Epic Fails

Kind Officer Reminds Driver They Forgot Coffee On Car Roof1m08s

Kind Officer Reminds Driver They Forgot Coffee On Car Roof

What would you do for your morning dose of a good ol’ cup of joe? One might they they would run people over for it. Memes across the world wide web tell of stories where people would much rather sew your mouth shut until they have had their first coffee in the morning. It is like the petrol of humans - we can’t function without the black gold in a cup. It would seem that one driver in De Forest, Wisconsin was so out of sorts on January 4, that after putting their cup on the roof of their car, probably to open the driver’s side, they completely forgot about their morning dose! Luckily, one kind police officer was right there to save the driver’s day! The De Forest Police department posted this video on their YouTube channel of Chief Dan Furseth watching traffic as parents dropped their kids off at school. It is when he noticed a minivan traveling on the opposite side of the crosswords, with something peculiar on top. The footage shows Chief Furseth following the vehicle, asking it to pull over, then walking out of his car and offering the driver his own cup of forgotten coffee. What we all hope and pray for is that the coffee didn’t turn to ice cream in the freezing De Forest morning. Let’s just hope it stayed at least at body temperature. No one wants to start the year with frozen coffee. Credit: DeForestPolice

Kid Drops Dad's New iPhone After A Quick Camera Quality Check47s

Kid Drops Dad's New iPhone After A Quick Camera Quality Check

When adults buy themselves brand new stuff, it is always a good idea to keep said new stuff away from their kids’ little fingers. Not because kids are not allowed to see or use them, but because great chaos is iminent every time something expensive gets in their hands. Sloppy or careless, the epilogue in most of the cases is the same - objects drop from their hands, or get ran over, or stepped over, or maybe even drowned. That’s the scariest scenario. After watching this video, you will think twice before giving your child the brand-new gadget that you have just bought and unpacked. Daddy has bought a new iPhone. His son knew that, so he asked his father to check out the phone features and applications. Of course, camera was the first one on the list. Is there a better place than the bathroom for checking the camera quality and all the gadgets it is offering? "Let me give you a small walkthrough in our bath." That’s how the little boy’s journey starts; hopefully he will not end up breaking or spilling something. "This is the bath, it is filled with water and it is full of toys for me to play when I go it. Splashing and playing with toys in a tub full of warm water is a fun way of spending your evening.” we guess is what goes through his mind as he is filming the bathroom’s interior. Then comes the mirror’s turn. Wow, the camera has shown itself pretty cool till now. A small smiling face appears on the screen… "Hi". The next moment, an audible thud can be heard, followed by a crack. What we all feared while watching this kid having some "innocent fun" with the new gadget has become a reality, when the camera shows the bathroom ceiling. "Bring my phone here" yells dad from the other room. "What have you done? Have you dropped it?" The kid admits that he did in fact let the phone meet the tile floor, but "the phone’s alright". At least he didn't drop it in the bathtub!

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Third Time’s A Charm For This Expecting Father1m51s

Third Time’s A Charm For This Expecting Father

Gender reveal parties are very common these days and have become the new baby showers, with expecting parents throwing such elaborate schemes to show everyone present if they are expecting a boy or a girl! Usually they use colored balloons or colored cake or cupcakes, to reveal the gender. Well, this gender reveal didn’t exactly go according to plan. A simple task of hitting the baseball took a few extra swings! These expecting parents decided to stage a unique gender reveal party. Friends and family are gathered in the yard, comfortably seated in their places while mother and father try out one neat experiment. They arranged for the soon-to-be-mother to throw a baseball at the soon-to-be-father to hit and reveal the gender of their baby. The baseballs contain blue or pink powder inside and the plan is to hit the baseball with a bat, causing the ball to explode with either pink or blue smoke and announce the gender of the baby. First, the expecting woman hits a trial ball at the expecting father to see if the ball would explode, but the father hits the ball and sends it off to space, without exploding! Next, it is the time for the real gender-revealing ball. To everyone’s surprise, the man misses and the ball falls on the ground. He then throws the ball in the air and takes a third strike at the ball! Three time’s a charm, as the baseball explodes and blue powder is scattered all around! It's a boy!

