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Monkey extremely excited for rescued kitten addition42s

Monkey extremely excited for rescued kitten addition

This monkey couldn't be more excited about the kitty her human rescued after being dumped out on the street to fend for himself. She is totally infatuated with him and can't leave his side, even if it's just to watch him sleep. Love is not bound by the species that we are!

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Cat Gives Dog Extensive Grooming Session6m11s

Cat Gives Dog Extensive Grooming Session

Cats seem to love two things the most in their lives - napping and spa treatments. They spend half their lives grooming and the other half napping. Feline experts estimate cats spend about 15 percent of their time grooming, but since they're asleep most of the day, it seems like a nonstop activity. Feline meticulosity in maintaining a shiny coat isn't just pride; it's a healthy habit with built-in benefits. If you even saw two cats together, you might have noticed they will groom each other, which is a gesture of affection or protection. Some areas, such as their own faces, ears and the tops of their heads, are difficult for cats to clean, and they will rely on a buddy or sibling to lend a tongue. If a cat doesn’t have a sibling from their own species, they will transfer their need for grooming to the closest animal they will find. If she’s alone, then it is her owner, i.e. YOU. If a dog is present in a cat’s life, then she will groom the dander off that dog’s fur into oblivion, given if they are as close as littermates. It would seem that this kitty is very close with her Boxer brother. Watch Izzy the cat obsessively groom Samson the Boxer in this heartwarming clip. Don't forget to get behind those ears, Izzy!

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Cat and dog get along (momentarily) in priceless clip24s

Cat and dog get along (momentarily) in priceless clip

After a long time and a lot of fights between them, Rut the cat and Sally the dog have finally started to show some love to each other. What do you think? Is there love or hate behind this hug?

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Very Tidy Bunny Likes To Have His Ducks In A Row1m09s

Very Tidy Bunny Likes To Have His Ducks In A Row

Have you ever seen a pet that is very tidy and always keeps his sheets clean and bed made? Watch this ash-color bunny engage in the cutest struggle with his owner! The video shows a bunny sitting in his crib inside the bunny cage when his owner starts putting toys inside his house. Watch his adorable reaction! Rhubarb is just trying to make his bed, but his owner keeps placing toys on it. He's making it as clear as possible that he wants a neat and tidy room, but his owner doesn’t seem to be getting it! It is like he wants to say: Mi casa no es su casa, you are not allowed to bring any toys, I am not comfortable around them! Rhubarb is annoyed every time his owner puts toys in his bed and immediately takes them off and throws them on the floor! The bunny wants to be alone in the crib and likes to have his ducks in a row, he likes having a tidy bed and he is annoyed every time his owner makes a mess by bringing his toys inside the fluffy crib. Watch these two engage in the cuttest struggle, owner made over dozen attempts, but to no avail, the bunny instantly gets rid of the intruder!

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Spoiled Pet Pig Will Only Eat Breakfast In Bed1m01s

Spoiled Pet Pig Will Only Eat Breakfast In Bed

Just like so many of us, Princess the Pig does not like to get out of bed in the morning. When the sun comes up and it is time for breakfast on the farm, Princess won’t even leave her house. She stubbornly snorts and fusses until her breakfast is brought close enough that she can eat without leaving the comfort of her bed. Every morning when Princess hears her owner come to her house with her breakfast, she pokes her head out of the hole, but the food just isn’t close enough for Princess. She takes it upon herself to drag the big bowl of food right into bed with her! Princess is a spoiled 13 year old Berkshire Pig that has been with her owner since she was a small piglet living on a hog farm in Canada. After the hog market started to collapse, all the pigs on the farm were sold, all but Princess. She just had too much character that her owner could not part with her. Princess now lives in an old dog house behind the barn, sleeping her days away and waiting for her food to be brought to her in bed. Berkshire pigs were a common breed on hog farms in Canada weighing up to 600 pounds at maturity. They are one of the oldest breeds of pigs, dating back to England more than 350 years ago. After the majority of the hog industry was taken over by large corporations, Berkshire pigs became less sought after due to their slow growing time and lack of lean meat. Many farms still have Berkshire pigs on their farms as pets because as you can see with Princess, they are friendly and curious animals that are full of character and personality.

