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Race horse incredibly befriends giant turkey1m10s

Race horse incredibly befriends giant turkey

This video of a race horse and a turkey chumming together in a barn is absolutely heartwarming! When they say opposites attract, they must be right because the chances of these two species becoming best friends would have been thought impossible. Their friendship all began when their owner brought the Turkey, names Turklet home and showed him where the food was. As she bent down to show the bird where his food was kept, the turkey started to snuggle into her and beg to be pet. Once they knew how friendly and adaptable the turkey was, they brought him into the barn and introduced the turkey to the race horse, Grace. The two quickly got acquainted and have since been the best of friends. Watch as the two take a leisurely stroll around the barn together, never leaving each others side. Grace calmly walks around, snacking on hay of the barn floor while Turklet keeps him company. The two don't even have to look at each other. They just stay by each others side at all times. The horse even comes in for a little kiss and the Turkey just stands there and enjoys every second. You don't often see a turkey as friendly and calm as Turklet here. This turkey is completely domesticated and great with people and other animals. He loves to be pet and cuddled, and has even tried to climb onto his owners lap for snuggles! He is the charmer in the barn, fanning out his tail feathers and charming the farm visitors every day. He has a real attachment to Grace and will follow her around anywhere. Grace just took to him right away and befriended him immediately. Since their introduction, they spend every day chumming around together in the barn. Have you ever seen two animals like this become friends? Tell us about it in the comments.

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Rescued constrictor snake puts itself to bed after feeding time57s

Rescued constrictor snake puts itself to bed after feeding time

Eastern Fox Snakes are a large species that are native to states in the Great Lakes area, as well as parts of Ontario, Canada. They are often confused with other large species, including the Massasauga Rattlesnake, a venomous and widely feared snake. Although Massasaugas are no serious threat to humans, ignorance and misinformation contributes to many deaths each year by fearful humans. The Eastern Fox Snake, with it's similar markings and intentional imitation of the more threatening Massasauga, is also killed by the ill-informed. Eastern Fox Snakes are a beneficial species and without them, the rodent population, especially rats would increase dramatically. This snake is a constrictor, using its body to coil around its prey. It will squeeze and suffocate large rodents and then swallow them whole. Growing to a length of 1.7m or 5 feet, they are more than capable of taking down a full grown rat or similar sized rodent. This snake was illegally kept as a pet by an unqualified owner who did not have the required permit or adequate knowledge to properly care for the animal. It was seized and turned over to the licensed rehab facility where it lives now. It cannot be released into the wild after being raised in captivity. The snake simply would not be able to integrate successfully into a wild population and it might not know how to hunt effectively in the wild. It would also be irresponsible to release a snake without knowing its genetics and which specific population it had descended from. Introducing new genetics to a wild population would have unpredictable and possibly catastrophic effects. This Fox Snake is actually very intelligent and it has already learned that the blue tub which is kept in its larger habitat offers it a confined and comfortable den. Similar to a shelter that it would seek out on the wild, this tub is its bed. After being fed and handled, the snake is quite content. As this young biologist prepares to put him back in his enclosure, the snake recognizes the den and makes a beeline for the opening. It takes several seconds for him to completely disappear as he smoothly slithers in and coils up for the night. This is similar to a dog or cat putting himself to bed after meal time. Even his handler was impressed with the snake's ability to recognize its home and to find the entrance.

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Bearded dragon shares special friendship with puppy2m03s

Bearded dragon shares special friendship with puppy

Buddy the adorable puppy met Blaze the red bearded dragon today and he was just so sweet and gentle with her. They exchanged kisses and just hung out with each other for ages! Blaze is a two year old Red Bearded Dragon Lizard. She is a female and is normally quite a shy reptile, but when she met Buddy the dog was very calm and even seemed to like him. She kept walking towards him and just hung out with him for a long time. She even gave him a few kisses! Buddy is a Welsh Collie and is now 7 months old. His owners can't believe how gentle he was around Blaze. He seemed to understand that she was fragile and kept carefully lying beside her, making sure not to hurt her. Their owners were very careful when they first introduced them since they didn't know how either would react, and they will off course always supervise them. What an unusual friendship, who would have thought it!

