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Customers share salad leftovers with chickens in outdoor restaurant40s

Customers share salad leftovers with chickens in outdoor restaurant

Chickens and roosters are fascinating and entertaining creatures. If we are lucky enough to visit a farm where they are kept, we can see them running, clucking, scratching the dirt and investigating their surroundings. They are curious creatures and they are always in high speed mode. Like turbo charged wind up toys, they race around looking for food and pecking at almost everything they can find. But the place that you would least expect to find them is in a restaurant. Yet, that's exactly where these chickens live. It's an open air restaurant outside the parking lot of the Grand Cayman Island airport. The chickens are wild, although they are more than comfortable with humans. They run freely in and out of the parking lot and under the tables. If they get a chance, they even hop up on the chairs and the tables, although the staff will quickly chase them away. Amused customers, especially from North America, where this is unusual, excitedly watch the chickens and take pictures. They even sneak them food, a practice that is frowned upon by the staff, because it encourages bold behavior from the roosters. But the staff seem to understand that people can't resist sneaking them a treat or a few leftovers. This family from Canada had more Caesar salad than they could finish and they saw that the chickens were hungry. They couldn't resist sharing and the chickens were thrilled. They gathered around and gobbled up the vegetables like they were starving. The truth is that chickens will eat all day long and these ones were actually quite well fed, but their excitement was fun to watch. Of course, the irony of feeding chickens a Caesar salad, especially so close to a restaurant grill, was not lost and there were many jokes being made about this being an easy way to create a chicken Caesar salad. These chickens are smarter than we might think and they had learned the difference between customers who were waiting for food and those who already had food. They watched the waitress and followed her to tables where she was delivering trays of food, and they definitely understood where they were more likely to get some scraps. They even seemed to understand how to determine when people had stopped eating, their best opportunity to get the leftovers. They gathered around the tables of customers who had finished their meals, possibly to get leftovers, or possibly to hop up on the tables in the moments before the waitress came to take the plates away. Either way, these chickens were amazing and the restaurant experience was a unique one with all of these birds running around between tables.

Girl With Cerebral Palsy Takes Her First Independent Steps16s

Girl With Cerebral Palsy Takes Her First Independent Steps

A 6-year-old girl with cerebral palsy beats all odds to take her first independent steps. This video has been a sensation and has allowed this precious child to become an inspiration to thousands of people to look at life differently. When the video begins, the child can be seen standing stationary in the center of the room. This is the place where this child receives physical therapy, and the therapist is the man behind her assisting her. The therapist helps the little girl stand still, and everyone holds their breath for what they are hoping will happen next. This child is from Sydney, Australia. She has a condition called Cerebral Palsy, which often cripples a person in drastic ways. Many patients with this condition never learn at all to walk on their own, which is heartbreaking. Some of these people never even have the ability to actually speak. It is important to remember that this is a physical disease, so many of the people with Cerebral Palsy are mentally and cognitively right where they should be at whatever their age is. Many parents of children with this condition will state that their child is in no way mentally handicapped, and they insist that the child fully understands everything that is said to them just as any “normal” child without this disease would. Four seconds into the video, the child begins taking her first step. Before this moment, this little girl had always required the assistance of a walker or canes that are often used by children with the condition. She looks to be somewhere between the ages of 5 and 7, so imagine what it must be like to live for years without being able to just jump out of bed and head out the door on your own if you wanted to. The children plagued with this disease are some of the strongest individuals you could ever meet. These children go through more in one day than most do in a year or even a lifetime. They battle constant health concerns, physical concerns, depression, anxiety, and dozens of other adversities every day in their lives, and they many times never seem to lose their spirit. These kids resiliently fight through every day with hope and joy in their hearts, and they inspire just about everyone they meet. The whole world rejoices with this child and her parents when she takes that second step completely by herself. The sweetest and most adorable part is the very end when she turns to look at her parent, who is behind the camera making this recording the entire time. The little girl gives her parent the most adorable smile that will absolutely melt your heart. She is so proud of herself. She probably does not even realize yet how amazing she is. This child will undoubtedly go on to amaze her family throughout her life as she learns how to do one new thing after another. She has persevered through so much already, and it looks like she is nowhere near finished.

