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Notorious Surfer Grows Ice-Beard For Catching Waves At Frigid Temperatures8s

Notorious Surfer Grows Ice-Beard For Catching Waves At Frigid Temperatures

Meet America's coolest surfer, Dan Schetter, 39, from Michigan who grew ice beard after he hit the waves of Lake Superior in below-freezing temperatures and had his beard completely frozen. A brave Michigan surfer dared to take on the waves in Lake Superior at below-zero temperatures and grew an incredible 'ice beard' in the process. Notorious Dan Schetter wears a wetsuit designed to withstand the freezing temperatures of -24F with windchill as he rides waves through Lake Superior in Michigan's cold weather. Although his body is well-equipped to withstand cold temperatures, his face is still exposed to the cold, and he often ends up his surfing sessions with eyebrows and beard completely covered in icicles. This extreme athlete is known as 'Surfer Dan' and he rides the waves throughout the year, even when temperatures are extremely low. Often times Schetter jumps into the icy water wearing a 9mm XCEL wetsuit, 8mm boots and gloves. That is his armour to survive the cold weather! On windy wintery days, Dan usually gets an ice beard going at -24F temperatures against the wind chill factor, which are the perfect conditions for growing an ice beard. The 39-year-old surfer has been surfing for over 20 years on Lake Superior and the surrounding Great Lakes. He grew up in near Marquette and knows the waters well and surfs year round. It is amazing how the cold doesn't seem to bother him as much as people would think after seeing him all covered in ice. It is because his wetsuit is very thick and made for extremely frigid temperatures. However, it is his numb face that gives people the fright! However, that is not even nearly enough to discourage him from surfing because he genuinely loves catching waves. He has surfed in Japan and Hawaii but the Great Lakes are his home, which he has been mastering for 20 years now. It takes a lot of practice getting into the frigid waters surrounding Michigan in the winter, advises the ‘Ice Man’. In the past, he used to get hypothermia a lot, it is when your body is that cold that you don’t even feel the cold anymore. In those moments, he goes to the happy place in his mind, and reminds himself that everything is going to be just fine! What a dedicated surfer! Credit to @danielschetter

101-Year-Old Lady Plays In The Snow And Has The Time Of Her Life1m44s

101-Year-Old Lady Plays In The Snow And Has The Time Of Her Life

It is sad that many people often forget to enjoy the winter time because they are swamped with daily commutes and busy work schedule, but it is the simple things in life that make life worth living. This man caught his 101-year-old mother playing in the snow and making a snowball on camera and it is the sweetest reminder that it is the simple pleasures in life that make us happy. Armand Foisy from Lillooet lives with his wife and his old mom Albina. Armand says that it is amazing how Albina’s strength and joy of living is contagious. She laughs at everything and is so giving. Way to live your life, sweet lady! It is good that Armand keeps his camera around in order to capture the special moments like this. It was snowing outside so Armand decided to take his elderly mother for a ride and give her the joy of a lifetime. Fortunately, the snow level was really low so they managed to pull over and stop the car in order to enjoy the snow. Watch Albina’s face expression when she is out in the snow. She is overjoyed with excitement and her story can serve as a reminded that it is the simple pleasures in life that give a special meaning to it. This elderly lady is smiling and having the time of her life. She reaches out and takes a big chunk of snow putting it to a snowball. It is amazing how this video is filled with so much warmth even if it is cold outside! Merry Christmas everyone!

Street performer turns broom into electric guitar 2m26s

Street performer turns broom into electric guitar

We bet you have never seen or heard anything like this ever before! In this video, a street performer in Cologne, Germany shows off a unique performance using only a broom and a speaker! With incredible visuals and sounds, this is one video that no one should ever miss! Who knew something from your household could make such cool and entertaining music!