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Wild iguana comes running for red peppers41s

Wild iguana comes running for red peppers

Cayman Islands were originally named after the sea turtles that inhabited the area but the name was later changed to Cayman Islands due to the presence of large lizards that dominated the landscape. Early explorers were actually seeing iguanas but they mistook them for caymans, a member of the alligator family. The native iguanas are large burrowing lizards that grow to an impressive three feet in length. With large claws and formidable teeth, a full grown iguana does not have many predators. They are omnivores, eating mainly vegetables, but they will happily eat birds, rodents, insects and even other lizards if the opportunity presents itself. These iguanas have become accustomed to humans because they reside near a research station and have been handled frequently in the course of studies and research that will ultimately assist in conservation and protection of the species. They have learned that humans will not harm them and can occasionally be a source of food. This giant beast comes running when he sees brightly colored red pepper slices in a bag. Attracted to brightly colored fruits and vegetables, he knows what the man has is likely delicious. Unless provoked, these lizards are gentle and have no reason to bite or attack people. If he is picked up however, he will turn into a savage bundle of claws and teeth and he will thrash and whip his powerful tail at any threat. Rows of pointed scales make his tail an effective weapon and it is enough to deter most animals. This lizard has been tagged with colored beads through the loose skin on his neck. The combination of the color and location of the beads can be used to identify him from a distance when researchers gather data about their mating and feeding habits. This information is crucial to protecting their habitat and predicting the effect of development on their populations.

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Narcissistic Parrot Loves Talking To Its Mirror Reflection31s

Narcissistic Parrot Loves Talking To Its Mirror Reflection

Rosie is learning how to speak! She sees herself in a mirror and keeps saying hello to her new friend. Birds and other animals make funny reactions when they see their reflection in the mirror. It's a fact. Parrots recognize their own reflection in mirrors as another parrot! They may even become attached to the image and overly protective of the mirror. Some parrots have been seen dancing for themselves for hours on end. Talk about reflection obsession! This colourful and clever bird is truly an experience to witness. Mirror, mirror on the wall. "Hello! Hello! Hello!?" One of the most common toys bird owners use is a mirror. But there's good and bad about giving parrots access to mirrors . It is recommended that the mirror remains a special occasion and not in constant sight. When a parrot becomes attached to the image, it may lessen their bond with you and create an unhealthy protective nature in the bird. Say the parrot has seen its reflection in the shiny metal toaster. Well, when the bird is in the cage, no one may be allowed near the toaster as the parrot will begin to frantically reaction in protection of their buddy. Parrots mate for life, and once they choose a mate, they stay together forever. Detaching your bird from its new lover will be a romantically impossible task! Mirrors may also confuse birds as they cannot hear, taste or smell the bird they think they are seeing. Without the ability to preen or touch the other parrot, they may become confused and frustrated. That being said, used correctly, mirrors may be an excellent addition to improve your parrots quality of life! Are you worried your bird isn't getting enough attention from you? Mirrors may even help parrots who are lonely think there is company nearby to improve the birds mood. Remember that glass mirrors are not only breakable but they are often backed with metallic compounds that can be toxic if ingested. Use caution in this endeavour, and do not give the cracking beak of a parrot anything it can shatter. On positive end of the behavioural spectrum, parrots’ narcissism can be an amusing thing, and, under certain circumstances, it can be a useful tool for redirecting some traits. On the negative end of the spectrum, it can lead to obsessive territoriality combined with aggression. Parrot people need to be aware of the possibilities when parrots fall madly in love with their reflections. Be prepared for any problems! Remember, birds can be kept singly just fine without access to a mirror. Many bird owners refuse to allow their birds access, and others do. It's a controversial topic of conversation with highlighted good and bad outcomes. It's your decision and use your discretion. We may never have the answers to the questions this topic brings to mind. The bottom line is that if it makes your bird happy and there are no unwanted behaviours resulting from it, there’s no reason to disallow this form of entertainment. There are many videos and conversations online regarding the topic. Explore which option may be best for your feathered friend!