Couple With Cancer Gets Surprise Of A Lifetime2m52s

Couple With Cancer Gets Surprise Of A Lifetime

The “PRAY-nksters” are at it again with another positive prank. Videos like this usually go viral because of a couple different reasons: 1. They are very different from videos the public usually sees. 2. It contains a beautiful story that captures the hearts of its viewers. 3. This particular group who creates these situations adds welcome comedy to a sweet story that would not normally be present. This makes it all the more creative and unique. Ed and Liz are dealing with stage 4 cancer, multiple melanoma to be exact, and to make matters that much worse, Ed is unable to work. Liz, Ed’s wife, says that her husband started showing symptoms the previous fall, and she says that she knew something was not right. One of the biggest concerns, behind Ed’s health of course, was the fact that they did not know how they would ever be able to pay for the treatments. While there are children’s hospitals like Saint Jude that will treat a child without billing the families at all, this is not as much of an option available to adults. Situations such as these leave millions of adults every single year in a situation that is more than overwhelming. It is heartbreaking for these families as it is having to worry about the health and lifespan of their family members; they should not have to worry so much about the ability of paying for these life- saving treatments that they have to have to even get a chance at surviving these terrible killer diseases. When this event was set up, Liz and Ed believed that they were showing up for their son’s Boy Scouts award ceremony and Tuesday night Scout meeting. They believed that the Scouts wanted to present them with an award because the Boy Scouts do pumpkin sales. Ed and Liz explain that they loaned their trailer to the Scouts to use for the pumpkin sales, so that is what the award would have been for, which they did receive. A giving mob of over 400 people showed up and surprised them with gifts, money, and words of encouragement! The video shows Liz’s reaction as she is overwhelmed by the enormous group of people who are there only to help her and her husband. This had to be such an amazing moment for this beautiful couple. The group that organized this meeting has done such an incredible thing for these people. The line of people in the video coming through the room seems to be never ending. The pile through the doors, and they are all holding gifts to bring to the sweet, adorable couple. They embrace their friends and neighbors coming through the line bearing gifts. This “giving mob” lasts for over thirty straight minutes! This line was moving pretty fast, so imagine how many people you could see in a fast moving line that lasts for thirty minutes! This is an amazing moment for everyone who was involved in this incredible encounter. This group has changed the lives of this couple forever. The video ends with the group’s signature Bible verse, which is as follows: “Fear Nothing, Pray About Everything” (Philippians 4:6).

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Super car club needs armored car to deliver toys to Sick Kids Hospital2m30s

Super car club needs armored car to deliver toys to Sick Kids Hospital

North Face Rally is a well known super car and exotic car club in the Toronto area. They are known for having fast and beautiful cars, and for having the legendary Ghostrider (Ghostriderto) as a prominent member. But something that they are also known for is their passion for community and charity and for helping deserving people, especially children. They have held countless charity events, fundraisers and toy drives. They have made wishes come true for deserving people and children who dream of having a ride in a Lamborghini, Ferrari, or other sports car. They even set up a closed track event where participants were rocketed around a circuit at full throttle in exchange for a donation. Another prominent group in the charity scene is Toys for Joy, a group of committed individuals in the Peterborough area who have been collecting toys and donations at Christmas for almost a decade. When the North Face Rally tried to stuff all of their toy donations into their race cars, they knew they needed help. Ghostrider approached Wes Patterson from Toys for Joy and asked if they could borrow the Brinks truck to help deliver their toys to Sick Kids Hospital. Wes got the biggest truck Brinks had, decorated it in perfect Christmas fashion and rolled it out of the yard with Nathan Mason. These officers arrived at the start of the rally and had an exotic car escort to Toys R Us. Dozens of members of the North Face Rally, along with Wes, Nathan, and Tom Garrett, a cancer survivor who has received life-saving care at Sick Kids hospital, descended upon the aisles at Toys R Us. They filled carts until overflowing and lined up at the checkouts. Not surprisingly, some of the toys that they selected had a race car theme. They pulled the armored car up to the door and filled it to overflowing. With the toys safely locked in the back, the group set off for Sick Kids hospital. Their load of toys filled the donation boxes in the hospital lobby. These toys will be used to put a smile on the faces of children who are facing challenges at Christmas, or those who will be spending their holidays in a hospital bed. With Christmas spirit like this, it’s easy to understand why this group is known as “the Fast and the Generous”.

