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Wingsuit pilot jumps from mountain's edge1m08s

Wingsuit pilot jumps from mountain's edge

Follow World Wingsuit League Yuri Codeiro on his wingsuit proximity flight off Innerer Fisistock of the Bernese Alps, overlooking Kandersteg in the Bernese Oberland. He started BASE jumping six years ago and quickly took up wingsuit Base, using his pilot knowledge and experience to quickly progress into one of the sport's best wingsuit pilots.

Skydivers Make Landings In The Heart Of A Bustling City2m01s

Skydivers Make Landings In The Heart Of A Bustling City

What better place to land than smack dab in the middle of a busy city?! Check out these skydivers as they make repeated landings into crowed parks and streets while paragliding out of a plane. Awesome! Are you a big fan of extreme sports or very high adrenaline activities? This is the perfect video for someone with that mindset. Regular skydiving and parachuting can already be scary but imagine doing it and landing in random city locations. Usually skydivers jump out of their planes or helicopters and land in a big field or empty airfield, but not in this video! Skydiving is definitely not for the faint of heart and takes a lot of guts to be able to continuously jump out of planes. Must be so thrilling when your falling in the sky and there is always that thought in your head that maybe the parachute won’t open but it always does! That rush must be so intense and must be why there is so many fans of skydiving and parachuting! Not often do you see someone parachuting randomly in the city whether it be on the road or a city park or maybe even landing in someone’s backyard. This video is a great and fun montage of skydivers that parachute right into the city. Sounds like it can be dangerous but thankfully nothing bad happens here in this video! The first video in the montage has the person parachuting over some hills and over a city! Viewers are already taking guesses on where they want to see the person land! Maybe a road, a house, on top of a building? As the person soars you get to see the magnificent view of the city! This video is accompanied by some great music that totally fits the mood of this video well. Nothing better than listening to some high energy music and seeing some extreme sports! The first location the person lands is in a grassy park, seems like a very fitting landing for a parachute! The best of this is when he is coming down for the landing, he soars right by a person walking along! I bet she must have been quite shocked and amazed with what she saw! As he soars of lights and lamp posts, this is the best part of the videos seeing the normal everyday people react to something they don’t see too often. This makes the video so much better! In the next footage, the man lands right on the sidewalk in front of a building, leaving many onlookers in awe. This would make a great entrance if you need to go to the building, just soar in from the sky and keep walking in! The man even lands in the middle of a road with a car coming along. This is very dangerous even for these professionals and the car even had to steer to the side as to not hit the man. Always have to be careful in these situations, anything could happen. These montage videos are very well done sometimes offering the street view as they land from their parachute. These skydivers definitely gave people on the ground a nice little show! Definitely wouldn’t have loved to witness this in person and see everyone get excited. Definitely a great watch for all extreme sport lovers!

Daredevil Shares POV Footage Of Him Fearlessly Skiing Through Forest32s

Daredevil Shares POV Footage Of Him Fearlessly Skiing Through Forest

Daredevils are a special category of folk who love crossing the boundaries of what is considered extreme. They love going higher, deeper, faster, heavier, tougher, pushing their own limits in the process. We have a very deep respect for these people, both men and women who will stop next to nothing to achieve the thrill and we envy them for it. There are BASE jumpers, slackline walkers, people who ride unicycles along narrow girders of bridges . And then there are freeride skiers. The relatively young discipline already has a World Cup circuit, but many go down the natural, un-groomed terrains just for the view and the thrill. Just like Hugo Carraz does. The 27-year-old took his GoPro camera for his latest freeride down the slopes in La Clusaz on the Rhone-Alpes in France. The POV footage really is thrilling, watching him literally zoom between the thick forest and easily zapping between the trees, making us wince at ever turn. Just when we think he will slam himself in a tree trunk, he moves at the nick of time, giving us all the benefits of a freeride, without the unnecessary risk. Hugo doesn’t just wind between the woods. He likes to jump from several-feet-high cliffs and land with incredible precision. The views he provides us with are probably some we will never be able to see for ourselves, unless we decide to go hiking and it isn’t such a great idea in the winter. Not on the Alps, anyway.

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POV wingsuit proximity flight in Switzerland2m33s

POV wingsuit proximity flight in Switzerland

Incredible point-of-view footage featuring professional wingsuit flyers in Walenstadt, Switzerland. Starring: Ian Mitchard, Scotty Bob, Mathew Kenney, Hartman Rector, David CL, Mike Steen and Matt Gerdes. Powered by Squirrel.

What is the crazy sport of skijoring?1m16s

What is the crazy sport of skijoring?

Skijoring consists of riding on skis behind a horse, hitting jumps, and collecting rings. At 10,151 feet above sea level, Leadville, Colorado holds the highest skijoring in the world. What an awesome sport!

