitely shows the incredibly high intelligence this species of bird can have. This bird not only repeats a word or two on occasion; he or she says full sentences. He has learned somehow, most likely by observing his humans and their actions and responses, that this particular question of asking about the weather initiates a response from the Google device resulting in more sounds and talking . Humans have long been fascinated by the animal world, particularly all of the different parrot species since they learn to mimic our sounds so closely and precisely. If you have never had time to hang out with a parrot, you should definitely do so in the future. They are so much fun to observe and enjoy. They are fascinating creatures that are so adept at figuring out situations, consequences, reactions, etc. Besides all of that, they also have very unique and hilarious personalities.

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Dog, Cat And Goats Enjoy Taking A Walk Together1m46s

Dog, Cat And Goats Enjoy Taking A Walk Together

From lizards to mammals, from birds to amphibians, the animal kingdom is full of super cute creatures that are all around us and because we live in the rat race and in the hustle and bustle of our busy lives, we rarely stop to contemplate the beauty of nature. With the modern life of fancy mobile phones, tablets and laptops, the outside world has somehow become of second or no importance to us. Instead of going out in nature and turn on the button of inquisitiveness and curiosity, we spend our free time being couch potatoes in the confinements of our flats. So, it’s a great idea that all those digital devices that play a central role in our hectic lives and take one hundred percent of our time to be replaced with the wonders of animals that surround us. We can’t deny that we all have at least a park, a field, a hill or a mountain near the place we live and we can kill time by actually exploring all these places. Maybe the video you are going to see, will serve like a motive and a reminder to hang out more with animals in nature and the antics they can offer. It is not only beneficial for your health, but having an animal by your side will make the gloomiest day sunny and the hardships of life more bearable. When it comes to interspecies friendships , these animal gang is a real hit. Just look how peacefully they walk together. It seems like the goats have the most energy since they dash around, stopping here and there to graze that delicious grass and go on with the walk. Nobody is forcing anybody to do something they don’t like, these group knows how to enjoy the fruits of nature and appreciate life. The cat, as usual, is a lonely hunter, independent, shrewd and self-confident, just like all cats are. Most of the time, she doesn’t need a lot of company, but this time she loves this get-together thing and enjoys the real meaning of friendship! Wouldn’t you like to be with these animals ? To run freely with them and making the most of your free time? Only the dog is on a leash which is understandable because who would run after her if she gets the zoomies? The cat sometimes leads the way, sometimes legs behind, maybe she is looking for mice or other interesting creatures along the way with which she can toy round. One thing is for sure, they are all there for each other no matter what. Their silent walk is a rare sight and it makes us rewind the video one more time. We just love their unique way of hanging out together. Exquisite! What do you think about this video? Make sure you tell us more in the comments down below. If you like what you see, don’t forget to share it with others who might like it as well. It just might be the highlight of their day! Enjoy!

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Mama deer brings her fawn for quick snack2m08s

Mama deer brings her fawn for quick snack

This woman cared for an abandoned fawn named Zoey for a short time before they took her to a rehab facility. When she was released back into the wild, she returned to her and visits her daily, bringing the rest of the herd with her. She recently gave birth, and today she introduced her to her new little one!

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Elephant Youngsters Present Sibling Rivalry Over A Toy1m40s