Owl rescued from roadside, refuses to leave caretakers5m46s

Owl rescued from roadside, refuses to leave caretakers

These people were notified about a barred owl who was in the road and would not fly away. The woman immediately went to save it. They have made every attempt to contact bird sanctuaries and animal rescue organizations with very little luck. They allowed it to rest for the night and took it back where it was found for release. The owl refused to fly away. It eats, drinks and otherwise seems healthy. They made a perch in their barn and are hoping for the best!

Heroic girl rings bell for her last day of radiation1m29s

Heroic girl rings bell for her last day of radiation

K’Nyla gets to ring the bell on her last day of radiation. She incredibly has beat cancer twice! Special thanks to the Phoenix Children's Hospital who takes care of her on a daily basis and to the Mayo Clinic Building - Phoenix for getting her through her sessions of radiation this past week.

Police In Peru Sets Up Food And Water Dispensers For Abandoned Dogs33s

Police In Peru Sets Up Food And Water Dispensers For Abandoned Dogs

Police stations in several cities in Peru have decided to set up food and water dispensers not only for street dogs but also for any kind of dogs, even the ones that are owned, just because the weather and the temperatures in this city can be harsh for everybody, especially dogs. This idea is a great way to help abandoned animals that are living on the streets (it offers them at least one meal a day, as the dispensers are refilled every few hours) and help prevent cases of animal abuse. Yes, we agree with you, that is excellent news! This whole operation is a success as it already started as something collective. As we mentioned above, several police stations in Peru picked up this good habit, which means that a lot more stray dogs will benefit from this. We do not know who came up with the idea, maybe someone in the police decided to implement this as a new rule and a kind move for the less fortunate. Animals must be treated nicely and we are sure that they will treat us the same way in return. Simple gestures just like this one are what our world needs in order to keep going forward. The police stations in Peru must be busy at all times, and even being that busy, they had the time to think about our four legged animals. We would like to thank the police force in Peru for showing the rest of the world how things should be done. The installation of these dispensaries must not have taken too long to install because in reality these dispensary are just big pipes attached to the walls that go all the way down to the sidewalk, where the dogs have this easiest access. During the video, a Golden Retriever can be seen identifying the dispensary with the food before taking the water from the second bowl. A few policemen are present in the background, watching the dog having a little break, and we are sure they feel good about their humane operation. Right after the dog is finished eating, he continues his way. When you think about it, it is an easy solution to feed stray dogs without even losing time. Any cop that is exiting the police station could put a few treats down the first pipe and some water down the second pipe. In this way, no one has to actually go and refill them when they get empty. A bag of dog treats and dog food could be left next to the door of the police station. Even the civilians going in the police station could give a hand with the feeding of the dogs. We encourage everybody to do the same thing and spread this idea around because it would lead to less places crowded with stray dogs. This is the first step to improving the living conditions of stray dogs and the second would be finding them a home or a proper shelter.

