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Supercar club needs armored escort for Christmas toy drive3m15s

Supercar club needs armored escort for Christmas toy drive

The North Face rally is a Toronto based car club that is equally well known for the charity and community work that they do as they are for the fast cars that they drive. The club is made up of hundreds of exotic car owners and their hearts are as big as their engines. They have even been nick-named “The Fast and The Generous”. The beautiful exotic cars that they drive, such as Lamborghinis, Ferraris, Audis, and Mercedes are eye catching and head turning. As much as they enjoy the appeal of the cars and the thrill of driving them, they also love to share these cars and make dreams come true for deserving people. North Face Rally members are successful entrepreneurs now, but most have started with almost nothing and earned all of their success through hard work. Remembering how they didn’t always have it easy, even at Christmas, they wanted to do something for children who might have a little less over the holidays. Three years ago, they started a toy drive, collecting money through donations from club members and friends. They descended upon a local Toys R Us store and filled the carts. But they had done so well with the fund raising that they discovered a serious problem when they tried to load the toys to be taken to Sick Kids Hospital. The toys barely fit in the tiny sports cars that they drive. Luckily, North Face Rally is connected with a very generous Brinks officer who also runs a toy drive in the Peterborough area. Each year, he and his coworkers donate countless hours of their own time to raise money for toys for local children. They are well supported by Brinks, who donate an armored car for the events. The two decided to team up and make things easier and the North Face Rally sent a convoy of exotic cars to Peterborough to escort Wes and Deanna, the Brinks guards to their Toronto meeting spot. They formed a line, much like Santa’s reindeer pulling a sleigh and together, they head to the toy store for one of the biggest toy shopping sprees of the season. Watching these car owners shop, you’d believe that their smiles were even bigger than the ones they were about to put on the faces of the children. They truly love this yearly event, and the opportunity to do something so good for others. They flooded the store, filled the carts, tried out some toys themselves, and then loaded up the Brinks armored car. Their haul was enough to fill the back of the truck. Locked safely inside, the toys were hauled under escort to Toronto community support shelters and Sick Kids Hospital. The kids were given wrapped toys and also allowed to go “shopping” in the back of the truck as well. Watching the faces of the kids, both big and small, was an absolute delight. As an added bonus, the car owners also opened their doors to allow children and parents to sit in the cars and take photographs. This might have been the best part of all for some of the kids. This event proves that when a bunch of super car owners and Brinks officers get together, a small miracle can happen!