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Korean Street Performer Gives Incredible Rendition Of John Mayer’s Song3m54s

Korean Street Performer Gives Incredible Rendition Of John Mayer’s Song

Street artists under the name of 'BeautyHandsome AU' made a magnificent cover of 'No Such Thing' by John Mayer on the streets of Sinchon, Seoul. They entertained onlookers on the busy streets of Korea and presented unbelievable performance! We can all agree that street performers don’t get enough credit for the amazing skills they present to entertain onlookers for free. They put their time and passion into music and perform on the street, hoping that people will give them tips and enjoy their music. Footage shows this Korean performer, flaunting his skills on the guitar and rocking the microphone, singing a John Mayer hit, “Waiting On The World to Change” leaving the audience in awe. John Clayton Mayer is an American singer-songwriter, guitarist, and producer from Connecticut. He is a very talented guitar player and a wonderful bluesy folk singer. You could easily confuse this Korean street performer for John Mayer because he sounds exactly the same. Meet Eddie Chun, a singer and street performer who does unbelievable covers of John Mayer songs. His performance is very impressive that if you close your eyes you would believe that you are listening to Mayer himself. He is indeed a very talented performer with a raspy and serene voice. He and his band are seen entertaining onlookers on the busy streets of Korea. Watching Chun perform “No Such Thing” is absolutely fantastic. His appearance is so inviting and his angelic voice will impress you in no time.

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'Telepathic' child genius displays mind-blowing skills1m56s

'Telepathic' child genius displays mind-blowing skills

Ramses Sanguino started reading at 7 months of age in English, Spanish and Greek. By 11 months Ramses knew the multiplication tables, and he was learning Japanese Kanji at 15 months of age. Watch him here when he was 3 years old spelling and writing an incredibly difficult word.

Man Of The Cloth Blows Crowd Away With His Insane Guitar Hero Skills4m01s

Man Of The Cloth Blows Crowd Away With His Insane Guitar Hero Skills

A fascinating video has emerged of a talented man of the cloth giving a mind-blowing solo performance on the lead guitar. Now, that is something you don’t see very often! Check out the insane guitar skills presented by reverend Kenny Petrie and his band! Meet Mark ‘Tont’ Carroll lead singer, Fast Freddie Binding drummer, Mark Naylor on bass, and Martin Reid on the guitar from Mr. Spankey and the Hipthrusters band. Who says that guitar and church don’t mix. This reverend is the living proof that it is a good combination indeed. Watch as this talented reverend presents a stunning performance and makes a hard-rocking cover of the Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers classic, "Runnin' Down a Dream." It is amazing how this talented reverend lets loose with a mind-blowing, four-minute solo almost as soon as the video stars. The shredder is a man by the name of Father Kenneth Petrie, could you believe it? A man of the church running wild when on stage! Amazing! If you closed your eyes and listened to this cover of “Running Down A Dream” you might swear Eddie Van Halen is on the guitar. However, the lead guitarist in the cover band Mr. Spankey and the Hipthrusters looks like your average grandpa, but a guitar hero genius is hiding behind that mild-mannered appearance. Petrie’s technical abilities are indeed impressive, his legato is on par with Iron Maiden’s Dave Murray, while his penchant for remaining in complete control over manic, freight train solos can be compared to Zakk Wylde. The new rock star is born!

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Elderly Man Sits Down At Goodwill Piano, Leaves Shoppers In Tears With His Impromptu Performance1m47s

Elderly Man Sits Down At Goodwill Piano, Leaves Shoppers In Tears With His Impromptu Performance

It's the season of giving and at Goodwill giving never goes out of style. A generous donor gave a piano at the Norwalk Store and one talented gentleman gave everyone present that day the gift of a song. Most of us know someone who isn’t what they seem. If someone who went shopping at the Goodwill store in Norwalk, Ohio didn’t know a person like that, they can now boast with the great honor to meet one such man. A middle-aged man in a plain sweatshirt sat down at a donated piano and instead of just jamming his hands down on the keys, he did something that left his fellow shoppers in shock! As soon as he sat down at the piano, he stretched out his fingers and began to play a beautiful melody. His impromptu performance surprised everyone, including the staff members. One the employees ran to get their camera phone and started recording the wonderful performance, a video they later shared with the Love What Matters Facebook page, saying: "This gifted gentleman just walked into my store and moved me to tears! Listen for yourself. Only at Norwalk Goodwill, in Norwalk, Ohio." Everyone inside the Goodwill sat in awe as the man's fingers danced across the keys and his head swayed with the melody. It made it clear to everyone watching that music moved this gentle soul and this was something he loved to do – no matter who was watching. Hopefully, the man continues to pop up in places around Ohio to share his unbelievable talent! Please give this a view and a share. Thanks! Credit: Goodwillsandusky

11-year-old YouTube star releases 'Beaches of Tofino' music video3m16s

11-year-old YouTube star releases 'Beaches of Tofino' music video

Canadian singer Jadyn Rylee has become a YouTube sensation, earning more than 20 million views for her original vocal covers of popular songs. This is the first song that Jadyn and Curt Ryle actually wrote together. It is about two people that meet on a vacation and become instant friends. The children in the video are Jadyn and Curt's son Brayden who actually became close friends after that very first visit. Enjoy!

