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Meteor-Like Objects In Los Angeles Turns Out To Be Wingsuit Jumpers From Film Shoot1m27s

Meteor-Like Objects In Los Angeles Turns Out To Be Wingsuit Jumpers From Film Shoot

Los Angeles residents saw a curious scene in the sky on March 20, which turned out to be wingsuit jumpers performing a stunt for a film shoot. Twitter user Jordet shared footage of the jumpers blazing across the sky, and parachuting down after the stunt. The Los Angeles Police Department tweeted that the scene was in fact not an “alien invasion” but a film shoot. Credit: @Jordet via Storyful

Footage Of Proximity Speed Flying In Kronplatz, Italy3m04s

Footage Of Proximity Speed Flying In Kronplatz, Italy

Proximity speed flying is a crazy action sport. You’d have to be a complete daredevil to even try this at all. Basically, you have a small parachute and it is like paragliding but you are doing it along slopes and pretty much touching the ground with your feet. You get some great speeds and you have to bend your legs so you don’t hit them on the ground as you race past them. It can be very dangerous if you aren’t trained and you are not cautious. This video shows some awesome footage of a man’s speed flying and you can see some great scenery and some cool footage. He truly is a daredevil and he must love the rush he gets while zooming through the air! The man starts at the top of the mountain and gets a running start. This is necessary to get going fast and get that parachute filled with air so you glide nice and fast. He goes down the mountain crouching his legs as he goes over some dirt and grass. You can see his shadow how close it is getting to the ground. This must be so exhilarating. The man is using two different cameras, one on him, and another behind him. Both offer great footage, but the one behind him is so amazing, it is like he has a camera crew following him for these jumps. You don't see this view too often, usually it is the GoPro on the helmet, so it is nice to see 2 angles! The man soars over the grass and through trees as he skims across the grass. His feet actually slightly graze the grass as he flies over. He is going so fast, his blood must be pumping even faster! His camera view changes to the one behind him and you can see his whole surroundings. What a beautiful day to go speed flying! It looks like his backpack is scraping the floor as if he is being dragged. This could be dangerous but it seems like it is just close enough to the ground that nothing will happen, but you are feeling the rush! You can see him tugging on the sides of the parachute so he can guide himself through the trees! This seems like the perfect spot for speed flying. These slopes are located in Kronplatz, which is a mountain in Italy. It can also be used for skiing but it seems like this man went during a more sunnier and less snowy time! The man even barely grazes over a building or house! What a sight to see if you were just coming out of your house to see a flying man glide past you! He continues to travel down the slopes passing all the trees and narrowly avoiding the ground. It seems like a sport you definitely have to practice and get comfortable in, definitely can’t be scared when flying down. This was a great video showing off his skills, in fact, it could be a nice tour video for the slopes. This is a great watch for any adrenaline lover and daredevil enthusiast!

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 WIngsuit Daredevil Films Himself As He Flies Down A Cliff 56s

