Funny & Cute Animals

Bearded dragon enjoys swim in kiddie pool38s

Bearded dragon enjoys swim in kiddie pool

Ozzy's first time outside for the summer season results in a warm swim in the kiddie pool. The water temperature is perfect for this cold blooded beauty. Look at him go!

Published: July 4, 2016Updated: July 5, 201628,562 viewsVirality: 266%
Farm pig learns how to shake hands for treats25s

Farm pig learns how to shake hands for treats

It is well known that pigs are extremely smart animals, and this video is definitely proof. Check out Akulina the pig successfully give her front foot on command in order to receive a tasty treat. It even shows off how to jump over its owner's leg!

Published: March 20, 2016Updated: March 21, 201629,687 viewsVirality: 254%
Monkey shares candy with puppy friend2m15s

Monkey shares candy with puppy friend

Tommy the Capuchin monkey shares a piece of tasty candy with Pink the mini poodle in this heartwarming clip. Sharing is caring!

Published: August 28, 2017Updated: August 29, 20174,585 viewsVirality: 188%
Kitten Picks A Fight With Older Sibling35s

Kitten Picks A Fight With Older Sibling

We've all experienced those annoying moments when your younger sibling won't leave you alone no matter what! Well unfortunately for this black kitty, her overly energetic younger sibling seems to have boundless energy to spare! Looks like it's going to be a long night for this kitty sibling!

Published: September 13, 20165,503 viewsVirality: 138%
Chicken Gets Annoyed By Snuggling Bunny34s

Chicken Gets Annoyed By Snuggling Bunny

What could be sweeter than a bunny who just loves to snuggle with her best friend? Well as much as this rabbit really wants to cuddle with this chicken, Mr. Chicken does not seem as interested in this cuddle session! Looks like someone is going to need a new cuddle buddy!

Published: November 17, 2016Updated: November 18, 2016286 viewsVirality: 129%
Crab Doing a Barbell Workout to Fault21s

Crab Doing a Barbell Workout to Fault

Description Info: At this guys house, everyone is forced to workout. Location: Rio de Janeiro, RJ, Brasil Occurrence Date: February 2nd, 2014 Info From Licensor: "Just for fun. Here at home everyone works out."

Published: January 21, 2016Updated: January 24, 2016357 viewsVirality: 123%
Wedding Crasher9s

Wedding Crasher

Occurred September 12, 2015 / Canada Info From Licensor: "My friend was getting married and she loves owls so she hired an owl to bring the rings to her."

Published: September 23, 2015Updated: April 13, 2016298 viewsVirality: 123%
Getting up-close with playful tiger cubs at Thailand zoo39s

Getting up-close with playful tiger cubs at Thailand zoo

While visiting the city of Chiang Mai in Thailand, this lucky woman gets to pet and play with a trio of tiger cubs. Enjoy it now because these cute little animals will grow up to be one of the most dangerous predators on Earth!

Published: December 16, 2015Updated: December 18, 201520,837 viewsVirality: 120%
Duck Hop23s

Duck Hop

Duck entertaining himself Info From Licensor: "It was early morning. I heard the duck from my room window. I had a look and saw the duck hopping from one car to the next on the roof. I started to record it as i thought it was pretty odd." Location: South Africa umgeni Occurrence Date: October 8, 2015

Published: January 12, 2016Updated: January 15, 20162,298 viewsVirality: 119%
Protein Powder Pooch2m05s

Protein Powder Pooch

This black lab's parents left him alone for just a little while and he couldn't keep himself away from the kitchen for that short time! Looks like this lab was just trying to help himself to a little protein powder to help boost his squirrel chasing workouts and games of fetch!

Published: June 15, 2017Updated: June 16, 2017448 viewsVirality: 118%
Talking parrot sometimes mispronounces his words37s

Talking parrot sometimes mispronounces his words

No one is perfect all of the time. Einstein proves this point and is still entertaining. He often does this when he is learning new words or when he his imitating the speech patterns of his owners. Even when he mispronounces words, he's still hilarious!

Published: May 3, 2017Updated: May 4, 201715,912 viewsVirality: 117%
Cat shares treat with his chicken friend35s

Cat shares treat with his chicken friend

A cat and chicken live lovingly together as pets in the same house. They're such good friends that they even share some tasty snacks together!

Published: December 1, 2016Updated: December 2, 201657,797 viewsVirality: 117%
Bearded dragon tries to bury cat toy2m47s

Bearded dragon tries to bury cat toy

This pet bearded dragon likes to carry the cat's toy around the house, only stopping to perform its hilarious digging ritual. Get that lizard some sand!

Published: February 26, 2017Updated: February 27, 201758,052 viewsVirality: 113%
Flute Tuning Dog35s

Flute Tuning Dog

Who would have thought that dogs are such musical animals? This adorable dachshund pup enjoys listening to his owner play her flute on calm week nights. Sometimes, he likes to join in on the music and even help his human tune her pitch to his howl!

Published: July 5, 20173,528 viewsVirality: 109%
One bottle of milk not enough for hungry lion cub15s

One bottle of milk not enough for hungry lion cub

A little lion cub quickly downs a full bottle of milk until there's nothing left. The bigger these animals become, the more voracious their appetite is going to be!

Published: April 21, 2016Updated: April 22, 201619,670 viewsVirality: 104%
Adorable Cat Loves Cups45s

Adorable Cat Loves Cups

This hilarious cat loves to stick his face into cups! While at first you might think that this cat is stuck, he actually prefers to walk around the house with his favorite toy in tow! You won't believe how adorable this chubby cat and his cup is as he roams around the house!

Published: November 22, 20161,015 viewsVirality: 104%
Meet the famous pets of Instagram!43s

Meet the famous pets of Instagram!

While some people follow celebrities and friends on Instagram, others choose to follow animals. Believe it or not there are actually famous animals out there. These pampered pets have over 500,000 followers and receive thousands of likes and comments on their photos.

Published: April 14, 2016Updated: April 15, 201619,385 viewsVirality: 104%
Lemur plays it cool after falling out of tree27s

Lemur plays it cool after falling out of tree

Primates are supposed to be good climbers, but every rule has its exception! When a lemur embarrassingly falls from a tree, watch how he deals with it. Like a boss!

Published: October 15, 2015Updated: October 16, 201519,531 viewsVirality: 104%