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Cat Is No Match For Overly Excited Corgi Puppy36s

Cat Is No Match For Overly Excited Corgi Puppy

This video is a nice example of how cats and dogs can really be best friends! Abbey the corgi plays with her best friend Shadow the cat. What a great friendship these two have! They adorably bust the myth that cats and dogs don't get along perfectly, and our hearts are just melting with joy! Our playful Corgi here is eager to get the party started by running around the two rooms and attempting to climb a chair, but not so fast, buddy! Shadow, his best feline friend, is here to stop the fun! At least for a while, that is. As soon as he notices our energetic pooch here, he's quick to show her who's the boss around the house. Madam, you aren't going anywhere, and I'm not in the mood to fight! Hilarious! But you have to admit, it's nice to see someone setting the boundaries like our kitty here does. Job well done, sweety! But let's not get carried away, these two really seem to be best friends, and Shadow quickly forgives his canine friend for being so quick-tempered, and joins the fun, running around the rooms at the same time! We're all familiar with how lazy cats can be, so this one is a real surprise! This clip perfectly highlights the difference between the two animals! What's the most hilarious thing your pet has ever done? Have you ever witnessed a similar type of friendship like this one here? Share it in the comment section below, we'd love to hear it!

Lazy Raccoon Eats Chips Off His Belly1m20s

Lazy Raccoon Eats Chips Off His Belly

Picture this: you're coming home from a long and rough day at the office, you turn on the TV and your favorite show is on. The bag of chips is ready for devouring and the couch is ready and comfy for you. So you pop open the chips, lay on the couch and start munching away while watching your show. Now, imagine that, but with a raccoon. Did you hear that? Yeah, that's the sound of things becoming even cuter! Many people may not think of raccoons as suitable pets but those who do decide to get one as a pet find that they make fascinating and funny companions, although prone to a little, or maybe a lot, of mischief. The cuteness level in this video is through the roof as Rocket the pet raccoon enjoys his favorite snacks. He's so lazy that he doesn't even bother standing up and eating like a normal raccoon. His belly serves like a tray and he just picks up the chips and munches away. Raccoons will go great lengths for a snack. Take for example this little fella that persistently tries to fish out a yummy strawberry. Have you ever witnessed such determination? Rocket here didn't even have to bother to work for his snack, he has it all right in front of him.

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Kitten Is BEST FRIENDS with Adorable Kid33s

Kitten Is BEST FRIENDS with Adorable Kid

Meow. Meow. Meow. Meow. Meow. All of the meows. Little human meows and tiny kitten meows. Check out this adorable clip of a kiddo casually sitting with his best kitten friend. The two of them meow cutely to each other. Almost as if they have their own language!

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Ever See A Dog This Excited To Feed Fish?32s

Ever See A Dog This Excited To Feed Fish?

This is the most energetic dog we have seen in a while. A chocolate Labrador barks excitedly, spins, barks, spins a bunch more, and barks a bunch more when a man takes food to feed the fish in his backyard pond. When we first watch the clip, we thought it was food time for the pup! How adorable is it that he gets excited every time his human feeds the fish?

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Butterfly Fights with Puppy33s

Butterfly Fights with Puppy

Get ready to watch the most adorable puppy video you will see this week! You will most likely want to shut down your computer for the night due to the cuteness overload. A clumsy black labrador puppy is outside playing in the grass with his other doggo buddy. While playing, a butterfly starts flying toward him the two of them play together for the rest of the clip. Or are they fighting? At the very least, the butterfly is teasing the puppy.

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6 Times This Doggo LOSES IT Over Shower Time50s

6 Times This Doggo LOSES IT Over Shower Time

A series of clips where a dog is THE MOST excited, jumps around and runs into the bathroom whenever its owner says shower. It really would make life so much easier if all pets were as excited for shower or bath time as this adorable pupper is. Check out the video and share your comments below. Does your pet like bath time?

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Gorilla mom preciously entertains her baby35s

Gorilla mom preciously entertains her baby

Gorilla mother Ozala is showering her baby Shufai with kisses and cuddles. Watching this heartwarming show of affection highlights the similarities we share with the great apes. A mother's bond with her child is a truly special emotion!

