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Baby goat makes adorable sounds while drinking her bottle34s

Baby goat makes adorable sounds while drinking her bottle

Hamish's Farm in Keene Ontario is a wonderful place, home to a variety of animals. All of them act more like pets than farm animals. The goats are no different and they wander around the farm acting a lot like puppies. Violet, the Lamanche goat, is a special breed of goat with long legs and short ears. She was adopted by Hamish’s family when she was very young so they bottle fed her from an early age. She has become very accustomed to an early breakfast and she understands the sight of the bottle means food. She eagerly attacks Alana and the bottle, demanding the milk as fast as possible. She also guzzles it as fast as possible and the sound she makes as she does so is simply adorable. Violet follows people around on the farm and runs and plays with the dogs. She seems to actually believe that she is a dog herself. The dogs have accepted her as one of their own, and so have the goats. Violet has the best of both worlds. Baby goats are happy creatures and they are as likely to bounce joyfully as they are to walk. They are energetic and entertaining and one of the cutest creatures alive. Hamish's Farm is home to horses, cows, sheep, goats, donkeys, peacocks and an outrageous cockatoo named Syd. Of all the animals on the farm, Syd seems to be the one in charge. He fears nobody, including the dogs and makes more noise than all the other animals combined. Tragically, the barn and the house burned to the ground in a fire in November 2016, but Hamish and his mother Getrude managed to save all of the animals and they continued running the farm while they rebuilt. The animals are still thriving and the farm is nearly back to normal. And Violet is growing quickly!

Energetic baby rhino begs mom to play with him1m36s

Energetic baby rhino begs mom to play with him

Akeno the greater one-horned rhino calf from Chester Zoo is just a barrel of energy. He runs around with those cute little wiggly ears headbutting his mom every so often. When mom decided to lie down, Akeno bumps in to her leg, then walks around her and jumps on her back! While on top of her he gives her little nudges, one after another. When that is not working he gets off her back and nudges her in the butt and runs off. After a few more nudges in his mother's face and another run around, his mom finally gets up again. Also known as the greater one-horned rhinoceros and great Indian rhinoceros, the baby was born at the Chester Zoo, Cheshire England at around 6pm on the 3rd of May 2018. It is a male and they named him Akeno, meaning “beautiful sunrise”. Asha, his 11-year-old mom, had a 16 month pregnancy and only a 20-minute labor. The dad, Beni, is separated from these two, presumably for safety reasons.