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Cockatiel Bath Time Turns Into Singing Spectacle2m24s

Cockatiel Bath Time Turns Into Singing Spectacle

The Internet society is obsessed with animals, and rightly so. They’re cute, fun and loving, and we can never get enough of them. Such is the case in this cute video featuring two parrots, one is taking a bath, and the other is being his singing-in-the-shower voice. They are so adorable you won’t be able to stop giggling while watching it! After a late breakfast of bread crumbs and carrots, these birds get a bath and Sunny, the yellow Lutino, gets really into it, while Bijou couldn’t care less for it. The only thing he wants to do is to dance around and sing! Cuteness overload! Footage shows one exited parrot taking a bath in a plastic water bowl, while his feathered companion dances around it, singing a shower song. Usually, the shower is the place where one takes a bath and sings, and in this hilarious clip, we see two friendly parrots, taking their turn singing and showering, each playing a separate role. Who doesn't like to indulge in a little pampering from time to time? In this adorable video, we see two parrots, one of which gets treated with a refreshing bath, while the other is putting on his happy feet into action, dancing and singing around his showering mate. How cute is that! Apparently, these two parrots enjoy spending time together, and they even try to be together while doing something completely different. Watch as one of the parrots is enjoying a nice bath, while the other is dancing around its tub, being his singing voice! We haven’t seen something more adorable that has triggered our full attention in a while! This amazing clip is guaranteed to put a smile on your face, and urge you to look for your other half. These two are the perfect partners in crime! Just like wild birds who bathe in puddles and birth baths, our captive parrots need regular showers to keep clean, feel comfortable, and maintain good health. The desire to bathe is instinctive and some parrots will even bathe in their water bowls. Bathing also promotes preening, an activity where the bird will clean it's feathers with natural powder down that they produce and nibble the feather sheaths as new feathers grow in. Heartwarming footage has emerged of a bird enjoying a nice bath, while hearing the serenade his mate is singing. Watch as one of the parrots is splashing its feathers in the water bowl, while enjoying the musical performance his friend is putting, much to our amusement. It sure makes for a squeaky clean performance! Cuteness overload! Some of us love bath time, because it means some quality alone time, others do it just to get it over with. The same goes for animals, only they are either madly in love with water or avoid it like the plague. Some have been known to jump into the bathtub and eagerly wait for the water to start running, while others scream and kick and bite to get away! In this clip, we witness the different attitude two parrots have towards cleaning and bathing, each having an opposite behavior towards it. Take a look as the feathery animal spreads its wings and moves along to the spray and just can’t wait to get all nice and clean, while the other is singing its lungs out, putting on a real show. Apparently, not every parrot is the same. One takes hygiene too seriously, and the other is only concerned about its musical reputation. Have you ever seen two animals being this opposite in nature before? While one is comfortably nested in a plastic tub, the other one is dancing and singing around it. This video is a must-watch which will give you your daily dose of cuteness, we guarantee!

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Curious calves can't resist investigating camera58s

Curious calves can't resist investigating camera

Few things are as cute as newborn calves, but a field full of them is simply adorable! When these calves were romping around in the field and grazing, it was too much to resist and the camera came out. The calves were immediately curious and they walked closer, stopped, bumped into each other as they stared, and paused hesitantly. But eventually they ventured closer and stuck their noses right up to it. Some of the calves even licked the camera. Soon, the calves were all wiggling and pushing, trying to get a chance to investigate. The calves have all been born this spring and they are approximately one to two weeks old. Their mothers grazed contentedly nearby while the little ones played and explored. The new moms were mildly curious, but happy enough to chew on the grass and watch the youngsters from afar. These calves will eat constantly as they grow quickly. They will also explore everything new that they find, usually with their noses and mouths. They live on a beautiful farm with very large, lush pastures for grazing, a big pond for water to drink and play in, and lots of other cows and calves. They are free to roam all day.

Tiny baby phoebe birds eat shockingly enormous meals45s

Tiny baby phoebe birds eat shockingly enormous meals

Phoebes are small birds of the flycatcher family. They feed on insects of all sorts, perching on a branch until they spot a meal to chase down. They are also known to be very devoted parents, with both the male and the female sharing in the responsibilities. Both will catch food for the young and the male will also bring the female food while she sits on the nest. These two phoebes have found a sheltered spot on a beam under an overhanging deck of a log cabin on a remote lake in Parry Sound, Ontario. They typically seek sheltered areas such as this to build their nest. In this video, our parents have five very hungry babies who sleep until they hear the wingbeats of their parents returning to the nest. They open their mouths hungrily and chirp their demands for food. The parents fly back and forth repeatedly, bringing a meal every few minutes. Surprisingly, the babies are fed enormous dragonflies that seem much larger than they should be able to swallow. Their beak opens and the parent pops the large insect in, occasionally stuffing the meal deep into the baby's mouth. It seems to be a struggle to get the whole thing in and the babies work at swallowing them for several seconds before they actually disappear. Considering the size of the bugs, and the frequency with which each one gets fed, these babies eat a tremendous amount of food. The parents have a full time job, working almost all day to meet their needs. Another surprising thing is what happens when the food is digested. The babies start to wiggle until their bums are hanging over the edge of the nest. The parent sees immediately what is happening and gets in position as the feces appears. The mother or father quickly grabs these packages in their beak to fly off with it. Instinctively, they know to keep the nest clean by removing the waste right away. Phoebes are among the most dedicated birds and these ones are no exception. They will continue this hectic pace for several more weeks until the babies are ready to fly.