Adorable Little Girls Are Up For A Recital, But One Of Them Changes Her Mind2m17s

Adorable Little Girls Are Up For A Recital, But One Of Them Changes Her Mind

These 4 girls were up for their dance recital, but one of them had a sudden change of heart. This 4-year-old girl stole the show during her first dance recital when she suddenly became bashful and refused to cooperate. This little girl came onstage with three other dancers, as it was their first dance recital. They were onstage, and everybody was looking at them. All of a sudden, this girl froze, failed to stick to the routine, and just stood there. Watch and observe the girl at the far left. She is so grumpy and sweet at the same time. She is very rebellious and refuses to join in on the dance recital. She just stands there with her arms crossed, looking at the other three girls dancing and growling with discontent. Somebody must have forced this girl to show up onstage, wear ridiculous clothes, and dance in front of the audience. It is obvious that she doesn’t want to dance. Putting her happy feet into action is simply not her thing, and she just stands there like a statue, not moving a muscle. When one of the girls reached out to hold her hand, which was part of the choreography, she refused to join hands and looked away in disgust! This grumpy little toddler is just not in the mood for dancing, and this is how her parents will learn the lesson!

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Adam Levine bounces mic, hits fan in the face11s

Adam Levine bounces mic, hits fan in the face

During a Maroon 5 concert in Toronto the sound turned off due to technically issues. Frustrated, Adam Levine threw down his mic. Unfortunately it bounced off the ground and hit a fan right in the face! He later invited the fan up on stage and apologizes to her in front of the entire stadium!

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Man Fails At Properly Removing Hornets Nest59s

Man Fails At Properly Removing Hornets Nest

If you're going to take down a hornet's nest, make sure you're a fast runner... and don't forget to leave the door unlocked! A man found a nest of hornets in the crown of one of the trees in his front yard. Now, the hornets weren’t doing anything really and the cells were full of larvae. Naturally, man needs to show off his manly side, so what can he do to come out more macho? That’s right, he takes a long wooden stick and takes a swing at the nest! It is like a scene from one of those old cartoons. The same instant he swung at the tree, the adult hornets swung after him. You can run, but you cannot hide from their wrath, big boy! It might be your first instinct, but those things can fly up to 30 miles per hour, and that is not your best result. Even the guy recording the entire stunt can be heard saying: “Idiot!” Because an idiot he surely is. In case you ever come across a hornet's nest on your own property, there are a few steps you can take to make it easier and safer for you. If it’s in the early months of development, say some time after winter and the nest is smaller than a tennis ball, you can use something tough and heavy to smash it, like a brick. If it’s much later, when the nest is much larger and the workers are inhabiting it, take a red light and a hornet jet spray that can spray at a longer distance (make sure it is labeled ‘jet spray’) and wait until it is about 9 or 10 PM, when the workers are asleep. Spray directly at the hornets’ hole and at least for some ten second, for successful removal.

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GoPro falls off moving Ferrari on busy highway1m22s

GoPro falls off moving Ferrari on busy highway

Attaching a brand new GoPro to a Ferrari with a suction cup seemed like a good idea at the time. Unfortunately the top surface of the high powered supercar was carbon fibre and it was not perfectly smooth. After several miles, the suction cup failed and the camera tumbled off the back of the car. This happened soon after merging onto a busy freeway in Quebec. The driver of the Ferrari heard the camera bouncing off the rear window and he pulled over. Luckily, the car behind was a Rolls Royce, being driven by friends who spotted the camera on the highway and could tell what happened. The camera continued to record as it rolled to a stop. It recorded the rescue and the relief of the owner who ran back to meet the friends who saved it. Dave jumped back in the Ferrari and checked on his camera to find that it had recorded everything. He's shocked to see that the camera survived and continued to function through all of this. Other than a few scuffs, the GoPro is as good as new.