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Young Owls Just Love To Dance For The Camera17s

Young Owls Just Love To Dance For The Camera

Check out these owls as they appear to be dancing in this funny footage. Too cute! Watch as six owls line up to perform what looks to be a dancing routine to music! These baby Great Horned Owls are having the time of their lives, bouncing and crouching away in total rhythm. The owl's movements are so hilarious, their owner decided to videotape them and record them dancing to music in this funny footage! These owls are very young and very energetic at night, being nocturnal. They get grooving after midnight and take turns crouching to the ground, then bouncing right back up. After one is done, the next one crouches down and bounces back up! This seems to be a hilarious game that we could watch all day. The baby owls even start to rotate, replacing their siblings when one of them flies away. They seem to have some sort of agreed upon dance moves here because they are clearly working together in this choreographed dance! The owls can even be seen watching each other as they look for their turn to bop to the music. What makes this video so hilarious is the way they stare into the camera with their huge, bulging yellow eyes, rarely blinking and looking right at the camera as they put on their show. They entertainment skills are pretty impressive! Did you notice that there is one owl in the bunch that decides not to partake in this dance routine? The biggest owl, possibly the oldest is not joining the dance troupe and just stands there without movement, staring into the video camera. Maybe he is too mature for this nonsense, or maybe he doesn't know the dance moves? Great horned owls are found all across North America. They typically reside in woodlands, swamps, orchards and other forest environments. These owls are also often found in suburban areas and make their way into residential divisions and even into cities. They typically nest in trees and are known to take over nests that have been built by other species instead of building the nests themselves. Great Horned Owls can take over nests built by Red Tailed Hawks, Crows, Ravens and even Squirrels. When these owls nest, they lay anywhere from 1-4 eggs in their clutch. The eggs will incubate for 30-37 days before hatching. When the tiny baby Great Horned Owls are born, they are completely helpless, with closed eyes and pink, bald skin. They must be kept warm, and the materials in the nest such as shreds of bark, leaves and downy feathers plucked from their own bodies help to keep these infants warm and cozy in the nest until they are ready to fly out on their own. Great Horned Owls are nocturnal and active mostly between dusk and dawn. They spend their nights typically hunting for food. When food sources begin to dry up, they can spend the entire night from when the sun goes down until it comes back up scavenging the forest looking for their dinner.

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Rabbit digging deep burrow reverses out when called1m01s

Rabbit digging deep burrow reverses out when called

Chikku is a very smart rabbit. She is eight months old and lives in Garhwa, India. You wouldn't expect a rabbit to be so well trained that it would come when called, but Chikku understands her name and responds. It's even more impressive that she does this even when she is in the middle of digging a deep burrow in the earth. Chikku can be seen here as she tunnels through soft dirt. Her owner, Mayank, recorded her as she began making a burrow in the garden in front of their home. She had dug quickly through the soil and was in a tunnel a few feet deep. We can see her back end as she busily scoops out dirt and pushes it behind her. She is an adorable sight as her little tail wiggles at the other end of the tunnel. She is working furiously but Mayank calls her and whistles. Amazingly, Chikku recognizes the call and scampers out of the hole backwards. She pops out and gives Mayank a look that seems to question why he disturbed her when she was so hard at work. As if deciding that it's break time she takes a few steps away from the hole, possibly done for the moment. Chikku is a wonderful family pet, spending most of her time in the house. She sleeps in a large cage that acts as her indoor den, although she has full run of the house during the day. She loves rice and pulses, which are a type of lentil. Blended together with a hint of spice, this is a delicious meal for a well loved little rabbit. After a good feast of her favorite food, she likes to stretch out in the garden in the front of the house and have a nap. Chikku is a very happy rabbit and her antics entertain the family.

