Funny & Cute Animals

Gopher pauses for big yawn in front of hidden camera26s

Gopher pauses for big yawn in front of hidden camera

This gopher can't seem to get enough sleep - or maybe he's simply bored. He's out enjoying a day in the sunshine but he pauses in front of a camera to have a big yawn before moving on. Gophers are incredibly cute but it is difficult to get close enough for such a view of their adorable faces.

Affectionate sheep demands attention from farmer1m10s

Affectionate sheep demands attention from farmer

Phyllis is a two year old sheep who follows Gertrud around the farm, demanding attention every chance she gets. Whenever Gertrud sits down to take a break, Phyllis appears and nuzzles her affectionately, wanting to be petted. Phyllis was raised from a very young age at A farm in Keene, Ontario. She was bottle fed and treated more like a pet than a farm animal. She adores Gertrud and even tries to get into the house if the door is left open. Phyllis spends most of her time with the flock but runs right for Gertrud whenever she appears. Gertrud runs the farm, along with her son, Hamish. Known as Hamish's farm, it burned down in November 2016 in a tragic accident. They have rebuilt the house and are now working on the barn. Gertrud spent the winter in a trailer on the farm so she could care for the animals while they rebuilt. The animals seem to understand that they are like family and they respond to love and affection. Even Syd, the Cockatoo is part of the fun as he sits perched on her shoulder!

Parrot Tells Owner It Will ‘Knock Her Out’12s

Parrot Tells Owner It Will ‘Knock Her Out’

Who says humans are the smartest creatures? Have you seen this parrot? In this video, you can clearly see the parrot threatens its owner by knocking her out. I guess the owner was being annoying like we all are at times. Only if the cats and dogs had speech abilities like parrots do, it would be perfect! Imagine the self-realization we would have had. Dogs are the sweetest animals no wonder. They love you more than you love yourself. They are the most loyal animals ever. They say they'll sacrifice themselves for their owner and the way we treat them sometimes isn't always the best. Imagine your pet dog coming up to you and confronting you about your behaviour. Lol. How uncomfortable would that be? Well now about cats - we think they don't really need speech to express their discomfort or irritability. They do that pretty well without speaking. Be it scratching something it shouldn't be scratching in the first place or by ruining our stuff. Again think if they had the ability to speak. We don't even want to go there. And here's this parrot, who can say “Shut up” along with “I’ll knock you out”. How amazing is that? But did you see the way the owner's partner laughed? Sometimes we wish to be like that parrot and say whatever comes to our minds without being afraid that somebody will get mad or offended, or without caring for others and see people just laugh it off without taking it seriously? How easy our life would be if people actually did that. All the mean things said by others were taken so easily by others and they would just laugh it off. Life would be so simpler. Now back to the parrot. The parrot learned what he learned with the help of its previous owners. We wonder how they taught it that either by a screaming “I’ll knock you off” at someone or at the poor parrot. Sad life. It is such a sassy parrot and we are pretty sure it likes being that way. Have you noticed its tone of speaking ? It behaves like a real boss! We wish we had a pet parrot like that who could speak and stuff. It could tell us when our hair looks really stupid and our outfit looks old-fashioned and not trendy at all. Someone who'll say “I’ll knock it off” if we are being a complete nuisance. Or say “Shut up” when we can't stop thinking about our sweethearts who we had met just two day ago. We hope over the time, this parrot will learn to speak more and more and eventually take up its owner's language so that all the language barriers among the parrot and its owners are stripped. But what's its original language anyway? Even though it has started speaking English, we wonder what was the language it used before? Any guesses? However, did you see all the colours over its body? Wonder what kind of a parrot it is. Have you seen a video like this before? Hope you have enjoyed this video and share it more if you want to say “I'll knock you out” to someone without actually saying it.

Piglet busts out some serious 1m29s

Piglet busts out some serious "dance" moves

This cute little piglet has an insatiable scratch that it just can't seem to reach. But with the addition of some sweet tunes, this funny pet appears to be tearing it up on the dance floor!

Published: October 8, 201519,763 views
Hyena pup plays with stick twice her size33s

Hyena pup plays with stick twice her size

This adorable two-month-old Striped Hyena thinks she's a lot bigger than she really is. She can barely pick it up, but that won't keep her from trying to play with this stick that is twice the size of her own body!

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Raccoon struggles to climb table1m00s

Raccoon struggles to climb table

A raccoon is captivated by the blinking red light of a newly installed security camera. He tries to lift himself onto a table to get a better peek. After several attempts, the exhausted critter admits defeat, but oddly enough is able to climb up the side of a post to the roof with absolutely little to no effort. The ironic part? He ignored the trash cans! Credit to 'jordanrandomness'.

Blind old Great Dane kicks grumpy cat off her bed53s

Blind old Great Dane kicks grumpy cat off her bed

Briva is a 12 year old Great Dane who loves to lie by the fire on her dog bed. She's had this spot for several years and the cat knows it's hers. But Mitzy is a bossy cat and she pushes her luck occasionally. She seems to understand that Briva is almost completely blind and she will actually swat Briva in the nose, knowing that Briva is not as feisty as she once was. Briva has just been to see the veterinarian for a minor surgical procedure on her leg. She's in the mood for a a little rest and recuperation but when she walks over to her favorite spot, there's Mitzy. Briva stands patiently and Mitzy knows that the patience will soon run out. Mitzy lets out a little wail, hoping that Briva will walk away. Briva lets out a deep bark that tells Mitzy who is still the boss. Mitzy thinks for a moment and then decides to take the couch instead. Triumphant, Briva claims her bed, settles down and begins her afternoon nap. Briva is not only bigger, but she has seniority in this family. She has been around longer than Mitzy and definitely ruled the roost for the majority of that time. Mitzy would never have dared try the standoff over the dog bed when Briva was a few years younger. Mitzy is a saucy cat who terrorizes the family beagle. She boldly walks right up to him when he is eating. She pushes his head out of the way and eats his kibble right under his nose. Buddha whines or stands looking sorrowful until his people realize he needs rescued. They will shoo Mitzy away and let him eat in peace. Mitzy seems to know the pecking order enough to make her exit without a problem.

Einstein the Parrot invents a new word24s

Einstein the Parrot invents a new word

Einstein invented a compound word all by himself. The word "screathers" is a combination of the words "scratch" and "feathers". His owners did not teach him this word. He clearly understands the word and its origins!

Curious wild turkey spots hidden GoPro36s

Curious wild turkey spots hidden GoPro

A rafter of wild turkeys, 24 in all, enjoy the spoils of a bird feeder after it was raided by a deer. One young turkey in particular is rather curious when she spots a GoPro camera hidden in an old stump. She inquisitively looks at the unknown object and gets up the courage to start pecking at it. Fortunately for her, it doesn't peck back!

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Playful baby coatis thoroughly investigate GoPro59s

Playful baby coatis thoroughly investigate GoPro

These playful baby coatis come out of the jungle at the edge of the resort every morning and evening. While they look for food they discover a GoPro camera that has been set up to record them. They begin rolling the camera around on the lawn and biting it in a game-like fashion. They even peer into the lens to provide us with some entertaining close-up footage!

Cheetah purrs just like a little kitten15s

Cheetah purrs just like a little kitten

In this amazing clip we see a woman reach inside a cheetah's cage to pet the majestic feline. You can feel the energy between the two by the way the cheetah purrs at her stroke. Filmed in Nairobi, Kenya, at the Fairmont Mount Kenya Safari Club Animal Orphanage.