Five-Year-Old Boy With Spina Bifida Learns How To Walk1m37s

Five-Year-Old Boy With Spina Bifida Learns How To Walk

Blake is a five year old superhero! Check out this unbelievable video of a young boy with spina bifida learning how to take his first steps. He is so proud of himself and his mother is teeming; this video is sure to make you swell up. Spina Bifida may be understood as a birth defect where the backbone and membranes around the spinal cord do not completely develop closed. In short, this means that the spinal cord does not develop correctly or completely, which causes lifelong effects. Despite the heartbreaking effects Spina Bifida may cause on an individual, up to 90% of individuals living with the birth defect make it to live as adults. As we see in this video, with a little determination and the right support, almost anything is possible. This video is of only one child and yet it represents millions of babies born in the United States each year who suffer from Spina Bifida. One of the most common ways to detect the condition is the spotting of a birthmark near the spinal cord area or the middle of the back. Most individuals who have found their bodies overcome by Spina Bifida do have issues walking as we see in this video. In most cases, the use of braces, walkers or crutches may enable the individual to walk. In some remarkable cases, individual may walk uninhibited. It all depends on the severity of the birth defect. Spina Bifida is a hidden killer as it is not always detectable at first. Living with the condition may cause serious brain damage that is irreversible later in life. As of today, there is no accurate cure for Spina Bifida , only treatments that help to manage the effects and hope to prevent further complications from arising in the future. The birth defect is manageable and does not have to take negative control of your life. In the case of this video, the young boy with Spina Bifida doesn't seem to even be aware of his inabilities as he is so thrilled to take his first steps. If he gets full support and those around him practice patience, there is no reason why this young boy should not thrive in this life. Physical disabilities can take great control, yet with heightened awareness and information regarding what brought each individual to be in their situation, the empathy required to create a more understanding and compassionate world may arise. With science moving us further into the future every single day, there remains hope for a cure to be developed for Spina Bifida. In the United Kingston, two babies underwent surgery on their spines while still in their mother’s womb. How extraordinary! The surgery was performed in order to repair the devastating effects of Spina Bifida on the developing babies. The doctors were able to successfully connect the unborn children’s spinal cord and membrane which will inhibit disability as their bodies develop. In the past, Spina Bifida has only been able to be treated after the baby was born. Early repair even before childbirth is changing the future for these individuals born with Spina Bifida.

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Man Who Attends Every Funeral In Town Gets A Brand New Suit54s

Man Who Attends Every Funeral In Town Gets A Brand New Suit

Rodney Ridenbark is a man local to Jerseyville, Illinois. He lost his wife a few years back and now to pay his respects, he attends every funeral in town. Rodney is known and loved by everyone in Jerseyville. He spends his day walking from business to business, saying "hi" to all of his friends. Every year for his birthday Rodney buys himself a birthday cake and this year, his 60th, Jessica Grace didn't want that to happen. So she organized a birthday party for him! She was trying to decide what to get him for his birthday , and she thought a new, fitted suit he could wear to "pay his respects" would be a nice gift. She posted on Facebook if any of her Facebook friends would like to help her with it, and everyone had an amazing reaction! Jessica setup a gofundme account for Rodney's new suit, and the support was overwhelming. They raised over $3,900. This video is of Rodney getting fitted for his new suit at Men's Warehouse. He will wear his new suit to his birthday party on November 3rd, 2018! People in this little district had seen nothing like it and it was heartening to see that kindness and good deeds never go out of style. Rodney’s 60th birthday is just around the corner and a big party is on the schedule. Rodney Ridenbark might not be a celebrity but he is a very special person for the people of Downtown Jerseyville. This world is a cruel place to live and it is less than often that we see an act of kindness , so this man comes as a real breath of fresh air. He is definitely the most well-known resident of this town. He can be often seen walking in the area regardless of the weather conditions.When his wife died a few years ago, his life changed, too. Now he is on a mission to go to every funeral in town regardless of whether he knows the person or not. In this way he pays his respect to those who left this world for good. This is how he copes with the death of his wife, this is the only way with which he finds solace in this life. His soul is pure and he is such a good person. Wherever he goes, he waves to everybody and always greets people with a smile. Moreover, he has always to say something nice to people. He is indeed a people’s person. Many says that he should be the Mayor but when he hears this idea he just shies away a smile and shrugs in a nonchalant manner. He looks so smart in his new suit, everybody likes his new style. He poses for the camera by turning around and he has that big happy smile on his face. He totally deserves this suit! Everybody has a good laugh when he says “Hi” to the girls at the end of the video. We feel there should be more videos like this, they only show the humane side of humanity and the ability of people to make others happy.

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Country singer sings to mom with Alzheimer’s on stage4m20s

Country singer sings to mom with Alzheimer’s on stage

Jay Allen is at the Dubuque County Fair in Iowa performing a couple of his songs when he brings his mom, Sherry Rich, who is only 53-years-old yet in the late stages of early-onset Alzheimer’s, onstage with him to sing her an emotional song. Get the tissues ready for this tearjerker!

