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Hamster eats tiny spaghetti for first time, wants more1m03s

Hamster eats tiny spaghetti for first time, wants more

Watch this cute clip of Butterbean the Djungarian hamster and his first time eating spaghetti. He eagerly eats his pasta and looks for more of this tasty treat! Many of the best hamster treats are in your fridge already. They are healthy alternatives to the unhealthy treats designed for hamsters that are sold in pet stores. Look up credible sources that list of healthy foods for hamsters and double check that specific to you hamster's exact breed. Many fruits, veggies, dairy products and even small amounts chocolate are on the approved lists of treats your tiny hamster friend will love!

How to tame a totally wild cockatoo30s

How to tame a totally wild cockatoo

Australian Sulphur Crested Cockatoos can be friendly, however they don't start off that way and can inflict some serious wounds at high speed! This person has come up with a few techniques to help them get used to you quickly. Warning: Try at your own risk!

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Divers come face to face with super friendly manatee54s

Divers come face to face with super friendly manatee

Swimming in Florida on the Crystal River, this couple encountered a 3,000 pound female manatee. This manatee spent over 30 minutes with them, coming face to face on several occasions. At one point she lifted the woman up out of the water. Such an amazing experience! Manatees are now off of the endangered list which is a truly awesome experience. Did you know that each manatee throughout its life will come into contact with a boats propeller 2.6 times?

Chimpanzee decides to pick her mom's nose31s

Chimpanzee decides to pick her mom's nose

This is Coco, the mother of Jambo. She also has alopecia like her son Jambo, but hasn't quite lost all of her hair. She has been with Twycross Zoo since 1969. She was born in 1965. She seems to enjoy getting her nose picked by what looks like her daughter. She has a real good go at mom's nose. Gross!

Cute Bush Baby Plays Tag With Owner 1m01s

Cute Bush Baby Plays Tag With Owner

When we go home after a long working day, tired, stressed out, hungry and nervous, all we want to do is relax and enjoy a quiet evening. Often we spend that time on our laptops or our phones watching funny videos of dog and cats. However, today we have something more unique, a cute and funny animal that will change your whole perspective on cute animals and we think that these animals are underrated and should be on the top of the list of cutest videos. We are talking about galagos, and they are absolutely definition of cuteness! Noble is an adorable little galago (also known as a bush baby ), always playing and being mischievous. Here he is playing tag with his owner. Too cute! Just take a look at those big black sweet eyes, they are enchanting. Galagos are also known as bush babies, and they are cute animals with large eyes and ears, really soft fur and a long tail that will make you crazy about them and want one for a pet right away! They live throughout East Africa and most often, they live in tree hollows that provide shelter. These squirrel-sized mammals are exceptionally agile, ready to jump unimaginable distance and move quickly through the treetops. They are omnivorous, and the blended eating routine incorporates insects, little-feathered creatures, eggs, natural products, seeds, and tree gum. What makes them these animals such great pets is the fact that they are very friendly and they love to live in family groups. They are called bush babies because of their big, sad eyes and because of their cry that sounds exactly like a baby crying and of course their cute appearance. They are so small and sweet, and you can carry them in your pocket wherever you want. However, if you are considering to have a galago as a pet, you should know a couple of things before you take one and these tips are essential. They additionally have specific biological necessities. For instance, they require large spaces with climbing structures, concealing spots where they can withdraw for wellbeing and rest amid the day, and different things to animate their interest. It is essential to nourish bushbabies a fluctuated eating routine that incorporates organic products, vegetables, and live insects. They are also very active animals. They like to play, climb trees, and they also love hopping and jumping . However, of course, every animal has some pros and cons. The bad side of these cute animals is that when walking, they mark their urine on the ground and that is because they are dominant animals love to mark their territory. All species of galago produce species-specific 'loud calls' or 'advertisement calls.' These calls have multiple different functions. One function is long-distance identification and differentiation of individual species, and scientists are now able to recognize all known galago species by their 'loud calls.’ They are so unique! Don’t forget to share this cute video with your friends and family!