Story of a brother's touching gift of love from across Canada4m14s

Story of a brother's touching gift of love from across Canada

Scott Jubenville is a 22 year old man who has faced some challenges. As a baby he was diagnosed with retinoblastoma, a cancer that targets young children almost exclusively. It develops in the retinal tissue of the eyes and grows rapidly. Scott is a fighter, and he won his battle with cancer, but there were costs. He lost almost all of the vision in one eye. The illness and the treatments left him suffering from seizures throughout his life. These challenges have brought with them depression and anxiety for Scott. But he has something going for him that has been a blessing. Scott has a close family that has been with him through his battle. And Scott also has a brother Greg, who will tell you that Scott is an inspiration. Greg moved to Alberta seven years ago for work, but the two brothers have not let the distance come between them. Greg still feels that protectiveness that comes with being Scott's big brother. Greg's love and respect for Scott runs deep and he calls Scott an inspiration. Greg wanted to do something for Scott to remind him of the brotherly bond, so he came up with an incredible idea. Although Scott lived in Ontario, thousands of miles away, Greg was going to bridge that gap and put a smile on Scott's face. Greg and Scott love high performance cars and they follow "Ghostrider" on Instagram (@ghostriderto). He's a mysterious philanthropist and exotic car owner who moves within the car scene, cloaked in secrecy. He keeps his identity hidden with his signature mask and very few people know his true name or who he is. This works perfectly for Ghostrider because he is the anonymous influence behind a lot of charity and community work but he wants no credit or recognition for what he does. Ghostrider has been quietly making dreams come true for deserving individuals for years, often through the use of his exotic cars. Although he has several, his favorite is the lime green Lamborghini Huracan Performante. Ghostrider belongs to the North Face Rally, a Toronto based exotic and super car club, known for their big hearts and community work too. Greg knew of Ghostrider's generous nature and he reached out through Instagram, asking Ghostrider to take Scott for a ride. But what happened was even better. Ghostrider has a friend named Dave McNab. The two met in 2016 when Dave was patrolling the highways near Peterborough, Ontario in his police cruiser. After a traffic complaint, Dave pulled Ghostrider over and spoke to him about traffic safety. Although no offences had been committed and nobody got a ticket, Dave asked for Ghostrider to speak to the group about travelling safely. The conversation turned to community work that the car club is involved with. Dave and Ghostrider really hit it off and Ghostrider insisted that Dave take his Lamborghini for a spin. Dave couldn't pass up such an opportunity. The two have been good friends ever since. Vice was filming a documentary about the North Face Rally and captured this meeting on video. The result was a viral video that swept across social media with hundreds of millions of views. Knowing that Dave loves Lamborghinis as much as Scott does, he handed over the keys and sent his new Performante to Scott's house as a surprise from Greg. Greg told Scott only that there was somebody coming to see him. Scott was shocked to see Dave roll into his driveway in this beautiful machine and open the door for him to get in. Scott and his mother took turns revving the engine and taking photographs. Then it was time to go for a drive. Scott's jaw dropped when he heard that for the rest of the day, they would tour around in the car and go anywhere Scott wanted. Scott wasted no time with calling the first stop. He asked to go straight to his grandmother's house. After a brief game of trying to convince her he had won the lottery, his grandmother laughed and got in for a few pictures. Scott sent these immediately to Greg. Scott unselfishly wanted his friends and family to have a turn and a big part of his day was making sure others got a ride and a chance to take some pictures. Of course, a big part of riding in a Lamborghini is experiencing the full throttle acceleration that comes with 650hp and torque that will push you back into the seat. You can see Scott's reaction when they take the car from zero to the speed limit (approximately) in mere seconds. As the day drew to an end, Dave dropped Scott off at a family gathering and said goodbye. This video was made to record Scott's reaction to Greg's incredible gift. It is only fitting that he sees for himself the joy that he created for his little brother, from thousands of miles away. It was also created for Ghostrider so he could also see what happens when dreams come true. So often, he only hears about the effect of his good deeds. But this story is too good to not share. Greg's beautiful and touching love for his brother, and Ghostrider's generosity and love for giving back should be an inspiration to us all.

Mom has comical reaction to riding in full speed Lamborghini1m09s

Mom has comical reaction to riding in full speed Lamborghini

At a recent charity event, exotic super car owners opened their car doors to the crowd, offering a full throttle thrill ride on a closed track for a donation to Cops for Cancer. This generous lady made a donation for both her and her son to experience the Lamborghini Huracan Performante, one of the fastest road legal automobiles in the world. A camera was installed in the car to record the enthusiasm and the reactions of the passengers. As we can see by the smile and the shock, this was more than she bargained for as she shouts with excitement and holds on for dear life. There were many beautiful machines available for this event, including Ferraris, Audis, Mercedes, Nissan GTRs, and a few Lamborghinis. This particular ride was provided by Ghostrider, an anonymous and mysterious figure who is a legend in the car scene. He's a known philanthropist and driving force behind many charity events, although very few people know his true identity. His car is a lime green Lamborghini with a V10 engine that boasts an incredible horsepower. It will accelerate from 0-60mph in a mere 2.9 seconds, which is less time than all but the most powerful street motorcycles.