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Off-Duty Deputy Sings National Anthem In An Empty Courthouse2m29s

Off-Duty Deputy Sings National Anthem In An Empty Courthouse

This is the heartwarming moment when one off duty deputy dares to sing his lungs out in an empty courthouse. Apparently, it has been Deputy Michael Morgan’s dream to sing in this great hall with amazing acoustics. Listen closely as the talented officer from Codington County, South Dakota beautifully sings the National Anthem in the vacant courthouse letting his incredible voice out! Simply amazing! In this clip we see the talented cop stand in the middle of the empty courthouse and belting out his chilling voice that give us a tingling sensation and send goosebumps down our spines. Incredible voice! When off-duty cop Mike Morgan from the Codington County Sheriff's Office in Watertown, South Dakota found himself inside a closed courthouse his dream finally came true. He simply couldn't resist singing and enjoying the benefits of the great acoustics in the hall. Fortunately, he convinced his partner to record him singing and made for this wonderful performance. It is true that people have a habit of surprising us more and more, who would have thought that officers are into singing too! So, next time you’re in a courthouse of this kind, make sure you check out the acoustics of their hall, because apparently that is a great place for breaking into a song ! It is so heartwarming to see this man, who was eager to sing in this courthouse, finally get his chance to sing his lungs out, and he chose the right song for that occasion. Michael picked out the song that was most fitting for his surroundings and went for the national anthem. Judging by his impeccable performance, apparently Mike is off-duty moonlight-singer with some impressive talent. We think that the world will be a better place if singing was allowed at the workplace. Mike takes a deep breath and belts out in a song very heavenly. Wow, he wasn't kidding when he said that the acoustics inside were perfect. Fortunately, the structure of the building carries out his voice perfectly in a way that gives almost a haunting sound. Because the building is empty it carries out and vibrates throughout the entire building, almost giving it an echo. The wonderful performance of officer Mike has given us a tingling sensation. This man sure has a wonderful voice and we're so happy he decided to share it with everyone. It is always nice to hear people appreciating the national anthem. Talking about singing, in another video we see 65,000 people join an anti-government protest in the Slovakian capital of Bratislava on Friday, March 16, amid outrage over the recent killings of a Slovakian journalist and his fiancee. The demonstration was held in SNP Square after the killings of Jan Kuciak and Martina Kusnirova at their home in Veľka Maca on February 26. The killings prompted the resignation of Slovakia’s Prime Minister Robert Fico on Thursday, March 15. Kuciak, 27, had been investigating links between some of Slovakia’s top politicians and the Italian mafia when he was shot dead, the Guardian reported. This video was captured by an eyewitness in SNP Square. It shows Slovakian protesters singing the national anthem while holding up the torches on their mobile phones. Similar protests have been held for three consecutive weeks. What do you think about this video? Make sure you tell us more in the comments down below. If you like what you see, don’t forget to share it with others who might like it as well. It just might be the highlight of their day! Enjoy!

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Elementary Kids Sing Song Of Hope In Face Of Hurricane Florence54s

Elementary Kids Sing Song Of Hope In Face Of Hurricane Florence

Elementary school kids from Wayne Christian School in Goldsboro, NC gathered together to sing 'Eye Of The Storm' after praying for everyone with Hurricane Florence coming! Incredible! Watch as the fifth and sixth graders sing their lungs out to pray for the natural disaster to strike lightly! What a thoughtful act of kindness! In the eye of the storm, teachers gathered elementary students in school’s hallway and encouraged them to sing in unison. Watch as the little heads sing in perfect harmony as a choir group. It is good that they decided to throw an impromptu performance of this song, as it seemed most fitting at that time, giving the incoming hurricane. Teachers gathered students to pay tribute and express their worry throughout a song. Another incredible video has emerged from the US of a music teacher singing 'Love Yourself' by Justin Bieber during class, moments later the entire class joins in by beatboxing. Victoria Fatu is a professor at West Virginia State University for music. It is amazing how spontaneously things turned up and she ended up singing Justin Bieber's "Love Yourself" song in the middle of explaining the deceptive cadence in her theory class. Watch as the entire class joins in by beatboxing and singing along. What an amazing teacher-student bond! The footage was shot in February, featuring Fatu beautifully singing while her entire class gets involved. I wish my music class was this cheerful! This young and talented professor sure knows how to keep her students entertained and eager for knowledge by putting it into practice! Amazing! These students were eager to learn more about the deceptive cadence and asked their music professor to put it in a song, suggesting she sings "Love Yourself" hit by Justin Bieber. Watch as Fatu amazes everyone with her angelic voice while another talented student is playing the instrumental part of the song on an acoustic guitar. Moments later, the entire class joins in and they are all having a blast! How talented they all are! Talking about singing students , we are reminded of another heartwarming video when students across the US and internationally staged a walkout in remembrance of the victims of the school shooting in Parkland, Florida, which happened one month previously. They gathered on March 14, a day of nationwide student protests for gun reform, to sing Jackie DeShannon’s 1969 song, “Put a Little Love in Your Heart.” At 10am local time in each US location, students walked out of their classrooms and stood in silence for 17 minutes in honor of the 17 people who lost their lives at Parkland’s Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School on February 14. The walkout was organized by Women’s March Youth Empower. Faith in humanity restored! What do you think about this video? Make sure you tell us more in the comments down below. If you like what you see, don’t forget to share it with others who might like it as well. It just might be the highlight of their day! Enjoy!