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Einstein the parrot is a stinker!31s

Einstein the parrot is a stinker!

The term “stinker” probably originated from a baby in diapers. Someone who, while loved, was considered less than desirable at that particular moment. Over time the meaning has changed. Today the term is often used to describe someone who might misbehave, but in a cute way. When Einstein does something mischievous his owners often refers to him as a “stinker”. Einstein learned the term and also uses it as a term of endearment, adding the word “sweetie”! Yes! You are indeed a stinker, Einstein! Einstein the Talking Texan Parrot is a silly, smart, and popular parrot who loves to talk and entertain! He likes to have conversations with his owners, talking and acting silly, and doing animal sound imitations. Watch him sing and dance in his video compilations! With his amazing talking abilities, and funny antics, Einstein's talking parrot's videos will keep you entertained for hours! Einstein parrot is also famous for some of his silly quotes and sayings. Online, Einstein the talking parrot is popular across many social media platforms. In November of 2014 he became famous for his video impression of Matthew McConaughey. As stated on his website, Einstein's mission statement: “To entertain and bring joy, to foster the human-parrot bond, and to convey that parrots are deserving of immeasurable amounts of patience, nurturing, and companionship.” Einstein's website ( is designed to inform you about the care of parrots and also entertain you. Living with a parrot is a big commitment. Parrots live a very long time. They require a lot of care, proper nutrition, training, time and patience. Parrots need a lot of attention and lots of toys and activities to keep from being bored. Parrots are also expensive. It is often said, Having a parrot is much like raising a 2 or 3 year old child for the rest of your life!

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These Pets Should NOT Lick That!10m39s

These Pets Should NOT Lick That!

Hey Puppy! Dont lick that! This compilation is as weird as it is hilarious and compelling. Watch it to see various animals cats, dogs, deer, cows, chicks and more licking things they should NOT be licking. It is also a pretty good video if you are interested in strange pet best friends. Top 3 clips you will fall in love with are the deer giving a kitten a bath, an adorable pug playing with slash licking tiny chicks as they peck at him, and the baby and doggo drinking from the same puddle of milk on the kitchen floor. Watch the video and share your thoughts in the comment section below! Which clip was your favorite?

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Sophisticated Lizards Sit Down Together For Family Meal13s

Sophisticated Lizards Sit Down Together For Family Meal

In a spectacular display of class and exceptional table manners, we get to see how these newborn blue tongue skinks behave at the dinner table, or rather in their box. The sextet of lizards is sitting casually by the paper plate where their dinner is served, eating slowly without any rush, chewing completely and not smacking their mouths. We are astonished to witness such young creatures with such exceptional manner. Bravo! For a member of the skink family, blue-tongued skinks are among the best suited for lives in captivity for several reasons. Being relatively slow-moving, they’re not as difficult to handle compared to most of the slender skink species. Blue-tongued skinks’ short, thick physique makes them easy to hold, even by children. Although a biter is occasionally encountered, most adult blue-tongued skinks are loathe to even open their mouths, much less show off their startlingly fat, blue tongues that earned them their common name. T. scincoides bears four to 10 live young, each resembling miniature adults. The young should be treated just like adults for their basic care. Litters of young should be housed in separate units to avoid bickering over food, and to avoid the possible loss of digits from aggressive nipping. (source:

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Hedgehog flashes adorable smile during snuggle time23s

Hedgehog flashes adorable smile during snuggle time

Hedgehogs make great pets when cared for properly. Despite being prickly, they love snuggle time with their people and will often seek warm places like arm pits and necks to cuddle into. This little fellow pauses to look right at the camera and he flashes an adorable, happy smile. Hedgehogs in North America are typically the African Pygmy Hedgehog, like this one. They are very active at night and sleep most of the day. Although they prefer a diet that is mostly comprised of insects, hedgehogs will also eat pellets and prepared foods, including vegetables and some fruits. Hedgehogs are relatively intelligent, comparable to a hamster but they will never learn to come when called. Despite this, they are a very popular pet and are very easily cared for. Their appearance and docile personalities make them a very endearing addition to most families.