Philanthropist interrupts media interview for 8-year-old Lamborghini fan48s

Philanthropist interrupts media interview for 8-year-old Lamborghini fan

Ghostrider is an anonymous philanthropist who keeps his identity hidden behind a mask and a veil of secrecy. A legend in the car scene, he belongs to a car club called North Face Rally, based out of the Toronto area. This car club has 300 members, all with high powered cars. They use their cars for more than just their own enjoyment, making dreams come true for deserving individuals. They also work hard to support charity and community events. They are often referred to as “The Fast and the Generous”. At a Christmas toy drive recently, Ghostrider saw an opportunity to make a young fan very happy. In the middle of an interview with the media, he noticed that 8 year old Parker was interested in his brand new, lime green Lamborghini. It’s a Huracan Performante, and to car enthusiasts like this young fellow, it’s one of the most beautiful exotic cars in the world. Ghostrider opened the door and invited Parker to have a seat, start the car and rev the engine. Parker was absolutely thrilled. The media loved the moment as well and their reaction only increased the excitement for Parker. Watching the interaction between Ghostrider and Parker was heart warming. Ghostrider may now be an extremely successful business man and entrepreneur, but he started from nothing and he remembers very well the thrill of his first super car experience. He simply can’t resist taking a moment to give this fan an experience of his own. Parker has a huge smile on his face, and if the mask didn’t block our view, we would see an even bigger smile on Ghostrider’s face. After this moment, Ghostrider ensured that Parker received a ride in his Lamborghini and his bright red Ferrari. Ever so humble, Ghostrider will speak to anyone and invite anyone to sit in his cars, take pictures, or video, and he sincerely enjoys each opportunity to brighten somebody’s day. He has loaned his cars out to make dreams come true for cancer survivors and other deserving people who have impressed or inspired him with their courage. This event was a toy rally for Sick Kids hospital and various shelters in the Toronto and Peterborough area. Having struggled to fit all of the toys in their tiny super cars, they enlisted the help of a very generous Brinks guard, named Wes Patterson, who runs his own Christmas toy drive, Toys for Joy. Wes and a partner roll out their biggest Brinks armored car each year, and escorted by a convoy of exotic cars, they make their way to a Toys R Us store for the biggest toy shopping spree of the season. Safely guarded, these toys are distributed that day to children who might not have a reason to smile at Christmas. The car club members are like kids themselves as they fill their carts full of gifts. Speaking from the heart, they tell us that most of them remember the time when they, themselves were not as fortunate, and they want to help the community and the children in the best way they know how. These big-hearted people have also been seen rocketing people around a closed track at full throttle, in exchange for donations to Cops for Cancer. They’ve gotten together to take people for rides after surgery, donated car experiences for a Down Syndrome fundraiser, and made donations to countless other charities. Ghostrider and his car club are perfect examples of people who understand the importance of giving back. Parker will never forget his meeting with Ghostrider and the experience with the cars, and Ghostrider will not forget meeting Parker. Follow @Ghostriderto on Instagram or Twitter #Ghostriderto

Lamborghini & supercar drivers get excited for special tunnel1m10s

Lamborghini & supercar drivers get excited for special tunnel

The North Face Rally is a group of supercar owners with big hearts. They use their beautiful machines to make dreams come true for deserving people. Whether it’s toy drives, fundraiser rallies or other events, when they get their cars together, there is often an effort to do some good for a cause. But there is also a fun aspect to their rallies and this one was no different. They left their home city of Toronto, headed for Montreal, and then on to Boston. Over 100 of the most incredible cars, including Lamborghinis, Ferraris, Koenigs, Paganis, Mercedes, Lexus’, and Corvette all lined up for the three day tour. One of the most fun parts of a gathering like this is the sound. The roar of these engines at full throttle is like listening to airplanes accelerating down a runway. The car owners get excited at the sound too and when they reach a long tunnel at Montreal that excitement builds. The echo created by the revving of a 650hp, ten cylinder engine can send a chill down a supercar fanatic’s spine. Most car fanatics have grown up admiring exotic, powerful cars since they were young. It’s a love affair that usually begins at an early age. For the true car lover, a part of them doesn’t really grow up. These club members are a little bit like grown boys when they get behind the wheel. The smiles light up their faces and their enthusiasm cannot be contained. One of the most amazing things about this club is that the members have all worked to be successful and to get their cars. They know the value of honest, hard work. They also know the value of helping others and more than anything else, they love to share their cars and use the machines to accomplish a lot of really good things.