Very Old Veteran Receives Special Birthday Letter From The White House3m03s

Very Old Veteran Receives Special Birthday Letter From The White House

Born the same year that World War I ended—a war, it was claimed at the time, which was to end all wars, Isaac “Ike” Fabela grew into manhood by going to the next World War. He would have been 26 years old in 1944, a time that young men begin to think in terms of building their future. So many men of that terrible time never went on to have a future. They laid down their own lives so that others could have a future. That is a profoundly deep thing to contemplate. It’s unknown from this video in what capacity Mr. Fabela served, but he got the attention of the Speaker of the House Paul Ryan, and his life and service to his country will forever be edified by receipt of a personal letter from the President of the United States Donald Trump (along with a signed photograph of the president), and First Lady Melania Trump. Clearly some caring person went to bat for Mr. Fabela, and their effort paid off. Mr. Fabela reads his card to his daughter: “Happy 100th birthday. Congratulations on the wonderful occasion. We wish you and your loved ones a beautiful and glorious day. We hope your heart is filled with joy, knowing you have experienced this country’s greatest blessing, the freedom and affection of family and friends for a long, well-lived life. Your American century is part of a proud part of our nation’s remarkable story. We are inspired by your continued strength and spirit as we join your family and friends…this tremendous milestone. God bless you, and happy birthday, with best wishes.” The card is signed by the president and his wife. It is obvious that the president’s recognition honors Mr. Fabela. At his one hundredth year, this is one he will never forget. The young man of seven decades ago is clothed in the heavy raiment of age. Carrying the weight of all those years is a burden, as much a curse as it is a blessing. One who has survived the last century’s darkest hour is responsible for keeping nearly unbearable memories alive. Time has left so many behind. Ike was chosen to live into this time; this day is a gift. Our hero is seated in a wheelchair, whether by luck or divine providence, to share the honor in the presence of his living family. There is a lesson for us all in this video, that it is never too late. Something good lies just around the next corner. It is not for us to see and know ahead of time when and where, but we were made to go forward and find out what that good thing is. We have a duty to honor our creator by living life to the fullest, even in this reality where richness or poverty, good fortune or bad are not a guaranty. Even in the midst of the dark night of the soul, life is a responsibility to be cherished. A moment in this world is more precious than a cave full of gleaming treasure. Ike may look outwardly like a crusty old warrior , but deep within his solid exterior, in the sanctum sanctorum of his heart, what memories he must hold dear.

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Firefighter Dominates Extremely Difficult Obstacle Course1m00s

