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Curious Cows And Calves Gather To Watch And Follow Drone1m07s

Curious Cows And Calves Gather To Watch And Follow Drone

At first glance, it seems that cows wonder through pastures living a seemingly carefree life. However, they have complex thoughts and display a multitude of emotions. Moreover, cows characterize with distinguished traits such as being dominant, annoying,curious, mischievous, loving, friendly, and adventurous. Who would have thought that beneath that calm exterior there is a boiling mass of emotions? What is more, some researchers suggest that cows have “best friends” and get stressed when separated. To anyone who works, or has worked, with cows, it comes as no surprise that cows are capable of friendships. There is a beautiful farm near Millbrook, Ontario, Canada with a wide expanse of land that is made up by lush, green pastures and meadows full of grass, clover, and wildflowers. This farm is home to a herd of very happy cows who spend their time grazing and relaxing in the sunshine. Many of the mothers have recently given birth to new spring calves and they enjoy the fresh summer air, occasionally wading into the ponds to cool off, or to cover themselves in mud. The calves run and play together, taking frequent breaks to nurse on their mother’s milk. The cows are well taken care of here and they are treated very well. This is a farm that runs much as things used to, when the cattle led a more natural life. A drone was sent up in the air over this farm on a warm, summer day. The intent was to capture footage of the green countryside and beautiful property, as well as the herd of cows enjoying the nice weather. The cows have never seen a drone before, so it was a mystery how they would react. Several high altitude flyovers got no reaction from the cows. The drone was slowly brought closer and lower until it became obvious that the cows were not bothered by the drone, or the noise. Surprisingly, the cows were curious about the mysterious flying object. They walked closer to inspect it, mooed curiously and then slowly gathered in a circle to stare up at it. The drone was slowly backed away and the cows did something even more surprising. They followed it and tried to get a close look. Some cows show annoying and even aggressive antics when it is milking or feeding time. Dominant cows always push their way to the front of the queue, bully and intimidate more sensitive souls, and dictate when and where the group will move around their pasture. In contrast to this, there are gentle cows that will appreciate a scratch behind the ear and are both curious and terrified of any new thing. And there are those cows, too that jump for joy when they see grass for the first time. As they are set free in this video, in a pasture in Netherlands, they instantly jump in the grass, overjoyed with excitement. Apparently, they are ecstatic because of the change of seasons with spring being at the doorstep. What is the best season for celebrating life if not spring?

Clydesdale rolls with complete joy during sunny day46s

Clydesdale rolls with complete joy during sunny day

Belle is an enormous and beautiful Clydesdale horse who loves life. She adores the farm that is now her home. She spends her days in a paddock or in the barn with 9 other horses in the herd. She also runs free in a lush, green meadow next to the paddock, a wide expanse of land with gentle slopes covered in grass and wildflowers. Belle also loves sunny days and the warmth of a summer breeze. Here, Belle has just been let out into the paddock with the other horses. She walked around with her nose in the air and checked out all the sights. Then she chose a spot in the dirt and lay down for a good roll. Horses roll for a variety of reasons, but Belle seems to do this most when she's happy and carefree, as she seems to be on this early summer day. Belle and the others live the good life at an incredible farm called The Mane Intent. It's in Indian River, near Peterborough, Ontario. The Mane Intent is no ordinary farm. The herd has been carefully selected for their unique abilities to work with people in unique circumstances. The farm offers experiential learning and development. Some come here to discover or work on leadership skills. Others come here for introspection and a different perspective on themselves. And some come here for healing or to help with emotions that follow traumatic incidents. Many trauma victims and first repsonders find that horses open up the door to discovery of a path forward after a difficult experience. Horses have been used for healing and therapy for many years and professionals are now recognizing even more how beneficial they can be. The horses in Belle's herd have come from a variety of backgrounds. Some worked extremely hard and some needed a more ideal home, but whatever brought them here, they are all living in a little paradise and accomplishing some amazing things for very deserving people.