Cars block bridge while dangerously making doughnuts18s

Cars block bridge while dangerously making doughnuts

CHP Golden Gate dispatch center received calls of multiple vehicles on the freeway in the Oakland area engaged in side show activity. It was then reported the vehicles were headed towards the Bay Bridge. At 1045 hours video was taken by a passerby of vehicles stopping traffic on the Bay Bridge west of Treasure Island heading into San Francisco. These vehicles were engaging in side show activity on the freeway. Multiple units from the CHP San Francisco Area responded and were able to take the driver of one of these vehicles into custody. Numerous other vehicles suspected to be involved with the side show were also stopped for mechanical violations as they exited the Bay Bridge. Credit: CHP - San Francisco

2018 Fiat 124 Spider ABARTH // A Cooler Miata?11m22s

2018 Fiat 124 Spider ABARTH // A Cooler Miata?

This week I face a conundrum. The Fiat 124 Spider Abarth is certainly flawed. So why then, did I really like it by the end of the week? NOTE: when I discuss the trunk lights not working, I mean the lights INSIDE the trunk, NOT the brake lights or taillights and there is a switch to turn them on that I somehow didn’t see.)

Supercar club does the unbelievable for cancer research3m29s

Supercar club does the unbelievable for cancer research

The North Face Rally is a supercar club based out of Toronto. They are known for their fast cars and big hearts. They are involved in many charities and community projects and they regularly use their amazing machines to make dreams come true for very deserving people. The club has even organized massive toy drives for Sick Kids Hospital and The Metro Toronto Police Christmas hamper. They are a huge hit when they roll into the Strada Car Show in Vaughan, Ontario. Their reputation is as big as their lineup of Lamborghinis, Ferraris, Mercedes, Audis, Lexus', GTRs and other gorgeous exotics. Their entry steals the show. They are generous with their time and often allow car enthusiasts to sit in the cars and take pictures and videos. This gave one of the members of the club an idea. Ghostrider, a very active member in the North Face Rally, approached the organizer of the Strada Car Show with a brilliant idea. Together, they came up with a plan to offer members of the crowd rides in their dream cars for a donation to charity. They decided to donate all of the proceeds to Cops for Cancer/Pedal for Hope, the largest pediatric cancer research fundraiser for the Canadian Cancer Society. In 14 years, Pedal for Hope has raised over 5 million dollars, with a big part of that funding a special and groundbreaking research grant at Sick Kids Hospital. The offer was announced at the show and a line quickly formed to hop in the cars. Car club members lined up and took donors on a full throttle thrill ride around a closed track in the parking lot. The event last for three hours. People had a ride like nothing they had ever experienced, pictures and videos to help tell the story, and the feeling that comes with helping a good cause. This first of its kind event raised over $1,000 to combat childhood cancer. Kudos to this club full of everyday heroes. They really are "The Fast and the Generous."

High performance supercar catches fire after full throttle launch1m34s

High performance supercar catches fire after full throttle launch

Strada is the biggest exotic and supercar show in Ontario, Canada. Car owners and enthusiasts come from all over the province to drool over beautiful machines, or to allow the crowd to appreciate theirs. Engines rev, people cheer, and the hype at these events is second to none. North Face Rally is an exotic car club in the Toronto area with more than one hundred members. They a big part of these events and their cars are a big part of the excitement. They gather and roll in, forming a line that stretches from the parking lot entrance out onto the highway. In July 2018, Strada and the North Face Rally decided to provide the crowd with a new reason to get excited. They opened their doors and allowed passengers to hop in and experience a rocket ride around a closed track with full throttle acceleration, in exchange for a donation to charity. This event was in support of Cops for Cancer/Pedal for Hope, a Canadian Cancer Society research fundraiser. All proceeds directly fund pediatric (child) cancer research. One of the many cars involved was this Nissan GTR, a twin turbo machine with horsepower to spare and 0 - 60 acceleration that is matched by very few street cars. T generously provided rides for several people in the crowd, treating them to a "launch" from a stopped position that pinned them to their seat. The car generated enough heat after several of these rides that the exhaust system ignited the car and it began to burn. The crowd noticed the smoke and flames and told T and his passenger. A dash cam was running inside the GTR and there were other cameras recording the cars from outside. As T and his passenger hurriedly bailed out of the car, somebody called for a fire extinguisher. The crowd began to call for fire extinguishers but nobody was prepared to do much else. Into the smoke, Ghostrider was filmed running in with a giant fire extinguisher and the flames were put out before they engulfed the car. With an expensive machine about to burn, and a crowd gathered around, a fire would have been a disaster. This car was saved and the event continued with only a short disruption. More than $1,000 was raised for a very good cause thanks to a bunch of very generous drivers. A lot of people also experienced a dream ride that they would never have had elsewhere.