Firefighter Dominates Extremely Difficult Obstacle Course

Firefighting is a career that can make you feel proud and accomplished, and it is a career in which we have a lot of respect for. In order to be a firefighter you must be in shape,well prepared, experienced, and ready to deal with your job emotionally as well as physically. A firefighter is a man that puts out a fire as well as ensures that the people that might be in danger get out securely and safely. Firefighters are our everyday heroes ! They risk their lives to save others, to save houses, to save animals and overall to save the world! You can’t play with fire and you never know how much damage can make! These are the heroes that will do anything to stop the raging fire from destroying the environment! This video shows an amazing firefighter with over 40 pounds of equipment on his back and wearing a mask and helmet, this firefighter proves that First Responders are heroically fit to serve! Who is a First Responder? A First Responder is any individual who runs toward an event rather than away. A first responder is a person with specialized training who is among the first to arrive and provide assistance at the scene of an emergency, such as an accident, natural disaster, or terrorist attack. Firefighters are considered by numerous to be modern-day cowboys, all around adored and regarded. The duties that a firefighter performs are much wider ranging than many people realize. A great deal of work goes into preparations to become a firefighter! Firefighters are often the first responders on the scene of an accident, so just like this guy in the video, they must be prepared for anything. At the point when a call comes into the fire station, the firefighter must asses the call and figure out what equipment must be used and what number of men should respond. When they land on the scene, the firefighters can all the more precisely figure out what is required, yet in mischances and flames, even a couple of minutes can greatly affect the result of a circumstance. Despite the chaos that surrounds the firefighter he must stay calm and concentrated, also he needs to provide communication both to emergency responders and any victims or victims' families that may be at the scene. Firefighting is a very physically demanding job. So, if you even consider becoming a firefighter you need to know what really requires this noble but really dangerous profession. The Firefighters must drag heavy hoses, climb high ladders and carry people from buildings. That’s why they have these training. Firefighting is a magnificent career, but not every person is suited for the job. A decent firefighter is confident, quiet, functions admirably without supervision and discusses well with others. While somebody who is passionate about firefighting may work hard to build up these aptitudes, but the best firefighters appear to normally have these attributes. What do you think it takes to become a firefighter? Tell us below in our comment section!

Young Man With Rare Disease Sings For Cancer Patients 4m37s

Young Man With Rare Disease Sings For Cancer Patients

A hospital can seem like a sterile and sometimes gloomy place, but one patient is lifting the mood at Duke Hospital with his own music. Music has taken the place of food for Dustin Chapman, 21, of Whiteville because he hasn't been able to eat or drink normally for months. Chapman has a rare disease called Achalasia, where the esophagus muscles basically quit functioning. To cope, Chapman is using his talent to encourage himself and countless others who listen. A video shared on Facebook of Chapman singing and playing his original song "Lead the Way" on the piano at Duke inspired more than 3,300 shares within a few days. Three years ago, Chapman's condition required surgery on his esophagus. For 18 months, he could eat anything he wanted, but now Duke doctors are trying different things to enable him to be able to swallow food and liquids. "In 2017, all my problems started coming back," said Chapman. While he and his family wait for answers, Chapman found his best therapy was at one of the few pianos in the hospital. Chapman's performance at the Duke Cancer Center this month got rave reviews. "I had cancer patients coming up to me, and they were just crying, and they were like, 'That was probably therapeutic for you, but we needed that just as much as you did,'" said Chapman. "It was very rewarding." Chapman is a music major student at Catawba College. He says he enjoys writing and performing his own gospel and country songs . Sometimes, hospitals can appear like a cool and bleak place. There are illness and sadness all through the lobbies, yet there are additionally snapshots of expectation and confidence that sparkle directly through. 21-year-old Dustin Chapman is one of those sparkling lights. The use of a song in every situation gives us an amazing feeling that warms our hearts. Dustin suffers from an uncommon illness called Achalasia, where the throat muscles don't work legitimately. Due to this condition, Dustin has not possessed the capacity to eat or drink legitimately for quite a long time. He is as of now a patient at the Duke Cancer Institute where they are taking a gander at attempting another procedure to help this young fellow on his way to recovery . While he waits for his treatment, Dustin saw an amazing open door when he spotted a piano. This positive young fellow is additionally a gifted vocalist and musician. He really loves to play for others and offer them trust through his music. So today, Dustin chose to take a seat at one of the clinic pianos and play an excellent song he composed called 'Lead The Way.' This incredible original song talks about handing it over to God in your time of need. Music can really be extraordinary compared to other dosages of medicine, particularly when it is utilized to applaud His name. What an incredible young fellow! It's really incredible to see Dustin sharing his song and bringing a smile to other people!