WIngsuit Daredevil Films Himself As He Flies Down A Cliff

Watching daring and extreme sports is always so thrilling. It’s often not something most people would do, so it is nice to live through these people who love those types of things. There are always those adrenaline junkies who love skydiving, parachuting, bungee jumping, etc. Wingsuiting and skydiving seem so scary since everybody always thinks about the bad things that can happen. Maybe you don’t pull your shoot in time, or worse: what if the parachute doesn’t work at all?! The people that try these stunts don’t even let these thoughts cross their mind and they just jump and go for it. Here in this video you have a man who jumps in Switzerland and wingsuits down to the ground. This is an amazing video since it is shot selfie. Most jump videos are usually with the camera facing the ground or away from the person, mainly with the camera on the helmet. This is faced towards the jumper so you can see his face as well as the scenery of his jump in the background! It is definitely an insane jump and it is great to see the man’s reaction as well as his descent! The man decides to make his jump in Les Diablerets, Switzerland. Les Diablerets is a place meant for extreme sports and is a ski resort. Looks like the man went to the right place. It is probably somewhere you should check out if your a daredevil in Switzerland! It is located in the northern region of the Swiss Alps and has many mountains that are perfect for jumping off. The man begins his jump on a cliff as he and his partner count down and take the leap. He is wearing his black and red winguist , which is a suit that is perfect for gliding. It looks like a flying squirrel suit and has flaps connecting the arms and legs that make gliding possible. As he dives down head first, he is passing down the side of the cliffs and gaining lots of speed. He must really love the rush and feeling himself cut through the wind as he flies straight down! As the cliff starts to come to an end, the man pulls up and starts to flatten out. This gives you less speed but also lets you glide a great distance. As he flattens out it almost looks like he is inches away from hitting the ground but he levels out just enough to clear it. He clears the bottom of the cliff and begins to glide over beautiful grass, rocks, and trees. At this point, he is quite aways away from his starting point and he leans back so to rise up in the air. He does this and it gives us a beautiful view of the whole distance he’s traveled! He then pulls his parachute and is ready for the descent towards the ground. You can see the big smile on his face and he drifts toward ground! This video is made for all the daredevils out there. In fact, we are sure this video will inspire some people to give wingsuits and parachuting a shot!

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Jet Bike Rider Sets New Best Terminal Speed Record1m16s

Jet Bike Rider Sets New Best Terminal Speed Record

This video was taken on September 9, 2018, on the Santa Pod Raceway, in England, UK. This is what the maker of the video has to say about the ongoings: "Eric Teboul was on his rocket-powered bike and set a new world's best terminal speed of 286mph from a standing start 1/4 mile. The video was taken from the commentary box at Santa Pod Raceway, England during the FIA European Finals on Sunday 9th September. The commentary box rocks in the wake of the bike. Eric ran out of drag-strip and ended up 200’ into the field at the end of the track, which was perfectly okay. He's totally mad." However, this is not the first feat, but only one of many in Eric's portfolio. The Haltech Manufacturers Cup Finals at the Bradenton Motorsports Park in Florida saw Eric Teboul doing what he does best: riding his rocket engine-powered motorcycle with insane speed, this time on US ground. Eric Teboul was on his rocket-powered bike and set a new world's best terminal speed of 286mph from a standing start 1/4 mile. The video was taken from the commentary box at Santa Pod Raceway, England during the FIA European Finals on Sunday, September 9th. Teboul ran the quarter mile in 5.2 seconds and was clocked with a speed of 264.39 mph (425.403 km/h). His hydrogen peroxide-fueled motorcycle kind of shocked the younger audience, as such machines haven't been racing in the US for the last 25 years or so. A constant presence in similar land speed events in the 70's and 80's, rocket-powered motorcycle racing went out of business because of safety reasons and the lack of high-grade rocket fuel. Eric Teboul blew the former record to smithereens: Peter Svensson had a 5.7s run which stood until now, also done in the US. However, according to Dragzine, Teboul's top speed aboard his rocket bike is 281.47 mph (452.885 km/h), dating from November of 2011 at the Santa Pod Raceway in England. But do not stop here fans of adrenalin boosters, check the following video. This is https://rumble.com/v40wcn-worlds-first-amphibious-helicopter-car-ridiculous-rides.html" target="_blank">Speedycopter, world's first amphibious car made from helicopter . We are sure you have already heard about amphibious cars but check out this speedy copter, a street-legal amphibious car made from a helicopter. Ambitious mechanic Jeff Bloch has spent 3000 hours converting a Vietnam attack chopper and an 86 Toyota chassis into one vehicle capable of operating on land and water. In addition to being street-legal and race-ready, it is also fully amphibious. Are you impressed? Jeff Bloch, 45, also known as the Speedycop, worked hard and managed to merge a Vietnam attack chopper with an 86 Toyota chassis and create one very unique and practical vehicle. In 2016, Jeff and his team joined forces and worked hard for six months to successfully built one incredible ‘speedycopter’ vehicle. It is a 1969 Bell OH-58 Kiowa Vietnam attack aircraft sitting on an 86 Toyota van chassis. Using a 2002 Audi Quattro V6 engine, the vehicle can do 0-60mph in an impressive eight seconds. Jeff is well-known in the engineering world for his whacky creations, including the world’s first sideways VW camper van and an upside down Camwith aro racer, and now adding this amphibious vehicle to the collection, Jeff admitted that the helicopter car is one of his most popular builds. Obviously, people are amazed at this creation because they haven’t seen a road-racing helicopter before, and certainly not one that is amphibious. Unfortunately, Jeff and his team had only two months to enjoy their little invention, because their beloved helicopter car dramatically caught on fire and was destroyed soon after.