Occupants bail out of supercar as it catches on fire at charity event2m40s

Occupants bail out of supercar as it catches on fire at charity event

A Toronto based car club, The North Face Rally decided to turn their attendance at the Strada car show into a charity fundraiser. They regularly use their cars and their notoriety to accomplish good things in their community, so it was no surprise when they came up with this idea. They lined up their cars on a closed track beside the car show and invited attendees to hop in with trained drivers for the ride of their lives in exchange for a donation to charity. But something happened at the event that nobody bargained for. A Nissan GTR, one of the fastest street cars you're likely to see, became overheated from the repeated acceleration and caught on fire. This video shows the moments leading up to the fire from the interior dash camera. We can hear the crowd yelling that the car was on fire and we see the driver and the passenger bail out in a hurry. Everybody clears away from the car, anticipating that things will quickly become unsafe. Another camera happened to be pointing at the line of cars as they returned and it shows the early stages of the fire as the car is surrounded by smoke. We also see a masked figure running with a fire extinguisher while the crowd watches helplessly. The masked man is Ghostrider. He is a legend in the car scene and a member of the North Face Rally. He sprays the car down and puts out the flames before they get out of control and endanger people, as well as destroy an expensive machine. Ghostrider keeps his identity anonymous and his face hidden behind a bandana. Everybody knows his car, a lime green Lamborghini, although he has several supercars. Everybody also knows his reputation as serious car enthusiast. What they don't know so much about is that this philanthropist does a lot of anonymous charity work, finding ways to make dreams come true for deserving people. He sees the good in people and finds a way to do good things for them. The North Face Rally generously gave their time for almost three hours as people lined up for a ride that they could not ever experience elsewhere. They got into the cars and they were pinned to their seats as the cars rocketed down the track for a brief, but unforgettable burst of acceleration that is far greater than that of a commercial jet airliner. This event was the first of its kind and it raised more than $1,000 for Copes for Cancer/Pedal for Hope. This is one of the biggest pediatric fundraisers in Canada for the Canadian Cancer Society. And on top of funding research, they gave hundreds of people a dream come true.

