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Extreme nighttime paraglide above Carpathian Mountains1m45s

Extreme nighttime paraglide above Carpathian Mountains

Are you brave enough to do some high-altitude paragliding in the dead of night? Check out this daredevil as he soars above the Caraiman Peak at 2,291 meters above sea level, located in the Bucegi Mountains (part of the Southern Carpathians in Romania). Amazing!

Kayaking Cumberland Falls34s

Kayaking Cumberland Falls

Occurred on March 12, 2106 / Corbin, KY, USA Info: Crazy footage captures an amazing kayaker as he takes on the raging Cumberland Falls!

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Skier paraglides through clouds and the result is breathtaking!2m28s

Skier paraglides through clouds and the result is breathtaking!

Most of us would not dare to conduct these types of extreme sports with zero visibility, so we are thankful that this daredevil does it for us! Watch what happens when he skis and paraglides right into a massive abyss of fog above the Stubaital alpine valley in Austria. Totally worth it!

Skydivers Make Landings In The Heart Of A Bustling City2m01s

Skydivers Make Landings In The Heart Of A Bustling City

What better place to land than smack dab in the middle of a busy city?! Check out these skydivers as they make repeated landings into crowed parks and streets while paragliding out of a plane. Awesome! Are you a big fan of extreme sports or very high adrenaline activities? This is the perfect video for someone with that mindset. Regular skydiving and parachuting can already be scary but imagine doing it and landing in random city locations. Usually skydivers jump out of their planes or helicopters and land in a big field or empty airfield, but not in this video! Skydiving is definitely not for the faint of heart and takes a lot of guts to be able to continuously jump out of planes. Must be so thrilling when your falling in the sky and there is always that thought in your head that maybe the parachute won’t open but it always does! That rush must be so intense and must be why there is so many fans of skydiving and parachuting! Not often do you see someone parachuting randomly in the city whether it be on the road or a city park or maybe even landing in someone’s backyard. This video is a great and fun montage of skydivers that parachute right into the city. Sounds like it can be dangerous but thankfully nothing bad happens here in this video! The first video in the montage has the person parachuting over some hills and over a city! Viewers are already taking guesses on where they want to see the person land! Maybe a road, a house, on top of a building? As the person soars you get to see the magnificent view of the city! This video is accompanied by some great music that totally fits the mood of this video well. Nothing better than listening to some high energy music and seeing some extreme sports! The first location the person lands is in a grassy park, seems like a very fitting landing for a parachute! The best of this is when he is coming down for the landing, he soars right by a person walking along! I bet she must have been quite shocked and amazed with what she saw! As he soars of lights and lamp posts, this is the best part of the videos seeing the normal everyday people react to something they don’t see too often. This makes the video so much better! In the next footage, the man lands right on the sidewalk in front of a building, leaving many onlookers in awe. This would make a great entrance if you need to go to the building, just soar in from the sky and keep walking in! The man even lands in the middle of a road with a car coming along. This is very dangerous even for these professionals and the car even had to steer to the side as to not hit the man. Always have to be careful in these situations, anything could happen. These montage videos are very well done sometimes offering the street view as they land from their parachute. These skydivers definitely gave people on the ground a nice little show! Definitely wouldn’t have loved to witness this in person and see everyone get excited. Definitely a great watch for all extreme sport lovers!

Two-Year-Old Masters Professional Motocross Track1m12s

Two-Year-Old Masters Professional Motocross Track

This is the amazing video in which two-year-old Neo flaunts his incredible motorbike skills. Although Neo is only two and a half years old, he is absolutely fearless on his OSET trials electric motorcycle. Watch him conquer this motocross track as he rides around without training wheels. Nice job, Neo! At only two years of age, Neo learned to ride his OSET trials electric motorcycle without his training wheels by perfectly keeping balance as he moves along the dirt road. Watch him fearlessly conquer slopes and curves as he cruises around an open field. What a talent! Neo might be the youngest test gun to ride an Oset 12.5 electric trials bike without training wheels. He is passionate about riding a dirt bike and thanks to the low standover height and ability for his dad to adjust the amount of power available, he successfully managed to master this skill ! OSET is the world leader in the design and manufacture of electric trials, dirt and motocross motorcycles . The range of OSET electric bikes is always being developed, with ten bikes currently available, catering to riders from 3 to 18, and beyond! OSETs are proven in competitions, taking multiple national level victories against petrol powered machines. OSETs are recognized globally as the best bikes for children to learn and improve their skills and being fully electric they are silent, meaning riders can use them everyday without causing any noise disruption! Ditch the old boring bicycle and introduce the adventure electric bike to your children to create a new kind of childhood memory!

Epic winter paddle boarding off New England coast3m01s

Epic winter paddle boarding off New England coast

Just because it's winter doesn't mean you can't enjoy the surf! Check out this girl's documented trip of her very first winter paddle boarding session. Shot in Nahant, MA and filmed using a GoPro, DJI Phantom and Canon DSLR.