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Two-Year-Old Golf Prodigy Knows How To Swing A Club37s

Two-Year-Old Golf Prodigy Knows How To Swing A Club

If you have the talents, then the job is half done. Not everybody gets that much luck in their life. Once you have, hold onto it and improve on it. A two-year-old boy from Glendale, Arizona can easily become the new Tiger Woods. Owen Earl has been swinging a golf club since he started to walk, and if this video is any proof, t looks like it will pay off big time for him! He and his dad, Brad Earl, were playing some golf in their backyard in Arizona. Mom saw it as a good chance to filming her son while playing the game and make it a good memory for the years that follow. First the little boy swung right into his father’s arms. Then he tries a second time. It goes too low. A bet the starting point was on the wrong place. Then comes the third try. It was a nice swing, daddy got the ball. Now comes the important one… or not. The next one is this boy’s finest swing. Aaaaand we have a winner. What a swing! It went so high that it ended right into the neighbor’s yard. So small, but with that much strength in him. At his age, he is much better that most adults. A real golf prodigy. I would say he is destined for big things. Just keep on practicing kiddo. When you grow up, you will become a real golf champion. Credit to @owensgolfvideos

This Skit Pokes Hilariously At The Length Of Nigerian Names2m08s

This Skit Pokes Hilariously At The Length Of Nigerian Names

Interviewer: So, what is your name Sir? Man: My name? Interviewer: Yes, your name. Man: Ovuvuevuevue Enyetuenwuevue Ugbemugbem Osas. Interviewer: Pardon? The clip shows the comedian being interviewed and is requested to give his name only to shock the interviewer after stating that his name is Ovuvuevuevue Enyetuenwuevue Ugbemugbem Osas. Mr Osas, who has a Nigerian accent, is prodded into pronouncing his name a second time and to the much surprise of everyone who watched the recording, the man spells out his name with some astounding ease. Can you try to pronounce the most difficult name in Africa? No. We did not think so. However, this is not a real name. It is created for the purposes of this comedy video and is supposed to sound like a Nigerian name. Not the comedian’s true name. The pun is intended and rests on the facts that Nigerian names actually are that long, and that particular name may actually be used by some people. This clip has reached over 300,000 views on YouTube, keeping in mind there are many versions, many sequels and spin-offs which has altogether launched Mr. Osas as an international comic character. Good humor Nigeria ! We cannot take it out of our heads: Ovuvuevuevue Enyetuenwuevue Ugbemugbem Osas Admit you tried to pronounce it! Watch it again! Full Credit: Osas/congo comedy skitz Follow him: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCuEronWxh4Vv7NSZVtY4OWQ https://plus.google.com/u/0/101750415812158200131 https://www.instagram.com/osas_congocomedyskitz/

Black Friday aftermath captures store's complete devastation34s

Black Friday aftermath captures store's complete devastation

This was the scene around 8:15 pm on Black Friday at the Nike factory store and it was an utter disaster. The store had been open since 5:00 am and was set to close at midnight. There were tons of people shopping and as you can see, they had no issue walking over boxes and apparel that were just recklessly strewn about the store. For such a huge place it's incredible how almost every inch of the floor was covered in merchandise. People were seen just tossing stuff around and showing disregard for the store's merchandise. Pretty wild scene.