Farming Machines Work In Harmony To Harvest Crops1m27s

Farming Machines Work In Harmony To Harvest Crops

Almost everything we eat started out on a farm somewhere. Whether it's the bread for our sandwich, the milk in our glass, the vegetables in our salad, or the steak on the BBQ, almost all food gets to our plates because farmers somewhere put in the hard work to grow it. We often forget the beginning when we look at the end result. We wander the aisles in our favorite grocery stores as we fill our carts with packaged food, as well as fresh produce. But, if we really understood the expertise and the effort it takes to produce it, would we appreciate it more? Would we be less likely to complain about the price? If we remembered that many countries don't have the rich soil and ideal growing conditions that we enjoy in North America, would we grasp that it's not a serious problem when our favorite fruit is out of season? A team of farmers works together to harvest a crop of wheat in this video. One of them drives the combine with the rotary thresher on the front, while another drives the tractor with a grain bin pulled behind. Off to the side and out of sight, a third farmer drives a truck with a storage bin on the back that takes the harvested grain to where it will be sold. Yet another assists with the transitions and provides mechanical assistance as the machines are partially dismantled so they can be moved from one field to another. This team of hard working men will repeat this process as they move across the Township from one property to another, collecting their crops. The farmers are under time pressures to get the harvest done as quickly as possible. They are at the mercy of the weather and bad timing could mean that their harvest gets rained on and potentially spoiled. A drone, launched in the air over this Ontario farm, captures the beauty of the harvest from above and shows how two farmers work precisely alongside each other in a very impressive fashion. They are as smooth as a highly tuned machine. The combine continues along the row, threshing the wheat but the farmer has moved his grain chute out and a second farmer pulls up alongside, pulling a grain bin. Experience has taught him exactly where to position his tractor and how fast to pull it. The combine to his right spills the grain into his bin without slowing down. When the row is finished, the tractor returns to the edge of the field to offload the crop. The combine operator doesn't miss a beat and he spins to his right, beginning another row of wheat. Time is money and their living hangs in the balance as they work fluidly to get the job done. If we all had to try our hand at growing food, we would have a new and deeper appreciation for the men and women who produce it for us. Hats off to the people that work so hard to feed our country!

Random Act Of Kindness Helps Homeless Man In Need45s

Random Act Of Kindness Helps Homeless Man In Need

Homelessness is a social phenomenon gaining monstrous momentum. A hair’s breadth separates us from life on the sidewalk. “But for the grace of God, go I.” Every city sees the problem, and some places are probably better to be homeless than others. A homeless person in south Florida probably won’t suffer hypothermia, at least not for most of the year. A homeless person in the northern climates would certainly need shelter against freezing. In the end homelessness is a problem each of us has some moral duty to solve for ourselves. Here we see the difference common citizens can make, by giving a homeless man a new jacket to protect against the cold. The less fortunate man appears to be in the act of counting pennies when another young man approaches him with a plastic bag containing the jacket. Caught off guard, he stands up, hardly believing he is the recipient of this gift. The jacket even has the store tags attached. We don’t want to mock the fellow with exaggeration. Surely he has dreams of a forever home, maybe reuniting with a long lost family, or securing stable gainful employment that can’t be depicted in this short sequence. But sometimes small, practical interventions help us to maintain the greater hope. There are two kinds of hope depicted here. The first is the personal hope of the subject, to improve his own situation. The second is the hope of humankind at large, that we can care for one another. This is an affirmation scene, which further edifies the goodness and godliness of humanity. Not everybody will reach out, and of course, many turn a blind eye to the plight of their fellow human. Some of us even treat homeless people very badly, indeed. But as long as there are a few righteous souls to hold up the pillars of heaven, the sun will continue to rise, and the earth will not quietly disappear into the blackness of space. Doing the right thing can be hard. How many of us have set out to give every homeless person with their hand out a dollar or two, but eventually we are whittled down when the realization dawns that we simply don’t have enough resources to keep our own situation viable, much less support the seeming unending stream of homeless people who need help? There are a few solutions that allow us to continue helping the less fortunate, while not depriving our own essential needs. If we do have a paying job, no matter how meager our earnings, we still usually accrue fractionally more than the rock bottom expenses. We can choose one member from the sea of homeless people and favor that one—a sort of adoption. No one could impugn our responsibility. Another way is to contribute, either with a little money or volunteer time for an organized group, where the benefits to the homeless are greater than its individual contributions. Giving is also a feedback loop where appreciation for our efforts rewards continued altruism.

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