These Fearless Free Falling Females Will Amaze You2m15s

These Fearless Free Falling Females Will Amaze You

What are you most afraid of? New experiences? Small spaces? Heights? Meet the Joy Riders, an all female, international skydiving and base jumping team. They represent joy, passion, inspiration, and work to motivate their audience to go after what they want most in life. Check out this awesome video so you you can experience what it’s like to conquer your fears and grab life by the horns! This HooplaHa Original was produced by Jamey Clouse. Want more HooplaHa Originals? Check out our YouTube channel — and don’t forget to smile!

Snowboarding throughout the city of Toronto2m37s

Snowboarding throughout the city of Toronto

What do Canadians do on the snowiest day of the year? They ski and snowboard from the back of a moving car! Check out these daredevils as they ride through the snow-covered streets in this epic winter video.

Extreme first-person BASE jumping footage2m08s

Extreme first-person BASE jumping footage

B.A.S.E. jumping is parachuting from a fixed structure or cliff. 'BASE' is an acronym for building, antenna, and Earth (cliff). Here you have a chance to see the life of a BASE jumper from their own perspective. Would you ever try something like this?

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2-year-old shows of his skiing skills2m02s

2-year-old shows of his skiing skills

Even though he is only 2 years old, Kasper Treadway is going to be extremely impressive on a pair of skis. Check out his amazing skills at performs jumps and masters rail slides while at Big White in British Columbia, Canada. How is he so good?!

Daredevils soar above snow-covered mountains1m06s

Daredevils soar above snow-covered mountains

From paragliding above a frozen forest, to some snow-kiting runs, to even a heli-jump and proximity flying, these extreme athletes push the limits as they enjoy everything the Le Brévent mountain in France has to offer.

Mountain Bikers Tempt Fate On Dangerous White Line Trail2m56s

Mountain Bikers Tempt Fate On Dangerous White Line Trail

Adrenaline junkies, thrill seekers and even regular office-goers these days are constantly looking for new ways to have a crazy time trying their hand at sports which range from the fun ones to the absolutely insane! Extreme sports act as the perfect way for people to try out things that they would otherwise never even dream of doing. All for the adrenaline rush from pushing themselves to conquer their biggest fears by defying all logic and sense of reasoning and just taking the plunge, quite literally! There are many extreme sports that could help bring out the adventurer in you. There is a fine line between being adventurous and completely insane and we are pretty sure that daredevils will ride their bikes on it, just for fun! Footage shows Nate Hills riding the dangerous White Line into Little Horse, located in Sedona, Arizona, with Kyle Mears. Watch the incredible journey as it unfolds! We see Nate and his fellow enduro racer Kyle ride the white line zig and zag down the hills in Arizona and our blood freezes in our veins. We expect either of them to slip accidentally and we cringe on every turn. However for these two, the white line is just another pavement, a street with no cars, one that they can ride freely without interruptions. Nate Hills is an enduro racer and adventurer. From the lung-searing high mountains of Colorado to the high glacier covered mountains of Bolivia, Nate Hills pushes the human limit of what is possible with the bike . We can feel the adrenaline rush only by watching this video! Enduro is a stage-race format where the winner is the rider who accumulates the lowest combined time from the timed downhill sections. Enduros typically take place over one or two days, however, week-long competitions also exist such as the Trans Provence (France), the Andes Pacifico (Chile), and the Pisgah Stage Race (United States). A typical one-day enduro consists of 3 to 5 timed stages which take place on technically demanding, generally descending terrain, and often with sections of singletrack. These stages are linked by predominantly ascending "transfer" stages. Although a rider's performance on the physically demanding transfer stages does not affect his or her result, they often have a time-limit, or a latest allowed arrival-time for the start of the next stage. (source: Wikipedia) According to the Enduro World Series 2015 Rule Book, a minimum of four special stages is required per event, a minimum of three different courses must be used, and the results will be calculated by adding all stage times together for each rider. Check out this bike going down a road at an insane speed . In another video, watch as daredevil Michal Kollbek rides the White Line as an attempt to conquer the infamous trail and capture the entire thing on camera! He later said that riding the White Line was one of the scariest stunts he has ever performed while on bike, but he was confident that he can pull it off, because it's thrills like this that wake him up everyday! What did you think about this video? Make sure you tell us more in the comments down below. If you like what you see, don’t forget to share it with others who might like it as well. It just might be the highlight of their day! Enjoy! What did you think about this video? Make sure you tell us more in the comments down below. If you like what you see, don’t forget to share it with others who might like it as well. It just might be the highlight of their day! Enjoy! Plastic miniature helicopter footage courtesy of Hagephoto.com.