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Extreme Downhill Skateboarding At High Speeds48s

Extreme Downhill Skateboarding At High Speeds

Do you feel an irresistible craving for speed? Do you like to actively spend time outdoors while reaping health benefits later? If you answered “yes” to at least one of these question, then skateboarding is something that you will definitely like! Very a bit of practice practice, you can confidently traverse your neighborhood and even gracefully jump up on the curbs, catching the enthusiastic looks of passers-by. There are lots of extreme sports in the modern world, and each of them is fascinating and spectacular, makes you cry out with delight, the sight of other athletes performing unthinkable tricks, the very risk they are undertaking arouses your blood with adrenaline. Skateboarding is a recognized pioneer in the extreme sports , since it appeared more than 60 years ago. In the 80s of the last century, the shape of the deck was officially approved and skateboarders began to develop different styles of skiing. What you see in this video is a separate style of skateboarding called long-boarding. It means riding on a special board on downhill or in a hilly area. Here the accuracy of the turns and speed is important. The speed record for riding standing is 100 km / h. Masters of this style do some tricks even on two wheels. The style was popular in the 50s of the XX century. Then, it was fashionable to skate with jumps and tricks on shorter boards and this style of riding lost its former popularity, but in the 2000’s the situation changed dramatically and the movement got a second birth. @pedrooliver25

Daredevil Skier Opens A Beer Can During Mid-Air Backflip17s

Daredevil Skier Opens A Beer Can During Mid-Air Backflip

Amazing footage has emerged of a daredevil skier going to extremes and taking a beer break mid-air. Check out this epic slow motion footage of a skier performing two backflips while opening a beer mid-air. So awesome! Once you’ve introduced the fun of a ski jump to a kid, they just can’t get enough of it. Snowball fights, snow angels and building snowmen don’t seem as near as fun compared to jumping and gliding down the slopes. In this video, we see an experienced skier tackling white slopes perfectly geared up with all the necessary ski equipment. He climbs a small hill and goes over it with ease while he manages to perform two backflips and continue gliding down the slope. The most adorable moment about this parkour adventure is that the experienced skier opens a beer can mid-air. Can you imagine doing that while you struggle to keep balance during a backflip ? It is absolutely amazing! Of course, he passes with flying colors and it is very satisfying to watch! Incredible! This daredevil skier decided to test out a trick on the ski ramps and have some beer to quench his thirst for the effort. He is obviously beaming with confidence and performs two backflips with flying colors. Fortunately, the entire stunt is filmed in slow motion so that we can see clearly what happens mid-air! This trick had our minds blown! Well done! Watch as the adventure skier performs two simultaneous backflips without a hitch, opens the can of beer mid-aid and lands smoothly on the slope without losing balance. Incredible skills! What can be more fun during a winter season than being outside on a slope skiing? It's such a fantastic physical activity that doesn't require too much to learn, especially basic skiing techniques that allow you to go downhill and enjoy the ride safely! But, when you have mastered that, you will probably want to try something more demanding like jumps. If you feel this way, you should take a leaf out of this skier’s book, but be careful not to hurt yourself and good luck! Credit to @eliaspaldan

