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What is the crazy sport of skijoring?1m16s

What is the crazy sport of skijoring?

Skijoring consists of riding on skis behind a horse, hitting jumps, and collecting rings. At 10,151 feet above sea level, Leadville, Colorado holds the highest skijoring in the world. What an awesome sport!

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Paragliding traffic jam is truly a rare sight48s

Paragliding traffic jam is truly a rare sight

Well here's something you definitely won't see every day - a sky is flooded with paragliders! You would think it's weird since they have the entire sky to explore, right? Nevertheless, from this angle it looks like they're all about to crash into each other!

BASE jumping from atop a frozen mountain2m01s

BASE jumping from atop a frozen mountain

Winter dreams are different for everyone, but for these daredevils it means jumping into a sea of clouds from an extremely high altitude. This POV footage brings you right into the action!

Extreme whitewater kayaking on the Fraser River5m34s

Extreme whitewater kayaking on the Fraser River

Check out these epic GoPro highlights of whitewater kayaking on the Fraser River outside of Jasper, Alberta. The Fraser River is a beautiful, crystal clear river that stretches from Jasper all the way down through Vancouver into the Pacific Ocean. This is the commercially rafted section along with the upper section, commonly referred to as the 'pipeline section'. Also included is the Sunwapta River, Athabasca River and the Thompson River. Enjoy!

POV footage of extreme BASE jumping session1m14s

POV footage of extreme BASE jumping session

Watch these daredevils jump off a gigantic antenna (350 meters) in the middle of nowhere. Then witness them soar inches above a mountain range in wild Switzerland. Remember that proximity flying in tracking gear leaves even less of a margin for error. If you get too deep, you don't have wings to help you get out. Extreme!

After Ignoring The Security Guard, This BMX Rider Is Taught A Lesson 38s

After Ignoring The Security Guard, This BMX Rider Is Taught A Lesson

After ignoring this security guard at a BMX event in Estonia, this rider quickly gets taught a priceless lesson. The punk wanted to ride his BMX on the ramps while the park was being used by skaters. Security has told him that bikes aren't allowed there that day, but he ignored their warnings, as punks usually do and went along with his wish. So the super cool security guard ran over to him and pushed him off his bike. For a minute there, you think he might slap him across the face and throw him out, but nope. The guard took his bike and showed him how pros really ride their BMXs. The guy sits on the bike, makes a big turn and goes straight for the vertical ramp, back down again and makes a backwards flip like a seasoned BMX athlete, before grounding the bike on the edge of the skate park and pushed it outside. That must have burned, ouch! It is hilarious how things took an unexpected turn in just few seconds. Nobody would have expected from the security guard to pull off such an amazing stunt and steal the bike from the unsuspecting rider. This video has taught us one very important lesson, never refuse to obey the command of someone with authority, instead of confronting their orders, try to negotiate a better way out! Now that's how it's done! While the crowd cheers for the pro in disguise, the punk can't believe what his eyes were seeing! That was amazing! Do you need some ointment for that burn, son?

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Surfing ocean waves in a kayak!1m24s

Surfing ocean waves in a kayak!

Why use a boring old surfboard when you can use a kayak?! That's what this daredevil experiments with off the coast of Christchurch, New Zealand. Check out how much fun that looks!

HAWAII PARKOUR POV: Exploring Oahu2m05s


During my few days off in #Hawaii while shooting a Guest Star acting and #parkour role for Hawaii Five-O #H5O Season 7 premiere episode, I was able to explore #Oahu and piece this little action packed #ParkourPOV together. If you enjoyed it. Please hit LIKE, Share it and Subscribe! Places Visited: #Waikiki #DimondHead #WaimeaBayBeach #ByodoInTemple #Parasail Want to know how to make a mouth mount for your gopro POV? Click Here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=w2Qo5... My Socials: Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/JesseLaFlairf... Youtube: http://www.youtube.com/LaFlairParkour Instagram: http://instagram.com/JesseLaFlair Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/JesseLaFlair SnapChat: @JesseLaFlair Tempest Freerunning: Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/TempestFreeru... Youtube: http://www.youtube.com/TempestFreerun... Instagram: http://instagram.com/TempestFreerunning Music kah DJ Hotboxing in Wonderland SoundCloud: https://soundcloud.com/kah-dj/hotboxi...

BMX Rider Ignores Security Guard and Lands Trick Over Stairs3m31s

BMX Rider Ignores Security Guard and Lands Trick Over Stairs

Info from Licensor: "We first met Justin Gautreau aka LIL JUICE at the first event and we immediately knew he would be part of our crew. He handles his biz against the infamous El Toro stairs and let nothing get in his way, not even an irate women in a golf cart."

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