Goofy hedgehog sleeps in totally ridiculous position25s

Goofy hedgehog sleeps in totally ridiculous position

Every once in a while we catch ourselves in a weird position that sometimes isn't even comfortable, but we can't be bothered to move. Well, that's what happened with this adorable hedgehog. It is perfectly fine, in spite of not looking like it; it just couldn't be bothered to move. Animals are so funny!

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Hungry chipmunk takes on huge band of birds, wins the day52s

Hungry chipmunk takes on huge band of birds, wins the day

When it comes to a giant pile of bird seed you would never think a chipmunk could scare off a party of black birds, but this is exactly what happens as the chipper critter barrels in at full force and gorges his huge cheeks full of nature's bounty. His tactics work for a little while but that is until the all the birds band together to reclaim their tasty bird seed. So funny!

Mustang Plays The Banjo With His Lip38s

Mustang Plays The Banjo With His Lip

People that get to keep a pet of a few should consider themselves lucky. First off all, no idle hands there. Pets are a handful, they need constant grooming and feeding and general taking care of. All of that aside, animals are capable of showering their owners with the deepest, most pure and sincere form of love that ever existed. No matter if they are dogs, cats (yes, even cats!), rodents, birds or horses, when an animal feels loved, respected and secure around their human companions, they are able to love them unconditionally for the rest of their existence. Not to mention their capabilities to teach us a things or two in life. No, we are not talking about stuff like compassion, fair play, and personal space. Sometimes, our pets can teach us some pretty incredible stuff. Like, how to properly strum the strings on a banjo! Heidi Rosanne Smith is the proud owner of a gorgeous Mustang named Samson. He is quite a handsome fella and very lovable too. You would think that the horse would like nothing more than to run all day, munch on his carrots and stay still while his owner is grooming him. But when one day she visited him with the intent of entertaining him, he took things in his own hands. Or should we say, his mouth. It seems that there is more than meets the eye when it comes to this raven-haired, regal-looking guy. “This is my Twin Peaks mustang, Samson! I went to play some music for him because I thought he would like it and it would brighten his day,” Heidi wrote. “He started bobbing his head and then reached over to teach me a lesson or two! He’s got both the pickin’ and the grinnin’ in the bag.” “I wanted to take my banjo down to the barn and play for Samson. I figured he would like it and he sure did! This was actually the first time he ever saw or heard a banjo. He started bobbing his head while I played then he reaches over and starts playing it himself with his lip!” Suffice it to say, Heidi was just as surprised as we are when she noticed her big, handsome horse was trying to play some of his own tunes on the instrument. What is even more surprising is that the horse seems to know what he is doing. And it sounds pretty good too. Samson was born feral at the Twin Peaks Herd Management Area of California. "The night I met him, he clung to my side and stayed right next to me," Heidi said in an interview. "Our bond was instant." Sound like a true love story. Speaking of love stories, another horse seems to have also found a connection with an instrument - a digital piano. Sapphire the horse has an extremely surprising talent. She is a genuine virtuoso when it comes to playing the keyboard. And it doesn’t matter AT ALL that she doesn’t have any hands or fingers! She can still play a lovely sonata.