Brazilian Sets World Record For Biggest Wave Ever Surfed42s

Brazilian Sets World Record For Biggest Wave Ever Surfed

The waters off the coast of Portugal are home to some of the biggest waves in the world, a dream for any passionate wave tamer. With waves known to hit a staggering 115 feet in height, who could resist them? This surfer sure couldn’t! Portugal has been known to have the most perfect waves and is the main attraction for passionate and extreme surfers . If you take a look at this wave you would think nothing short of a tsunami coming toward the shore. This wave is most definitely scary to begin with, let alone surf on it. However, for this guy it doesn't seem to be an issue at all. The daredevil is barely visible in the gripping footage, marked only by the white trail of foam that creates behind him as he slices through the water. Fearless Rodrigo Koxa caught this one perfectly, giving everyone present a masterclass in big wave surfing. Hats off! In this footage from the Portuguese coast of Nazar, this surfer looks in complete control of his board and beaming with passion. Brazilian surfer Rodrigo Koxa has been officially confirmed as the new World Record holder for largest wave ever surfed after conquering a massive 80 foot (24.38 meter) wave off the coast of Nazar, Portugal, on November 8th, 2017. Credit to 'World Surf League'.

Skydiving in Switzerland with absolutely incredible scenery3m58s

Skydiving in Switzerland with absolutely incredible scenery

This was Tiffany's first time skydiving and she had the amazing opportunity to experience it in the beautiful town of Interlaken in Switzerland. She booked my experience through Scenic Air skydiving company who were extremely professional, safe and fun! They climbed up to 11,000 feet overlooking Lake Thun and the Swiss alps in Interlaken. After watching 2 others scream their way off the plane she was extremely excited to jump off as well! After checking their harnesses her tandem instructor pushed them to the ledge of the plane. You’re supposed to bend your knees under the plan and look up... She looked down and her heart skipped a beat and couldn't bring herself to look upwards. Her instructor had to pull her head up before pushing them off. Tiffany's world was turned upside down and she felt completely weightless as the ground rushed towards them. The whole experience with the view of the lake and mountains was incredible. It was a 45 second free fall before the parachute opened, her guide let her take control for a bit as they floated down towards the ground. She would definitely go again, maybe next time in New Zealand!

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 Elderly Skateboarder Dominates Downhill Slalom Competition11s

Elderly Skateboarder Dominates Downhill Slalom Competition

A curious video has emerged of an ageless skateboarder performing swift slalom techniques on a skateboard during a downhill competition, blinding onlookers with his insane skills. Bravo! With his 40 years of practice, this ex-slalomer springs a surprise to the young guys at a downhill slalom competition in Portrush, Northern Ireland. He's still got it! His skills are beyond impressive! Many skaters pick up their first board when they are in their teens, or even younger. On the other hand, there are later skaters, people who get interested in skateboarding later in life. While there is no easy age limit for skateboarding, it all comes down to how healthy they are. Footage shows an elderly man rocking his skateboard like a roller-villain, while performing impressive slalom moves on a downhill competition . Did you know that the new symbol for midlife crisis is the skateboard? This graying member tries to reclaim his youth and rebellious streak by hopping back on a skate, much to crowd’s amusement. At the beginning of this clip, we see a silhouette approaching the camera, performing wild slalom moves while moving downhill avoiding obstacles in a skateboarding competition. Moments later, we realize that the master of this skateboard is actually an elderly man who manages to maintain his cool on the skateboard, leaving the audience in awe. Watch how he spins and twirls on the moving board. Amazing! Watch as this skateboarder in Portrush, Northern Ireland does the unexpected and performs some smooth moves on his skateboard leaving onlookers in awe! Can you believe how fast he spins and keeps his balance on the board? Old habits die hard! He definitely proves that you can never be too old to have fun on a skateboard! Incredible! There's still life in the old dog!