Elephant Youngsters Present Sibling Rivalry Over A Toy

The staff at the Chester Zoo mounted a log on a hinge in the elephant enclosure. It got taken over as a toy straight away by Aayu the older male calf of the herd and nobody else was allowed to play with it. He had fun wrapping his trunk around it and stepping on it. So when his big sister Indali came close to the log he was having none of it. He gave her a big shove. During the morning Indali tried a few times to have a play, but the watchful eyes of Aayu made this impossible. She wasn't even allowed to rub her bum on it when she had an itch. At one point he even grabs her tail! In an attempt to entertain the elephants at the Chester Zoo in Cheshire, England, the staff mounted a big, long log on a hinge in the elephant enclosure. It got taken over as a toy straight away by Aayu the older male calf of the herd and nobody else was allowed to play with it. He just loved watching it bounce up and down and had a blast moving it around with his little elephant trunk! This adorable little guy is having the time of his life playing with the log and even though the other elephants want to take a turn with the new toy, he has made it very clear that it is his and only his! Watch as Aayu has fun wrapping his trunk around it and stepping on it. He is having such a great time with the log that when his big sister Indali comes to close to the log, he charges at her with his head down in an attempt to protect his new toy from others. He gives his big sister a shove backwards away from the log as if to say “mine!” as a toddler would when their sister tried to take their favourite toy away. Even though she is bigger than him, Aayu still manages to push her several feet back away from the log. During the morning Indali tried a few more times to have a play with the new toy, but the watchful eyes of Aayu made this impossible. She wasn't even allowed to rub her bum on it when she had an itch. At one point he even grabs her tail to let her know that he wants her to leave at once. He is very protective over the new log in the enclosure and it is hilarious to watch him as her does everything he can to keep it all to himself! Aayu and Indali are the zoo’s newest and youngest elephants to join the family. Aayu was born in December 2016 and Indali was born at the zoo in January 2017. Despite their very large size, they are still babies as you can tell by their playful and entertaining personalities! Cheshire Zoo is a popular destination, visited by over 1.9 million people every year! They care about their animals, having 21,000 of them residing in the zoo are involved with many conservative projects in their area and abroad. The Cheshire Zoo also has 125 acres of award winning zoological gardens, making the Zoo a very poplar place with tourists. One of the zoos most popular exhibits is the Asian Elephants. These magnificent animals are showcased as the first exhibit when you visit the zoo due to their popularity and entertaining personalities. These elephants are very intelligent and sociable creatures that live together in family groups. These groups are typically led by the eldest female. The Asian elephants most distinctive features is their strong and powerful trunks which they use to forage for food, suck up water and of course, move toy logs around during play time!

Cat Slaps Dog's Face Like She’s Playing The Fruit Ninja Game8s

Cat Slaps Dog's Face Like She’s Playing The Fruit Ninja Game

Can a cat and dog coexist in one house? Sure. But, can you promise they won’t try to kill each other from time to time? Nope. Absolutely can’t promise that. This clip is a clear example of that theory. Hilarious footage shows the epic ten slap-combo this cat gave to the unsuspecting pup like she was playing the Fruit Ninja game. Hilarious! The video begins with a cat chilling on a beige color couch with its tail wagging cutely. A dog is sitting at the bottom of the same couch and he is borderline restless. So, he does, what is naturally expected of him. He starts playing with the cat’s furry tail. Now, one wouldn’t go too far with that, but our dog in this case is feeling super adventurous so he just decides to bite at the tail. HA! (Things are about to go downhill from here, doggie dearest!) The cat was just trying to have a peaceful time when the dog decided to irritate the life out of her. Yes, the cat gets irritated by the tail biting, but is kind of confused on who is doing it. Is it the person holding the camera? Is the kid in the background? Or it is someone else? It is pretty evident that the cat looks around trying to find the culprit. And guess what, our bold dog isn’t ashamed of his actions, he sits right at the same stop, look prouder than ever. With no hint of guilt. (In my opinion, he could have gone running for the hills, while the cat was looking around to find the offender, because what’s coming next is going to be really bad) The cat gives one look at the dog and knows for a fact who the criminal is. There is no going back for the dog, now. The cat goes one, two, three. Ten! Cat slaps are always hilarious, but a 10-slap combo is unusual, the cat must be annoyed beyond limit. The end of cat slaps doesn’t occur because the cat is done, but because the dog can’t take it anymore and is scared. (And now, he wants to go running for the hills, eh?) I think the dog’s learnt his lesson and will never try to annoy a peacefully resting cat. Or never annoy a cat, period. Can we take a moment to acknowledge the notorious kids in the background? Yes, the kids. They start with whispering in the background as the video begins, fully aware of the effect the tail biting is going to have. It is as if they were hoping for the inevitable to happen when the cat’s tail gets bitten . It’s so adorable, when the kids burst out laughing when the cat begins is raged slaps. But can we blame the kids for laughing their stomachs out? Well, every time I play this clip I go bonkers laughing just as hard myself. Did you laugh just as hard? I bet you did! Let us know what else did you think of this video by commenting below and stay tuned to watch more of such cat vs dog love-hate tales. Have you ever seen a cat play the Fruit Ninja on innocent dog’s face? There is first time for everything!