Baby Owl Sings Along With Its Owner1m07s

Baby Owl Sings Along With Its Owner

Having a pet owl could possibly be the coolest sidekick on the planet, but having a singing owl that will belt out duets with you while you do your kitchen housework it priceless! Listening to these two sing together will surely make your day and make you want to go out and get a singing owl of your own! Check out this dynamic duo sing a tune together. Every time the lady sings a melodic tune, the owl chirps in, singing the same part every time over and over again. At first, you just hear the beautiful melody of a lady singing a nice little song as her pet owl is perched on the windowsill, looking out at the world. As soon as she starts singing, the owl looks right at her as if to say "I love this song!" He patiently waits for his part, and comes in with a "ooowww ooowww" perfectly on time! Every time, right before it is his turn to sing, he looks at her for approval to make sure it is time to shine! As the song continues, the beautiful owl starts to walk toward his singing owner and nibble on her fingers and continue singing this amazing duet! The owl finally jumps up on her laid out hand and enjoys a nice petting while being sang to. The bond between these two is so obviously special. The owl's owner starts singing "I love you" and the owl just stares into her eyes lovingly while enjoying being pet and sang to. The singing owl you see in this video is a horned owl, with its large puffy ears and big yellow eyes . The best way to identify a horned owl is by the large, thick bodies and the two feathered tufts on the top of its head. Usually, great horned owls are nocturnal and sleep all day. But this owl has been domesticated and as you can see here is not only away during the lights hours, but has enough energy to pull off a singing duet with his owner. The great horned owl is also commonly called the tiger owl because of their beautiful and unique markings. Their color changes with the season, as well as by the area that each individual owl resides in. This species of owl lives primarily in America and Canada and can be seen throughout the entire year. The call of a great horned owl is usually a deep stuttering series of four or five hoots, but in this song, he is clearly and consistently singing two hoots each time he joins his owner. This shows that singing this song may be a trick that the owner has taught him or something he just learned on his own, trying to mimic his owner when she sings. We could listen to this beautiful and incredibly unique duet all day long and would love to hear more than just this one song! Have you ever seen an animal that could sing? Tell us about it in the comments.

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Impatient Puma Can't Wait For Dinner Time45s

Impatient Puma Can't Wait For Dinner Time

Have you ever wondered what you would do if you have a puma over for dinner? We all know that they hunt and kill their prey in the wild, but when kept in captivity, what would you feed a puma with if you had to make it a meal? Well, you better know to make it fast or you may become the meal! Watch as this puma becomes very impatient waiting for his dinner to be done! The hilarious noises he makes are so entertaining, we could watch this big cat all day long! Here we see Messi, the domesticated puma becoming very impatient with his owner as he waits for his dinner to be ready. This beautiful feline is ready to eat, but his food still needs to be prepared. Messi the Puma sits directly at his owner’s feet while he starts cutting up the food and makes hilarious puma sounds that could be mistaken as household cat having a fight in an alley. Messi just sits there staring at his owner cutting up large chunks of meat with a butcher knife and place them in a steel food dish. The puma tries to get his face close enough to the cutting board and even goes as far as to start licking the knife. Thank goodness it is just the handle of the knife! The puma's patience wears thin as he waits for his hearty meal to be delivered and he starts chewing on the end of the table. He must be really hungry! After Messi's owner finished chopping up the beef, which has filled an entire bowl, he reaches for raw chicken to also be cut up for the puma's dinner. How much does this cat eat anyways? Messi's owner is telling him to relax and wait, but the he doesn't seem to want to listen and just sits there at his master’s feet, drooling over the raw chunks of meat on the table! Pumas or also known as cougars or mountain lions, are large cats in the feline family. Pumas are one of the most adaptable felines in the family, being found in a variety of different habitats and environments. They are primarily found in the mountains of South and North America. Although they are primarily found in the Americas, it is not uncommon to find them in other habitats like forests, tropical jungles, grasslands and even desert regions. Their adaptability allows them to reside in many places and you never really know when one may encounter a puma in the wild. Pumas tend to live in solitude instead of travelling in a pack, with the exception of the time when cubs spend time with their mother in the adolescent stages of their lives. Pumas will cover a very large range from their home to find food and water traveling 80 miles from home base during summer months and 40 miles during winter months. They are very food driven, as much of the feline family, and can effectively hunt for prey at night as they can during the day.