Polite Deer Bows Head To Receive Treats15s

Polite Deer Bows Head To Receive Treats

This deer is so gentle and polite! He has been taught to bow his head to ask for food. This video was taken in Nara Deer Park in Japan. In this 1600 acre park, over a thousand friendly deer have all learned to bow like this. It has become a popular tourist attraction and many vendors around the park sell “deer cookies” which are healthy for the deer. Feeding them other food is discouraged. It is free to enter and explore the park. This park could be the only park with the most polite deer in the world. The park is home to hundreds of freely roaming deer. Considered in Shinto to be messengers of the gods, Nara's nearly 1200 deer have become a symbol of the city and have even been designated as a natural treasure. Nara's deer are surprisingly tame, although they can be aggressive if they think you will feed them. deer crackers are for sale around the park, and some deer have learned to bow to visitors to ask to be fed. The courteous deer can be seen seen bowing to a man offering her food every time the deer takes a tasty snack from him. The video shows the kindly young man extending his hand, holding out what appears to be small cookies and he gratefully takes the morsel, nibbling happily. As the animal-lover straightens up he bows at the speckled creature. Every time the man gives him biscuits, he repeats the gesture of respect bending his majestic head towards the ground. Having learnt what to do to get his hooves on more treats, the well-mannered deer bows back at the generous young man every time he proffers a biscuit, sometimes without even finishing chewing. He also isn't half-hearted with the gesture, and bows his head so far down that his imposing antlers nearly graze the ground. But soon the man’s food supply runs out and he holds out his empty hands to signify there are no more snacks to be eaten. He leaves the deer by making a Japanese greeting and the deer understands that his visitor parts ways with him. He just looks at him knowing that he will not come back and the deer will have to wait for another visitor to amaze. Did you know that there are over 60 different species of deer worldwide. Deer are present on all continents except Antarctica. All species of deer have antlers, with the exception of the Chinese water deer. Each year, antlers fall off and regrow. As they regrow, they are covered in a furry coat called velvet. Have a look at this amazing video filmed in Bernville, Pennsylvania when a four-years-old Buck is shedding his velvet. Bucks shed their antlers between January and April, depending upon many factors including the animal’s age and the latitude at which it lives, after the mating season concludes. Fortunately for the deer, shedding antlers causes them no discomfort. This video shows a deer frantically trying to free himself and forcefully trying to launch itself away from the fence.

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Guinea Pig Whistles And Chirps For The Camera47s

Guinea Pig Whistles And Chirps For The Camera

If you ever ask a small child what kind of pet they would want, they will probably answer something along the lines of “kitty” or “puppy”. Our guess is because this is something they can easily interact with - take them out for walks, or hug and cuddle them all day long. But kids are too young to understand the extent of the care necessary for such a pet and it is also probably why parents rarely decide it is a good idea to get their children a pet like that. If only folks knew how incredibly easy it is to look after a guinea pig. Sure, they are part of the rodent family and when you say “rodent”, folks automatically think of sewer rats. In reality, they are some of the cleanest little rodents out there. Not to mention how incredibly easy it is for kids to take cleaning after their own pet in their own little hands. And without the parents having to do all those hard yards! Brenda Green from Rancho Palos Verdes, California has two big dogs of her own, Samson and Sebastian the Newfoundlands. The two big little dogs are best buds with her daughter Sienna. But the big family also has one very tiny, squeaky little member - Ginger the Guinea pig. She is equally as friendly and cuddly as the two black dogs, with one exception. She makes far less of a mess than they do. Oh, and she chirps like a birdie whenever she feels content. See if the dogs can chirp like that! If you ever considered owning one of these adorable little balls of fluff, you should know that communication is crucial with them, as their sense of vision is far worse than humans’, especially in terms of distance. That is why it is crucial to understand the several types of sounds these animals make, in order to ensure a solid understanding with your pet. Guinea pigs are known to make a total of seven distinct sounds: A wheek or a whistle, which is a loud expression of general excitement as a response to the presence of their owner. It is directed exclusively towards humans, as scientists have found that guinea pigs never make that sound in the wild. Domesticated individuals have “learned” to make this sound because they depend on their humans for pellets or treats. They might also when lost and in need of assistance. A guinea pig may also make a purring sound, like when pet or simply held. They might also make this sound when grooming, investigating for new places or when food is given. When super excited, guinea pigs have been known to do a movement adorably named “popcorning” - they make tiny jumps in the air as if they were kernels! How cute is that? When scared, they make rumbling sounds, while shaking their bodies. It is a sound normally related to dominance within a group. When they look to warn another individual within a group, they will gnash their teeth together, makes a chattering sound, and raise their heads higher. Baby guinea pigs have been known to chirp when asking for food, a sound they can make for several minutes at a time. In adults, it is a sign of stress or discomfort.