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2-Year-Old Skiing Prodigy Shows Off Amazing Skills2m42s

2-Year-Old Skiing Prodigy Shows Off Amazing Skills

Kasper Treadway has no problem conquering the slopes at Kicking Horse Resort outside of Golden, British Columbia, Canada. At only 2 years of age it looks like Kasper has an extremely bright future ahead of him. Check out his amazing talents! Sure, he might be taking the “easiest way down", but come on! The kid is only two! People might call that age “the terrible twos", but Kasper is anything but! Watching him slide down those slopes like he’s been born with those training skis on makes us slightly uncomfortable - not for his safety, but for our lack of skiing skills! We admire his talent and the urge to start so young. His parents look like they are seasoned skiers, so taking their son to the powdery slopes probably came as natural as walking to them. The kid jumps, swerves and stops like a pro! And that speed that he is going with? Just wow! Even though he is only 2 years old, Kasper Treadway is going to be extremely impressive on a pair of skis. Check out his amazing skills at performs jumps and masters rail slides while at Big White in British Columbia, Canada. How is he so good?!

5-year-old Harry Schofield is a BMX prodigy4m50s

5-year-old Harry Schofield is a BMX prodigy

Daredevil Harry is a tough little 5 year old boy who loves riding his bike and does not hold back - as this video will show. Locations of clips are in south east England. He has bags full of natural ability on the bike.

Snowboarding In The City3m24s

Snowboarding In The City

Info From Licensor: "We decided to go skiing and snowboarding until the snow is not cleaned."" Location: St. Petersburg, Russia Occurrence Date: January 18, 2016

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Epic paragliding from above the frozen Carpathian Mountains1m29s

Epic paragliding from above the frozen Carpathian Mountains

These daredevils skydiving from an enormous military aircraft; one with zero visibility and the other with a high deployment over an epic sea of clouds. Last but not least we are treated to some paragliding from atop the breathtaking Carpathian Mountains in Europe.

Bike Draft - 124 km/h5m54s

Bike Draft - 124 km/h

Watch as a biker goes nearly 80 MPH drifting behind a truck. Info From Licensor: "It was a normal training day and I had no intention of doing this. But opportunity came near the highest point on the road BR277, direction Curitiba; and having the GoPro with me allowed to record the "truck vacuum" shot." Location: BR277, Paraná, Brasil Occurrence Date: April 15, 2014

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Daredevils skydive in freezing cold temperatures1m16s

Daredevils skydive in freezing cold temperatures

These daredevils have put together a compilation displaying their love of adrenaline as they take extreme sports to a whole new level. Watch them jump from a Soviet aircraft in below freezing weather, BASE jump in the stunning Lauterbrunnen Valley, and speed-fly throughout a remote mountainous area in Switzerland.

Gaza’s parkour team44s

Gaza’s parkour team

Gaza’s parkour team train intensively to run, climb, roll and jump around obstacles and on different terrains without equipment. However, some barriers are too high for the team, who say they face travel restrictions from Israel which prevent the team from participating in international competitions.

Unbelievable paragliding compilation from the Caraiman Peak2m22s

Unbelievable paragliding compilation from the Caraiman Peak

The Caraiman Peak is a mountain peak located in Romania, in the Bucegi Mountains of the Southern Carpathians. Take a front row seat as this daredevil paraglides above a sea of clouds, flying through the sky and eventually landing in a nearby park. Incredible!

Epic homemade kayak ramp off a bridge!1m09s

Epic homemade kayak ramp off a bridge!

These extreme athletes have come up with the creative idea of jumping off a bridge using their kayak! With the correct speed and position, as well as a perfectly angled ramp, these daredevils successfully land some amazing jumps. Awesome!

Adventurous Daredevils Ride Kayak Down An Icy Mountain1m17s

Adventurous Daredevils Ride Kayak Down An Icy Mountain

These daredevils decide to take their kayaking to the extreme by riding it down a mountain side on a road covered in ice and snow. You won't believe just how fast they race down the slope! It is exactly what it sounds like. Grab a kayak and use it as a sled. Rinse and repeat. The sport formed when kayakers floated up to the mountain tops and took the snow down the mountain, cruising on waves of snow, instead of water. Forget scenic waterways and romantic paddles, the real way to get a kayak going is down a mountain. This daredevil shows how it’s done as he takes the wild ride down for a spin. With a camera strapped to him and armed with just a paddle, he lets gravity do the work. Would you try this daring stunt and feel this thrilling experience that will freeze your blood. Daredevils are often looked at as reckless, but they see themselves as calculated. There are very real risks with everything they do. This 'challenging' slide needs to be taken very seriously and requires a lot of experience. This gives daredevils the ability to make swift decisions and enjoy their sport! The camera is positioned downward and shows the front of the kayak as the daredevil uses his paddle to try to stay in the narrow strip of very steep mountain covered in snow . The footage also shows his friends screaming at the bottom, one of whom had to move in order not to get hurt. Snow snow kayaking is a winter sport practised by some kayakers. It usually involves kayakers descending snow slopes. This sport is typically done in the backcountry and occasionally at resorts and ski areas. Races are held in a modus similar to those of snowboarding they are known as a boatercross. In the races, kayakers race to a finish line or point.