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Great Dane Puppy Barks At Cat To Initiate Play1m45s

Great Dane Puppy Barks At Cat To Initiate Play

Mikey the Great Dane puppy is quite a busy boy. Watch and laugh as he barks at Jack the cat to play with him, giving Jack a few play bows before Jack takes off running with Mikey in hot pursuit. Jack comes back for another round, while Mikey gets sidetracked with his stuffed alligator toy. At seven weeks old Mikey is still smaller than Jack, but not for long! Watch how this Great Dane puppy barks at a cat because he wants to play with it, the puppy barks at the cat to play with him, but it seems that the cat is not interested in playing with him, so the cat fled the puppy when he saw a good opportunity to escape. The Great Danes are dogs of an impressive stature, but this puppy is only seven weeks old and has not yet grown and learned enough, currently the cat is bigger than him, but that will not be for long. The puppy wants to play and teases the family cat which made for this funny video! A Great Dane puppy named Mikey intends to play with a cat named Jack, so Mikey barks a couple of times at Jack and tries to get close to him, but Jack stands still, does not seem to have any intention of playing with Mikey, for that reason when he saw the perfect opportunity to escape he ran to a room away from Mikey. The puppy tries to chase Jack but can not reach him, so he begins to smell the fireplace trying to find where Jack had hidden, but on the way he found his crocodile toy and started playing with him. Then, Jack returns for a second round of fun, but it's too late, Mikey is totally entertained with his toy, so he just climbs up to the table and watches him play from there, maybe Jack should have taken the time to play with Mikey. For years it has been said that dogs and cats can not live in harmony or share the same home, the truth is that both are predators by nature, it is a bit difficult to get both of them to get along, but it is something that can be achieved get. Today it is very common to see dogs and cats living in the same house, many say that everything depends on the education given to both, some people say that dogs and cats get along very well if they receive a good education, because despite to be rivals by nature, both have something in common, both love to play with their owners. The Great Danes are characterized by their impressive stature and elegant appearance, in addition to being very affectionate and full of energy, they are always trying to play and share with the family. It is likely that one of the main reasons why Mikey tries to play with Jack is so that both can create a bond of friendship, maybe Mikey is still a puppy and has a lot to learn, but has the right to have fun and make new friends, regardless of their appearance or age. Many people recommend to let dogs know and play with other types of pets, as this helps them to better understand the world and to quickly learn what are the positive and negative aspects of things. It is important to educate pets at an early age, because when they are adults it is difficult to provide them with education. As we can see in the video, the animals will always have the intention to play. Jack, do not be bitter, play with Mikey!