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Wingsuit proximity flying through the clouds1m23s

Wingsuit proximity flying through the clouds

Raw footage from an incredible wingsuit flight in Walenstadt, Switzerland. Credit and special mention to Nick, James Y., Darren B. and Snake River BASE Jumping School. The only limit is the one you set yourself!

Epic Skydiving Footage Through Norwegian Fjord3m00s

Epic Skydiving Footage Through Norwegian Fjord

Adrenaline junkies, gather 'round! We all know the thrill when the rush of adrenaline hits you - blood pumping, ears throbbing, everything is going so fast while you let go! Whether it's a high speed chase, releasing the brakes on the bike as you ride downhill or in this girl's case, while skydiving! Skydiving must be awesome - seeing the world from above, the horizon around, air rushing past your ears and you can't hear squat. You have a steep fall and when you get the que, you pull the cord to open the chute and land safely. They take their first steps off the plane and grab onto the roof bar, take a look down as they prepare and off they go. The scenery is just majestic! As their flying they go through some back and forth convo and then every men for'em self. These guys enjoy the thrill of skydiving over Norwegian fjord, they experience the beautiful snow covered hills and take in the magnificent fields of green grass as they come to their landing. Check it out as these daredevils skydive through a beautiful Norwegian fjord near Gudvangen. Check out that scenery! Don't miss out on sharing this video with your friends! Quite an adventure!

Talented kid destined to be sailing pro28s

Talented kid destined to be sailing pro

Wow, this kid has amazing sailing skills! Impressive! He sails off the coast of South Australia. He looks like he enjoys every single moment riding on the waves! Sailing requires a lot of maneuvers back and forth, as you can see, the youngster has to pull on the ropes for the majority of the time to make sure the sail is pointing in the right direction. It takes a lot of skill! The International Optimist is a small, single-handed sailing dinghy and it is intended for children up to the age of 15. Most boats are now made of fiber reinforced plastic, instead of wood, but there are some boats that are still built from wood. The International Optimist is one of the most popular sailing dinghies in the world. It has over 130,000 boats registered with the class and there are also many more built but they are never registered. It is sailed in over 100 countries by over 160,000 skippers. It is actually the only boat approved by the International Sailing Federation for sailors under the age of 16. Cool! Fun fact, at the Beijing Olympics, 85 percent of medal winning skippers were actually former optimist dinghy sailors. Check out some of these best selling sailing books if you want to learn more about the world of sailing!

Pro BMX rider shows off insane skills2m54s

Pro BMX rider shows off insane skills

'No Anchor' documents a day in the life of professional BMX rider AJ Anaya in this feature, titled, The Gift. Check out @ajanayalater for more. Credit to 'No Anchor'. Music by the Autonomics.

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Daredevil walks 1640 feet on slackline above Utah desert1m59s

Daredevil walks 1640 feet on slackline above Utah desert

On November 15, 2015 Theo Sanson walked nearly 500 meters on a slackline rigged from The Rectory to Castleton Tower in Castle Valley, Utah - likely a new world record. Rigging the line is perhaps as significant a feat as walking it. The team included: Andy Lewis, Brent Cain, Aleta Edinger, Sylvan Slacks, Scott Rogers, Brian Mosbaugh, Homer Manson, Ryan Zorg, Thibault Arrappiccatu, Mathieu Pertus, Crack Mouse, Sara Zorg, Guillaume Rolland, Antony Newton, Mimi Guesdon. Filmed and Edited by Tim Kemple, Renan Ozturk and Anson Fogel. Credit to 'Camp4 Collective'.

Noah Beschen, a 13-Year-Old Surfing Prodigy!3m43s

Noah Beschen, a 13-Year-Old Surfing Prodigy!

Noah Beschen, son of legendary surfer Shane Beschen, shows off incredible surfing skills well beyond his years! The 13-year-old grew up on the North Shore of Oahu in Hawaii and was identified as a child surf prodigy around the age of nine. Watch him in action in this clip from 'Lieber Vision'. Music from 'Reignwolf'.

19 wingsuits jump off a cliff in Norway1m38s

19 wingsuits jump off a cliff in Norway

A 19-way wingsuit BASE from Katthammaren in Eikesdalen, Norway. This group of friends and experienced wingsuit pilots explore the beautiful landscape of fjords, big walls, grey rocks and deep blue sky!

Insane kayaking on flooded James River1m59s

Insane kayaking on flooded James River

After a 3 day major storm, the James River in Richmond, Virginia had record levels of water. The flood stage level was around 11.1' on May 1st, 2014! That didn't stop this kayaker from getting into the river and having some fun though! Shot using the Lumix GH4, Cinestar 8, and MoVI M10.

Amazing paragliding POV footage3m21s

Amazing paragliding POV footage

User 'BASEjumper' shares with us some awesome clips of technical landings while paragliding. It also includes an epic jump from a military aircraft!