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Youngsters' Impromptu Performance On NYC Train Leaves Everyone Surprised1m28s

Youngsters' Impromptu Performance On NYC Train Leaves Everyone Surprised

Train passengers in New York City were treated to an incredible performance by these youngsters. Great work guys! What These Kids Do On The NYC Train Has EVERYONE Surprised! A girl sings for the crowd while a boy, presumably her brother, plays his percussions on a bucket with two drum sticks. Their voices form impeccable harmonics, even with the terrible lack of acoustics in the train. The morning commute takes a heavy toll on those travelling in the New York City subway, so little surprises such as this one bring a welcome refreshment. If the song is familiar, then you are probably older than you think, or you just have very good taste in music! It is the Temptations’ signature song ‘My Girl’. Great job, guys! Both professional and amateur musicians like these kids have been entertaining the crowds in public since the beginning of time. Cities employ academic musicians to play intricate classical melodies for the sake of livening up the spirit of the citizens, while others give out permissions to buskers for the same reason - do what you love and get aid for it. One particular performance got the same effect on the crowd passing by, not so much because of the musicians, but because of who joined them in their performance! While a string quartet was playing “The Last of the Mohicans" in the subway in Istanbul, a little girl whipped out her baton and began directing the musicians like a true maestro!

7-Year-Old Phenom Displays Elite Basketball Skills2m21s

7-Year-Old Phenom Displays Elite Basketball Skills

LeBron James, Stephen Curry and Carmelo Anthony are some of the names that dominate basketball. However, this star in the making is steadily building a huge legion of fans and already threatening to get his name in the spotlight. Way to go Enzo! Meet Enzo Lee, the passionate basketball player from Jacksonville, Florida who has a serious disposition of becoming the next NBA star. Watch as this seven-year-old flaunts his basketball dribbling, shooting and dunking skills. He shows off incredible ball-handling skills on the court. This video showcasts some of his best moves including his formed jump shot and spider-dribbling skills. Amazing! Although Enzo Lee is only a kid, his talents rise well above that. His advanced ball-handling skills and a formed jump shot, along with a natural love and understanding of the game, make only sky be the limit for this talented athlete! Check out his moves! Young Enzo started developing his skills with the big ball when he was only three years old. He might have been the pipsqueak on the court, but his talent is beyond his age. He has been playing in leagues with kids 8 years of age, even joined an AAU team for seven-year-olds. Enzo Lee may only be 7-years-old, but his talents rise well above that! Seeing these child-prodigies take off so young should really inspire the rest of the world to let their own kids follow their own dreams and ambitions. If they are really good at something, allow them to pursue it and they will never have to work a day in their lives!

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Grandma With Alzheimer's Didn’t Forget How To Yodel44s

Grandma With Alzheimer's Didn’t Forget How To Yodel

This 84-year-old woman suffers from Alzheimer's disease, and this condition has made her forget many things, but clearly yodeling isn't one of them! Watch this video and enjoy her yodeling. This is one sweet lady that sure made our day! Awesome! Yodeling is a form of singing which involves repeated and rapid changes of pitch between the low-pitch chest register and the high-pitch head register or falsetto. The English word yodel is derived from the German, and originally Austro-Bavarian, word jodeln, meaning "to utter the syllable jo". This vocal technique is used in many cultures worldwide. Alzheimer's disease is a chronic neurodegenerative disease that usually starts slowly and worsens over time. It is the cause of 60% to 70% of cases of dementia. The most common early symptom is difficulty in remembering recent events i.e. short-term memory loss. As the disease advances, symptoms can include problems with language, disorientation, easily getting lost, mood swings, loss of motivation, not managing self care, and behavioural issues. Gradually, bodily functions are lost, ultimately leading to death. Although the speed of progression can vary, the average life expectancy following diagnosis is three to nine years. It is very satisfying to watch how pleased this lady gets when she yodels. It is truly amazing how wonderful she sounds and gives a wonderful performance indeed. It is moments like this that make life worth living, and it is also a bitter reminder that we should live our life to the fullest!