Talking parrot gives warning as he backs up28s

Talking parrot gives warning as he backs up

Einstein the parrot loves to spend time in the office while his owner works from home. Standing on an old TV, Einstein was providing the entertainment! Chattering away, Einstein began to make a beeping sound and at the same time he took a few steps backwards. He was imitating a back-up beeper, also known as back-up alarm, backup beeper, or vehicle motion alarm. A warning device used on trucks or large vehicle to warn passers-by of the vehicle moving in reverse. Einstein likes to perch by the kitchen window and he no doubt has observed a few trucks doing this outside. The garbage truck that passes every week would be a good example. Also, service vehicles like yard workers and other delivery trucks. Thanks for the warning! I wouldn't want to get in your way Einstein! Einstein the Talking Texan Parrot is a silly, smart, and popular parrot who loves to talk and entertain! He likes to have conversations with his owners, talking, doing animal sound imitations and acting silly. He also enjoys singing and dancing in some of his video compilations. With his amazing talking abilities, and funny antics, Einstein the talking parrot’s videos will keep you entertained for hours! Einstein parrot is also famous for some of his silly quotes and sayings. Online, Einstein the talking parrot is popular across many social media platforms. Einstein's favorite places to talk at home is perched on the shower wall, in the kitchen on his drawer, and on his screened in back porch. As stated on his website, Einstein's mission statement: "To entertain and bring joy, to foster the human-parrot bond, and to convey that parrots are deserving of immeasurable amounts of patience, nurturing, and companionship." Einstein's website, is designed to inform you about the care of parrots and also entertain you. As previously mentioned, Einstein is popular on many social media sites such as YouTube @einsteinparrot, Instagram @einsteinparrot, Twitter @einsteinparrot, and Facebook @einsteintexanparrot. Living with a parrot is a big commitment. Parrots live a very long time. A parrot such as Einstein can live to be 50 or 60 years old. Many larger parrots like Macaws can live to be 100 years old. They all require a lot of care, proper nutrition, training, time and patience. Parrots need a lot of attention and lots of toys and activities to keep from being bored. Parrots are also expensive, a large cage is an investment and plenty of play perches to spend their out of cage time. Specialized veterinarian care is also required. Most of all they require your companionship and a forever home. Many people decide after the first few years of parrot ownership that the responsibility is too great and the parrots become neglected and sometimes abandoned. When that happens they are sent to parrot rescue facilities to be adopted by a new family or some spend their lives in sanctuaries. It is often said, "Having a parrot is much like raising a 2 or 3 year old child for the rest of your life!"

Clydesdale horses run free in meadow and roll with joy1m12s

Clydesdale horses run free in meadow and roll with joy

Horses are one of the most beautiful and majestic animals. To see them run at a gallop is a sight to behold. There is a beautiful farm near Peterborough, Ontario called The Mane Intent. It is home to a herd of magnificent and wonderful horses. They have come from different places and different lives, but they have all found their way here, and they have all found a new purpose and a higher calling. The horses here are all have very unique personalities and unique skills and they work magic with people who come here for a variety of reasons. Some come to learn about themselves, others to learn about teamwork and leadership. Some come to learn about communication. The herd at The Mane Intent also works with first-responders, veterans, and with people who have experienced trauma. These are people who come here to heal or to deal with their grief and emotions. The human/animal bond works wonders with people, especially those for whom trust is difficult. Horses are exceptionally perceptive and they also respond to and react to a person’s body language, breathing, mood, and subtle behaviors. They invite connection. The relationship created with a horse gives people the opportunity to look within themselves and to understand how they can connect with other people. These connections reassure those with trauma that opening up and forming relationships is safe. To watch these horses work their magic with people is awe inspiring. And to watch them run freely in their meadows under the warm sunshine is simply breath taking. These horses are enjoying a day of leisure and they have broken into a full gallop as they enter their lush, green pasture. As they slow at the top of the hill, Belle, a beautiful giant Clydesdale with ice-blue eyes stops and begins to roll among the flowers. She is experiencing true joy in the moment and her happiness is obvious. In fact, watching her, it’s easy to share her joy as she flings her hooves high in the air in delight.

Gorilla tries to figure out how to drink from bottle1m20s

Gorilla tries to figure out how to drink from bottle

The zoo staff threw lots of different bottles filled with juice over the wall into the habitat for the gorilla family to drink. Lope grabbed one of the bottles and is trying to open it with its teeth. First on the site and then he has a go at the lid, but he doesn’t notice that most of is leaking out now. He then grabs some food that was scattered on the grass earlier and walks to a shadier place. There he found a new bottle and has another go at it, but the same happens again. You can see the juice squirting out of the bottom of the bottle. Lope is not someone that gives up and tries again, third time lucky, with the orange bottle. He gives it his all, holding the bottle with his feet and hands and trying to turn the lid again and hey presto he manages to open it properly this time. He drinks out of the bottle like a pro and again does his human swagger and parades the bottles through the enclosure.