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Extreme first-person BASE jumping footage2m08s

Extreme first-person BASE jumping footage

B.A.S.E. jumping is parachuting from a fixed structure or cliff. 'BASE' is an acronym for building, antenna, and Earth (cliff). Here you have a chance to see the life of a BASE jumper from their own perspective. Would you ever try something like this?

Published: February 12, 201666,921 views
Amazing paragliding POV footage3m21s

Amazing paragliding POV footage

User 'BASEjumper' shares with us some awesome clips of technical landings while paragliding. It also includes an epic jump from a military aircraft!

Wingsuit terrain flying in France and Switzerland1m56s

Wingsuit terrain flying in France and Switzerland

Incredible point-of-view footage featuring wingsuit pilot David Covel flying in Brevent, Chamonix, Le Petit Ferrand, France and Lauterbrunen Valley in Switzerland with Squirrel Team members Ian Mitchard, Scotty Bob, Mathew Kenney, Hartman Rector, Mike Steen and Matt Gerdes. Check it out!

Published: November 10, 201446,315 views
Point of View Ski Wipe Out!15s

Point of View Ski Wipe Out!

A Go Pro camera captures the moment when this skier lost control and took a tumble! If you're skiing or snowboarding this winter, remember to be safe out there!

Published: December 31, 201343,683 views
Wingsuit proximity flying through the clouds1m23s

Wingsuit proximity flying through the clouds

Raw footage from an incredible wingsuit flight in Walenstadt, Switzerland. Credit and special mention to Nick, James Y., Darren B. and Snake River BASE Jumping School. The only limit is the one you set yourself!

Mountain Bikers Tempt Fate On Dangerous White Line Trail2m56s

Mountain Bikers Tempt Fate On Dangerous White Line Trail

Adrenaline junkies, thrill seekers and even regular office-goers these days are constantly looking for new ways to have a crazy time trying their hand at sports which range from the fun ones to the absolutely insane! Extreme sports act as the perfect way for people to try out things that they would otherwise never even dream of doing. All for the adrenaline rush from pushing themselves to conquer their biggest fears by defying all logic and sense of reasoning and just taking the plunge, quite literally! There are many extreme sports that could help bring out the adventurer in you. There is a fine line between being adventurous and completely insane and we are pretty sure that daredevils will ride their bikes on it, just for fun! Footage shows Nate Hills riding the dangerous White Line into Little Horse, located in Sedona, Arizona, with Kyle Mears. Watch the incredible journey as it unfolds! We see Nate and his fellow enduro racer Kyle ride the white line zig and zag down the hills in Arizona and our blood freezes in our veins. We expect either of them to slip accidentally and we cringe on every turn. However for these two, the white line is just another pavement, a street with no cars, one that they can ride freely without interruptions. Nate Hills is an enduro racer and adventurer. From the lung-searing high mountains of Colorado to the high glacier covered mountains of Bolivia, Nate Hills pushes the human limit of what is possible with the bike . We can feel the adrenaline rush only by watching this video! Enduro is a stage-race format where the winner is the rider who accumulates the lowest combined time from the timed downhill sections. Enduros typically take place over one or two days, however, week-long competitions also exist such as the Trans Provence (France), the Andes Pacifico (Chile), and the Pisgah Stage Race (United States). A typical one-day enduro consists of 3 to 5 timed stages which take place on technically demanding, generally descending terrain, and often with sections of singletrack. These stages are linked by predominantly ascending "transfer" stages. Although a rider's performance on the physically demanding transfer stages does not affect his or her result, they often have a time-limit, or a latest allowed arrival-time for the start of the next stage. (source: Wikipedia) According to the Enduro World Series 2015 Rule Book, a minimum of four special stages is required per event, a minimum of three different courses must be used, and the results will be calculated by adding all stage times together for each rider. Check out this bike going down a road at an insane speed . In another video, watch as daredevil Michal Kollbek rides the White Line as an attempt to conquer the infamous trail and capture the entire thing on camera! He later said that riding the White Line was one of the scariest stunts he has ever performed while on bike, but he was confident that he can pull it off, because it's thrills like this that wake him up everyday! What did you think about this video? Make sure you tell us more in the comments down below. If you like what you see, don’t forget to share it with others who might like it as well. It just might be the highlight of their day! Enjoy! What did you think about this video? Make sure you tell us more in the comments down below. If you like what you see, don’t forget to share it with others who might like it as well. It just might be the highlight of their day! Enjoy! Plastic miniature helicopter footage courtesy of Hagephoto.com.