Momma Black Bear And Her Cubs Play With The Backyard Hammock3m05s

Momma Black Bear And Her Cubs Play With The Backyard Hammock

No matter how hard we try, we just cannot seem to understand the fascination bears have with hammocks. Why is that? Let’s be real, hammocks are hard to learn to use. And they were invented for sleeping and relaxation, imagine that! There are grown people who avoid them any way possible because no matter how hard they try, they just cannot seem to get inside! Hoisted between two verticals, you have to steady the fabric or netting in order to place your bum in the middle and surrender yourself to the bliss that comes with a hammock. Humans have trouble with hammocks, can you imagine what it must be for bears? Four black bears stumbled across these folks’ backyard recently and instantly became fascinated with their large hammock. That thing can hold two humans, accent on “humans”. But the curious mom and her three naughty cubs wanted to see if maybe they can manage to get inside. In the end, how often do you visit your first neighbor’s backyard? Momma Black Bear was the voice of reason in this entire charade. She tried to help one little cub up the unstable rocking net. What you see happening in front of your eyes is the process of learning through trial and error. Even though momma, just like a human mom would, was holding the hammock net and even lifting cub’s bum up to the swing, the baby bear just couldn’t control the eager movement of its limbs and failed and failed. She stood on one side of the hammock net, probably in the attempt to balance it, while the bear cub did its best shot to get on it. You know what happened? It actually managed in the end! Sure, it overturned once or twice, but hey, it obviously had zero fear of the hammock! The two other cubs were running around, not as much interested in climbing in as in devastating all hopes of bro or sis to learn to use the swing. Many of the cub’s attempts were actually made futile by its siblings’ doings. The other two cubs just got bored of the hammock quickly and preferred to spend their outing in the neighbor’s backyard chasing and wrestling each other, under the watchful eye of Momma Black Bear, who had to mind not one, but three rascals in the same time! This probably means that, no matter how big, a hammock is only good for an experienced user intended to rest, not steam off. Momma Black Bear knew that very well, and it seems she brought her cubs here with the sole intention for them to let some steam off, get well drained of energy and sleep better at night. What we got, as a result, is one of the sweetest videos of motherly love in the animal world, a footage very rarely captured. What did you think about this video? Make sure you tell us more in the comments down below. If you like what you see, don’t forget to share it with others who might like it as well. It just might be the highlight of their day! Enjoy!

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Super cute African penguins chill on woman's beach towel16s

Super cute African penguins chill on woman's beach towel

While in South Africa, this woman went to the beach and got to meet many cute penguins. She had the most unforgettable experience of her trip when she had the opportunity to see her favorite animal in person, the penguin. The experience became even more magical when a group of these funny birds came waddling up to her towel in the middle of a beach day. After spending several minutes exchanging pleasantries with the penguins camped out on her beach towel, the experience was punctuated with friendly goodbyes as the penguins went on their merry way. Located near Cape Town, Simon’s Town is known for being home to a huge population of African Penguins. Many people flock to Boulder’s Beach, where they can view the penguins from the wooden boardwalk that overlooks the area’s beautiful beach. But, the real treat sits just down the road at Foxy Beach. At Foxy Beach, visitors can enjoy a beach day with these sweet creatures! The woman was laying on her towel enjoying the sunshine and the beach day when a flock of penguins come running out of the water and onto her beach towel — completely stealing it from her! The gentlemen in tuxedos prance around her beach towel for a few moments. They dance around and say hello before waddling to their next stop. The penguins are hilarious and incredibly awkward on land, but when they reach the water, they are incredible swimmers and glide around like fish. They don’t mind sharing their home with visitors, but make sure to give them ample space because they can be territorial and they do bite! African Penguins are also called “black-footed penguins” for the obvious black feet. Additionally, they are called “jackass penguins” for the donkey-like call that is similar to the sound of South American penguins. These penguins are so cute, and visiting them at Foxy Beach is such a fun way to spend an afternoon beach day! This will undoubtedly be a highlight of this girl’s round-the-world (RTW) trip!

Rescued ducklings overjoyed to play and feast in pond1m52s

Rescued ducklings overjoyed to play and feast in pond

These five newborn ducklings play and splash with complete joy as they are released onto a pond during one of the most adorable rescues ever. Just hours before this, they were orphaned and alone, at risk of being eaten by predators or killed in traffic. Now they have been given a second chance and they are thrilled. Their reaction to hitting the water and finding food is heart warming. It started with a man named Mike, who traveled all the way from British Columbia for work. He owns Mercroft Construction, the company that was hired for a job in Peterborough, Ontario. When he reached his hotel, he saw five of the tiniest, fluffy ducklings wandering scared in the parking lot. He knew that not to interfere so he watched from a distance for a few hours, hoping the mother would find them. It soon became clear that their mother was not coming and the ducks wouldn't make it through the night without his help. Mike managed to scoop them all up and he put them in his room for the night while he made some calls for help. His friend Kirk, from Millbrook knew of a kind-hearted woman named Lucy who runs Wagging Tails Pet Retreat in Millbrook. No stranger to animal rescue, Lucy happens to be connected with a veterinarian who will help any creature in need. She reached out and set a plan in motion. Mike brought her the ducks and she gave them food and water until they could be delivered to Dr. Kristy. The ducks were released on Kristy's pond while she contacted Sandy Pines Wildlife Centre to see if they could help. While this was being set up, the ducklings quickly discovered how exciting it was to be on the water. They splashed, dove, and darted across the surface overjoyed at this freedom. They feasted on duckweed and algae, squeaking with delight as they did so. To see these ducks having such fun while they fill their tiny bellies warms the heart. After a few hours, they were scooped up and taken on a long journey to the rehab centre. Here, they will be cared for by the wonderful staff who will raise them along with other wild ducks. They will socialize with wild birds and will be handled as little as possible so that they can more easily be released successfully back into the wild when they are grown. Nobody knows what happened to the ducklings' mother, but these kind people have all teamed up to give them a second chance at life. At Sandy Pines, they will have the best possible chance. Rehab centres like these are only possible through hard working volunteers and staff who rely on donations. They can be reached at for information or for assistance.