97-Year-Old Granny Crushes The Charleston On Nintendo Wii Video Game1m04s

97-Year-Old Granny Crushes The Charleston On Nintendo Wii Video Game

Although she's pushing 100 years old, this grandma can still get down on the dance floor. Check it out as she flawlessly dances the Charleston for Nintendo Wii's 'Just Dance 2' video game. She's on fire! The owner of this amazing video says: “My 97 year old Granny lives with us and every weekend we are uploading a new video of her doing one of the Just Dance 2 dances. Its pretty cute... and like she always says -- if she can do it, anyone can! :)" It is ladies like this that prove age is just a number! Maintaining an active, instead of a sedentary lifestyle make a whopper of a difference as the years pass. Keeping one’s body active and thriving throughout the ages will see you live a long and healthy life, so that one day, when you reach the ripe age of 97, you can ‘twerk’ just like when you were 20! Another lady that keeps pushing the boundaries of age 91-year-old Johanna Quaas from Germany. In this impressive video, the elderly but definitely not frail woman performs a flawless gymnastics routine during a competition in Berlin at the Internationales Deutsches Turnfest competition. Johanna has been a gymnast her entire life and apparently, she never stepped! Our hats are off to you, ladies!

Pranked Woman For Drinking Under Influence Gets Marriage Proposal1m34s

Pranked Woman For Drinking Under Influence Gets Marriage Proposal

Unique marriage proposal is something every girl dreams of. It is very important to be unexpected in order to be a great surprise. Knowing that you have been finally chosen to be someone’s mate for life is amazing. Some would like this event to take place in the public, and others would like for it to happen in a private setting. Nowadays guys need to be very creative with their marriage proposal because girls expect it to be a very romantic moment. It is hard for guys who can’t figure out how their lady would like to be proposed to. What if she doesn’t want people to see her bawling her eyes out, slobbering while struggling to say “yes"? Of course they would like nothing more than for their girl to feel comfortable, while making one of the most important decisions in her life. Then there are the types of men who would rather prank their girls towards a proposal and it usually works splendidly! But what if your boyfriend works for the sheriff's department? This woman thought she was a suspected DUI driver but it was a traffic stop that changed her life. Watch as Deputy Bowes proposes to his future wife. He had one of his police officer colleagues pull over his girlfriend as a suspected DUI, and gave her the best surprise. This is a moment they will remember for the rest of their lives! “We are so happy for you brother, and thank you for allowing us to be part of this wonderful moment. Welcome to the Tan & Green family, and may you have a wonderful life together." is the caption that the officers from the Palmdale Sheriff's Station wrote. This rigid prank was the most wonderful surprise that someone from the sheriff’s department has pulled! Congratulations to future Mrs. Deputy Bowes Credit: Palmdale Sheriff's Station

Unexpected street singer leaves pedestrians in awe!40s

Unexpected street singer leaves pedestrians in awe!

Spectators the surprising pleasure of hearing Toronto opera singer Ian Sabourin perform on the busy streets of Toronto. He was preparing to sing and a few people stopped, curious to see what this seemingly normal teenager was about to perform. As soon as he starts singing everyone was speechless!

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Teppanyaki master chef performs amazing tricks with eggs40s

Teppanyaki master chef performs amazing tricks with eggs

Jerry is nothing short of a teppanyaki ninja. He is a chef at the Benihana restaurant in Toronto, Ontario. When customers sit down at his table for a meal, they are in for a treat beyond the incredible taste of the food. Jerry begins by smacking his spatula on the grill and announcing that the show is about to start. All eyes are on him as he begins to flip, spin, and juggle the utensils. They clang together with a sound like clashing swords as Jerry amazes his diners with his coordination and dexterity. The food follows the flashing spatula and fork and Jerry begins with an egg that he spins on his grill. He flips the egg with his spatula, keeping it spinning and then he tosses it and catches it without cracking the fragile shell. With a final toss, the egg is thrown high in the air and then caught with precision on the side of the spatula. The egg runs out of the shell onto the grill, leaving the guests delighted and dazzled. Jerry is not finished yet. He brings out another egg, sets it spinning and tosses it even higher in the air with his spatula. This time the egg disappears in Jerry's chef hat. Laughter erupts and even Jerry chuckles at the reaction. Jerry performs and jokes with the guests throughout the meal preparation, somehow able to concentrate on cooking, performing tricks and engaging in small talk. He finishes off with another round of spatula spinning as a grand finale and he points right at the camera with a grin that displays just the right amount of cockiness. And his confidence is well earned. He's managed to charm and entertain his diners and leave them with a culinary experience that will have them talking for months. Dinner at Jerry's table at the Benihana Restaurant is like sitting down with a cross between a samurai and a master chef. It is both exciting and delicious!