Superfan's dream comes true with Ghostrider's Lamborghini supercar2m32s

Superfan's dream comes true with Ghostrider's Lamborghini supercar

Ghostrider is a mysterious philanthropic figure in the car scene. He keeps his face hidden behind a mask and his identity is cloaked in secrecy. His anonymity allows him to work through his car to make dreams come true for deserving people. Whether they have faced challenges, shown impressive perseverance despite adversity, or they have shown remarkable character, Ghostrider finds opportunities to put a smile on their face with an experience they will not soon forget. Patty is one of Ghostrider's biggest fans, and for a very good reason. She is a promising athlete with a talent for soccer. A recent knee injury set her back and she needed a specialized knee brace to help in her recovery. The cost was daunting and one of her friends began setting up a gofundme to help with costs. Ghostrider found her story on Instgram and went to her house in one of his supercars to personally look after the entire cost of the brace. Her recovery and her spirits got a much needed boost. Such an act of generosity from a complete stranger left Patty with an unforgettable feeling of support, as well as gratitude. Patty is also a car enthusiast, having restored her brother’s vintage 1967 Mustang. She brought this car to the Strada car show in Vaghan. It's the largest car show in Ontario and the parking lot is filled with muscle cars and exotic machines. She was thrilled to see her hero, Ghostrider in front of his brand new Lamborghini. Barely warmed up after leaving the showroom, this car was only a few days old. Imagine her surprise and her delight when he handed Patty the keys and invited her to sit inside and rev the engine. The crowd gathered around, curious about what made Patty special enough for such a privilege. The fact is that Ghostrider is also very impressed with Patty and her drive to succeed and overcome her injury and the challenges that she faced. Patty is hilarious with her comments about the car and her experience. She snaps pictures and video and uploads them to social media as she enjoys her time in the car. She calls her friends and tells them to hurry over and join her. Some of her school mates found her in the driver's seat and showed extreme surprise to find "Paatty from school" in a Lambo. Patty describes her happiness in a way that will leave you laughing and also happy for her. She is truly living the dream, as we can see from her obvious joy. Reluctantly, she gets out, gives back the keys and gives Ghostrider a big hug. Ghostrider regularly posts his adventures and experiences on social media. You can follow him on Instagram (@ghostriderto), Rumble (Ghostriderto), YouTube (ghostriderto), and Twitter (#ghostriderto). Follow Patty on Instagram @thatsoccerplayer7

Crowd cheers as masked hero extingishes supercar that caught on fire40s

Crowd cheers as masked hero extingishes supercar that caught on fire

North Face Rally is a group of car enthusiasts with supercars and a love for powerful machines. They also love supporting community and charity events so they decided to do something very new and very exciting. They rolled in to the Strada car show in Vaughan, Ontario, the largest supercar and exotic car show in Ontario amid the usual cheers and requests for pictures. Then they announced that they were going to line up to take the audience for a dream ride on a closed track on the back of the property. For a donation to Cops for Cancer/Pedal for Hope, enthusiasts could ride in their dream cars and experience the full throttle acceleration of these beasts. Some tried to take pictures and video as they were pinned to the seat with thrust that far exceeds that of commercial airliners at takeoff. They were taken around the track and treated to a first hand experience of the handling abilities and driving abilities of the expert drivers.

Lamborghini and supercars cause excitement in construction zone47s

Lamborghini and supercars cause excitement in construction zone

When the North Face Rally and Ghostrider got together for a rally to Montreal and on to Boston and Washington, they expected excitement. They lined up over 100 supercars and got ready to roll out from Vaughan, Ontario, near Toronto. But something that they did not expect to see was a construction worker on Highway 401, the Transanada Highway, actually running and yelling with excitement. He heard and saw the Lamborghini Huracan coming, leading the pack of exotic cars through the reduced speed zone. The Lamborghini is impossible to miss with it's lime green paint and rally decals. It was being driven by Ghostrider, a mysterious philanthropist who keeps his identity hidden behind a mask while he is on the car scene. He is known for his high powered cars as well as the charity work that he and the North Face Rally do. The construction worker ran towards the group of cars as they rolled through. He couldn't contain himself as he sprinted to get a better look. His excitement was caught on the dash camera as well as a camera being held by the Lamborghini passenger. Turning the camera to the rear caught the fact that the worker was still jumping and yelling enthusiastically long after the Lambo had passed through. He seemed to want to hear more of the throaty growl of the 650hp supercar and Ghostrider gave the throttle a little nudge to let out a roar from the engine. It's hard to know if this worker was yelling for the car to stop and take him for a ride or whether he was shouting encouragement to go faster. Either way, it caused some serious entertainment for several of the drivers in the rally.

