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Sandboarding in the Huacachina desert1m16s

Sandboarding in the Huacachina desert

Would you be willing to try this "sport" out? Watch as tourists in Peru go on a sandboarding adventure while visiting Huacachina, an extraordinary desert oasis!

Published: October 16, 20142,408 views
Wingsuit pilot jumps from mountain's edge1m08s

Wingsuit pilot jumps from mountain's edge

Follow World Wingsuit League Yuri Codeiro on his wingsuit proximity flight off Innerer Fisistock of the Bernese Alps, overlooking Kandersteg in the Bernese Oberland. He started BASE jumping six years ago and quickly took up wingsuit Base, using his pilot knowledge and experience to quickly progress into one of the sport's best wingsuit pilots.

Wingsuit proximity flight through trees1m02s

Wingsuit proximity flight through trees

An incredible tree slalom wingsuit proximity flight over the left line off Sputnik exit in Walenstadt, Switzerland. Special thanks to Nick, James Y., Darren B. and Snake River BASE Jumping School. The only limit is the one you set yourself!

Pro BMX rider shows off insane skills2m54s

Pro BMX rider shows off insane skills

'No Anchor' documents a day in the life of professional BMX rider AJ Anaya in this feature, titled, The Gift. Check out @ajanayalater for more. Credit to 'No Anchor'. Music by the Autonomics.

Published: October 1, 201417,031 views
Wingsuit flying along mountainside cliff1m43s

Wingsuit flying along mountainside cliff

Kandersteg is located along the valley of the River Kander, west of the Jungfrau massif in the canton of Bern, Switzerland. It is noted for its spectacular mountain scenery and sylvan alpine landscapes. In this feature, experience a POV wingsuit proximity flight session over the Kandersteg terrain, rear camera included. Special thanks to Nick, James Y., Darren B. and Snake River BASE Jumping School. Credit to 'BASEjumper'.

Brave Biker Rides His Dirt Bike Through A Flash Flood3m58s

Brave Biker Rides His Dirt Bike Through A Flash Flood

When monsoon rains hit Joshua Tree, California, Cole Gibson decided to strap on his GoPro camera and go for a wild ride on his 2002 Suzuki DRZ400E dirt bike. The flash flooding that overwhelmed the streets didn't throw him off his plans. We see him rushing through water and mud-filled streets. At one point, he comes across a puddle several inches deep and decided to have a blast, cutting through the water as it splashes all over him, covering both his visor and his GoPro camera. How does he even know where he is going? Then he goes off the road and comes to the head of the flash flooding in one of the washes, so he decides that this is the best ride to catch in the washes. It is like an ode to the good old days, when we were young and careless and all we wanted all day long was to play in the puddles after an rainy day . Cole has a bike to match his spirit, so he takes off into the desert to get buried into dust and mud, before heading back home, drenched and caked in mud, but with a full heart. From destroying the dirt to shredding the streets, these versatile bikes have got what it takes! We've never seen somebody so excited about mud. His bravery to go out in a weather like that is truly admirable! Oh man, that looks like so much fun!

Wingsuit flying through the 'Crack' Gorge in Switzerland1m24s

Wingsuit flying through the 'Crack' Gorge in Switzerland

Soaring at speeds of up to 180 kilometers per hour, wingsuit BASE jumper Magnus N. has embarked on his latest conquest - taming the 'Crack' gorge off the Sputnik exit in Switzerland's beautiful Churfirsten mountains. Check out the amazing wingsuit proximity POV footage and you will witness his amazing skills flying just few meters above the mountains!

Published: September 9, 201421,307 views
Wingsuit basejump from top of mountain to beach2m53s

Wingsuit basejump from top of mountain to beach

What's the fastest way to descend a mountain and land right on a beautiful beach? A wingsuit basejump! Check out this incredible POV flight from a mountaintop in Walenstadt, Switzerland. From 'BASEjumper', "Special thanks to Nick, James Y., Darren B. and Snake River BASE Jumping School."

Wingsuit proximity flying over rugged terrain1m39s

Wingsuit proximity flying over rugged terrain

From BASEjumper, "Poncione d'Alnasca is a beautiful summit in one of the most wild and rugged places of Switzerland. Another wingsuit base jump, another beautiful location. Special thanks to Nick, James Y., Darren B. and Snake River BASE Jumping School." This POV footage will definitely leave your palms sweaty, check it out!

Super slow motion wakeboarding and wakesurfing2m12s

Super slow motion wakeboarding and wakesurfing

From 'NoAnchord', "After renting a FS700 (super slow motion camera) for a music video we knew we had to take it to the lake. We ended up filming wakeboarder Parker Bizar and wakesurfer Logan Hayes. We were concerned about the rain but it stopped just in time for a perfect sunset session!" Music: In Your Eyes by Nonaphoenix.

Published: July 15, 201424,715 views
Super slow motion parkour and freerunning1m23s

Super slow motion parkour and freerunning

The team from 'No Anchor' recently filmed with some incredible parkour athletes in Coeur d'Alene, Idaho. Take a look at some of the high-flying moments from their day! Athletes: Sam Wood, Steven Scarcello, and Josh Blakley.

Published: August 10, 2014132,743 views
Proximity flying from a mountainside cliff1m39s

Proximity flying from a mountainside cliff

Antoine Laporte and friends navigate Croix des Tetes, a mountain of Savoie, France in their tracking suits. Proximity flying in tracking gear leaves almost no margin for error and requires a more specific choice of flyable lines - if you get too deep, you don't have wings (wingsuit) to help you get out. Tracking gear consists of a jacket and pants that inflate with air, which then increases push force when you move your body through the air.