Baby Chimp Gets Stuck In Desert Sand Trying To Drive An ATV15s

Baby Chimp Gets Stuck In Desert Sand Trying To Drive An ATV

You have to observe how this little chimp gets stuck in the sand while trying to drive an ATV. It seems that this little chimpanzee needed a team of chimps to free the tires from the sand. Chimpanzees are fascinating animals, they have the capacity to do almost any activity that a person does, maybe this little one thought he could become a great driver, but the sand did not allow him to fulfill his dreams. This is really fun! The ATV of this little chimpanzee is stuck in the sand while trying to fulfill his dreams of being a great driver, however his bad luck was interposed which only made his dreams not fulfilled. The little chimpanzee tries to do everything possible to free the ATV from the sand, but it seems that his effort does not yield any positive results. The small chimpanzee tries to hold the back of the ATV while accelerating with the intention of letting the tire get free of the sand, even the chimp leans forward to see if his effort has results, but it is not enough. Call a crane immediately! This little chimp should fulfill his dreams. Today you can find hundreds of documentaries related to chimpanzees, the truth is that they are admirable animals for their sense of curiosity and intelligence, some say they have a lot of similarities with humans. In the world of cinema we can find films related to chimpanzees, as is the case of the trilogy of "The Planet of the Apes" that have been in charge of showing the skills that chimpanzees possess, we are sure that science fiction often seems a possible reality. The chimpanzees are very intelligent animals capable of doing many activities that people do and with a good education and training, they can practice almost any sport and can even drive small cars. These animals have the ability to adapt quickly to almost any type of habitat, no matter where they are, they never stop exploring and learning, they can even try to communicate with people with sign language , really the chimpanzees love to have fun with people. The largest population of chimpanzees is distributed in areas of Africa, however nowadays they can be found almost anywhere in the world thanks to their fascinating learning and the variety of things they are capable of doing. Chimpanzees are animals that always look for fun, no matter where they live or who they live with, it is likely that after watching the video we all want to have a chimp pet, some people need a companion to have fun. It is considered very important to learn from all the animals that inhabit the earth, there is no doubt that chimpanzees are one of the most interesting animals, they can have fun and help us in our daily tasks if we educate them correctly, there are even some chimpanzees that can practice some sports and driving small vehicles, like the little chimp that is shown in the video, who does everything in his power to free an ATV from the sand, but it is impossible to do it without help, you should call a team of chimpanzees to help him to release the ATV.

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Baby tortoise hatches from shell24s

Baby tortoise hatches from shell

A newborn tortoise emerges from its shell in this super cute clip. Full credit:

Mechanic Finds Furry Stowaway Within Car5m27s

Mechanic Finds Furry Stowaway Within Car

Ready for the best video you have seen in a while? Okay, we thought as much. Grab your cuppa coffee and find a comfy position. Here we go! This jewel was made on September 6, 2018, in Sunderland, Tyne and Wear, UK. This is what the maker of the video said about this event: "A customer came to the garage worried about a scraping noise inside of her car. The customer presumed an animal had become trapped somewhere within the car. My colleague and I checked underneath the car and could see nothing, so we assumed the animal had fallen out or ran away. We then heard the same noise she had described from within the wheel arch. We attempted to remove the screws, but as they were rusted in place, they would not come undone. The customer asked to remove whatever it was in any way we could. I decided to film it as we thought it would have been a rat or a small bird. Previous to the video being taken we had tried to remove the wheel arch." Don't you just want to grab this cutie and take it home? Yeah, we know there was a lot of work put into its rescue and it will definitely cost a few dollars but it is definitely worth it! That precious hamster face is saying: "OK guys, where next?" But wait, don't move a muscle! We have more hamsters running for you. Take a look at this "scary" one. The lazy pooch is not impressed with the new hamster pet . Here's the thing with those irrational fears we all suffer from (don't deny it!) - the less sense they make, the worse they often are. The small the object of your fear is, the more irrational it gets. Take this dog for example. Can you imagine a big Bernese Mountain Dog, being scared of a tiny little hamster? Well, this dog is scared of the tiny rodent and just will not look it in the eye! Doesn't matter that he is like 1000 times bigger than the tiny creature and would certainly win in a fight, if it comes to that. This puppy is definitely not pleased with his new furry friend. Despite attempts made by owner Songyi to introduce the cute pair, this dog did not want to see eye to eye. The Bernese Mountain Dog was quick to turn its nose up at the new furry member of the family. The hamster is welcome to live it's little life in it little pellet den all it wants, just keep it away from the dog and his personal space! This funny video went all the way to Reddit, where fellow Redditors poured their stands on what is going on in the video. The best has to be: “That’s a good way to not have a hamster much longer.” So there you have it – if your dog doesn't want to meet the new rodent, stop shoving it in its face! The dog has nothing else but a silent treatment for his supposedly new friend. He gives the hamster such a cold shoulder that we have to rub our eyes to believe it. Dogs are usually the friendliest canines, but who knows what has gotten into this Barnese. Is it the fear of mice that led him to stupor or the fact that he has to share his owners and his personal space with another “invader”? Whatever the case, he remains off- putting, cold and distant and what is more he can’t bear to look this little creature in the eye. What a funny dog!

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