Mysterious philanthropist leads supercar rally through radar speed trap1m25s

Mysterious philanthropist leads supercar rally through radar speed trap

Ghostrider is a mysterious philanthropist who keeps his identity a secret. He is one of the central figures in the North Face Rally, group of very big-hearted supercar owners. They have fun with their beautiful machines and get together for rallies and car shows. There is always a lot of excitement in the crowd when they roll in with their Lamborghinis, Ferraris, a Koenig and a Pagani, among others. But they are known as much for their generosity and their community spirit as they are for their gorgeous whips. They quietly use their cars and notoriety to do a lot of good for deserving people, making dreams come true and granting wishes for those who would not have an experience in cars like these otherwise. Here, we see the North Face Rally on a recent ride from Toronto to Montreal, part of a three day trip through Canada, Boston and Washington. News of their rides travel fast and of course, local law enforcement is likely to show up and ensure that safety is kept as a high priority. This officer with the Quebec Provincial Police is out working hard on a hot day to make sure traffic keeps running smoothly and safely. The club drives through at the speed limit without any incident and they none of them received any personal attention. The officer seems to be appreciative of the fine machines as she turns her head while they roll past. At Montreal, their first destination, the North Face Rally took in the night life and lit up the clubs with their machines and their exuberance. Excitement and adventure follows them everywhere. Ghostrider regularly posts his adventures and experiences on social media. You can follow him on Instagram (@ghostriderto), Rumble (Ghostriderto), YouTube (ghostriderto), and Twitter (#ghostriderto).

Fixing and repairing a Craigslist go-kart4m45s

Fixing and repairing a Craigslist go-kart

This go-kart was purchased on Craigslist for $250. It was then brought to Ethan's house and together these two got it running and drove it around a bit. They soon realized the engine wasn’t any good and then started chopping up the frame to get the parts they needed!

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Lamborghini on the highway displays awesome power 27s

Lamborghini on the highway displays awesome power

The Lamborghini Huracan is a sight to behold with its sleek lines and aerodynamic shape. It screams elegance and power that it is waiting to be unleashed. With 610 horsepower available at full throttle, this car will throw you back in your seat and pin you there for a wild ride that could take you to more than 200mph. The acceleration alone will spike your adrenaline almost as much as the beauty of the car. The name is Spanish for hurricane, a very suitable name. Out for a ride in some less than ideal weather, this Lamborghini owner caught the admiring glances from the motorists beside him. Sensing approval at the look of his machine, he decided to put on a little show of what was under the hood. The engine roared, the nose lifted and the Lamborghini was off like a shot. These cars are all wheel drive, which is the only reason that they are able to maintain their lane while the car is accelerating so quickly. The Lamborghini quickly disappears and then slows again. When the supercar fans caught up close enough to admire the view from the back, they were delighted to hear another round of the engine revving and see the car launch forward again. For a muscle car enthusiast, seeing the power of this beast unleashed is like watching a horse at full gallop through an open field. This car is sporting the decals of The North Face Rally, one of Ontario's most famous super car clubs. Known for their powerful cars, they make a spectacular entrance at car shows such as Strada when they roll in together and line their cars up for display. The North Face Rally is also widely known for their generosity and charitable nature. They hold toy drives for Sick Kids Hospital, help numerous fundraisers, and make dreams come true for deserving young people who admire flashy cars. This Huracan happens to be owned by Ghostrider (#ghostriderto), a mysterious philanthropist who keeps his identity hidden behind a mask whenever he moves among the car scene. He also remains anonymous whenever he uses his car to accomplish some very incredible feats of generosity.

Seems This Lady Does Not Have The Need For Speed1m32s

Seems This Lady Does Not Have The Need For Speed

Who doesn’t love a good supercar, right? The roar of the mighty engine, the laid back position behind the wheel, the speed….it makes your blood boil just by the thought of it! Many love the thrill of getting behind the wheel of one of those bad boys. And then, there are those that are but curious to see what it might feel like, but they would never be caught stiff behind the wheel. Luckily, someone thought of an awesome business idea. Grab about a dozen of the mightiest engines on the market and charge people for a 10 minute ride in them! You can either go alone or with a driver. Sounds like loads of fun and looks like it too, but when this woman sat in shotgun, she probably had no idea what the pull of the car will feel. Check out Nadia's reaction during a day at the track through the exotic car experience company at Las Vegas Motor Speedway. Epic fail! They sat her in a Corvette Z06 , which boasts a V8, 505 horsepower engine, strapped her in the passenger seat and gave her a helmet as a safety precaution. The driver says “Here we go” and zooms out of the garage, but he has not even pushed the pedal to the metal and Nadia is already screaming at the top of her lungs. “Oh my God!” Nadia screams, while the driver is having a blast. But if you look closely, you can see Nadia smiling, meaning that she is probably having a blast, but was all that screaming really necessary? When the lap is finally over, the driver teases her with another round, which she so rudely turns down. She does look like she had an amazing time!