19 wingsuits jump off a cliff in Norway1m38s

19 wingsuits jump off a cliff in Norway

A 19-way wingsuit BASE from Katthammaren in Eikesdalen, Norway. This group of friends and experienced wingsuit pilots explore the beautiful landscape of fjords, big walls, grey rocks and deep blue sky!

This Footage Of Speedflying Over A Waterfall Will Give You An Adrenaline Rush1m59s

This Footage Of Speedflying Over A Waterfall Will Give You An Adrenaline Rush

Check out this incredible point-of-view jump from the Flynarchy team as they execute a successful speedflying session from the top of Kjerag mountain in Lysebotn, Norway. Ozone Fazer provides us with the jaw-dropping footage! Speed flying, also known as speed riding , is the air sport of flying a small, fast fabric wing, usually in close proximity to a steep slope. Speed flying and speed riding are very similar sports; speed flying is when the speed wing is foot-launched, while speed riding (or ski gliding) is a winter sport done on skis. Sustained flight with a speed glider is possible over a ridge in strong winds. Speed flying is a hybrid sport that has combined elements of paragliding, parachuting, and even skiing to create a new sport. Like paragliding, speed flying is done by launching from a slope with the wing overhead, already inflated by the incoming air. The main difference between speed flying and paragliding, is that speed flying is meant to create a fast, thrilling ride close to the slope, while the point of paragliding is usually to maintain a longer, gentler flight. The fast landing technique for speed wings is similar to that used in parachuting. However, parachuting or skydiving is done from a plane or fixed object ( BASE jumping ), and the wing is designed to arrest the free fall. Newer designs of hybrid-wings (also called mini-wings) are now being produced to allow a high speed "hike and fly" from mountainous areas. They can be soared in strong laminar winds and thermalled similar to paragliders, and may also be trimmed for a more traditional speed flying descent.

Kite Surfer Jumps Over Island, Lands Back On Water31s

Kite Surfer Jumps Over Island, Lands Back On Water

Watch kite surfer Youri Zoon jump straight over Mbkue island in New Caledonia, located in the southwest Pacific Ocean. He manages to clear all land and sticks the perfect landing! The two-time kitesurfing champion from Holland managed to master an impossible feat and fly over 120 feet of land on the Mbkue island, then safely land on the ocean on the other side. He is seen traveling with speeds of 22 miles per hour while approaching the point where he would complete his bound. The 24-year old <a href=" https://rumble.com/v300na-bizarre-skateboard-stunt-on-bridge-gone-wrong-in-rotterdam.html " target="_blank">daredevil</a> later said: “Making the jump felt amazing - I got a rush of adrenaline as I took off. Once I got over half of the island I knew I was going to make it and that is when it felt really great." The speeding gust of wind picked him up 50 feet into the air and landed him on the other side, flying over some beachgoers and other fellow kite-surfers. His attempts thus far have not gone without a hitch though – on his second attempt at the stunt, Youri crashed himself into a tree, though rather safely. <a href=" https://rumble.com/v32r71-kite-surfer-jumps-brighton-pier.html " target="_blank">Kitesurfing</a> is an extreme sport which uses wakeboards and controllable kites to harnesses the power of the wind. This action sport combines aspects of wakeboarding, snowboarding, windsurfing, surfing, paragliding, skateboarding and sailing into one extreme sport! The kitesurfer has to harnesses the power of the wind with the help of a large controllable power kite by propelling it across the water, land, or snow. Would you try this extreme sport, or are you satisfied just by watching others do it!? Let us know in the comments, and share your experience!

Published: June 6, 2014269,175 views
Insane Wingsuit Flight Leaves You At The Edge Of Your Seat 1m10s

Insane Wingsuit Flight Leaves You At The Edge Of Your Seat

You have to have a lot of guts to do something like this! The Brevent exit in Chamonix, France was first opened in 2012, but following a series of accidents within a short amount of time, it was closed by local authorities. It remains one of the most technical wingsuit exits in the world with a very big ledge at 50, very low departure, electric cable, and tons of paragliders. If you're an adventurous and gutsy person, this might be the best activity for you! You definitely can't be afraid of heights, that's for sure!Even though this may look scary, the view is spectacular and totally worth it! Imagine scratching this off your bucket list, so awesome! The speed this occurs at also looks very intimidating, you have to make sure you are far enough away from the objects around you so you don't get injured on the way down, crazy! Special thanks to Nik, Darren and Snake River BASE Jumping School. Have you ever done this before? Let us know in the comment section down below! Check out this video of an insane wingsuit flight! Time to be adventurous and try this out for yourself! What a great story to tell all your friends and family!

Wingsuit cliff jump that'll make you sweat2m04s

Wingsuit cliff jump that'll make you sweat

A beautiful yet dangerous BASE jump exit in Italy. Check out this POV footage from wingsuit BASE jumper Robin Black as he plunges straight down a mountainside rockdrop. One little mistake could spell big trouble in a situation like that.

Insane kayaking on flooded James River1m59s

Insane kayaking on flooded James River

After a 3 day major storm, the James River in Richmond, Virginia had record levels of water. The flood stage level was around 11.1' on May 1st, 2014! That didn't stop this kayaker from getting into the river and having some fun though! Shot using the Lumix GH4, Cinestar 8, and MoVI M10.

This Wingsuit Jump Will Make Your Palms Sweat!1m17s

This Wingsuit Jump Will Make Your Palms Sweat!

Brian Drake and Fernando M. Goncalves squeeze through 'The Crack' off Sputnik exit in Switzerland in this incredible 2-way wingsuit proximity flight! Check out the amazing POV footage from Brian filming his best friend Fernando and you will witness their amazing skills flying just few meters above the mountains. Unfortunately Brian passed away after being seriously injured in an accident in the Bernese Oberland, along with Dan Vicary and Ludovic Woerth during the end of March. Let's keep his memory alive!