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Bearded Dragon Shoos Off A Kitty Intruding His Bath  1m13s

Bearded Dragon Shoos Off A Kitty Intruding His Bath

Are you one of those people who just loves dinosaurs and dragons? Did you perhaps, collect rubber toy versions of these amazing animals when you were a child and dreamt of going back into the distant past just to have a look at dinosaurs? Or you imagined a little magical dragon resting on our shoulder just to protect you from harm? Unfortunately, dragons are fairy-tale creatures, and dinosaurs died out a long time ago, however an animal still exist today that might satisfy your taste for both – the bearded dragon. Bearded dragons are very clever lizards, with good eyesight and excellent reactions. This makes their behavior very interesting. Scientists have conducted experiments on bearded dragons and proved that they are capable of learning in such an extent that now dragons are considered the marmosets of the reptilian world. Their interest for their environment is so enormous that that would study, analyze and build a relationship with everything that comes in their way, starting from their owners and ending with the objects they find, making frequent surveillance trips around the room. Therefore, no small and bright details should be allowed lying around, they will all be inevitably tasted or eaten. This is why bearded dragons are very fond of guests, because guests are new objects for study. Despite the fact that this species of bearded dragons lives in quite arid regions of Australia, reminiscent of the African savanna, they are very fond of bathing and swimming and you shouldn’t deny them of this pleasure. This is the lesson the can in the video on the top of the page learned the hard way. Watch! Meat Francois, the bearded dragon. He is the typical example of his species: the dragon heart fears nothing, not even the fiercest predator in the world of domestic animals – that cat. You can see him enjoying his bath time, or trying at least to be left alone in those moments of pleasure, but he is sharing his home with another household pet who would not leave him in peace. The cat is so curious: why would anyone, even a breaded dragon want to soak in water!? But Francois has no fear at all. He is so confident, teaching this curious cat to stay away while he enjoys his bath. Bravo, Francois! As you can see in the video, the bearded dragon is a real dragon in your house! It is not that Francois did not warn the cat to stay aside with his body language. If you watch carefully you can see the system of gestures for communication. They love to communicate. They nod their head, raise their front legs and snap their tails. Usually, males nod, either quickly and aggressively, to show who is the owner of the stone they are perched on, or gently, hinting to the female suggesting their affection. Being very intelligent, bearded dragons can show to be very lenient and tolerant towards other animals in the household, but, mind you, only if the animal is larger than them (they will simply eat smaller ones). Most likely, a peaceful encounter will start and finish as such, but if the animal, like the curious cat in our video, starts to molest or tease them, then this lizard will show all the flamboyant colors the the dragon hidden inside.

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White Cockatoo Barks Like A Dog At The Dog Park56s