Kid tries to parkour but fails incredibly6s

Kid tries to parkour but fails incredibly

Deny it all you want, we know how much you love fail videos. Anything from a DIY gone wrong, a cat miscalculating the distance to jump, a dog falling through snow or just kids being kids, fail videos are what make any day better by making us laugh until we can’t breathe anymore! This chubby guy has some really strong ambitions regarding this parkour rig. He starts off confident, jumps through two ropes and goes for a big one. Trying to do a flip, his legs gets caught in the rope and he stumbles on the ground with a thud. Ouch, it even hurt us to watch. Don’t get discouraged, big fella! “The master has failed more times than the apprentice has ever tried.”

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Girl wrecks hard on bike jump46s

Girl wrecks hard on bike jump

BMX riders are some of the ultimate extreme athletes. The stunts they pull on a regular basis seem like they defy gravity. But those stunts take years to perfect in order not to break a bone or two, or worse! With that being said, it is safe to say that if you are not a season BMX rider, it's probably best that you steer clear from any extreme stunt regarding the sport; better yet, just ride it down the street. The girl in this video, however, got a little too confident with the bike as she tried to ride it off a dirt ramp and into a lake. Watch as she wipes out hard while attempting the bike jump in Alpine, Utah. Luckily she is completely fine, but that was a close one!

Wedding videographer falls down hill, still gets the shot!20s

Wedding videographer falls down hill, still gets the shot!

A wedding is supposed to be one of the most memorable days in the lives of those involved. All the moments and stories shared with each other will be reminisced on for years to come. Well, the people in this wedding will have quite the memory of their wedding video, more specifically, their wedding videographer. This poor guy was just doing his job of taking a clip of the bridal party for the wedding video, when disaster struck. It all started with everyone being at the top of a hill, trying to get the perfect shot of the bride, the groom, as well as the rest of the bridal party. You can hear the huffing and puffing as the videographer runs up the hill to grab the shot, and from there the video can explain the rest. As soon as the bride and groom kiss each other for the camera, the videographer instantly starts moving backwards. Once on his way backwards, the bride instantly has that "oh no" moment, and tells the camera man to be careful. You can tell in the shot that he tries his best to keep his balance, as well as the camera safe, but he begins to tumble to the bottom of the hill. We've all had these moments at one time or another, whether it's missing a step on the staircase, or falling down the hill while taking a video for a wedding. The important thing is that we all bounce back from our epic fails, looking back and laughing at what happened. Watch this wedding videographer have an epic fail while trying to get a shot!

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Compassionate lifeguard saves girl from huge embarrassment42s

Compassionate lifeguard saves girl from huge embarrassment

This woman must have walked past the sign that said, "Do not wear bikinis on this ride." She was in the for some excitement when the powerful water of the flowrider almost ripped her bikini top off! A quick acting life guard comes to the girls rescue and saves her from embarrassment shielding her with a body board! What a hero!

How To Fly Your Drone Into A Waterfall36s

How To Fly Your Drone Into A Waterfall

A drone operator skilfully crashes this drone into a series of waterfalls in Shizuoka, Japan. RIP Phantom 4! Waterfalls are downright awesome. That is unless you’re going over one! But from the ground, the sheer power of millions of gallons of water blasting over a chunk of earth is something to behold. But once you get a drone involved, you get a visual experience that is second to none. That is why waterfalls are such a popular display for drone pilots to capture. They rarely disappoint! But aside from the breathtaking views, this video has something more to offer, and it's beyond hilarious. The guy that captures the truly unique beauty of these waterfalls proves quite clumsy with the drone, and this really had us in stitches! Check out how he manages to keep track, but just seconds later, his maneuvering skills once again prove to be disastrous! Shiraito Falls is a waterfall in Fujinomiya, Shizuoka Prefecture, near Mount Fuji, Japan. It is part of Fuji-Hakone-Izu National Park and has been protected since 1936 as a Japanese Natural Monument. The falls were regarded as sacred under the Fuji cult. Another waterfall, the Otodome Falls is approximately a five-minute walk away. The Shiraito Falls is listed as one of "Japan’s Top 100 Waterfalls", in a listing published by the Japanese Ministry of the Environment in 1990. It was also selected by the Tokyo Nichi Nichi Shimbun and Osaka Mainichi Shimbun as one of the 100 Landscapes of Japan in 1927. In 2013 the waterfall was added to the World Heritage List as part of the Fujisan Cultural Site.

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