Talented Skateboarder Juggles Pins While Performing Trick11s

Talented Skateboarder Juggles Pins While Performing Trick

Skateboarding is a form of recreation and sport, popular among youths, in which a person rides standing balanced on a small board mounted on wheels and it’s really cool! Considered one of the so-called extreme sports, skateboarding as a professional sport boasts a range of competitions, including vertical and street-style events. This guy took skateboarding to a whole another level! His skateboarding skills are some amazing you won’t believe your eyes! Check out this unique trick flawlessly performed by Hernán Lorenzo in which two sports are mixed, skateboarding and juggling, at the exact same time! This is simply an amazing unusual talent! In this video, you can see Hernan Lorenzo on a skateboard while juggling with three pins. Wow! We are simply amazed by his talent! Simply put, <a href=" https://rumble.com/v2zcqn-monkey-skateboarder.html " target="_blank">skateboarding</a> means riding on a wooden board with four wheels fastened to the bottom, propelled forward by the push of one's own foot or at the force of gravity on a slope. But skateboarding transcends mere movement. Today's skateboarders take the simple act of riding a skateboard and turn it into both a sport and an art form. Just take a look at Lorenzo and you will figure out that it takes practice and a lot of effort to be a skateboarder! Skateboarders are so cool that even Avril Lavigne wrote a song for them! If you liked this video you will also love the video of the <a href=" https://rumble.com/v30lhn-eric-the-french-bulldog-skateboarding-in-Clissold-park-2.html " target="_blank">self-taught skateboarding dog is better than most humans!</a>

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Daredevil Shares POV Footage Of Him Fearlessly Skiing Through Forest32s

Daredevil Shares POV Footage Of Him Fearlessly Skiing Through Forest

Daredevils are a special category of folk who love crossing the boundaries of what is considered extreme. They love going higher, deeper, faster, heavier, tougher, pushing their own limits in the process. We have a very deep respect for these people, both men and women who will stop next to nothing to achieve the thrill and we envy them for it. There are BASE jumpers, slackline walkers, people who ride unicycles along narrow girders of bridges . And then there are freeride skiers. The relatively young discipline already has a World Cup circuit, but many go down the natural, un-groomed terrains just for the view and the thrill. Just like Hugo Carraz does. The 27-year-old took his GoPro camera for his latest freeride down the slopes in La Clusaz on the Rhone-Alpes in France. The POV footage really is thrilling, watching him literally zoom between the thick forest and easily zapping between the trees, making us wince at ever turn. Just when we think he will slam himself in a tree trunk, he moves at the nick of time, giving us all the benefits of a freeride, without the unnecessary risk. Hugo doesn’t just wind between the woods. He likes to jump from several-feet-high cliffs and land with incredible precision. The views he provides us with are probably some we will never be able to see for ourselves, unless we decide to go hiking and it isn’t such a great idea in the winter. Not on the Alps, anyway.

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Fearless Surfers Take On Extreme Waves At Maui's North Shore32s

Fearless Surfers Take On Extreme Waves At Maui's North Shore

How are your surfing skills? Check out this incredible group of surfers off the Maui coast in Hawaii. It's amazing how they're able to navigate through one another. Have you ever taken on waves that big before? Actually, watching big wave surfing is a leisure activity up on Maui. In ancient Hawaii, surfing was an activity reserved for kings and nobility. Not much has changed today, as those who decide to take on Maui's largest waves are also considered a kind of island royalty. The second-largest of the Hawaiian Islands is proving grounds for the global surfing fraternity - if you can handle the extra-large waves here, you can take them on anywhere. If you ever find yourself in Hawaii, there are some spots that you might want to consider. Try Peahi beach, know to big wave surfers and professional watermen as the ‘Holy Grail of surfing’. The largest swells are from October to early April, the biggest reaching up to 70 feet! Ho‘okipa Lookout is your next best thing if you can’t devote a large portion of your day to Peahi. The waves may become unrideable when they exceed 20 feet in height, although some windsurfers have been known to take them on. Whenever the world-class wave, known as “Da Bay” is breaking, the surfing community is buzzing. Da Bay is legendary among surfers and can be packed, so the best viewpoint, if you are not into riding, is upon Lipoa Point in Honolua Bay. If, however, you are unable to reach the Aloha state, then we highly suggest you go to Portugal. Don’t believe us? Check out how this surfer rides one monstrous wave off the coast of this country. With waves known to hit a staggering 115 feet in height, who could resist them? This surfer sure couldn’t!