Check Out This Amazing App That Changes The Color Of Your Car32s

Check Out This Amazing App That Changes The Color Of Your Car

A number of videos circulating online show cars that are apparently able to change their color with the push of a button. And it’s amazing! Imagine your car matching your outfit every day! That would be a dream come true! Various explanations are offered for the color-changing paint. It's said to be "nano paint," "electromagnetic paint," or "paramagnetic paint." Whatever the name is, the basic idea is that the paint is controlled by a magnetic pulse which alters the molecular structure of the paint's pigment, causing it to emit light at varying wavelengths. In this video the car it’s changing the color thanks to an app! This is one of those videos that just keeps amazing us! The woman talks to the app. She tells her that she is going out tonight and she needs something cute! The car responds to her and tries to find her matching color up to her standards! Is this real or fake? Either way, it makes for an unbelievable video! Would you like to have this kind of car? It’s amazing how modern technology is developing every day more and more! One of the hardest decisions when picking a new car is choosing the right color but the day when cars will be available in multiple colors could be here sooner than you think! Would you like to have a car that changes it’s color whenever you asked?

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Lamborghini Shoots Spikes Of Flame From Exhaust Pipe35s

Lamborghini Shoots Spikes Of Flame From Exhaust Pipe

There are a few fun things about owning a Lamborghini. They turn heads, they ride beautifully, they are full of incredible horsepower just waiting to be unleashed and they are full of exciting features. But one thing that people don't think of when they dream about owning one of these super cars is the ability to shoot flames out of the exhaust. It may even come as a surprise to people that it's possible, but it is oddly satisfying. This Lamborghini owner loves nothing more than sitting behind the of his super car and shooting flames from vehicle's exhaust pipes. When you own a Lamborghini you want to do everything fast! However, this owner was determined to show how cool his motor engine is, so he made this awesome clip, to show us the incredible moment when spikes start shooting out of the exhaust pipes, triggered by the gas pedal! Instead of rushing this car in the streets, this owner decided to slow down and show another perspective of this car's strength! The result is mind-blowing! The owner of this Lamborghini had just bought the car and had kept it in his garage for a few days, well protected from the weather. But when a fresh snow fell, he could not resist taking the beast out for its first spin and doing some drifting in a parking lot. The Lamborghini Aventador S is a 740 hp machine that breaks the 0-60mph mark in 2.9 seconds. Its top speed is 217mph. A firm press of the accelerator will push you back in your seat with enough force that lifting your arms will be difficult. A sweet ride like this one will set you back over $500,000 US. They are among the most powerful and impressive cars that you will see on the streets.

Driver Takes His New Lambo On Its First Snow Drift43s

Driver Takes His New Lambo On Its First Snow Drift

When you buy a brand new Lamborghini Aventador S, what is the first thing that you want to do with it? Most people would say that they would give it a wash and wax to make it look its best, or maybe they would take it for a slow cruise down a busy street to see all the jaws drop. But this owner had a different idea. He had purchased a brand new, half million dollar, shining orange Lamborghini Aventador S and put it in his garage until the first snowfall. When other exotic car owners were hiding their investments from the weather, he brought his out eagerly and took it for its maiden drive to a parking lot with enough snow to do some drifting and spinning. The engine roared and the tires screamed as he spun the car in circles. There were flames shooting out of the exhaust and lighting up the back end. The Lamborghini Aventador S is a 740 hp machine that breaks the 0-60mph mark in 2.9 seconds. Its top speed is 217mph. A firm press of the accelerator will push you back in your seat with enough force that lifting your arms will be difficult.

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