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Parrot Tells Owner It Will ‘Knock Her Out’12s

Parrot Tells Owner It Will ‘Knock Her Out’

Who says humans are the smartest creatures? Have you seen this parrot? In this video, you can clearly see the parrot threatens its owner by knocking her out. I guess the owner was being annoying like we all are at times. Only if the cats and dogs had speech abilities like parrots do, it would be perfect! Imagine the self-realization we would have had. Dogs are the sweetest animals no wonder. They love you more than you love yourself. They are the most loyal animals ever. They say they'll sacrifice themselves for their owner and the way we treat them sometimes isn't always the best. Imagine your pet dog coming up to you and confronting you about your behaviour. Lol. How uncomfortable would that be? Well now about cats - we think they don't really need speech to express their discomfort or irritability. They do that pretty well without speaking. Be it scratching something it shouldn't be scratching in the first place or by ruining our stuff. Again think if they had the ability to speak. We don't even want to go there. And here's this parrot, who can say “Shut up” along with “I’ll knock you out”. How amazing is that? But did you see the way the owner's partner laughed? Sometimes we wish to be like that parrot and say whatever comes to our minds without being afraid that somebody will get mad or offended, or without caring for others and see people just laugh it off without taking it seriously? How easy our life would be if people actually did that. All the mean things said by others were taken so easily by others and they would just laugh it off. Life would be so simpler. Now back to the parrot. The parrot learned what he learned with the help of its previous owners. We wonder how they taught it that either by a screaming “I’ll knock you off” at someone or at the poor parrot. Sad life. It is such a sassy parrot and we are pretty sure it likes being that way. Have you noticed its tone of speaking ? It behaves like a real boss! We wish we had a pet parrot like that who could speak and stuff. It could tell us when our hair looks really stupid and our outfit looks old-fashioned and not trendy at all. Someone who'll say “I’ll knock it off” if we are being a complete nuisance. Or say “Shut up” when we can't stop thinking about our sweethearts who we had met just two day ago. We hope over the time, this parrot will learn to speak more and more and eventually take up its owner's language so that all the language barriers among the parrot and its owners are stripped. But what's its original language anyway? Even though it has started speaking English, we wonder what was the language it used before? Any guesses? However, did you see all the colours over its body? Wonder what kind of a parrot it is. Have you seen a video like this before? Hope you have enjoyed this video and share it more if you want to say “I'll knock you out” to someone without actually saying it.

Baby monkeys use family van for hilarious antics1m18s

Baby monkeys use family van for hilarious antics

Baby baboons are among the cutest and funniest creatures on the planet. They are energetic and mischievous and always full of fun. They chase each other constantly and climb on everything available, including other baboons. These baboons live on a vast safari where they are protected from predators, poachers, and any other threats that baboons face. They have a huge tract of land to roam freely and their existence is as close to a natural habitat as possible. They have access to veterinary care, preventative medicine, food supplementation when needed, as well as the safety provided by the controlled access that the fences provide. This leads to longer and healthier lives. It also allows for scientists to study the animals and their behavior, allowing for better conservation efforts and success in rebuilding struggling wild populations. The funds collected from paying guests who come to see the animals close up in a natural habitat will also fund conservation efforts worldwide. These adorable babies are enjoying a day of playing and frolicking while the older baboons relax and graze. Some safari guests are getting an extremely close look as the animals climb on their van and get a close look at the people too. The baboons are curious and they are happy to sit on the side of the van and peer inside at humans, as if they were the ones on display. This actually provides us with a better look at truly natural behavior. The babies have learned that door handles make a good spot to swing and pull themselves up on. One of them tries to climb on his brother as he is trying to climb onto the van. They take turns leaping off the side mirror onto the ground, only to run back to the van and do it all again. This van is like a new toy in their environment and a new thing to explore. The people inside are an added bonus. Imagine having the chance to view these clowns of the animal world playing only a few feet away!

Laid back cat is amused by Great Dane puppy1m31s

Laid back cat is amused by Great Dane puppy

Jack the cat is amused by his new buddy Mikey the Great Dane, who is not so little anymore. Watch and laugh as Mikey debates whether or not to annoy Jack, but decides respecting the cat is the better option. Having reinforced that cat's rule, Jack has a nice stretch and strolls down the hallway!