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Talented Kid Creates Epic Summer Backyard Ski Course1m33s

Talented Kid Creates Epic Summer Backyard Ski Course

One genius kid longing for winter has come up with the incredible idea of making ski courses in his backyard. Namely, this talented boy created an epic summer backyard ski course that will leave you breathless! Using lots of PVC pipes and a very soapy dry slope, this kid has made it possible for some incredible summer skiing to take place in his backyard! In addition, his skiing skills are mind-blowing! He has got the talent! Having constructed a makeshift rail slide to grind upon in his yard, this skier tries to rail slide down his PVC pipe rail in the middle of spring. Twisting and turning his body, while perfectly balancing his body on the pipes, the boy has mastered the dry skiing routine! He has built an epic ski course and he has been practicing in his backyard ever since! Footage shows a DIY PVC pipe rail park created right outside boy’s house, making for the perfect makeshift ski course we have ever seen! Every want to make a skiing or snowboarding terrain park rail for your backyard or local hill? Take a leaf out of this boy’s book! We have all wanted to create something on our own growing up because the feeling of making something out of scratch is very satisfying! This talented guy must be sucker for winter sports that he couldn’t wait long enough for the first snow to fall, in order to put his ski into action!

Skiing through the streets of the University of Denver1m15s

Skiing through the streets of the University of Denver

Once these guys saw the snow start to stick to the streets on the campus of the University of Denver, they knew they had to put something together. Although TJ isn't performing any tricks, it's important to note that skiing on blades is a little harder than it looks at 15-20 miles per hour!

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Right vs. Wrong way to run a waterfall in a canoe1m00s

Right vs. Wrong way to run a waterfall in a canoe

Here's how to run a waterfall in a canoe, the right way and the wrong way. This kayaker at Bears Falls does it once successfully, but let his guard drop the second time and picked the wrong "line". The results are evident!

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Daring Longboarder Speeds Down Mountainside Hill At 70Mph2m45s

Daring Longboarder Speeds Down Mountainside Hill At 70Mph

For all you adrenaline junkies out there, being normal isn't exactly the most appealing thing. You guys jump out of planes instead of flying in them, you partake in extreme sports, and in this case, some ride longboards at speeds faster than a typical car instead of just riding it around town. With the need to always step up the intensity, the rush of adrenaline is well worth it. Here we have a speeding longboarder doing what most people in the world would probably be afraid to do. Watch as longboarder and Boulder native Zak Maytum races down one of the fastest runs in Colorado! He is a professional downhill skateboard racer, owner of Venom Skate Products and world's foremost aero helmet collector and enthusiast. With speeds approaching 70mph, the footage will definitely leave your palms sweaty. It is called a Raw Run , recognized colloquially within the longboarding community as a recorded video showcasing the entire descent down the hill, from top to bottom. This is typically done all in one take, to showcase the rider's consistency and skill and Zak lacks neither! With both feet planted firmly on his board, Zak zooms past trees and properties; if you blink, you will miss it! When the 23-year-old balances himself on those nasty turns, the plates on his palms throw sparks behind them! Have you ever seen anything this intense? Let us know in the comment section. Credit to 'Venom Skate'.

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