White Cockatoo Barks Like A Dog At The Dog Park

You have probably heard of the talking cockatoo. In fact, most of the bigger birds can imitate sounds and phrases they hear most often in their household. Take Einstein the talking parrot for example. That bird is so advanced in his communication skills, he can ask for his favorite snacks, like popcorn and pizza, he can shower his owner with affectionate word of love, he can even sing nursery rhymes. Not all parrots are like good old Einstein, but most of them are able to imitate the sounds of other animals. And if they have grown accustomed to another animal in the house, they will most certainly learn their language in order to communicate with it! For example, check out sweet Brandy here. She is but a distant relative to Einstein and she has been living with her humans for the past 31 years. When they brought home Chou Chou the pooch, the bird gave her best shot at learning the dog’s language, because this is a new member of the family and communication is a must. The two have been housemates for the last two years as Chou Chou has been around and Brandy has become a sort of expert in dog language. Whenever Brandy wants to get attention from her housemate, she approaches the dog carefully and smacks her beak. When that doesn’t work, she takes communication to a whole new level - she barks at Chou Chou! We can’t say whether or not Chou Chou understands Brandy’s bark. But they seem to get along just fine for now! Adorable! We don’t know whether this cockatoo has a canine friend to share the house with, but Violet sure knows the language alright. Why wouldn’t she, since she has been spending enough time at the dog park as it is! Visitors at Washington Square Park in Greenwich Village were in for quite a surprise when they spotted Violet, propped up on a bench, crest feathers flailed and barking at a poor, unsuspecting dog. We can’t tell who is more confused at the barking bird, the people or the pooch! The big white bird started barking at the fluffy dog as soon as she laid eyes on it. 'Woof! Woof! Ruff! Ruff! Ruff!' she barks. Whether it was the fact that she, too, was attached to a leash herself, or maybe it was the overall concentration of canines in the area that made Violet suddenly change roles and turn from a flying bird to a barking dog. Everyone else in the park seems to get a solid laugh out of her performance. The dog, however, doesn’t move a whisker. It just sits there, gawking at the weird-looking creature that sounds like a dog but looks nothing like one. What is her problem? Why do cockatoos do that? Well, there is a perfectly solid and scientifically explained reason behind it. According to Michael Schindlinger, an assistant professor of biology at Lesley University, it is a cockatoo’s way of showing off their mimicry skills to other individuals. "Imitative vocal learning is also a reliable social display of neural functions — requiring good hearing, memory and muscle control for sound production — that may be under consideration by a potential mate or ally," Prof. Schindlinger wrote in Scientific American. Well, that makes a lot more sense!

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Drone captures majestic Clydesdales running with herd1m28s

Drone captures majestic Clydesdales running with herd

On a warm summer day near Peterborough, Ontario, a lush, green meadow lies waiting. The wind bends the wildflowers and long grass gently. Shadows of the few small clouds play across the field slowly. The scenery is a mix of gorgeous green hues and blue and white blossoms. Only one thing would make this spectacular landscape any more beautiful. A magnificent herd of horses strolls in the paddock next to meadow until they see that the gate is open, inviting them to stretch their legs and run free in the sun. They pick up their pace excitedly and each one falls into line as they trot through the gate and into the pasture. Here, they break into a run and make their way to middle before stopping to graze briefly and catch their breath. Suddenly, out of the blue, one of the horses will raise its head, sniff the breeze and burst into a a gallop. The others follow as they make their way up the slope to the upper meadow where they all meet again to stand and graze. Samson, a magnificent and powerful chocolate brown Clydesdale, always takes up the rear. His giant hooves create a thunderous sound as he moves. Harry, the only one wearing a halter, runs more quickly to catch his friend, Sebastian. The two are never far apart. Harry is wearing a fly shield as he is being treated for an eye condition. This magical place is the Mane Intent in Indian River, near Peterborough, Ontario. As gorgeous as this farm is, and as breath taking as the herd is in a gallop, the most wonderful thing about it is actually impossible to see here. The Mane Intent conducts a very unique program that pairs people up with horse for life coaching, experiential learning, and self discovery. The horses also work with first responders and victims of trauma for healing and therapy that has to be seen to be believed. Each horse has a unique gift for connecting with people and a personality that provides beautiful and unexpected results. The herd truly works magic. This farm provides a gorgeous setting for their incredible work, and a beautiful home for a very deserving herd. Some of them have worked hard and now need a more relaxed life. When they are not interacting with and helping people, they spend their days grazing and running in the sunshine, or just relaxing in the shade under a tree.

Monkey gives kitty cat loving kiss1m13s

Monkey gives kitty cat loving kiss

It's no secret the special bond shared between this Java Macaque named Angel Bullock and her rescued kitty Scruffy, and this video just backs up that knowledge. They lovingly play a little "got your nose" before their loving kiss. Adorable!

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Orangutan youngster goes totally  ape over popsicle1m18s

Orangutan youngster goes totally ape over popsicle

This is the orangutan youngster from the Paignton Zoo in Devon, England. The zoo staff had a surprise for the Borneo orangutans; they put a giant fruit flavored ice popsicle in their habitat and also a nice big blanket to play with. The popsicle seems to have all kind of stuff in in like mixed fruit, veg and herbs. Yum!

