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Dog Is Kitten's Favorite Playmate35s

Dog Is Kitten's Favorite Playmate

Who says that dogs and cats can't get along? This adorable pit bull is having a blast play with his adorable little kitten sibling. All he had to do to start this cute play date was pick up the kitten's favorite toy and just start running around the house! Talk about the sweetest play date ever!

Published: August 2, 2017320 views
Farm pig learns how to shake hands for treats25s

Farm pig learns how to shake hands for treats

It is well known that pigs are extremely smart animals, and this video is definitely proof. Check out Akulina the pig successfully give her front foot on command in order to receive a tasty treat. It even shows off how to jump over its owner's leg!

Chicken Gets Annoyed By Snuggling Bunny34s

Chicken Gets Annoyed By Snuggling Bunny

What could be sweeter than a bunny who just loves to snuggle with her best friend? Well as much as this rabbit really wants to cuddle with this chicken, Mr. Chicken does not seem as interested in this cuddle session! Looks like someone is going to need a new cuddle buddy!

Published: November 17, 2016305 views
Crab Doing a Barbell Workout to Fault21s

Crab Doing a Barbell Workout to Fault

Description Info: At this guys house, everyone is forced to workout. Location: Rio de Janeiro, RJ, Brasil Occurrence Date: February 2nd, 2014 Info From Licensor: "Just for fun. Here at home everyone works out."

Published: January 21, 2016357 views
Duck Hop23s

Duck Hop

Duck entertaining himself Info From Licensor: "It was early morning. I heard the duck from my room window. I had a look and saw the duck hopping from one car to the next on the roof. I started to record it as i thought it was pretty odd." Location: South Africa umgeni Occurrence Date: October 8, 2015

Published: January 12, 2016424 plays$0.67 earned
Protein Powder Pooch2m05s

Protein Powder Pooch

This black lab's parents left him alone for just a little while and he couldn't keep himself away from the kitchen for that short time! Looks like this lab was just trying to help himself to a little protein powder to help boost his squirrel chasing workouts and games of fetch!

Published: June 15, 2017468 views
Parakeets finally find true love55s

Parakeets finally find true love

These two parakeets were both rescued from different families and come from entirely different backgrounds, but they finally find love after meeting each other at this bird sanctuary. Priceless!

Meet the famous pets of Instagram!43s

Meet the famous pets of Instagram!

While some people follow celebrities and friends on Instagram, others choose to follow animals. Believe it or not there are actually famous animals out there. These pampered pets have over 500,000 followers and receive thousands of likes and comments on their photos.

Cat's Marshmallow Confusion34s

Cat's Marshmallow Confusion

What happens when you give a curious cat a marshmallow? Well it might look something like this! This adorable cat is more than a little confused about what to do with this strange soft thing that is stuck on her paw! Have you ever seen an animal more adorable looking so confused?

Published: September 7, 20163,976 views
Pet ferret plays in jar of sugar4m12s

Pet ferret plays in jar of sugar

It looks like this furry little creature has hit the jackpot! Watch it adorably roll around in a giant jar of sugar. It's gonna be super hyper after that!

Published: December 2, 2016135,719 views
Babies top the week's animal stories46s

Babies top the week's animal stories

Baby White Rhinos in the U.S. and baby white Tigers in Crimea are among the top animal stories this week. Diane Hodges reports. Credit to Reuters.

Published: October 19, 20152,831 views
Bubble Popping Pup35s

Bubble Popping Pup

There's nothing this adorable dog loves more than running around the backyard and popping bubbles! We got his adorable bubble popping antics all on video and in super slow motion too! You won't want to miss the hilarity of this cute dog going after all the bubbles!

Published: July 6, 2017507 views
Lion cub close-up at Gentry Safari2m13s

Lion cub close-up at Gentry Safari

According to 'jlinck', who provided this adorable footage, the lion adolescent didn't seem pay attention to any tourists, right up until he spotted this Go Pro camera. After that, he decided to get up-close and personal! Filmed Gentry Safari in Gentry, Arkansas.

Published: September 25, 2014160,052 views
Kittens Find New Fun Use For Bathtub30s

Kittens Find New Fun Use For Bathtub

While cats are not huge fans of baths, these adorable kittens have found that bathtubs aren't so bad when they're empty of water! If you've ever wondered what a skate park designed for kittens might look like, it could be something like this! These cuties are having the time of their lives!

Published: September 20, 20162,336 views
Cat Hangs Out In A Closet42s

Cat Hangs Out In A Closet

This little kitty is quite the acrobat and likes to challenge himself every once in a while. This day, Mr. Mittens decided to see if he could use the coat hangers as jungle gym bars to make his way across the closet. Let's just say that he ran into a bit of a jam!

Published: July 27, 2016460 views
Dog Competes In Barking Contest With Poster38s

Dog Competes In Barking Contest With Poster

This pup is very competitive and is determined to win every competition he can get his paws on! In fact, he's so competitive he gets himself into a barking contest with the most unlikely adversary, a poster! This pup spots what he thinks is another dog across the street and immediately starts his barking contest.

Published: August 30, 2016407 views