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Mother goat shows extreme patience with demanding babies1m15s

Mother goat shows extreme patience with demanding babies

Hazel is a young mother who is more than patient with her newborn kids, Millie and Mocha. The demanding young goats decided to run over to her for a little milk. They seemed less than satisfied with how quickly the milk was flowing and both of them began the nudging routine that all hungry babies learn early to make their mother's milk flow. But the nudging turned to more insistent head butting that actually lifted Hazel's back legs slightly off the ground. She takes it all in stride and continues to stand still for them. She checks them both with a loving sniff and chews away while they nurse. After it seems that the milk has run out, Hazel steps over them and walks away. Millie and Mocha found her again soon after though and after a little scratch by Millie and and a stretch by Mocha, they ran right to their mother again for another drink. With this going on at least 10-12 times each day, Hazel seems to be the most patient mother in the world. Millie and Mocha are growing rapidly and will soon be eating only solid food. Hazel, Millie and Mocha live on an amazing farm in Indian River, Ontario, referred to as Hamish's Farm. Each animal has a name and its own personality. They follow Hamish and his mother, Gertrud, around, looking for both food and affection. Together, they run this wonderful farm and they treat their animals more like family than livestock. Tragically, Hamish's Farm burned down in November 2016. Both the house and the barn were destroyed when a wood stove caused a fire late one night. Luckily, everyone survived and even managed to thrive while the farm is being rebuilt. The farm is home to cows, goats, horses, pigs, sheep, chickens, turkeys and even a hilarious and spunky cockatoo named Syd. Every visit to this wonderful farm is a whole new adventure!

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Howling Husky Sings Along With Owner Playing The Guitar1m01s

Howling Husky Sings Along With Owner Playing The Guitar

We have all heard that Huskies can be really vocal and cast on singing talent shows. However, this Husky sure takes singing to the next level when she decides to sing along with her human playing the guitar. Husky shows some serious talent with its singing, nailing both high and low notes. It is amazing to hear different sounds coming from the mouth of a dog, but it is also unbelievable to see this dog go “all in” with its vocal cords and gives a special performance. At the beginning of this video, we see a guy playing his acoustic guitar and a husky relaxing on the couch next to him. Soon after, the Husky decides to join to the rhythm of the music and starts humming with the melody. Moments later the dog goes deep into the singing and steals the show. This Husky sure knows how to steal the thunder of this man playing the guitar, and even tries to go solo to the sound of music, by trying to sing as loud as it possibly can, to annul the voice of her owner. These two should definitely form a band and write songs, but first they should tune up and synchronize better. Not only does this canine sing on cue with his human he looks super relaxed and howls with ease. We have already thought of a few potential band names such as Howls ‘N Human, Husky Harmony, Puppy Blues Or Old Dogs New Tricks.

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Easily Scared Dogs10m10s

Easily Scared Dogs

Welcome to the funniest dogs being scared compilation video on the internet. Seriously! These dogs are so easily scared. Perhaps the silliest clip is of the puppy who is scared of the Tickle Me Elmo toy? One of our favorites is the clip with the owner sticking a deer head trophy outside of the door frame and scares their puppy.

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Herd Of Cows Is Excited To Meet German Shepherd49s

Herd Of Cows Is Excited To Meet German Shepherd

This herd of cows is absolutely fascinated by the German Shepherd and this is certainly something you don't see everyday! The four cows approach to befriend this very patient German Shepherd and start showering him with love. What a priceless moment! Being able to witness a unique animal friendship is truly amazing. Some of these animal friendships stand the test of faith and make believers out of all of us! This German Shepherd is patently sitting and happy to have befriended the herd of cows, as they thoroughly explore his body in detail. They seem to be very fond of their new buddy. Many people are surprised to find out that the German Shepherd was originally bred for herding sheep and cattle instead of working as a guard dog, police dog or pet. The German Shepherd does not have the "eye" of a border collie. Their instinct is to patrol a boundary all day and restrict cattle from entering or leaving the designated area. This instinct makes the breed superb guard dogs who will protect their herd or family from harm. The powerful, well muscled German Shepherd is sensible, very intelligent, quick to learn, loyal and protective of home and property. So this beautiful friendship comes as no surprise and hopefully it is here to stay because both the cows and the dog seem to be enjoying each other’s company a lot!

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