Abandoned kitten befriends gentle husky36s

Abandoned kitten befriends gentle husky

These people found a very malnourished kitten with an eye infection and saved him from the roadside. They took him home and cleaned him up and fed him. He has been purring and loving on everyone since! They have called their rescue kitten Ty, and they hope to get him healthy as quickly as possible.

Rescued ducklings' beautiful response to being released on a pond1m30s

Rescued ducklings' beautiful response to being released on a pond

These five adorable little ducklings are only a few days old. They were orphaned and found running around in a parking lot of a motel in Peterborough, Ontario. A kindhearted man named Mike had traveled from British Columbia and was staying at the motel because his company, Mercroft Construction, had been contracted for a big job in Ontario. As he finished work and reached the motel, he saw the ducklings without their mother. He watched them for several hours and there was no sign of the mother. She may have been hit by a car or caught by a predator, but either way, Mike knew the ducklings were in trouble and needed help. He scooped up the five little orphans and put them in his bathtub for the night. He gave them some water and some food but he didn’t know what he was going to do with them. Luckily, he had a friend named Kirk who lived in the area. Kirk introduced Mike to a woman named Lucy Davidson, a kind hearted soul who is well known for her love for animals. She runs the Wagging Tails Pet Retreat but her farm is truly an animal sanctuary for creatures who need more love and care than some people can give. Almost all of her animals are rescues. Lucy has a friend who is a veterinarian. She called Dr. Kristy for help with the ducklings. Birds need to be raised with other wild birds so they learn social and survival skills as well as a healthy fear of humans. Dr. Kristy put the ducklings in her pond while she arranged for them to be taken to the Sandy Pines Wildlife Centre in Napanee, Ontario. The ducklings were thrilled to be set free in the pond for the morning. They splashed and played in the water, diving below, and running across the surface. It was heart warming to see their reaction as they realized that they were being set free on the pond. They had spent the last day in a parking lot, a bathtub, and a box before finally reaching the freedom of the pond. The ducklings also gorged themselves on duckweed and algae. With full bellies, they were placed back in the box for the last time, so that they could be driven to Sandy Pines. Here they will experience even more freedom and top notch care until they are big enough and strong enough to be released into the wild. Sandy Pines Wildlife Centre will ensure that they have the skills that they need to thrive on their own. Sandy Pines Wildlife Centre relies on donations from the public. Please visit their site “” to seek advice and assistance or to make a donation.

Loving moment between cow and newborn calf will melt your heart1m15s

Loving moment between cow and newborn calf will melt your heart

Cows are among the most gentle animals in the world. Despite their immense size, they are peaceful and sweet in their disposition. They have a soulful face and big, endearing eyes that tug at your heartstrings. Calves are even more beautiful and endearing. Clumsy and playful, they are a joy to watch. Their inquisitiveness is irresistible. This calf is less than one day old. He was born on a sunny spring day on a beautiful farm near Millbrook, Ontario. The cows on this farm roam free on a lush green meadow with rolling hills, a pond for drinking from and trees all around. They have acres of fresh grass and more pasture than they can possibly eat. The farmers are attentive and caring, making sure the cows are as healthy and happy as can be. Iris is an extremely proud and loving mother. Her calf is resting in the long grass, taking a break from nursing and learning to walk and run on his brand new legs. Iris stands over her baby protectively and licks his head and face in the most loving way imaginable. She stops for a moment and her calf looks up at her as if in awe and wonder, waiting for the bath to continue. He's clearly in heaven with all the attention from his mom. Iris goes back to licking her baby and showering him with love. It's heart warming to see a mother so proud and so attentive with a newborn. Cows lick their young to promote bonding, to show affection, and also for grooming. Cleanliness is important for this calf in order to discourage harmful insects and also to remove the smells that would attract the attention of predators. In the first hour after being born, a calf will already be able to walk and even run, but it will take a few weeks for them to gain enough balance and strength to run away from predators. During this time, the mother will not venture farm from her baby. She will always be ready to defend the calf if needed. Even the other cows in the herd will protect the offspring of another cow. They will show affection and provide protection very readily. Watching an interaction like this is not only enough to melt your heart; it is a demonstration of the cow's capacity for emotion and love. We often underestimate this ability in animals, yet it is undeniable if we only open our eyes to see it.