Published: February 4, 201643,317 views
First Ski Jump Ends With Wipeout!52s

First Ski Jump Ends With Wipeout!

When you're attempting a ski jump for the first time, you can't expect a perfect landing! Check out this attempt recorded at the Bob Skinner Terrain Park at Mt. Sunapee in New Hampshire, using a GoPro Hero3 Black camera.

Wingsuit cliff jump that'll make you sweat2m04s

Wingsuit cliff jump that'll make you sweat

A beautiful yet dangerous BASE jump exit in Italy. Check out this POV footage from wingsuit BASE jumper Robin Black as he plunges straight down a mountainside rockdrop. One little mistake could spell big trouble in a situation like that.

Wingsuit proximity flying through the clouds1m01s

Wingsuit proximity flying through the clouds

Ian Mitchard takes us on the ride of a lifetime from the top of Brevent in Chamonix, France. The Brevent is considered one of the most dangerous BASE jump exits on earth and involves some incredibly tense moments. Check it out!

Wingsuit proximity flying over amazing Norway1m28s

Wingsuit proximity flying over amazing Norway

World wingsuit league contender Yuri Codeiro is flies here like a real white-tailed Norwegian eagle in the Gudvangen Valley. What amazing scenery! The view at the exit point is beyond beautiful. Credit to 'BASEjumper'.

Landing a jet ski back flip with no hands!10s

Landing a jet ski back flip with no hands!

With the boring routines in our everyday lives, it shouldn't be all too surprising to see people doing extreme things to get out of their routines. Nowadays there are so many outdoor activities that you can do to get away from the boredom, everyone can find something to satisfy their cravings – mountain biking, trekking, waterskiing, sky diving...the list is endless. Gary Burtka took extreme sporting to a whole new level. Watch as the avid fan of jet skis makes a backward flip and lands without controlling his Backie Chan watercraft! That is wicked! We imagine it took hours of practice to be able to pull that off Here's what Gary can tell us about himself on his site, www.garyburtka.com : “I began legally riding a Kasawaki X-2 in the late 80s after completing a boating safety coarse at the age of 12. For years I enjoyed the freedom and experience that a personal watercraft could bring me as a regular consumer rider. In the summer of 1993 I was introduced to Tommy Nuttall Jr through his father, Tommy Nuttall Sr. (a family friend and owner of the local Big Boy's that we frequented). I watched one of Tommy's (Pride Performance) shows and eagerly participated in my first competitive event just a few weeks later in Wyandotte, MI in August of 93. I rode my X-2 in closed-course and amateur freestyle. I was hooked!"

Longboard skitching in beautiful Cyprus48s

Longboard skitching in beautiful Cyprus

Here we have some extreme footage of daredevil Nika skitching (the act of hitching a ride by holding onto a motor vehicle while riding on a longboard) with the amazing scenery of stunning Cyprus in the background. Credit: 'Nika Goderdzishvili' Curation: 'UpCycle.Club'

Insane kayaking on flooded James River1m59s

Insane kayaking on flooded James River

After a 3 day major storm, the James River in Richmond, Virginia had record levels of water. The flood stage level was around 11.1' on May 1st, 2014! That didn't stop this kayaker from getting into the river and having some fun though! Shot using the Lumix GH4, Cinestar 8, and MoVI M10.

Man builds replica boomerang from 'Mad Max' film1m15s

Man builds replica boomerang from 'Mad Max' film

'BoomerangsbyVic' has created a replica boomerang used in the late 1981 movie 'Mad Max: Road Warrior'. Check out it's beautiful flight! All boomerangs made by Vic from 'BoomerangsbyVic' are handcrafted with 10 ply 5 mm finish birch. His hand-crafted returning boomerangs can be purchased online and make great gifts for someone you know that loves boomerangs. The boomerang is a tool made and used by the Indigenous Australians for hunting. Typically constructed as a flat airfoil and when thrown is designed to spin about an axis that is perpendicular to the direction of its flight In terms of the use of the weapon in the Mad Max franchise, the Mad Max wikia page writes: “A once widespread tool used by the indigenous Australians for hunting and recreation, the boomerang has proved its worth following the collapse of western civilization. One notable user of the boomerang was the Feral Kid. His returning boomerang was made of chrome and was notably weighty, having the ability to embed itself in the skull of a victim. One such victim was a member of Lord Humungus' Marauders - The Golden Youth - who consequently suffered extensive head trauma and death." You might not be able to purchase the chrome boomerang like the one Vic made, but you can certainly purchase one of his wooden creations, so feel free to check out his site and share this video with your friends!